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Freemasonry Curses Exposed and Explained

Masonic Curses
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Eph 6:12

Lets spell this out quickly. Youve been Cursed, probably unknowingly by someone involved directly or indirectly with the Masonic society. No problem, read on. Hearing voices in cupboards or the walls , telling you to do things, feeling tense, argumentative, highs and lows apparently out of your control, sleeplessness, anxiety, the list goes on. You know you arent feeling yourself and moreover MAY possibly be aware that something terrible is happening to you in an otherworldly way? You can feel things and often repeat words that you can hear in your head? Not your words either! .. Lets explain this in simple terms. You have been targeted by someone within the Masons. Why? I have no idea but you or someone in your family did something that the powers that be didnt approve of. They have a bottomless pit of money at their disposal and will not let go of you. Ignore all the prayer and renouncement sites out there which propose to help those who have been targeted, instead you need to deal with the pseudo-spiritual curse with physical action. Dont think that fighting a Masonic Curse spiritually will do any help. This is the physical world in the here and now and the solution to removing a curse is as simple as acknowledging that however awful you might feel, or be controlled you can break the Curse by taking some basic actions which will illustrate to you that the system is NOT God/Demonic/Witchcraft/Occult in nature beyond a shadow of a doubt. This is the first step to acknowledge that the Curse is not all powerful in the true sense of the word though no doubt it feels like it at times.

The Masons EMPLOY/USE people to effectively curse you in your home by employing a radio and sound based system which links up to your telephone line, house power wiring, appliances and everything else the radio waves can attach themselves to not only within, but adjacent properties as well. The systems sensitising range is fortunately very small but the impression given is that it is all encompassing. This is just a perceptual malfunction dont worry about it and it is a psychological aspect that the perpetrator relies upon amongst a great many others. This system resonates (shakes things) over which the Masonic shit-heel operating the system speaks, making his voice boom within your home telling you to do things in a scary demonic voice .. not always though, the voice can be filtered and modulated to sound nice and congenial just as readily. In reality the perps voice is simply modulated to sound mighty. After all the Masonic voice of God wouldnt be as authentic if it sounded like white haired transit driving 55 year old plumber working his way up the Masonic rungs would it? So why are you hearing things? How does the curse work? It is the biggest scam of all. While in your home, asleep or moving around your home is under an umbrella of a powerful electro-magnetic field tied into a remotely operated radio system operated by a Masonic shit-heel which sensitises you to their radio system meaning that when you are outdoors you can hear them almost the same as if you were indoors. I bet that when you leave your home, park your car and go for a walk that after a couple of hours you feel much better. Well, if you did stay outdoors for 1224 hours and away from anything electrical that most of the sensitisation will have worn off and you would feel right as rain. This is because the best part of the sensitisation has worn off, and unless you are close to mains power, your perception of the sensitisation is greatly reduced. Try this. Take a picnic, park your car AWAY from streetlamps, telephone lines, power lines and buildings. If you have a mobile phone, portable stereo, an alarm key for your car, leave them with someone. Leaving an alarm key is the hard part, but find a way to do it. Leave anything metallic or electronic behind.

Take your tasty picnic and blanket and find yourself a nice spot by the sea, a lake, somewhere peaceful away from people. If you can manage electrical/radio isolation like this for a day you will notice that you feel much better. You would feel better naturally by doing this anyway even if you werent being harassed by a Masonic shit-heel but you will notice a clear difference in your well-being above and beyond if you were not cursed in the first place. So why are you feeling this much better? The electro-magnetic field has worn off naturally as your body is harmonising itself to the natural magnetic field of Earth and your nervous system settles down to its rightful place. Now comes the bad news. When you go back home assuming that you are in sound mind enough to realise that something is going on at home (if you arent then there is not much I can do about that, sorry), you will be greeted with the same sensitisation again as you sleep and move around your home and you will then be in the same position again. Hearing voices and feeling things caused by the Masonic shit-heels radio/audio system as it effectively charges your body with all sorts of unnatural junk that your body and mind can do well without. After a day or two of this you will be back to square one and the illusion of the allpowerful entity that has cursed you from the disgruntled realm of the Masons will be the same as it was before. The illusion created is one of that no matter where you go or what you do that you are being controlled/harassed/demonically possessed and so on by an allpowerful thing. If you feel this way again, repeat the picnic step above and then ask yourself why Masonic demons dont follow you around when you are happily munching your way through a nice prawn sandwich away from your home, car and mobile phone and electricals for a few hours. They just seem to disappear somewhat dont they.

But wait a minute, if this thing is all powerful why cant I hear it half as well after being outside in a remote location with a packed lunch for the day? There is one important part to this which I havent explained in this first part and that is that the sensitisation affects your auditory system. When you are asleep at home your body is subjected to controlled varied electro-magnetic fields which have various effects on your hearing. Arguably the worst part of this is not so much the electro-magnetic sensitisation but the auditory part which effectively amplifies the noise created by the Masonic shit-heels system. Your ear canals are temporarily overloaded with electro-magnetic pulses which put pressure on your ears helping them to close over a small amount of ear wax in the base of the ear canal over the ear drum. After a couple of nights of this, sleeping with your head on its side on the pillow (a side effect of trying to get some sleep), sweat and ear wax continue to form and harden in the base of the ear. If you are a smoker the effects are much worse and the inner and middle ear will not only close more readily but also be much more susceptible to a build-up of ear wax. Once formed, the effects of the sound created by the Masonic shit-heels radio system will be effectively amplified and sub-audible sounds which other people in your home cannot hear, are amplified and made worse because of your ear condition. The solution to make life MUCH easier is to employ a very good ear cleaning system and to AVOID using cotton ear-buds at all cost as it is very easy to push wax and matter back into the ear which simply makes clearing them that much harder. There are several pharmaceuticals on the market which assist in the rapid removal of ear wax, take a look for some, try them and rinse your ears with cool, not cold, water a couple of times a day, first thing in the morning, mid-afternoon and before you go to bed. You will notice a huge difference in a matter of days. While the Masonic Curse (what a pathetic descriptor and a misleading one for a criminal satanic organisation using an illegal radio system to target individuals), is in operation, day to day you will always have to look after

yourself by taking the odd walk outside away from electricals, maintaining a healthy routine and diet, drinking plenty of water and keeping your ear canals open, clean and free from wax (not an easy task). The above will ensure basic physical wellbeing despite being assaulted by awful sensations from time to time by electro-magnetic fields, the easiest and best step after clearing your ears is to go for a walk. Going for a drive isnt helpful unless you have taken certain other steps which I will cover later. Taking control of your property and then taking action against the Masonic shit-heel responsible. More on that in part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and probably 10 as well. In closing avoid any Mind Control related information, Spiritual Warfare poppycock and sites of this nature, including Churches who apparently can help to heal your Curse. All of these sites are networks run by those who know the game from the inside. Stay away from them, they will not help in any way other than waste your time with plausible sounding codswallop written by criminals designed to obfuscate your understanding of the Masonic Curse and waste your time and money. Their system is as easy to break as an egg on a stone once you know what to do. Have faith! Realising how to overcome this Masonic charade is far closer to hand than you realise. Watch out for the next part and Ill show you various ways to protect yourself in your own home and work towards silencing their system, controlling them and then take action against them.

Romans 13:4 - For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to [execute] wrath upon him that doeth evil.
Ive a feeling that this information will find its way to many people and help them. Dont you just love the Internet!