1. GETTING STARTED Proper installation of this supercharger kit requires general automotive mechanic knowledge and experience. Please browse through each step of this instruction manual prior to beginning the installation to determine if you should refer the job to a professional installer/technician. Please contact A&A Corvette if you need assistance. 1.1. Raise the car on a suitable lift or jack stands. Make sure the steering wheel is locked in the straight forward position before starting. You will be disconnecting the steering rack from the steering shaft during this install. It is very important that the wheel NOT be turned while the steering rack is disconnected. The shaft will only go back on one way, but should the wheel be allowed to turn a full rotation it’s possible it could be reconnected. There is a wire “coil” inside the steering column that would be damaged if this were allowed to occur. 1.2. Disconnect the battery. 1.3. Remove plastic ignition coil covers 1.4. Remove all 8 spark plug wires 1.5. Remove factory spark plugs. Gap the provided TR6 plugs to 35 thousands of an inch (.035) and install with anti seize on the threads. Bleed any remaining fuel pressure into a suitable container by depressing the Schrader valve at the end of the fuel rail. Make sure you catch or clean up any fuel that may escape. Blow compressed air on the manifold around the fuel injectors to clean out any debris in the area. Remove safety lock on fuel line at fuel rail side and remove fuel feed line at the fuel rail side using a disconnect tool. (Place a rag under fuel line to help absorb leaking gas.) Disconnect the injector harnesses by pushing “in” the release tabs and pulling on the connector. There is a positive wire going to the alternator that goes over the driver side fuel rail. Lift this wire by pulling up on the plastic connectors. Remove the 4 (10mm) bolts holding the fuel rail and gently pull up on the fuel rail and remove from the vehicle. Remove the injector retaining clips from the top of the injectors and remove injectors. Lightly grease the O rings on the new
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injectors and replace them in the reverse order as they were removed. Reinstall the clips. Reinstall the fuel rail. Make sure they fit snuggly into the intake manifold. 1.6.

(FUEL RAIL BOLTS AND SCHRADER VALVE) 1.7 Loosen hose clamp at the throttle body to intake tube. Disconnect the Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) connector by removing gray lock and push tab in and pull gently. Remove the valve cover breather hose by using a flat screwdriver and pushing the gray tab into the connector. Pry up on the tabs located on the air bridge until released. Remove complete air filter assembly.

(VALVE COVER BREATHER HOSE, MAF CONNECTOR AND AIR FILTER ASSY REMOVED) 1.8 Remove 4 (10mm) bolts holding plastic upper radiator hold down.

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(TOP RADIATOR COVER) 1.9 Remove front two wheels 1.10 Remove (4) 7mm screws from the top of the fascia.

(REMOVE THESE 4 7mm SCREWS) 1.11 Remove (5) T-15 screws on wheel well (For Z06, non Z will have (5) plastic push pins).

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1.12 Pull back wheel well and unplug side marker light by twisting and pulling the harness. 1.13 Remove the (2) 10mm nuts.

(UNDO SIDE MARKER HARNESS AND REMOVE TWO 10mm BOLTS) 1.14 Unplug the fog light harness by pulling up on the tab and pulling the harness down.

(UNDO FOG LIGHT HARESS) 1.15 Remove (2) 10mm nuts and (5) 7mm screws from under the front fascia.

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(MASKING TAPE APPLIED TO HOOD) 1. use masking tape to protect the front nose of the hood while you are removing the front fascia from the car.17 Pull up on corners of the front fascia until the clip “pops.” Remove fascia from vehicle and set aside. © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. 2012 Page 5 of 45 .(ONE OF TWO 10mm BOLTS) (7mm SCREWS IN BOTTOM OF FASCIA) 1.16 If your hood is still on.

18 Remove the 4 (7mm) bolts holding the air dam to the front fascia. (REMOVE 7mm SCREWS) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. Remove the air dam from the fascia. Trim off air dam bolt tabs so they don't interfere with the intercooler duckbill when reinstalling the fascia. See picture on next page. it will not be reused. 2012 Page 6 of 45 .(PULL UP UNTIL THE PANEL POPS OUT) 1.

