How interpersonal skills in students can help to influence the relationship between teacher and students? As we all know, interpersonal skills focus on the interaction or communication with others either in verbal or non-verbal ways. It is very important for the students to cultivate the skills from young age because it can build up a better understanding about other people around them especially towards their teachers and also other students. Interpersonal skills can be divided into two elements which are listening and speaking skills. Listening skills is the skill which involves receiving, understanding, evaluating, remembering, and responding. If the students are active listeners, it can help to make sense of the massage and also responds to what we hear as well. For example, if the students have good listening skills, this may help to improve herself especially in her studies. The reason is when we listen and we have a good relationship with our friends and teacher, it may help to deliver the knowledge effectively which also leads to success. As students, they need to be aware about the manners which we should use when talking to the teacher or even our peers. For examples, students need to know when is their turn to talk and not interrupting other point while other people are speaking. For example, it is normal for students to feel excited when they are in a discussion. However, students normally see the discussion as a competition rather than a place to discuss important things. The reason is when students feel like they need to compete with each other during discussion, unfinished business will get involve during and after it such as getting hurt and hatred. Thus, being a good listener builds healthy relationship between students and teacher and also students and students as well.

it will give a different meaning if the students convey them using the wrong intonation such as asking and statement intonation. When they do not feel confident with the decision they made. it is important for them to use the correct words and intonation to get their message across to others. For example.If we look into speaking. As students. it brings the meaning of the action of conveying information or expressing one’s feeling in speech. if the student uses “I hate you” in a conversation. As a conclusion. both speaking and listening skills are very crucial and vital in influencing the relationship between teacher and students. It is also very important for them speak their mind clearly and firmly. they will end up having problems between their peers and teacher. .