5 x 2 m / 6. Continuous research and development efforts Testing facilities for power and signal transfer Mersen has an outstanding capability attracting product development from international OEMs in the Energy and Transportation sectors.  Generation of characteristic curves in controlled atmospheres  High speed performance simulation  Test with controlled temperature  6 m3 (212 ft3) environmental chamber (2 x 1.INNOVATIVE APPROACH At Mersen. innovation is driven by close cooperation with our customers. and our ability to develop highly complex and unique components to meet the specific needs of the leading players in each of our markets ensure our ongoing success. . thermal. Our understanding of the challenges. environments and applications.6 x 5 x 6. electrical and multi-physic simulations  Behaviour studies  Fluid and ventilation simulations for brush gear  Calculation software Carbon dust collection systems HE R OF T WINNE N TROPHY IO T A V O INN EcoDesign E D i Third Thi rail shoes External certifications s LIGHTNING PROTECTION SYSTEMS FOR WIND TURBINES NES Our dedicated carbon brushes es and brush-holders br sh holders passed the “Class 1 lightning protection tests” of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences laboratory in Germany.6 ft)  Thermal fatigue test  Multiple signal protocol injection Chemical laboratory Test stands Environmental chamber Patented innovations  Some recent examples in the energy and railway sectors: Numerical analysis  Design  Mechanical.

manufacture of materials. our engineers and technicians provide specific services to optimize the performance of our customers’ plants. we make sure that an environmental approach is adopted during the life cycle of every solution. . reliability and performance of electrical installations and power electronics in our leading markets (Energy. Our Research & Development teams are international and combined with our comprehensive test facilities work on a wide range of subjects for our sectors of activity. As an example. dust. etc. This ensures that we can provide our customers with manufacturing sites implementing quality manufacturing processes and respecting environmental standards. distribution. We know motors and generators very well and this is one of the reasons why our customers come to us. designed and tested for reliability and optimum performance. They know that we provide solutions that are controlled through the complete product life cycle (development. years of experience and strong expertise. allowing us to meet today the market requirements of tomorrow. This solution-orientated approach drives our Research & Development facilities and enables us to provide innovative solutions. Transportation and Process Industries). Solution-orientated approach and R&D policy We work in partnership with our suppliers to create the solution needed to improve the performance of our customers’ applications.MERSEN A world leader committed to Industry Mersen’s electrical solutions and services for motors and generators contribute to the safety. Knowledge and Experience Our company has been working with electrical rotating machinery for over 120 years. quality control. For this reason. Quality and Environment Our 60 manufacturing facilities in 40 countries are registered to ISO quality and environmental standards. Services On the 5 continents. corrosive atmosphere. Expertise. We offer reliable solutions and the benefit of our extensive knowledge. We provide our customers with high quality engineered solutions tailored to various operating conditions (temperature.). we believe it is possible to bring together our company’s interests while respecting environmental issues and social progress. Sustainable development Here at Mersen. product design. we have developed lead free carbon brushes and can offer recycling programs to our customers. technical expertise and training).

LIMITLESS PRODUCT CONFIGURATIONS CARBON BRUSHES Alongside standard products. copper-coated. mounted on carriers and sheaths • Failure and crack detection systems Triplex pantograph strip for high-speed train Horn pantograph strips Kasperowski type strips 3rd rail shoes Industrial current collectors . customized configurations for any application Traction Wind power Steel FHP Brush grades suited to any environments and operating conditions Grounding Current Density Peripheral Speed Temperature Humidity Contaminants Vibrations Some featured grades & applications Contact the Mersen Experts to determine the carbon grades adapted to your applications (see contacts on back cover page) Electrographitic EG34D • EG387 • 2192 • CB86 • AC137• EG313 • EG8220 • EG7655 Carbographitic A121 • A176 • A252 LFC LFC554 Resin-graphite BG412 • BG469 • BG348 Metal-graphite CA38 • C7788 • CG626 • CG657 • MC79P BRUSH-HOLDERS Original equipment or retrofit Manufacturing Capabilities Die Casting Stamping Machining Traction Turbo generators Industry Pressure systems Main features Hydro power • Customized products or standard per our catalogue • Constant force pressure systems • Brush-holder plug sets • Brush wear monitoring devices • Carbon dust collection systems SLIP RING ASSEMBLIES Key features in a modular construction Manufacturing Capabilities From 1 to X rings Diameter: From 400 to 2.500 mm (From 16 to 98 inches) Insulation discs Insulated rods Ground rings Split rings Process industries Available ring materials • Copper • Bronze • Brass • Steel • Stainless steel CURRENT COLLECTORS For railways or industrial machines • Plain.

