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1st Slide Brief of WWII

Cold war started after World War Two. Although during WWII United States and Soviet Union were on the same side, but thats only because they had the same enemy Germany. After the WWII both the countries were still distrustful of each other. Cold War generally means the conflict between sides that does not involve direct military action. This presentation is about the cold war between US and Soviet Union. 2nd Slide Cold War Cold war is a term used to describe the intense relationship between United States and Soviet Union or USSR. It started after the world war two from 1945 to 1991. It was unlike any other war. They never directly went to war with each other because theyre afraid it will trigger a nuclear war. So why did they fight? 3rd Slide Causes US and USSR had totally different beliefs, which is why they were so distrustful of each other. Some of the main differences are that in US the government was a capitalist. They believed that people who do more jobs gets more money. But in USSR the government was socialism. They believed that every job in the society depends on each other so everyone should be treated equally. This caused the people to be lazy to do work as anyway they wont earn more. In US the people can form political parties to voice their political opinions. Government was elected by free elections. In USSR people do not have the right to form their own political parties and government was formed by the communist party. These differences caused an ill feeling between the two countries and resulted in Cold War. 4th Slide Proxy War Proxy war happens when the two countries indirectly fight using a substitution of another country or group. This is how the US and USSR used to fight. When the US went into war, the Soviet supported the other country. The same thing happened when the Soviet went into war. One example is when the USSR helped the North Vietnam fight the US but not directly having a war with US. 5th Slide The End Most historians believe that cold war ended after the collapse of Soviet Union. The president of USSR wanted to improve the relationship with US to completely prevent any nuclear war. Although the US president still insists of having a nuclear missile defense system. This action however didnt please the people of Soviet Union. Some wanted to have peace and some wanted nuclear war. People didnt agree with each other causing distrustful among them. USSR leaders started fighting and soon they broke into different countries.

6th Slide Timeline Red Scare: period of time when Americans were worried about communist rising to power. They were already told by the government to consider communist as enemy. This caused people to start getting accused of being communist and they were taken out from any job theyre doing. New Look: A policy which meant to reduce military defense spending while rapidly increasing the amount of nuclear weapons it had, to intimidate USSR. NASA: The Soviet Union claimed that being socialism was the only way to go to space after successfully sending the first satellite and man into space. So the US responded by start NASA. Missile Crisis: this event was the nearest to triggering a nuclear war between US and USSR. It was the first time in cold war that US and USSR came face to face loaded with nuclear weapons. Fortunately they came into agreement that USSR will not help Cuba if US stops invading it. Dtente: period of peace between the two countries. They signed treaties which reduced the amount of nuclear weapons each country had. Taliban: USSR invaded Afghanistan but was unsuccessful because it cant win against Taliban group trained by the US to fight USSR. Berlin Wall: many historians think that the cold war ended when the Berlin fell. In which the Soviet Union started breaking into different countries. Vietnam Cold War
A war between the north and the south Vietnam, a proxy war