Perl Scripting

Introduction to Perl
    What is Perl Perl History Writing first Perl script Executing Perl scripts

Basic Data Types
     Scalar Data types Variable Interpolation Escape sequences Numeric Function Interpolation String Functions

Operators in Perl
Arthematic Operators Comparison Operators Logical Operators Auto Increment / Decrement Operators  With Numerics  With Strings  String Repetion Operators    

Lists and Array Variables
     Introduction to Lists Introduction to Arrays Fast creation and access Operations on Lists and Arrays Built-in Array functions

Control Structures
 Conditional Statements  Single line conditions statements  Relational & Logical Operators

 Control Loops  For loop in perl  Foreach loop in perl  do / redo statements  next, last, continue keywords

Hashes in Perl (Associative Arrays)
    What are Associative Arrays? Difference between Arrays and Associative Arrays. Creating Associative Arrays and access elements Built-in Hash functions

Command Line Arguments Processing
 How to process CLA's  ARGV array  Shift Operator

Process Management
    Backsticks qx system function

File System Interaction
       What is a file? Various modes of file operations. File Handles and File Handling File and Arrays File handle switches viz –e, -f, -d, -b, -z, -s etc Error Handling Directory Processing

Using Subroutines
 What are subroutines in Perl  Defining and invoking Subroutines  Returning Values from a subroutines

   

Variable scoping Passing arguments to a subroutine Nested subroutine calls System defined subroutines i.g. BEGIN, END, AUTOLOAD

Regular Expressions (aka RegEx)
      Introduction to Pattern matching Wildcards and Character Classes Recovering previous matches Greedy and Mimimal Searching Substitution Translations

References in Perl
    What are references Using Backslash Operator (\) and Anonymous References 2-dimentional arrays Passing arguments to subroutines using Arrays

Perl Modules and Packages
 What are packages and Modules  Using Modules in perl scripts  Introduction to basic CPAN modules

DBI Module
 Impoerant functions availabl in DBI module  Sample script by using DBI module

Excel Module
 Impoerant functions availabl in Excel module  Sample script by using DBI module

FTP Module
 Important functions available in FTP module