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org/wiki/%E0%A4%B5%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%95%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%AA%E0%A5 %80%E0%A4%A1%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%AF%E0%A4%BE:%E0%A4%87%E0%A4%A3%E0%A5%8D%E0%A4%9F%E0% A4%B0%E0%A4%A8%E0%A5%87%E0%A4%9F_%E0%A4%AA%E0%A4%B0_%E0%A4%B9%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%A8% E0%A5%8D%E0%A4%A6%E0%A5%80_%E0%A4%95%E0%A5%87_%E0%A4%B8%E0%A4%BE%E0%A4%A7%E0%A4% A8 http://hi.wikipedia.org/s/7n : http://hi.wikipedia.org/s/7n

( ) 1.1 Online Tools 1.1.1 Transliteration tools 1.1.2 Inscript Online Keyboards 1.1.3 Remington Online Keyboards 1.2 Offline/Downloadable Tools 1.2.1 1.2.2 2 Hindi Word-Processing 3 Hindi Spell-checkers 4 5 (Font Converters) 5.1 Online 5.2 Offline 6 (Script Converters) 6.1 Online 6.2 Offline 7 8 8.1 Online 8.2 Offline 9 Hindi Translation Softwares/services 9.1 Online 9.2 Offline 10 Hindi Text Analysis, Text Processing and Concordance 11 Hindi Morphological Analysis 12 Hindi Abstraction tools and Text Summarizers 13 Hindi Text to Speech ( TTS ) and Speech to Text Tools 14 Hindi (Devanagari) Optical Character Recognition (OCR) 15 Hindi Programming System 16 Popular Softwares available with Hindi Interface 17 Hindi Learning tools 18 Devanagari Learning Tools 19 Hindi e-Mail & Chat 20 Mobile Computing 21 Hindi Search Engines 22 Hindi Localisation Tools 23 Plug-ins and Extensions 23.1 24 25 26


( ) Online Tools Transliteration tools . Hindi QuillPad Hi-Trans 4.27 Kruti Dev to Unicode Converter --> Hindi Unicode Editor (HUG-2) Gopi's Phonetic Roman to Unicode Hindi Converter WriteKA Pramukh Type Pad -

Inscript Online Keyboards Gate2Home Virtual Hindi Keyboard Agochar Keypad Remington Online Keyboards krutidevunicode.com learnpunjabi.org Offline/Downloadable Tools ( / )

PramukhIME ( ' ( ( -

) ' ) ) :

Itranslator 2003 IWrite32 Yudit Madhyam Devanagari Editor (non-Unicode) ASCII/ISCII to unicode converter Remington based Unicode typing tool :

Hindi Word-Processing OpenOffice Hindi : Information JavaScript Based Hindi TextBox API Javascript API for converting TextBox, Text area or other HTML elements for Devnagari and 8 other Indian scripts LEAP Office 2000 (Complete Indian Language Software) ISM Office (Gets existing packages to work in Indian languages) Lism (Linux based application for Indian languages) ISM Publisher (Cost effective solution for Indian language publishing) iLEAP (Intelligent, Internet ready, Indian Language Word Processor) Download H-Word : Hindi word processor ver 2.0 Hindi Spell-checkers . Bhashagiri SpellGuru Unicode, Krutidev, Chanakya Spell Checker for Hindi Aspell Hindi Dictionary useful for design of Spell Checking software Hindi Spell-checker Dictionary for use with XML editors XMLmind and <oXygen/ >


( ( (

) ) ) )

Fonts for Devanagari ( Devanagari Unicode Fonts for Windows Devanaagarii Font Complete Guide Indian Dynamic Fonts (Font Converters) Online ' Unicode Converter (Online) Offline


TBIL Data Converter: Transliteration between data in font/ASCII/Roman format in Office documents into a Unicode form in any of 7 Microsoft-supported Indian languages Font Convertion among major Hindi Fonts from LTRC, IIIT FontSuvidha 5.0 ISCII Plug-in for viewing texts in Devanagari fonts provided by CDAC { } ASCII/ISCII (Script Converters) Online Sanscript IAST iTrans

: (JNU) : ( ) Online Interface to iTrans : convert iTrans into Devanagari and other Indian Scripts. ICU Transform Demo Convert among Latin, Devanagari, Other Indian and forein Scripts Diacritic Conversion - diCrunch v2.0.1 Anusaaraka Anusaaraka is a computer software which renders text from one Ind ian language into another. / ( , ) ( , ) Offline

- A comprehensive open source Devanāgarī and Indic script conversion tool ; A ge converts between several kinds of text that represent Devanāgarī, romanizations o f Devanāgarī, and other related scripts of India and southeast Asia. Transliteration Tool For Windows - Supports Transliteration from Hindi to Ur du and Punjabi to Urdu. XlitHindi - an English to Hindi transliteration extension for OpenOffice Wri ter