Keep these bolts handy as they will be used to mount part of the rear supercharger bracket. 2012 Page 7 of 45 . BRACKET – BOTTOM: TENSIONER) 1. (The bracket will not be reused) (TOP: EVAP.(TRIM OFF TABS CIRCLED IN RED) 1. Remove this hose. Remove the 15mm bolt holding the evaporation solenoid bracket and remove the solenoid from the bracket.20 Locate the small.19 Remove accessory drive belt and the two bolts holding the tensioner to the water pump. cut it and install the small plastic check valve. Orient the valve so that airflow is allowed to flow from the engine cover TO the intake manifold and is blocked from traveling the other way. © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. U shaped hose going from the intake manifold to the engine cover located under the manifold.

(VENT TUBE) (CHECK VALVE INSTALLED IN VENT TUBE) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. 2012 Page 8 of 45 .

(VENT TUBE WITH CHECK VALVE INSTALLED) 1. (ATTACH SUPPLIED RUBBER VACUUM CAP TO NIPPLE) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. 2012 Page 9 of 45 .21 (Skip on C6 Z06) Cap the nipple on the passenger side valve cover that had the vent hose that previously ran from the valve cover to the factory inlet coupler.

22 The water pump will need to be ground down near the thermostat. 2012 Page 10 of 45 . (The water pump is shared with the ZR-1 and these are not used on the LS3/LS7 cars) You will want to make sure they are even or just below the flat part on the bottom of the pump.23 On 2009+ vehicles. There are four aluminum bosses that will need to be milled or ground down.1. the water pump will need to modified further. Mark a spot like the one shown and use a grinder to take off material. (WATER PUMP/THERMOSTAT) (WATER PUMP/THERMOSTAT AFTER GRINDING) 1. This is for added belt clearance. © A&A Corvette Performance May 31.

Remove the 4 (13mm) sway bar bolts at the sub frame and let the bar drop down out of the way. 2012 Page 11 of 45 . steering rack and power steering cooler (if equipped) will have to be removed in order to “pin” the crank pulley to the crankshaft. © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. Remove the front wheels if they have not been removed 2.1.(2009+ WATER PUMP) (2009+ WATER PUMP AFTER REMOVING BOSSES) 2. PINNING THE CRANKSHAFT PULLEY The front sway bar needs to be dropped out of the way and the radiator fan. 2.2.

put a jack with a piece of wood under the rod end and force it upwards into the spindle. Remove the 2 (10mm) bolts that hold the fan assembly to the radiator. A slight hit with a brass hammer (or a hammer and a piece of wood) on the nut will dislodge the rod end from the steering knuckle. Do the same when reinstalling the nut) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31.3 Disconnect the 4-pin connector coming out of the fan control module. (DRIVER SIDE AND PASSENGER SIDE RADIATOR FAN BOLTS) 2. 2012 Page 12 of 45 . These are located on the driver’s side bottom and passenger side top. Push the fan up and over the plastic brackets attached to the radiator and drop it down to remove it from the vehicle.(PASSENGER SIDE SWAY BAR BOLTS) 2. This will lock it and stop it from spinning. This protects the threads from damage.4 Loosen the 18mm nuts that connect the rod ends of the rack to the steering knuckle. (HINT: If the rod end spins not allowing the nut to be removed. After it is dislodged. Back the nuts out just until there are no threads showing above the nut. the nuts can be removed completely.

The factory clamps are removed by inserting a small blade screwdriver into the opening and prying them open. Remove the cooler and splice the two hose ends together with the supplied 3/8” barbed splice and clamps. (varies by model) Disconnect the steering shaft from the steering rack.(TIE ROD ENDWITH NUT LOOSENED) 2. Remove the fluid from the power steering reservoir with a turkey baster or something similar. proceed to step 2.6.6 Disconnect the two hydraulic lines form the steering rack with an 18mm line wrench (HINT: once the major part of the oil has drained into a suitable container. Remove the factory clamps from the power steering hose at the cooler inlet and outlet lines. © A&A Corvette Performance May 31.5 If the vehicle is NOT equipped with a power steering cooler. (POWER STEERING COOLER AND HOSES) 2.) Remove the 10.11 or 13 mm bolt that connects the steering shaft to the steering rack. zip tie plastic bags over the end of the lines to stop oil from dripping. 2012 Page 13 of 45 .

