domain of moral as it happened with the Jews. The interpretation of death as a sensory fact led the antique philosophy to a belief in a next world that represents, however, the luciferic world. The two cornerstones of the Mystery of Golgotha, accessible only to supersensible knowledge: “the Resurrection which cannot be thought of without its connection with the conceptio immaculata. He is born not in the kind as birth is pretended as a fact to humankind but in supersensible way, and He has gone through death in a supersensible way.“

184-16 13(10/11/1918, Dornach) (p. 267) 3574 number 666 / Apocalypse 13:18 The year 666 A.D. was a centre of development: indeed, Sorat, the beast of the Apocalypse would not appear on the physical plane, but would be perceptible to people. These ahrimanic beings would have endowed people with a genius-like consciousnesssoul. However, the further development beyond the consciousness-soul (spirit-self, lifespirit, spirit-man or Jupiter, Venus, Vulcan stages) would have been made impossible with it. This trend was prevented by the Mystery of Golgotha which happened as many years (333) before the middle of the fourth epoch (333 A.D.) as this attack of the beast would have taken place afterwards.
14(10/12/1918, Dornach) (280ff.) 3575 184-17 The academy of Gondishapur (Jundi-Shapor), founded by philosophers, who had been expelled by Justinian (527-565) and Zeno Isauricus (474-491) from Athens and Edessa, became a centre of anti-Christian science “that should have compensated for the efforts of the consciousness-soul which, however, would have made the human being the mere earthly man, would have separated him from his real future to develop toward the spiritual world.“ This impulse was blunted by the Islam (“a fantastic religious doctrine”), founded by Muhammad (~570-632). He “was held back by retarding spiritual forces which were connected with that which was influenced by the Christ impulse, even if, on the other hand, they formed a kind of opposition.” The world view of Gondishapur was based on Aristotle whose works were translated into the Syrian (Edessa) first and then into the Arabian whereby the meaning of his concepts were changed. Modern natural sciences can be traced back to Arabism inspired by Gondishapur (Roger Bacon, Averroes). See CW 26, p. 245. 182/7(10/16/1918, Zurich): The tendency of atheism, a kind of disease, lies in every human being due to the impulse of 666. The soul should have be stronger engaged in the body, that’s why the soul was linked to the spirit through the Mystery of Golgotha more intimately. Christ will be found today when one feels the intense powerlessness of getting self-knowledge, because the soul is strongly engaged in the body. This expresses itself in the fact that truth and language no longer correspond to each other. The human being can overcome this inner death of soul and turn to the spirit (resurrection).

184-18 14(10/12/1918, Dornach) (289ff.) 3575 health-illness / third force Humankind has to get the following profundities in the age of the consciousness-soul in the sense of the Christ impulse: (1) wisdom of birth and death as supersensible facts; (2) secret of the human life story, knowledge of the healing powers; (3) correct physical view, secret of the rhythms. Technical application of the law of vibrations. Condition: unselfish social order and morality of the individual, because these forces can also be used negatively [see 178-14]. Absolute conscientiousness is a condition for the use of the healing powers. 184