Online . <--> ( ) Hindi WordNet ( ) - A Lexical database for Hindi ( Hindi<-->Hindi) Universal Word : English<-->Hindi (based on UNL), for Machine Translation A dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi, and English Hindi25.com WikiWords - Hindi Dictionaries at Anukriti.net Online Dictionaries - Hindi Dictionaries

Offline ' <--> Hindi German Dictionary Dictionaries (LTRC, IIIT Hyderabad) English-Hindi Dictionary from IIIT 'Shabdanjali' English-Hindi E-Dictionary 'Shabdanjali' English-Hindi utf Source files ' ( )

LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English <-> Hindi , for Windows Simple Dictionary Applications (SDA) - allow users to use free bilingual dic tionaries offline; takes Tab Seperated Text (TST) _ (GoldenDict) - a feature-rich, Open-source, dictionary lookup program Dicts Free dictionaries project Dictionary applications Hindi Translation Softwares/services Online Anusaaraka - Anusaaraka Alternate site Google Translate ( ) + ; (WikiBhasha) - a multilingual content creation tool for Wikipedia, developed by rosoft Research. Urdu-Hindi Machine Translation System (Department of Sanskrit Studies, Unive rsity of Hyderabad ) Offline ) : Global Word Translator (Eng.-Hindi) (offline) (online) MANTRA : Machine Assisted Translation Hindi Text Analysis, Text Processing and Concordance (Devanagari Sorter) AntConc - A freeware concordance program for Windows, Macintosh OS X, and Li nux. Download Hindi POS Tagger, Lemmatizer, Morphological Analyser developed by U niversity of Leeds and Sketch Engine, UK Sample output of the tagger ICU Locale Explorer - for sorting (collation) in any script; many user optio ns available. ( ) Linguist ; Online Text Analysis Tool TAPoR Text Analysis Tools a variety of online tools for text analysis on htm l, XML and Plain Text files. Reverse Alphabetization too. Topicalizer : Lexical, Phrasal & Textual Analysis Word Frequency counter and Alphabetization Word Frequency Counter & Alphabetization from GeorgeTown Linguist Online Word Counter Online Character Counter Compleat_Lister : Freq & Alphabetizaion Change any TEXT file into five list types. Create Concordance of a Text for all words or for a single given word] Dictionary Builder : creates unique word list from a given text (by - Rajane esh Mangala) Text Lex Compare Compare two texts for similarity & contrast. Compleat Text Stripper good for cleaning Text of numbers, punctuation, extra spaces etc Find Similar Documents works with Hindi too; Part of Topicalizer Online suffix Tree Textalyser : a good Text analysis tool, but does not work with Hindi. Text Content Analysis Tool does not work with Hindi. ( -->

Hyper Pro : Text Analyss & Exploration Tools does not work with Hindi. TextStat : free downloadable, reverse alphabetization, corpus building, & ma ny tools; But BREAKS Hindi words at Maatraas. Text based Concordance : good tool but does not work with Hindi. Article: Computer Alphabetizing TextFixer - Text tools & HTML tools ( Remove Line Breaks from Text, Alphabet ize Text, Capitalize the First letter of Sentences, Remove Whitespaces, Uppercas e Text or Lowercase Text etc) Hindi Morphological Analysis Download the Analyzer developed by University of Leeds and Sketch Engine, UK Hindi Morphological Tagger of Vasu Ranganathan Hindi/Marathi/Telugu Morphological Analyser from LTRC IIIT (online) Morphological Analysers (for download) Morphological analyser allows you to get the analysis(The analysis gives the root and other features such as gender, number, tense etc.) of the word. General architecture for text analysis (GATE) , Hindi Abstraction tools and Text Summarizers Anveshak (Natural Language Based Information Retrieval System) Saaraanshak (Natural Language based Summarizer) Hindi Text to Speech ( TTS ) and Speech to Text Tools ( ) ( ) - Vaachak : Info and Online Demo Two TTSs from IIIT Hyderabad HIndi Text To Speech System from BLiSS ( Bolti Paati and others) ( ) - ( ) , ( Hindi TTS Demo at Data Infosys Hindi (Devanagari) Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Sanskrit OCR : SanskritReader OCR _ _ CHITRANKAN (Documentation made easy, Digitally) Download English + Hindi Online OCR (Beta) : Submit your file and get OCR output thro ugh e-mail. OCR software for Hindi and Sanskrit ' ' Hindi Programming System SKTN Hindi Programming Language / SKTN : Programming System for Indian Languages MBasic ver 5.5 : Program to develop programs in Marathi Language Popular Softwares available with Hindi Interface ++ ( ) : (BOSS) (Bharatiya OpenOffice) ( - vozMe ) - Dhvani TTS