Be careful not to lose the two studs that held the module into the bracket.8 (STEERING RACK WIRE CONNECTOR) The ABS module will need to be moved but not disconnected.7 Unplug the small wire connector that connects to the steering rack. They are supported in rubber bushings and may fall out.) The module may now be pushed upwards to gain access to the steering rack. (Take note of the two flats machined into the threaded parts. These flat sides must be oriented vertically in order to slide into the bracket. Remove the two 13mm nuts holding the module to the bracket. © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. 2012 Page 14 of 45 . 2.(STEERING SHAFT COUPLER BOLT) 2. Remove the two 13mm bolts holding the bracket to the frame. The bracket can now be removed from the bottom.


Measure the provided pin and make sure you drill to a depth just slightly deeper than the length of the pin. so you’ll need to hold them with a wrench in order to remove the bolts. Pry the rack up and over to the passenger side to release it from its mounts. There are 18MM nuts on the back side. Insert the provided 24MM bolt through the pinning fixture and bolt it on in place of the factory bolt. A powerful impact gun works best. using the small hole in the fixture as a guide.FRONT VIEW) (STEERING RACK PULLED THROUGH PASSENGER SIDE OF FRAME) 2.10 Remove the factory balancer bolt with a 24MM socket. 2012 Page 16 of 45 . It’s very important that the pin doesn’t protrude © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. Tighten it enough to ensure it won’t move around when drilling through it. Use a 1/4” drill bit (not included) and drill through the fixture.9 Remove the two long 18 MM bolts that hold the steering rack to the frame. (STEERING RACK.2. Slide the rack and rotate it forward through the frame to passenger side until there is enough room to drop the driver side of the rack out of the center of car and remove the entire rack from the vehicle.

(Double check your depth first) (PIN FIXTURE WITH BOLT AND PIN) (DRILLING CRANK AND BALANCER THROUGH PIN FIXTURE) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. blow out any shavings and insert the pin in the hole you have just drilled.out beyond the edge of the balancer. 2012 Page 17 of 45 . Notice that the cranksh aft is actually recessed into the balancer by about ¼”. The bolt will not seat and will get damaged if the pin sticks out beyond the lip on the balancer. You do not have to have the pin flush with the end of the crankshaft. It’s the flat face on the balancer that is of concern. Remove the fixture.

3. 2012 Page 18 of 45 . heat the threaded area with a hair dryer or heat gun. 3. please go to step 5. (OIL PAN PILOT HOLE AND AFTER CUT WITH ROTOBROACH) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. Be very careful as you break through the pan. You may even be able to drill until there is just a paper thin amount of aluminum left and actually pop the disc of aluminum out.1 Locate and center punch the hole approximately . Tighten it to manufacturers’ specs.(PIN INSTALLED IN CRANKSHAFT AND BALANCER) 2. The Rotabroach will allow you to drill a large hole with little or no aluminum chips. put red Loctite on the first 1/2” of threads and insert it in the crank. For V3 “self contained” units. Use the supplied 9/16” Rotabroach (very small hole saw) to cut through the pan. Heating it up expands the bolt slightly and helps with its retention once it cools down.) The preferred method of draining the oil from the supercharger to the sump is by cutting and tapping a 3/8” pipe fitting directly into the front of the oil pan. This bolt must be EXTREMELY tight.400” from the bottom of the pan and as far over to the right as possible. INSTALLING THE OIL RETURN FITTING (NOTE: This entire section applies ONLY to the standard “engine oiled” units. Drill a 1/8” pilot hole.11 Take the NEW provided factory balancer bolt.

(Measure yours to be sure) A square socket on an extension will make the tapping process very easy. (OIL DRAIN FITTING INSTALLED IN OIL PAN . 2012 Page 19 of 45 . The hole will be drilled behind the frame and about 1” down from the pan rail. then remove and clean the tap of shavings. Do not attach the drain hose to the fitting yet. There is plenty of aluminum to form threads in the pan. the oil drain will have to be drilled in the side of the pan and a 90° fitting will be used. NOTE: On the C6 Z06. Oil leakage at the fitting is a non issue. Put more grease on the tap and do it again.standard C6) (OIL DRAIN FITTING INSTALLED IN OIL PAN – C6 Z06) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. The oil pickup screen is very close to this location and can be damaged if you are not careful.2 Take a 3/8” NPT tap (not included) and fill the flutes with heavy grease to catch any chips. Be careful not to go too deep. Make sure there is a seal formed all around the fitting. Clean up any stray chips.3. as it will be attached to the supercharger unit first and then routed down to the oil pan fitting. (Dabbing a bent Q Tip with grease through the hole works well) Clean the threads and fitting with carburetor cleaner or something similar and apply a small amount of silicone sealer to the pan threads as well as the threads on the 3/8” NPT to ½ barbed fitting. Tap the hole a little. Drain the engine oil and install a new oil filter. Tap the hole approximately 1/2”deep or until the brass fitting will just start. Most 3/8” NPT taps use a 9/16” square drive. You don’t want it too high where the fitting will not be able to be screwed in to the pan.

