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is The Bluth Company --- CHANGELOG --v2.41 (17.12.2013) - Added: Option to remove link animation - Fixed: Posts sometimes not loading correctly with masonry - Fixed: Mailchimp widget was having some trouble getting people on the list, fixed now. - Fixed: Adjusted the size of the quoted area and fixed a bit of CSS - Fixed: Some layout issues - Fixed: Link color turning white when background disabled v2.4 (02.12.2013) - Added: Full Responsive Google Ads Support (widgets & settings) - Added: Widget area above content - Added: Changed featured image slider to a more responsive Swiper slide r - Added: Option for featured slider - filter posts by tag - Added: Three column blog - Added: Option to enable soft border a cross all boxes - Added: Jetpack infinite scroll support - Changed: Optimized the multiple column blog layouts, changed to Masonr y - Fixed: Left sidebar now always on bottom on mobile devices - Fixed: Single page layout in theme options producing a sidebar when it shouldn't - Fixed: iFrame sometimes overlapping in mobile v2.3 (30.10.2013) - Added: Option to upload custom avatar in author box - Added: Option to change the featured tag in Theme Options - Added: Dropdown parent now clickable when "on hover" is enabled - Added: Italian translation included by Michele Bugliaro Goggia - Added: Enabled HTML in footer text - Fixed: Page sometimes overflowing to the right in Chrome - Fixed: Facebook comments not working in WordPress 3.7 - Fixed: Header Logo sometimes getting squashed in Safari & Chrome - Fixed: Various CSS fixes v2.2 (04.10.2013) - Added: Apple touch icon uploader - Added: Option to change the font size & line height in Theme Options - Added: Option to deactivate individual share buttons on posts & pages - Added: Option to see year of post in post information - Fixed: Twitter status styling - Fixed: Javascript error when fixed header is checked. v2.1 (25.09.2013) - Added: Featured Box - Popular Posts option - Added: Featured Box - Enable Showing Excerpt - Added: Author Page - Added: Favicon uploader - Changed: Excerpt now shows up in two column layout - Fix: Child-Theme javascript admin panel problems ( in Theme Options )

Added: Authors image shows up on the front page and links to the autho rs articles ( optionable ) .2013) .09. ." text removed from two-column blog layout .Added: Now includex XML file .09.2013) ..Added: Custom category dropdown list widget .Added: Google+ Status Posts .Changed: Arrows are now displayed on gallery posts .Fix: Mobile menu not displaying the correct menu in some cases .Added: A Tab shortcode .Fix: Facebook comments not showing up if there were no comments on the post Bluthcodes plugin ( v1.Added: Feature Box: Featured Video Posts now displays the featured vid eo .02 (14.Fix: Various CSS Fixes .Fix: Header image not showing up correctly in mobile .Fix: Safari & Chrome issues .Fix: Badges in custom categories widget not appearing correctly .] in excerpt and replaced it with the la nguage string .Fix: Manual Excerpt problem in audio & video posts .2013) .Fix: Header logo getting squashed when large in some mobile phones .Fix: Added the option to enable lightbox in two-column blog layout.Fix: Tags showing up in the meta-top .Fix: Removed pingbacks showing up in Bluth Tabs widget .04 ) .Fix: Facebook and twitter feed in two-column layout v2.01 (12.Fix: Images not floating/scaling correctly in posts due to lightbox .Added: Retina support in documentation .Added: Support for JetPack Gallery lightbox .Added: Option to disable cropping of featured images .Fix: iframes not appearing correctly in posts .0 (06..Added: Option to remove the background from links in posts . Content popping down when large header is active The "-" now only displays if there's a name for the quote post Some Google structured data warnings Background image in meta data in single view ( when post is share .Fix: Fixed the syntax highlighting shortcode v2.Added: Child-theme support .Added: Feature Box: Optionable slider ( multiple featured posts ) .Fix: Instagram widget not always working correctly in some cases .Fix: Footer font color now works correctly v2.Fix: Shared Buttons not appearing correctly in the footer of Quote Pos ts .Fix: Background image now maintains aspect ratio .Added: Option to change Facebook and Twitter icons .09.d ) Fix: Fix: Fix: Fix: Fix: Audio post player overflowing title if there's no featured image.Fix: Removed the constant [.Fix: Some header CSS .Added: Detailed header modifications including an image background opt ion .Fix: Continue Reading text showing up in the header of some pages ..Added: Google+ Badge Widget .Fix: Instagram widget showing up in multiple rows in some cases .Fix: "Permalink To.

can now select number of Tags to show.Fix: Search box overflow in menu .Added: Bluth Tabs Widget .Fix: Social Media buttons not appearing correctly in mobile in some in stances .Added: Option to enable the share links on front-page.Fixed: RTL header logo .08.2013) .02 (22.Fix: Minor CSS Fixes v1.Added: Gallery images now open in lightbox if not linked to attachment page Added: Viadeo.08. v1.Fix: Lightbox appearing below menu .Fix: Thickbox not loading correctly in the Admin Panel in few cases.Fix: Bluth Newsletter and Bluth Author not working properly v1.2013) .2013) verybody..Tags now sort after most used tags . and font customizer not working for e Fix: Continue Reading text now displays with the correct background.Added: Wordpress Gallery now appears in a lightbox if linked to media .1 (26.Fix: Navigation Line not working when sticky header is deactivated .11 (27.2 (29. Twitter and Facebook status support.12 (27.08. posts or pages .Fix: Sidebar not showing up on some posts .Changed: Re-arranged some options in Theme Options support in widget and header Added: Option to disable the blog description in header Changed: Page title with featured image now appears on top of image Fix: Color option for post headings not working correctly Fix: 404 Page styling issues Fix: Uploads in custom widgets not working correctly Fix: Bluth tabs header margin issue Fix: Missing language string in the searchform and 404 page Fix: Page flickering on some mobile devices v1. Added: Status Post Format.2013) . Fix: Post excerpt showing up in single view on some occasions.Added: Option to enable navigation hover . Added: Fontello Icon list in Documentation Fix: Some iPad and iPhone devices crashing on load Fix: Instagram widget showing 2 pictures on some occasions Fix: Mobile menu not working on some devices Fix: Share and tags in Quote post format now display more efficiently Fix: Checkbox for custom colors. Added: Featured Post widget Added: Option to add comments on pages Added: Option to remove Next / Previous links in posts Added: Option to open the featured image in a lightbox Added: (BluthCodes plug-in) Custom dropcap background color Added: Bluth Tabs.2013) .Fix: Links appearing white in standard posts . Fix: Header link not active on some mobile devices. v1.Added: Support for third layer of navigation .08.

01 ( (21.2013) .v1.2013) Added: Fixed: Fixed: Fixed: Fixed: RTL Support Minor CSS fixes and clean-ups Search bar now focuses when activated Link background Image box image overflow v1.Initial release .