Mehta and Chugan (2013) studied the impact of window displays , mannequin displays, floor merchandising and promotional signages on sales in apparel stores. They discovered that window display has direct relation with consumer preference to the product. No important relation is found between form display and impulse buying but floor merchandising shows direct relation. K. R Pillai, Azmiya Iqbal, Habiba Umer, Aisha Maqbool & Namrata Sunil (2011) found out that products in vogue and frequently selling items were used for visual merchandising to generate higher sales. Sonali and Sunetra (2012) reported a study on the sensory triggers involved in impulse purchase and found out that sight was the most important sensory organ which the costumers mentioned as indispensable to their purchase decision.It was followed by the sensory input of touch.It also showed that taste as a sensory prompt was most insignificant. Madhvi and Leelavati (2013) undertook a research to find out the effect of visual merchandising on buying on women apparel.The research was done on female consumers noting their age, income, education status and family status and their response to various modes of visual stimuli in stores was recorded. Milad Kouchekian and Gharibpoor (2012) reported the effect of independent factors namely store layout, colour, lighting, cleanliness, height of shelves and store design on consumer choice and found out an association between them.

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