The Giver Study Guide

Chapters 1-5 1. what do you think might happen to someone who is released?


Why was it so difficult to get rules changed in the community?


Why were Gabe’s eyes of such interest to Jonas?


What is a comfort object?

5. Why did Jonas risk the humiliation of public chastisement (being disciplined in front of people) for taking an apple from the recreation area?

6. How does Larissa describe the release?

7. What effect did the pills have on Jonas and the other people who took them?

Chapters 6-8 1. Name 4 ages and their special qualities.


Explain why the family has gabe.

3. How was the Ceremony of the Twelve different from all the other age ceremonies?

4. Explain Asher’s punishment for confusing “snack” and “smack” and why did they do this punishment.


What upset Jonas at the ceremony?

6. What was unusual about the appearance of the bearded elder? What was significant about this characteristic?

7. Name the four qualifications that Jonas had for being the next Receiver of Memory.

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