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WSA/D1022 Rev C/2002

Section 07925/1

Passive Fire Stopping and Seals

5 1. the following additional standards also apply: BS BS BS BS 476 Parts 6 and 7 476 Parts 20 and 23 6093 8000 Part 3 1.4.1 1.1 1.2 1. details of construction. Furnish all labour.3 1. It is not necessarily comprehensive or complete and it is the Contractor's responsibility to ascertain all applicable sections required to understand the full Scope of Works intended. relation and connections with adjoining work.4. equipment and appliances and perform all necessary operations required to execute the work of this section.4 1.4.3 1. In addition. This section describes the requirements for passive fire stopping and seals to masonry components and between masonry components and building services. Submissions shall indicate all dimensions.1. 1. The Contractor shall become familiar with other sections of the Specifications affecting work of this trade. engineering calculations.5. description of product and installation method in accordance with the Contract Documents.5 1.2 SUBMITTALS FOR REVIEW Section 01300 .4 1.7 1.4. catalogue cut sheets.4. RELATED SECTIONS This schedule is intended to be used as a helpful indication of the related sections within the Project Specifications.1. material.6 1.1 WSA/D1022 Rev C/2002 Section 07925/2 Passive Fire Stopping and Seals . Submit working detail (scale 1:5) showing each type of fire proof seal.2 1. plant.1 1.4 1.4.1 GENERAL SECTION INCLUDES Include the General Conditions of the Contract as part of this section. Submit samples.1 1.3 1.1 1. specifications. REFERENCES The minimum standards for products specified in this section shall be those standards referred to or relevant BSI standards. Submit certification to demonstrate the detail used for the application of the product will afford the specified fire resistance. details of installation. Submit copies of test reports required to be performed on the proposed products. QUALITY ASSURANCE Perform Work in accordance with relevant British Standards and industry standard codes. Submit certificate by an independent test authority to demonstrate performance of each product.2. Submit a list of installation completed where proposed products were used.

8. Dubai or similar approved supplier.2 1. ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS The products shall be suitable for application before the building is closed in the hot.1 1.8. humid and dusty environment that prevails in Muscat. WARRANTY Section 01740 .7 1.2 2. as detailed on the drawings and be supported by the Fire Resistant Material Manufacturer’s Technical Data and Independent Fire Test Assessments. Provide a mock-up of each detail to be used. These mock ups will then be used as quality control samples. PRODUCT REQUIREMENTS GENERAL All fire stopping materials shall be manufactured under the Quality Assurance of BS EN ISO 9002 and in accordance with BS 5750 Part 2. MOCK-UP Section 01400 .2.1 WSA/D1022 Rev C/2002 Section 07925/3 Passive Fire Stopping and Seals .1 2.1 1. Coventry CV4 9TJ.2.2 2.7.2 1. P O Box 8091.6. 2.9. The product supplier shall have supplied the products proposed for this project for 5 years in the Muscat area. DESIGN DETAIL The detail design of each situation shall be based upon the width depth and design movement of the joint / gap.2. Civil Defense Department.1.2. which shall be submitted to the Consultant for Approval.6 1.1 P RODUCTS APPROVED MANUFACTURER OR PRODUCT The fire stopping and sealing materials shall be as manufactured by Nullifire Ltd. England or equal and Approved and obtained from Anticorrosion Protective Systems.1.1 QUALIFICATIONS The product supplier is approved by the Royal Oman Police..8 1.6.Warranties and Bonds. The extreme climatic conditions that will be encountered on site are dry bulb temperatures up to 52 deg C and high humidity conditions up to 32 deg C.1 2.2.1 2. 2 2.1. Torington Avenue.2 1.1 1. saturated.9 1.7.Quality Control: Requirements for mock-up.

1 THERMAL MOVEMENT JOINTS IN BLOCKWORK AND CONCRETE Nullifire M701 Fire Resistant Gap Mastic and foam backing rod to control seal depth shall be installed in joints and gaps up to 30mm wide.2. Collars and wraps shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. which shall be constructed to the gap size as detailed on the drawings.30 Period of Fire Resistance (Integrity) 1 & 2 hours 5mm 1 & 2 hours Depth of Sealant req’d (mm) 2. shall be installed in joints and gaps upto 30mm wide.2.2.2. System M701 .Acrylic GAP Width (mm) Up to 20mm Period of Fire Resistance 1 & 2 hrs Integrity 1 & 2 hrs Integrity & Insulation 1 & 2 hrs Integrity 1 & 2 hrs Integrity & Insulation Depth of Sealant req’d (mm) Single seal 10 Double seal 10 Single seal 15 Double seal 15 2.2. The face of the mastic shall be smoothed to a finish approved by the Consultant.4.3 INTUMESCENT PIPE WRAPS AND COLLARS FOR SOLID WALL AND SLABS Intumescent pipe wraps shall be provided to all plastic pipes and through insulated pipes that pass through fire compartments and barriers. Intumescent wraps shall be manufactured to BS 476.2.4 50% of gap width 2.4. The face of the mastic shall be smoothed to a finish approved by the Consultant.3. AS 1530 part 4 and AS 4072 part 1.3. be held in position with a split metallic sleeve which shall be wired in place to prevent the wrap from slipping out of position.2.2 21 . part Concrete or an approved cementatious or fireproof infill shall be cast around the metallic sleeve and fire proof mastic shall be applied to seal the annular gap at both the soffit and floor of the slab.2 2. The wrap shall be installed in a location such that on floor slab the lower edge of the wrap coincides with the soffit of the slab.3 2.2. with a movement of upto ±40%. be corrosion resistant type and installed around the pipes and fixed to the slab with screws and fixings that will withstand exposure to the fire for at least 2 hours.1 2. System M703 . Every fixing point on the collar shall be utilized.3 Nullifire M703 Fire Resistant Gap Mastic M703 and foam backing rod to control sealant depth. Fire rated collars shall be manufactured in accordance with BS 476 part 20.5 WSA/D1022 Rev C/2002 Section 07925/4 Passive Fire Stopping and Seals .4. with a movement of up to ±5%. which shall be constructed to the gap size as detailed on the drawings.3.4 2. An acceptable alternative to intumescent pipe wraps are intumescent fire collars.30 2.3.Silicone GAP Width (mm) Up to 10 11 .2. 2.