( )


OpenOffice Hindi Project (Web Application Suite) Mozila Firefox Internet Brouser Opera web-browser Indic Joomla : Open Source Content-management System Gmail Moodle : Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source so ftware package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators cr eate effective online learning communities. LiveJournal WorldPress Oracle 9.x Windows XP with help of Windows XP LIP ( Hindi ) MS Office 2003 with help of Office 2003 LIP ( Hindi ) (Simple Machine Forum) PHP (PHPBB) PHP Hindi Learning tools Web-LILA (Enabling Language Learning through Web) LILA (Learn Indian Language through Artificial Intelligence) The Hindi Corner Hindi Guru (commercial) Devanagari Learning Tools Accha - a very good Devanagari learning free software Hindi e-Mail & Chat Junked-Unicode sanitizer by Balendu Sharma Dadhich Makes distorted Hindi Uni code text (received in emails) readable ( , Windows-1258) Corrupted Hindi E-mail Repair Tool for reconverting corrupted Unicode Hindi. Another Corrupted Unicoded email Repair Tool Sending and Receiving E-Mail in Hindi under Windows : An Overview HindiWriter provides a way to easily type Hindi e-Mail with all popular Emai l clients - Outlook, Outlook Express, ThunderBird, as well as with web based ema il systems such as GMail, Yahoo, MSN Hotmail. It also works well with Instant Me ssaging applications such as Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger. Hindi QuillPad basically a transliteration based editor, supports direct mai ling in Hindi. LEAP Mail (eMail in Indian Languages) Mailing System for Indian Languages (from IITB) Girish Dalvi's Unicode-Devanagari mailing tool (online) Hind 2000 client for Hindi, English, Gujarati email Send Hindi Email using online keyboard --> no software needed by the receive r Mobile Computing Indic Input for Mobile devices: Frequently Asked Questions PDFHindi User Int erface : Nokia 3210 Use of MT and TTS for Hindi Hindi Search Engines

: searches Unicoded Hindi plus Hindi in Legacy fonts Guruji : the Indian Search Engine : Bhramar : India's Vernacular Search Engine Hindi khoj : Unicode based Hindi search Hindi QuillPad basically a transliteration based editor, searches using Goog le, yahoo and MSN. Bhomiyo Typepad and search : This has a transliteration keyboard Girish Dalvi's Search tool using Yahoo and Google engines Google : seaches Unicoded Hindi only Pratahkal Hindi News Paper : Web Dunia Khoj : searches within WEBDunia site Search at "Apana Guide" : transliteration based interface for inputting Hind i text available here Get2Home.com - Hindi : Inscript keyboard interface for text input Sify Khoj : : Hindi Localisation Tools Entrans Entrans is an online "translation" tool. The tool can be used by the online community to give suggestions for a list of English words/phrases that n eeds to be translated into a specific Indic Language. This tool is employed on H indi Computing project Nipun. .po Plug-ins and Extensions Mozila Text Alignment Fix (by Shravanan) .

: Displays unicoded Hindi and ma

( ( ' ' )


Unicode Code Converter v7.03 Romanization and Transliteration Languages Audio -


LIPS (Subtitling Solution) LIPS Pro ( Language Subtitling Solution)

C-Vyasa (Sanskrit Authoring tool) Bhagavad_Geeta Reader DESIKA (Natural Language Understanding System for Sanskrit) GIST Card (Solution for Indian languages on DOS) GISTOra Tools (Server side database application development tool for the dev elopment and implementation of Indian Language enabled applications) Document on ISCIIThis is an extract from the document on Indian Standard Cod e for Information Interchange. GIST-SDK The windows based application development kit for Indian languages is available for you to evaluate. iplugin This is an Indian language Web application development tool for inte ractive applications which achieves browser independence for MS Windows based cl ients. ISM Import ISM Import is a utility that converts data from other font format s into ISFOC format. LISM Linux based application for Indian languages (Encyclopedia) nScript from nCore : a complete multilingual software plug-in toolkit for em bedded devices. Many Indian Languages Softwares from Lingua ( for purchase) Adobe Reader 7.0.5 for Hindi (Preview) Hindi web directory. Manages Hindi web pages available on net. Polyglot 3000 (for download) Translated ONLINE Language Identification Tool TinyMCE, WordPress, FCKEditor IndicIME Plugins for Devnagari and other 8 Ind ian scripts ( ) _ (find-replace) : , { } / (UNICODE {Mang (Arvind Lexicon) ( (http://hindihomepage.com ) Lekhankan , Hindi Typing tutor for Enhanced Inscript keyboard layout

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