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1973 Aim: To determine the moisture content (water content) of a given soil sample by oven drying method. Water Content . Theory: A soil is an aggregate of soil particles having a porous structure. Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology. Soils having gypsum are dried at 60ْ C to 80ْ C. Moisture content is defined as the ratio of the mass of water to the mass or mass of solids. for moisture content determination the soil samples are dried to the temperature at which only pore water is evaporated. . Part Time Degree Course in Civil Engineering Page No. If voids are fully filled with water. The pores are also called as voids. pycnometer. This temperature is standardized to 105ْ C to 110ْ C. the soil is called dry. The soil may have water &/or air. The methods to determine the moisture content in the laboratory are oven drying. infrared lamp with torsion balance moisture meter.Dept of Civil Engg. Whereas the approximate methods are alcohol burning method & calcium carbide method. w = W M Weight of water Mass of wa ter = w = = w Weight of Solids or soil Ws Mass of So lids or so il Ms The mass of water used in the above expression is the mass of free pore water only. Hence. Date of Experiment Signature of Teacher with date Remarks Evaluation Timely / late / Attendance Performance Understanding Lab Quiz Neatness /2 /2 /3 /2 /1 / 10 Reference: IS : 2720 (Part II) . Pune Determination of Water Content Experiment No. the soil is called saturated soil & if soil has only air.

1g for medium grained soils) Oven (interior of non corroding material. earth pressure behind the retaining wall & pressure due to overburden. compaction & consolidation etc. iii. . Clean. i. ii. Dry soil sample in container. Pune Applications: Moisture content plays an important role in understanding the behavior of fine-grained soils.04 % of the soil taken for test or 0.5-mm IS Sieve 25 50 200 300 500 1000 NOTE 1 — For sizes of sieves. air tight) Balance (accuracy 0. as it may catch moisture from the surrounding atmosphere. Dry the sample in the oven till its mass becomes constant. After drying remove the container from the oven. ii.75-mm IS Sieve 9. thermostatically controlled) Desiccator. Its value controls the shear strength & compressibility of soil. should not be left in open or uncovers before weighing. NOTE 2 — Drier the soil. Metal containers (non corrodible. It is the moisture content which changes the soils from liquid state to plastic & solid states. Weigh the dry soil in the container with lid Size of Particles More Than 90 Percent Passing Minimum Quantity of Soil Specimen to be Taken for Test Mass in g Procedure: 425µm IS Sieve 2-mm IS Sieve 4. iii.01g for fine grained soils and 0. see IS : 460 (Part I)-1978. iii. The knowledge of determining the water content is helpful in many of the laboratory tests such as Atterburg’s limits. the greater shall be the quantity of the soil taken. Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology. In normal conditions the sample is kept in the oven for not more then 24 hours. iv. v. Take the required quantity of the soil specimen in the container & weigh the lid. Pair of Tongs. bearing capacity of soil-foundation system. v. Care should be taken to avoid over heating by maintaining temperature in oven between 105ْ C to 110ْ C. ii.50-mm IS Sieve 19-mm IS Sieve 37. Part Time Degree Course in Civil Engineering Page No. NOTE 3 — Water content specimen should be discarded and should not be used in any other tests. vi. Compaction of soil in the field is also controlled by the quantity of water present. shear strength. Maintain the temperature of the oven between 105ْ C to 110ْ C for normal soils & 60ْ C to 80ْ C for soils having loosely bound hydration water &/or organic matter. iv.Dept of Civil Engg. Apparatus: i. Precautions: i. remove the lid & cool in the desiccator. dry & weigh the container with lid. The wet soil sample/specimen should be loosely placed in the metal container. Density of soil is directly influenced by the water content & is used in calculating the stability of slopes.

..Dept of Civil Engg. What is water content or moisture content of soil? 2. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Particulars 1 Container No.. What is the effect of water content in wheat dough? How it is analogous to soil? Explain this with example. Mass of container with lid. w = ________% Questionnaire: 1.×100 = .. What is the significance of moisture content of soil in civil engineering? 3. What is the three phase system of soil? For what it is used? 5. No... M3 g Mass of water. 7. Pune Observation Table: Sr.. M2 g Mass of container with lid +dry soil. what are the different temperature ranges and why? Which type of water in the soil you intend to evaporate and why? 4. . When soil specimen is dried in the oven. Which are the other tests by which you can determine water content? 6. What do you understand by saturation? Explain with significance.... Also draw phase diagrams for stages with respect to any of your test specimen.. Part Time Degree Course in Civil Engineering Page No. Ms = M3 – M1 g Moisture content w % = Mw / Ms x 100 Sample No 2 3 Calculations: Water Content . Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology. 8. Draw the phase diagrams for three conditions of saturation with all notations. M1 g Mass of container with lid + wet soil. Mw = M2 – M3 g Mass of solids.×100 = % Result: The Average moisture content of a given soil sample is.. w = M2 − M3 M 3 − M1 × 100 = Mw Ms × 100 = .