3 Reinstall the steering rack in the reverse order as it was removed.2 The oil feed line is attached at the lower drivers side of the block. Route it behind the steel hose that comes out of the bottom of the power steering pump. Remove the galley plug with a 5/16” Allen wrench and replace it with the provided fitting AND sealing washer. 2012 Page 20 of 45 . FOR LOCATION REFERENCE) 5. REINSTALL THE STEERING RACK AND ABS MODULE 5. This will assure the line won’t interfere with the belt. over the rubber hose on the power steering reservoir and through the hole in the reservoir bracket. Reinstall the ABS module and bracket. (The radiator will be trimmed later in the installation) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31.2 5. Remember to make sure the flats machined into the rubber mounted studs are aligned vertically with the slots in the bracket. Reinstall fan assembly and trim upper fan shroud as shown. INSTALLING THE OIL FEED LINE 4.4.1 5. Fill power steering reservoir with fresh fluid.1 4. Screw the line onto the fitting and route it up to the supercharger at the other end. Run the line under the throttle body to the passenger side of the car where it will be later attached to the supercharger unit. (OIL FEED LINE AND FITTING LOCATION AND OIL LINE ROUTING) (LINE RUNS THROUGH P/S RESERVOIR BRACKET AND UNDER THROTTLE BODY) (SUPERCHARGER NOT INSTALLED AT THIS POINT.

You will need to open up the mounting hole on the horn bracket to fit the #8 bolt. Tighten all 4 radiator support bolts.1 Remove the nuts attaching the front fascia to the skid bar assembly. Remove the horn assembly. Insert the long spacer at the rear attachment point with the 8 x 50mm bolt. You will have to remove the horns and switch mounting holes so the horns will be facing the opposite direction. Insert the short spacer between the assembly and the frame at the front attachment point and insert the 8 x 50mm bolt.(RADIATOR FAN SHROUD TRIMMED) 6. Then put the horn bracket on the front bolt of the radiator support between the supplied spacer and the frame of the car. RELOCATING THE LOWER RADIATOR SUPPORT/ SKIDBAR ASSEMBLY AND HORNS 6. Remove the 13mm bolts that hold the skid bar to the frame on one side but just loosen them on the opposite side. 2012 Page 21 of 45 . Locate the skid bar spacers and bolts in the hardware kit. Do the same on the opposite side. they will need to be flattened. If there are any 90 degree mounting tabs on the horn bracket. Leave the bolts loose for now. (RADIATOR SUPPORT MOUNTING POINTS) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31.

(RADIATOR SUPPORT WITH SPACERS INSTALLED) (HORN ASSEMBLY INSTALLED ON PASSENGER SIDE) 6. 7.2 Reconnect the outside air temperature probe to its connector and zip tie it to one of the side blinker light wire looms. 2012 Page 22 of 45 © A&A Corvette Performance . or drill a ¼” hole in the vertical radiator support brace and use the factory push pin connector to secure it to the brace. However the tensioner must be removed for now. You will install the tensioner after the main supercharger bracket is installed May 31. MOUNT THE REAR SUPPORT BRACKET 7. This makes it much easier for the installer to understand how the bracket assembly works.1 The rear bracket comes with the adjustable idler attached.

