Seek truth with open eyes. Courageously accept your discoveries and their consequences.

Rid your life of falsehood, denial, and fear of what is. Make truth your ally, not your enemy. This isn t easy, !ut it is correct. Share your love openly. Connect with yourself and others !y tuning in to the connection that already e"ists. The risk of re#ection is overshadowed !y the rewards of loving connections. $henever you feel disconnected, reach out and connect with another human !eing. Remem!er that you re always loved. %&' ()RS*+,- .)/)-*(M)+T 0*R SM,RT ()*(-) 0ully develop your human a!ilities, and use your power in honora!le service for the highest good of all. 0alse power corrupts, !ut true power elevates. The more you resonate with truth and love, the greater your a!ility to wield power wisely. +o one is served !y your refusal to shine. )m!race your unique path of growth. 1se your intellect and emotions to guide you in the conscious pursuit of truth, love, and power. 2nvest in creative self-e"pression, service, and contri!ution, and you will suffer no scarcity. 3our greatest gift to the world is to share who you really are. )n#oy your incredi!le human #ourney. ,ccept the highs and the lows as equally valua!le. Recogni4e that your deepest sorrows reveal your greatest #oys. Share your stories with others, and know that you re not alone. 5e grateful for your time on earth. -ive consciously.

(!) discover . (2) ask yourself whether your current job/career akes good use of it.6 The four stage process outlined in the book is (1) discover (recognize) your genius.

and (") ask yourself whether your genius is being (or can be) applied to fulfill your purpose# $our purpose is your self%acknowledged reason for living. you'll know it# /lternatives won't i prove the na e you've given it# 0t will be specific enough to be truly uni-ue (already directing your ind towards how that uni-ueness could distinguish and fulfill you if it were properly applied)# 0t will be powerful# /nd. &ichards says.hen you've recognized your genius. rather than destructive. not what you would wish it to be# +# $our genius' na e consists of one gerund (word ending in %ing) followed by one noun# . &ichards reco following( ends looking at the 1 $our disrepute( Things you do passionately that others criticize you for 1 $our frustrations( Things you are discontented with 1 $our elation( Things that bring you great joy and sense of acco plish ent 1 . energy# *# $our genius is what it is. while it ay take so e ti e to reveal itself and ay evolve over ti e.hat you offer( Things you give to others openly and voluntarily 1 $our interests( Things that pi-ue your i agination and attention .your purpose. it will prove durable# 0f identifying your genius proves elusive.# $our genus is uni-ue to you# . what you feel you were born to do# &ichards posits several 'restrictions' or 'conditions' to force you to narrow your ( any) talents and passions to your one true genius( 1# $ou have a genius# 2# $ou have only one genius# !# $our genius has been with you your whole life# "# $our genius is natural and spontaneous# )# $our genius is a positive.

or could be changed to ake good use of it# 5e knows. &ichards suggests looking at the following( 1 $our strong e otions( . that the people who will be attracted to this book will probably answer this -uestion in the negative. again. &ichards again suggests a set of 'restrictions' or 'conditions' to narrow the candidates and help you hone in on your one true purpose( 1# $our purpose ust be discovered. not invented 2# $our purpose is directed outward %% it is the specific.hat other people ask of you( 5ow they see your purpose 1 8ne4pected occurrences and turning points( 9ife events that ight at least .1 $our successes( Things that worked well.hat stirs you 1 . discovering your purpose. that were easy for you 1 0 ages that attract you( /rt and reality odels that resonate with your perception of The process for recognizing your genius is less rational and ore intuitive and e otional than 2olles' 3arachute discovery process. tangible way in which your genius. 0 can i agine you would find this book frustrating# &ichards spends only two pages on the second stage of the process( /sking yourself whether your current job/career akes good use of it. if identifying your purpose proves elusive. 0 think. and trusts each reader to decide for herself what to do about that# 6or the third stage. your gift. since 0 enjoy that kind of e4ercise and a reasonably good at it# 2ut 0' not sure it can work for everyone# 0f you really don't know yourself. ore a process of self% realization than research and self%analysis# This works for e. is given to the world !# 7nowing your purpose allows you to be it "# $our purpose gives focus and what to do ore intentional and effective in fulfilling eaning to your life and directs your decisions on /nd.

and has suggested. and 0 would reco end it not only because it can help you with your ne4t career ove. redirecting your genius so it is focused on achieving your purpose re-uires. a sense of personal responsibility.hat is your genius. and personal courage# These personal -ualities and capacities both e erge and find e4pression through the realization of your purpose by applying your genius# The book is well%written. illu inating. . in the process.suggest what is not your purpose after all 1 $our suffering( . ight be yours 1 &ecurring ideas( 0deals and intentions and un et needs and possibilities that have intrigued you for uch of your life /nd finally.hat is your purpose. in addition to a lot of thought and energy and passion. but ore profoundly because it can help you to realize yourself. and. a sense of deep self%awareness. concise. a sense of knowing your own heart. and down%to%earth. be happier and ore fulfilled in all aspects of your life. /nd is the for er helping you achieve the latter.hat your fa ily has seen as its purpose. . un%preachy. ake the world a better place# . with their special knowledge of you.hat you have had the courage to survive and overco e 1 :editation or prayer( &evelations that co e fro -uieting your ind 1 $our fa ily history( .