From our long-standing relationships with all major OEMs we can develop and manufacture the nest ERCUs for any machine. spring pressure… Our experience has resulted in our ability to provide systems that are state of the art. cranes or cable bunching machines. Mersen slip ring assemblies & rocker rings are tted to the world’s largest hydro-electric generators. wire systems offer the best solution. Since all these applications don’t have the same requirements. SLIP RING ASSEMBLIES Many parameters must be taken into consideration in order to attain maximum performance from slip ring assemblies. Even in the harshest environment. Electrical Solutions for High-Current Applications These applications produce an extremely corrosive atmosphere that impacts both brush and brush-holder performance. each adapted to suit your requirements. reliability is always a key issue. Mersen has developed a exible range of solutions. Mersen can now provide products beneting from these experiences obtained in such extreme conditions. suitable for any application associated with rotary movement (cranes. packaging. their gold wires provide e constant signal transfer not subject bject to dusting or corrosion. . Earth return current units are designed to transfer the traction motor currents to ground via the wheels and not the motor bearing. EARTH RETURN CURRENT UNITS Wire Systems For signal transfer applications requiring high reliability. Signal transfer systems can be found in numerous applications like wind turbines. cable bunching…) The term “sliding contacts” cts” covers products like pantograph strips. Brush Systems Brush systems are extremely robust solutions to transfer signal and power. Hybrid Systems ms SLIDING CONTACTS CTS Slip Ring Assemblies (rotary joints) Complete solutions with insulated protection box. Mersen’s pantograph strips and earth return current units were mounted on the French TGV that reached 574. Slip ring material. who’s better than Mersen to transfer signal and power with graphite parts? Current Collection for Transportation Motivated by the challenge for ever increasing demands. brush-holders and carbon brushes. Mersen designs and manufactures special carbon brushes. Rocker Rings and Slip Ring Assemblies for Hydro Generators BRUSH GEAR HOUSINGS We design and produce complete brush gear housings. Hybrid systems are exible solutions to offer reliability in transferring high frequency signals and high power. With 120 years experience with carbon brushes. Designed jointly with major OEMs . Mersen’s dust collection systems remove all of the carbon dust in the machine without requiring any machine modication. brush coverage ratios. CARBON DUST COLLECTION SYSTEMS Designed to prevent short circuits. The available diameters range from 400 to 2. trolleybus inserts and industrial current collectors. third rail shoes. including slip ring assemblies and smart enclosures to protect the brush gear against unfavorable environmental conditions. Its reliability and its ability to withstand difcult environmental conditions enable this system to be installed in offshore wind turbines. Mersen’s integrated solutions are designed with parts that complement each other’s performance.8 km/h (357 mph).FROM COMPONENTS TO INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS POWER TRANSFER Electrical Rotating Machines The performance of your electrical equipment depends on the efcient interaction of components such as slip ring assemblies. “Hybrid” means that they combine gold wire for signals and brush technology for power transfer. specic brush-holders and plug set assemblies for galvanic and electrolytic treatment lines as well as annealers. mixing machines.500 mm (16 to 98 inches). SIGNAL & POWER TRANSFER When it comes to transferring signal and power between static and rotating parts. Mersen equipped the high-speed train that broke the world speed record on rails in 2007.

slip ring assemblies.Commutation study. Mersen built a global team of sales and technical experts to assist customers in their challenge to improve wind turbine performance and reliability.Diagnostics (specific expertise capabilities) . maintenance and downtime  Complete retrofit solutions (carbon brushes. non-contact high speed diagnostic tool to quickly and easily determine the health of your motor’s commutator  Dynamometers. brush-holders. stroboscopes. slotting files. recommendations with documented written report Training  High quality technical training programs provided by Expert teams will help you maximize the efficiency of your equipment and minimize your operating and maintenance costs. brush gear housings) On-site Interventions / Diagnostics  In-situ commutator and slip ring machining (approved and licensed technology)  Motor inspection . roughness measuring devices  Commutation indicator  Brush wear monitoring devices CL-Profiler.Brush-holder pressure measurements .  Reactive fast service  Hundreds of wind turbines onshore and offshore inspected every year  Data collection and shared intelligence reservoir  Carbon brush / brush-holder / slip ring re-engineering  Carbon brush recycling programs s ce MAINTENANCE TOOLS AND MEASURING DEVICES A full range of maintenance tools  Brush seating stones and garnet paper  Grinding stones and accessories  Portable mica undercutters  Alarm boxes  Scrapers. WindtrackerTM: dedicated wind services rT M ac ke ser vi As a leading supplier to the wind industry. the smart solution for profiling slip ring assemblies and commutators  DiaMeter. Training sessions can take place either at our location or at yours. the essential tool for measuring the commutator/wheel diameter of all types of rolling stock prior to any possible machining  ComPro2000TM. surface roughness) .Commutator and slip ring analysis (profile.SERVICE AS A CORE VALUE Motor maintenance service and training: a complete range of services Re-engineered Solutions  Long term involvement with OEMs and aftermarket worldwide  Technological solutions making our customers more competitive  Redesign to reduce brush wear. control and adjustment  Technical support. double Viroti probe Complete maintenance tool set . saws… Windtr DiaMeter Specifically designed measuring devices  CL-Profiler.

com Mersen Pudong Co.ea.NJ 07005 USA Tel: +1 800 526-0877 Email: contact. 5. Mersen designs innovative solutions to address its clients’ specific needs to enable them to optimize their manufacturing process in sectors such as energy. Ltd.usa@mersen. China. Bommasandra Industrial Area Anekal Taluk Pin 560099 Bangalore .com Mersen USA Bn Corp. 400 Myrtle Avenue Boonton .ea. pharmaceutical and process industries. chemical.pudong@mersen. Ltd. Pudong New District Shanghai.Shutterstock .amiens@mersen. avenue Roger Dumoulin 80084 Amiens France Tel: +33 3 22 54 45 00 Email: infos.india@mersen. Bldg 2 .com A GLOBAL PLAYER Global expert in materials and solutions for extreme environments as well as in the safety and reliability of electrical equipment. transportation. electronics.India Tel: +91 80 30946121/24/25 Email: Mersen India AE-solutions-GB-1304 Photos: © Mersen Image Library .Dreamstime.mersen.72 Jinwen Rd Zhuqiao Town. Mersen France Amiens SAS 10. 201323 Tel: +86 21 58106360 Email: sales. .Wikipedia .