5. waterproof mastic with and high movement capability.1 2.10.2. Provide certification to demonstrate solution is adequate.2.5 2.6 2. Infills shall be designed to provide a two hour fire rating.2 2.1 2.2.6. AS1530.2. AS 4072. prEN 1366.1 2. FIRE STOPS AROUND PLASTIC PRESSURE PIPELINES Provide engineered intumescent multiple wrap or collar that will be able to exert sufficient force to crush the pressure pipe in the event of a fire.2. shall comply with BS 476. stud partitions or hollow block walls) such that pipes can pass through the wall without interfering with the wall’s fire integrity.g. FIRE RATED PILLOWS 2.11.g.2. DENSE MINERAL INFILL BATS The provision of dense fire rated boards is permitted as a method of infilling around services that pass through fire walls.2.2. All joints shall be closed with fire rated mastic and finally a fire resistant coating shall be applied.9.1 FIRE TRANSITS FOR PIPEWORK IN HOLLOW WALLS Provide fire transits for hollow walls (e.1 and prEN1366. Install in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.4 2.9 2. Utilise on both through insulated and un-insulated pipes.4. AS 1530.2. FIRE STOPS AROUND PLASTIC SOIL + VENT PIPES Refer to 2. Fill annular gap at both ends with a fireproof. Services shall be supported in a manner so that in the event of a fire the collapse of the services in the fire zone will not pull the boards out of the wall aperture. part 20 2.9. FIRE STOPS AROUND UNINSULATED METTALIC PIPEWORK IN SOLID WALL AND FLOORS Provide a metallic sleeve around all pipes and caulk with a fireproof material (e.1 and SABS 0177 part 2 and provide a 2 hour fire resistance. Pillows shall be unaffected by moisture and humidity and provide a 2 hour rating in accordance with BS 476.7 2.2.11 FIRE RATED CABLE DUCT BLOCKS 2. mineral wool).2.1 Fire rated pillows may be used to provide fire barriers around difficult services breaches where other means are not viable. To be manufactured to BS 476 part 20. 2. Fire transits shall comprise corrosion resistant split shell with hinge and closure device and with an internal lining of intumescent material plus facility to securely fix the shell to the wall structure.5 2.1 2.2. Fire transits shall be 2 hour rated and applied to all pipes. 2.3 and installed in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.2. AS 4072. but on un-insulated pipes include a compressible foam gasket that will allow the pipe to move without breaking the seal or making any noise.2 2.2. part 20 and shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.1 All cable ducts and trunking that breaches fire compartments and barriers shall be provided WSA/D1022 Rev C/2002 Section 07925/5 Passive Fire Stopping and Seals .9.2.9. Mastic shall comply with BS 476 part 20. Boards/ batts shall be pre-coated with a fire resistant coating and shall be cut to size on site.4 and 2.2.

2 3. Before ordering any materials / commencing work verify that building structure associated with the system is within tolerance and take full account of shape configuration and material properties of the structure.6.1 WSA/D1022 Rev C/2002 Section 07925/6 Passive Fire Stopping and Seals .8. examine all parts of the adjoining work into which applicable work is to be placed.2. HANDLING AND STORAGE Deliver component parts to site. 2.2 3. free from loose material dust and grease. CLEANING Section 01710 . above ground. The installation of the fire stopping and sealing shall be strictly in accordance with the written installation instructions of the Manufacturer.6 3. PREPARATION All surfaces shall be clean and dry.with an intumecent foam infill strip so that fire can not spread from one compartment to another via the duct / trunking. Remove labels after Work is complete.1 3.2 3.3.5 3. installation shall not proceed in that area until such conditions are corrected by the contractor. 3 3. properly protected from the weather and construction activities.8 Cable duct blocks shall afford a 2 hour fire rating and comply with BS 476.7 3.2 3.Quality Control.1 3.4 3.11. The Installer shall ascertain the need for an initial surface sealer to suit each individual installation location. Should any conditions be found which will prevent the proper execution of the work. 3. part 20. FIELD QUALITY CONTROL Provide field quality control under provisions of Section 01400 . completely identified in accordance with shop and certified drawings prepared for this work. PROTECTION OF FINISHED WORK Protect work under provisions of Section 01710.1 3.1 3.2.1 3.1 EXECUTION EXAMINATION Verify site conditions under provisions of Section 01400.1 3.2.Cleaning installed work.5.3 FABRICATION Not relevant INSTALLATION Before beginning installation in any area.4.3 3. Store in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.1 3.

END OF SECTION WSA/D1022 Rev C/2002 Section 07925/7 Passive Fire Stopping and Seals .9 3. It is not necessarily comprehensive or complete and it is the Contractor's responsibility to ascertain and complete the full works intended and as shown within the drawings.1 STANDARD SPECIFICATION This standard specification is intended to be used as a helpful indication of work within this section.3.9. specification and Contract or thereby implied.