(REAR BRACKET WITH SPACERS .460” spacer and the thick angle brace.2 The rear bracket bolts to the water pump. The main bracket comes with the tensioner and idler attached. 2012 Page 23 of 45 . (Marked in the photo below)The spacer should stay there when the other bolts are tightened. This makes it much easier for the installer to understand how the bracket assembly works. Remove the long bolt.160” aluminum spacers with the flat sides. Place the spacers on the supercharger with the flat sides facing the supercharger and bolt the bracket to the supercharger with the 2 ½” bolts and spacers as shown.7. The intake manifold will not allow some of them to be installed afterwards. 2.ATTACHED TO ENGINE) 8. ASSEMBLE AND INSTALL THE SUPERCHARGER AND MAIN BRACKET 8. It’s important to install the two rightmost bolts that attach the supercharger/main bracket assembly to the rear bracket before mounting it to the engine. These will space the supercharger from the main bracket.2 © A&A Corvette Performance May 31.1 The bracket assembly comes partially assembled. It also bolts to the cylinder head with the M10x90mm bolts. Locate the 1. using the stock tensioner bolts and holes. 8. Install a long bolt through the last hole just to keep the spacer in place. The smallest diameter spacer (3/4”) goes on the 6” bolt by the throttle body.

2012 Page 24 of 45 .(MAIN BRACKET) (SPACERS MOUNTED ON SUPERCHARGER) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31.

Then clamp the 2 ¾ side of the silicone transition to the supercharger outlet using #48 hose clamps. It is very important that you make sure the belt comes off the spring tensioner and goes under the balancer before the main bracket is bolted on. The belt is routed around the rest of the accessories as it was before the supercharger install.(MAIN BRACKET BOLTED TO SUPERCHARGER) 8.5 (BELT ROUTING ON SUPERCHARGER BRACKET) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. It is impossible to do this afterwards. The metal tube should be facing straight down and will run down the side of the radiator fan. Clamp the 2 ¾” to 3” (JT and YSI units do not use this) silicone transition hose to 3”dia x 6” piece of metal tubing using the supplied #48 hose clamps. 2012 Page 25 of 45 .3 Attach the ½”oil drain hose to the fitting on the bottom of the supercharger. 8. You will route the hose down to the hose barb after the supercharger bracket is installed.4 8. Install and tighten the clamp. It is easier to route the belt around the pulleys on the supercharger bracket before installing it on the engine.

6 As the supercharger/ bracket assembly is lowered into place. 2012 Page 26 of 45 .7 The long bolt coming through the rear bracket and spacer is probably the easiest to start. © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. (ADJUSTABLE IDLER REMOVED DURING SUPERCHARGER INSTALL) 8. make sure the adjustable idler pulley and arm are not mounted to the rear bracket as shown in the photo.(BELT ROUTING DIAGRAM) 8. Thread this bolt into the front bracket a few turns to take the weight.

try to align the front and rear brackets and get the remainder of the 3/8” bolts started. 2012 Page 27 of 45 © A&A Corvette Performance .8 Double check the belt as it comes off the spring tensioner. May 31.(START TOP BOLT FIRST TO SUPPORT THE WEIGHT) 8. If the belt is routed correctly. The belt needs to be extremely tight. This is left handed thread so you will not loosen the bolt while pulling down. The heater hose with the “T” in the middle can be moved into a position where the supercharger and ductwork will clear it. Once all 4 bolts are in. Pull down on the wrench and then tighten the two bolts on the bracket. tighten them up.9 The sliding idler on the “J” shaped bracket is pushed over to the inboard side with a 9/16 wrench on the exposed bolt/nut. (HEATER HOSE MOVED FOR CLEARANCE) 8. It should go down and under the balancer.

The fan housing must also be trimmed in the upper corner just under the supercharger inlet to allow the inlet duct to attach to the supercharger. Route it over to the oil pan drain fitting and clamp in place. die grinder or even a hacksaw can be used.) Put the duct in place without the silicone coupler to determine how much trimming will be needed. A jigsaw. (If not already done.1 The upper “fins” on the radiator will need to be trimmed for clearance.10 Attach the oil feed line to the fitting on the top of the supercharger and tighten. (RADIATOR MARKED FOR TRIMMING) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. Trim if necessary. The drain line should be hanging straight down. This can be done in the vehicle.(ADJUSTING THE SLIDING IDLER) 8. 2012 Page 28 of 45 . Make sure the line is on a downhill slant from the supercharger to the oil pan. TRIMMING THE RADIATOR AND FAN SHROUD 9. (This is applicable only to the engine oiled systems) 9.

