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Acclaimed Author Rita Mae AADL

Brown Discusses Her New 343 South Fifth Avenue,

Memoir 'Animal Magnetism: Ann Arbor, MI 48104
My Life With Creatures Great
And Small'
Monday October 19, 2009:
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

There's no disputing the fact that Rita Mae Brown has lived a
dynamic life full of incredible experiences - she's been a
literary icon, groundbreaking feminist, Hollywood darling,
and now a working farmer tending thousands of acres in
rural Virginia. But throughout it all, one thing she has always
been is a passionate lover of animals - from the cat that
purred her to sleep in her cradle to the foxhounds and
horses that fill her barn, an animal companion has always
been by her side. She will share some of the many experi-
ences that she had with animals as she discusses her new
memoir Animal Magnetism: My Life With Creatures Great
And Small. The event will include a book signing and books
will be on sale at the event.
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