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Myers Freshman Language 22 October 2013 Exegesis I say the chief reason Electra feels so strongly about illing her mother is because she resents her mother for betraying her role as a mother in Electra!s life. "lthough there may be many reasons for Electra!s anger# I belie$e that The Libation Bearers has a significant amount of e$i%ence to &ro$e that this is true. 'lytemnestra!s aban%onment triggers Electra!s %esire for re$enge more than the actual mur%er of her father %oes. (hile re)rea%ing The Libation Bearers, I notice% that Electra mentione% her mother more than Orestes %i%. *o I %eci%e% to ex&lore +hat exactly she sai% each time she mentione% her mother. One &assage stuc out to me# namely Electra!s s&eech from lines 102)13,. -uring this s&eech# Electra!s feelings to+ar%s her mother became clearer to me. I came to reali.e the follo+ing. "t one &oint %uring this s&eech Electra states# /E$en our o+n mother +ho bore us an% nurse% us once as babies0 *he has s+a&&e% both her chil%ren for 1ncle "esgisthus# her sorry be%mate an% &artner in crime in your o+n mur%er. I am a ser$ant here# a sla$e# an% my brother rams the earth# a $agrant# alone an% im&o$erishe%#2 3104)1105. Electra a&&ears to be $ery hurt that her o+n mother betraye% her by not only illing "gamemnon# but also by lea$ing her real family for "esgisthus. "s a +oman# Electra is able to un%erstan% the role of a mother better than Orestes is. This ex&lains +hy Electra is more angere% by her betraye% than Orestes is. Electra also says that by lea$ing 'lytemnestra!s family# she has cause% herself an% Orestes to become

This &assage clearly sho+s that Electra %iso+ns 'lytemnestra as a mother. "nother +ay Electra sho+s she %iso+ns 'lytemnestra is by com&aring her mother to a beast. :ecause of this closer relationshi& bet+een Electra an% 'lytemnestra# Electra coul% feel guiltier if she ha% ille% her mother. "nother &assage that sho+s this %iso+ning is +hen Electra is s&ea ing to Orestes as says# /I lo$e you as my father!s son8 that lo$e a girl shoul% feel for her mother I transfer to $est in you92 3211)2135. Electra belie$es that +ithout a family# she has no home. (hen 'lytemnestra betrays her chil%ren# her chil%ren %iso+n 'lytemnestra as a mother an% are left +ith no &arents at all. Electra is a+are of the mother)%aughter relationshi& that she an% Electra shoul% ha$e.2 3170)1715. 'lytemnestra raise% Electra an% they are able to un%erstan% one another better as females. On the other han%# Electra ha% a closer relationshi& to her mother.homeless. This is later &ro$en +hen Electra says# /anger an% grief are our &arents no+# an% &ain is the go% to +hom +e &ray. (e are become +il% chil%ren +ol$es ha$e reare%# +ith a human brain# but the heart of a beast# im&lacable an% %umb#2 3306)3115. This is a&&arent +hen it is sai% that# /his +ife# his iller# my mother +ho is no mother but a ma%+oman no+# a monster. :ecause Electra an% 'lytemnestra ha$e a %ee& relationshi&# the &ersuasion 'lytemnestra uses on Orestes +oul% ha$e been successful if Electra +oul% ha$e been the mur%erer. :ut after ha$ing a close relationshi& an% being . I say that Electra loses her father an% her mother. *he is left to be a /sla$e2 or a /ser$ant2 +hile Orestes is /alone2. This is because Orestes an% 'lytemnestra %i% not share a close &arent)chil% relationshi& because Orestes +as exile% an% ne$er ha% the o&&ortunity to form this relationshi&. Electra!s feelings of betrayal are not subconscious.

betraye% by her mother# Electra +oul% feel more anger an% therefore she +oul% be more satisfie% than Orestes in illing her mother. *he %oes not ha$e as close of a relationshi& +ith "gamemnon as Orestes %oes. Electra e$en states that she feels li e she is an /or&han2 33015 no+. I &lan to use this information use the information I &re$iously &resente% about Electra to sho+ her relationshi& +ith her mother an% +hy this +as more of a cause of anger than "gamemnon!s mur%er. Orestes an% "gamemnon share an inherent father)son relationshi&# +hich I +ill ex&lain later on in my &a&er. This ex&lains +hy Electra is so shoc e% +hen her# /o+n mother +ho bore . The same)sex relationshi&s in The Libation Bearers sho+s ho+ Electra an% Orestes ha$e %ifferent moti$ations behin% their re$enge. 'lytemnestra raise% Electra for the ten years of the +ar an% +as also there after 'lytemnestra ille% "gamemnon.them< once as babies2 3114)11=5 betraye% her.them< an% nurse% . . This suggests Electra +ants re$enge on her mother for betraying her. -uring these ten years# her father +as gone so she +as relying on being raise% by one &arent.