10. INTERCOOLER INSTALLATION 10. 2012 Page 29 of 45 .(RADIATOR TRIMMED FOR INLET DUCT CLEARANCE).1 Clamp a 90 degree rubber hose to the ø3” x 6”tube that you attached to the supercharger outlet earlier. (6” TUBE ATTACHED TO THE DISCHARGE OF THE SUPERCHARGER) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31.

Attach the 8” Tube the 90° rubber elbow you just attached and then add the 45° rubber elbow which will go in the area you just trimmed. The remainder of the tubing and the BOV will go in after the intercooler is mounted. Drill a small hole and mount the intercooler with the supplied self tapping screws. The weld between the top tank and the core is to be oriented so that it is even with the bottom of the frame.4 The intercooler will go in next. drill a hole using a ¼” drill bit. (TRIM PANEL FOR THE 45° ELBOW) 10. Holding the panel in place. Bolt the panel in place using the two aluminum washers between the plate and the frame and the ¼” hardware as shown. Repeat for the opposite side. Make sure the intercooler is horizontal with the exit tube lined up with the throttle body. 2012 Page 30 of 45 . Line up the aluminum brackets with the radiator support frame. The bracket with the circular cut out will go on the passenger side. mark the frame in the middle of the slots in the bracket. © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. This will be trimmed to allow the 45° rubber elbow to go forward into the right front fender cavity. The inlet will go IN FRONT of the upright skid bar support. Once the intercooler is positioned. (INTERCOOLER ATTACHED) 10.2 Trim the panel in front of the passenger side front tire.10. There is already a hole on both sides of the support frame that will be used to attach the panels.5 The side air panels will go in next.

Attach this to the 45° rubber elbow in the fender cavity. (BOV PLACEMENT) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. the other end will go on the inlet of the intercooler.(PASSENGER SIDE PANEL INSTALLED) 10. The BOV should be aligned so that the hose goes under the front brake duct and the filter points forward as shown. 2012 Page 31 of 45 . See the Adjusting Your BOV section at the end of this manual.6 Attach the blowoff valve (BOV) and silicone coupler to the 6” metal tube with nipple. Attach the custom molded silicone hose to the 6” tube.

the kit will come with 1 of 2 duckbills for the Ram Air Intercooler. Make sure the hose is tied up and away from any free moving parts. It will be “teed” in to the power brake booster hose in a later step.8 (C6 and C6 Z06 INTERCOOLER DUCK BILL) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. 2012 Page 32 of 45 . nuts and washers provided.7 Attach the long vacuum hose to the BOV and run it up between the spacers added to the radiator support bracket. Depending on the model of your C6. Attach the duck bill to the front of the intercooler with the 4 stainless button head bolts. up and over the radiator shroud and over to the power brake booster area.(INTERCOOLER INLET) 10. 10. Be sure to use anti-seize on these so they do not lock up.

10 Reinstall the front fascia in the reverse order used in step 1. (TRIMMED DRIVER SIDE) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31.(C6 and C6 Z06 INTERCOOLER DUCK BILL) 10. You will have to trim the bottom of the fascia and two of the mounting locations will no longer be used due to the intercooler’s interference. 2012 Page 33 of 45 .

11b (06+ LS7. The silicone coupler at the throttle body will be very tight but it WILL stretch over the throttle body. 08+ LS3) The outlet from the intercooler should be centered and in line with the throttle body.(TRIMMED PASSENGER SIDE) 10. another silicone coupler. The silicone coupler at the throttle body will be very tight but it WILL stretch over the throttle body. 10. 2012 Page 34 of 45 . the MAF and then another silicone coupler to complete the connection between the intercooler and throttle body. another silicone coupler. the 60° mandrel bent tube. © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. The use of a hose hook will make it much easier to slip the hose over the large end of the MAF and the throttle body. The use of a hose hook will make it much easier to slip the hose over the large end of the MAF and the throttle body. the supplied MAF ring and then another silicone coupler to complete the connection between the intercooler and throttle body. the 60° mandrel bent tube.11a (05-07 LS2) The outlet from the intercooler should be centered and in line with the throttle body. Install a 3 ½” silicone coupler. Install a 3 ½” silicone coupler.

