1) Success comes from listening, not hearing.

Agree or Disagree,

Why ? [1/2 page]

Agree. As we all know, hearing is the act of perceiving sound by the ear. However, when it involves listening, it is something a person consciously chooses to do. This is because it requires concentration from the brain which needs to be processed from words and sentences so that is will form meaningful contents which also lead to learning. When listening occurs and learning takes place, this may be the reason someone achieve success. A famous philosopher once said, “Most people tend to be “hard of listening” rather than “hard of hearing”. This shows that it is very easy for someone to hear to something, but when it comes to listening, the person must need to pay attention to interpret and respond in the end. When a person listens, it can trigger the brain cell to be active. Here, the signals are conveyed through a dorsal pathway in your cortex, part of the brain that does more computation, which lets you actively focus on what you're hearing and tune out sights and sounds that aren't as immediately important.Thus, ones can build a strong knowledge base on the new information they listen. Other than that, successful people believe that listening is the key factor to their success in everything in life. However, the art of listening is often been taken for granted by many people which may cause by the technologies nowadays which diminishing people listening skills.

Other than that. As teachers. describing the contents of topics and also in formatting a test. the teacher can use English in making announcements. For example. the teacher gives them the awareness about the importance of practicing the listening skills in their daily life. using radio.] Listening skills can be developed in students through many ways. How to make the student become a good listener? [1/2 page. It is important for the teachers to understand the effective ways to teach students in becoming a good listening according to their own potentials and interests. For example. If we look into a different perspective. as teachers.2) Role of the teacher to develop student's listening skill. teacher needs to encourage the students by using the target language in conducting every business in the classroom. . televisions or even creating dialogues as well which creates two and one way of communications. For example. handing out tasks. By this. they will be more alert on how to improve the listening skills. one of the ways that we can use in enhan cing the students’ listening skills is allowing students to practice the full repertoire of listening strategies by using authentic listening tasks. we need to assume that the students need to be exposed with the strategies on how to develop good listening skills.