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University of Rajasthan

B.Sc.(Pt.I) 1173-I B.Sc.(Part I) EXAMINATION,2013


Bot. I


[ Also Common with Subsidiary Paper of ] B.Sc.(Hons. )Part-I ]

(Three-Year Scheme of 10+2+3 Pattern) BOTANY First- PAPER (Algae,Lichens and Bryophyta) TIME ALLOWED: THREE HOURS Maximum Marks34 (1) No supplementary answer-book will be given to any candidate. Hence the candidates should write the answers precisely in the Main answer-book only. (2) All the parts of question should be answered at one place in the answerbook. One complete question should not be answered at different places in the answer book. All questions are compulsory 1. (i)The reserve food material is found in the form of in (ii)Name the alga showing gongrosira stage. (i) The oospore of Volvox is red coloured due to the presence of (ii) The cell wall of Chara is impregnated with.. (iii) found as reserve food material in Vaucheria.


Which alga develops tetrasporangia?

(v) (vi) (vii) (viii) (ix) (x) (xi) (xii) (xiii) (xiv) (xv) (xvi)

Which type of growth is exhibited in Ectocarpus? Fritsch proposed his classification of algae in a book entitled. paper is prepared with the dye obtained from Rosella tinctoria. The phycobiont in lichens generally belongs to class..and Which bryophyte is known as Hornwort? The sex organs of bryophytes are covered with Bryophytes produce one type of spores and therefore are called as .. and ..are found on the abaxial surface of thallus of Riccia. How many thalli are produced as result of germination of a gemma? alga is found as symbiont in the thallus of Anthoceros. Retort cells Sphagnum. In which bryophyte the sporophyte consists of capsule only.

2. Illustrate the outline of classification of algae and important characters of major classes with examples, as proposed by Fritsch. 3. Describe the sexual reproduction in Chara. OR Describe the structure and sexual reproduction in Vaucheria with suitable labeled diagrams.


Describe the general characters of Bryophytes. OR

Describe the structure of archegoniophore and development of archegonia in Marchantia. 5. Describe the development of sporophyte, with labeled diagrams , in Anthoceros. OR Describe the nature, habitat and different types of Lichens. ******************