© A&A Corvette Performance May 31.75 clamp and tighten.25 clamp) Slip the air bridge into the coupler. Install a 3. 2012 Page 35 of 45 . SUPERCHARGER INTAKE 11. (again.00 clamp and a JT and Ysi-Trim will need a 4.1 11.2 Install the supplied air filter onto the formed air bridge. 08+ LS3) 11. you will really benefit from the use of a hose hook in this extremely tight area) Check the area around the fan shroud where you trimmed earlier to make sure enough material was removed.(INLET TRACT ASSEMBLED 05-07 LS2) (INLET TRACT ASSEMBLED 06+ LS7. Install a short 3 ½” diameter coupler onto the supercharger inlet with a 3.(Note: T-Trim will need a 4.75 clamp and tighten.

you will need to shave/cut off approximately ¼”. If you have an aftermarket radiator. Drill a 1/8” hole through the top of the support as shown in the image below. You will be attaching this hose to the oil fill cap later. it will need to be approximately 1/8”. If you have the stock radiator. 12.3 Install the threaded brass fitting with the nipple into the hole in the air filter. Route the hose up towards the valve cover.1 TOP COVER Remove the rubber bushings from the top posts on the radiator. 12. Attach the supplied ½” vent hose to the nipple. May 31. 2012 Page 36 of 45 © A&A Corvette Performance .(INSTALLING THE INLET DUCT) (FAN SHROUD TRIMMED FOR CLEARANCE (some models)) 11.

Remove the rubber bushings from the radiator and install them into the holes in the new cover. Remove those screws. Install the cover assembly over the inlet piping and radiator. 2012 Page 37 of 45 .2 Assemble the top cover by attaching both side panels with the black 7mm screws. (HINT: You may find it easier to tip the passenger side down first and install it that way.) (TOP COVER INSTALLATION) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. Notice the two tabs in the front of the panel.(DRILL 1/8” HOLE THROUGH POST) 12. They will line up with two of the front bumper attachment screws.

boost gauge.3 Find the power brake booster vacuum hose and cut it in the middle.2 Slide the cotter pins through the holes previously drilled. 2012 Page 38 of 45 . Boost a Pump and any other accessories that are vacuum or boost operated. © A&A Corvette Performance May 31.(TOP COVER INSTALLATION) 12. (LEFT AND RIGHT COTTER PINS INSTALLED) 12. Run a short piece of vacuum hose over the power brake booster to get your vacuum fittings away from the heat. We have provided a couple of nylon “Y” fittings to hook up BOV. This is where the provided stainless vacuum “T” will be installed.

drill a hole in the top of the cap and tap the hole with a 3/8” NPT tap.4 Wrap the evaporation control solenoid around the oil fill neck 12. Screw the provided 90 degree plastic fitting into the top of the cap (a small amount of silicone sealer is advised) and reinstall the cap. 2012 Page 39 of 45 .(STAINLESS “T” INSTALLED IN BRAKE BOOSTER HOSE) (Note vacuum hose routed over the booster.5 (EVAP. CONTROL SOLENOID) (Skip on C6 Z06) Remove the oil filler cap from the passenger side valve cover. Using a 9/16” drill bit or supplied Rotabroach. (Early systems used a brass 90 degree fitting) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. away from the heat) 12.

(OIL CAP VENT) 12. © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. One end should have this plastic fitting and the other end will have a straight brass fitting. Then run it towards the passenger side and then down to the air filter. in most applications. eliminating the need for a catch can.(OIL FILL CAP WITH FITTING) 12. Orient the hose and nipple so that there is enough slack so that you are able to remove and install the cap without having to remove the hose or rotate the fitting. 2012 Page 40 of 45 . Insert this fitting into the 3/8” breather hose that will connect to your air filter. Route the hose over the radiator and behind the coolant line that is on top of the radiator.6 (Skip on C6 Z06) The ½” hose that is coming up from your air filter is attached to this nipple. We have found that venting the crankcase from this area is much less likely to push oil out with the vapors.7 (For Z06) Remove the plastic fitting from your stock intake near the throttle body.


The large gray wire is the fuel pump power lead. (if this has not already been done) Solder or use a butt connector and tape the ends up to prevent grounding. strip the two wires inside and twist them together. The liner is attached with 7MM screws. Cut the harness close to the BAP. The reason for doing this is to assure that the BAP is not accidently turned down or the plug is not pulled from the rheostat while cleaning the car. You will find that the bulkhead is curved and only 3 screws will fit.2 13. 13. © A&A Corvette Performance May 31.1 BOOST-A-PUMP INSTALLATION (2003-2004 Models) Remove the Boost A Pump (BAP) from the package and locate the long wire harness with the gold RCA plug on the end. The hot end of the wire (the end that comes from the front of the car) is soldered (or butt connected) to the red wire with the fuse holder on the BAP.4 Locate the wire harness for the fuel pump. Throw the adjuster box away.(BREATHER HOSE ROUTING) 13 13.3 13. Mount it as far to the left as possible to allow adequate clearance for the wheel well liner. 2012 Page 42 of 45 . Cut that wire and strip both ends. The BAP will be bolted to the bulkhead in front of the wheel. etc. Remove the driver side rear wheel and inner wheel well liner. The other end (the end that goes to the fuel pump) is soldered (or butt connected) to the other red wire on the BAP.

Boost pressure closes the switch and activates the BAP at approx. Find the boost switch in the package. The remaining wire harness contains two wires. Install two female spade connectors to the wires. These wires will be attached to the boost switch and are fished through the rocker panel up to the front of the car. © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. Crimp or solder the ring connector to the wire. (Polarity does not matter) The barbed fitting is “teed” into the brake booster hose with a piece of vacuum hose. 3-4PSI. Plug the two wires onto the boost switch. Remove the small access panel behind the front wheel. Tape the wires to the tape measure and pull it back and out through the front. 2012 Page 43 of 45 .6 The black wire is grounded to the frame near the BAP. grind some paint off the metal and attach it with a screw. Screw the barbed fitting onto the switch. using a small amount of sealer.13.5 13. push a metal tape measure through the rocker panel until it comes out by the rear wheel. Run the wire up to the power brake booster area.

4 “Key on” (DO NOT START). 14. 14. 14. nuts. 2012 Page 44 of 45 . etc.5 Start vehicle. are near exhaust headers or moving parts and that there is no fluid leakage.7 The passenger side coil cover will need to be trimmed to fit over part of the supercharger mounting bracket.2 Check all fittings. Ensure that the fuel rail and injectors are sealed properly. 14. 14. 14. Trim as shown in photos and the reinstall both plastic coil covers (PASSENGER SIDE COIL COVER TRIMMED) (TRIMMED PASSENGER SIDE COIL COVER INSTALLED) (V3 models remove shipping plug and install vent as shown) © A&A Corvette Performance May 31.14 FINAL ASSEMBLY AND CHECKRefill engine with fresh factory specified oil. wires.6 Recheck all fluid levels and verify that no hoses. the vehicle in order to cycle the fuel pump. bolts and clamps for tightness.3 Reconnect the battery.

to increase spring tension rotate in the direction of hard. 477-A Lambert Street Oxnard.00” X=fits.47” 3.60” 3. the engine should return to normal idle speed – if the engine drops below idle or stalls increase the spring tension by half a turn Repeat this process until the engine free revs and returns to normal idle speed Test drive the car and ensure that when decelerating or changing gears that the engine does not backfire or stall.aacorvette. otherwise increase the spring tension PULLEY AND BELT SIZE CHART 6-RIB K060900 3.125” x x 3. If backfiring is excessive or stalling is noticed then check all connections made during the installation. Ltd.40” x 3.      Adjusting your Turbosmart BOV Adjustment to the BOV is made by rotating the cap. CA 93036 Local: (805) 278-4107 Toll Free: (888) VETTEPRO www.80” 4.80” 4. 2012 Page 45 of 45 .60” 3.33” x 3.95” x x 3.com K080922 x x x x x K080939 x x © A&A Corvette Performance May 31. x= best fit A & A Corvette Performance. marked on the top of the cap Rotate the cap in the direction of soft to decrease the spring tension – CAUTION Do not rotate the cap beyond the red indicator groove Start with the BOV cap at the maximum soft position (The red indicator should be slightly covered by the edge of the cap) Free rev the engine and back off quickly.125” x x X=fits.00” K060905 x x K060910 x x K060915 x x PULLEY AND BELT SIZE CHART 8-RIB & 8” BALANCER K080903 K080910 3. x= best fit PULLEY AND BELT SIZE CHART 8-RIB & LS7 BALANCER K080893 K080897 2.