12 Health & Fitness Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Michael Matthews

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Thinner #eaner Stronger% The Si&'le S(ien(e o) Buil*ing the +lti&ate Fe&ale Bo*,
I# you want to be tone , lean, an strong as &uic"ly as possible without (rash *ieting.goo* geneti(s-/ or wasting ri*i(ulous a&ounts o) ti&e in the g,& an* &one, on su''le&ents...regardless of your age... then you want to rea this boo".

!li(k here to learn &ore a0out this 0ook

lean. on su''le&ents.. !li(k here to learn &ore a0out this 0ook .ths% 12 Health & Fitness Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making I# you(ve ever #elt lost in the sea o) (ontra*i(tor.then you want to rea this boo".Bigger #eaner Stronger% The Si&'le S(ien(e o) Buil*ing the +lti&ate Male Bo*. without steroi*sgoo* geneti(s. training an* *iet a*3i(e out there an* ..ou 4ust want to know on(e an* )or all what works an* what *oesn’t3 what(s scienti#ically true an what(s #alse3when it co$es to buil ing $uscle an getting rippe . !li(k here to learn &ore a0out this 0ook Mus(le M. I# you want to be $uscular. an strong as &uic"ly as possible.&.or wasting ri*i(ulous a&ounts o) ti&e in the g. then you nee to rea this boo".an* &one.

!ar*io Su(ks5 The Si&'le S(ien(e o) Burning Fat Fast an* 6etting in Sha'e I# you4re short on ti$e an sic" o# the sa$e ol boring car io routine an want to ki(k ..then you want to rea this new boo". !li(k here to learn &ore a0out this 0ook . working out less an*777hea3en )or0i*777a(tuall. ha3e so&e )un.our )at loss into high gear 0..

!li(k here to learn &ore a0out this 0ook .then you nee to rea this boo".*ieting/ an learn how to coo" nutritious.ing Health.6etting #eanan* Sta.a0le.The Shre**e* !he)% 111 Re(i'es )or Buil*ing Mus(le. an* en4o.*eli(ious &eals that &ake 0uil*ing &us(le an* 0urning )at eas. I# you want to "now how to )ore3er es(a'e the *rea*)ul e8'erien(e o) .

!H"9TER 1 You Have Been Lied to. and It’s Time to Learn the Truth !he health an #itness in ustry is notorious #or sca$s. #allacies. .0 .alt is ba #or you Myth 6100 .teroi s $a"e you loo" aweso$e Myth 6110 . an how to inoculate yoursel#. !H"9TER 2 The War Against BS and Broscience 5earn about the biggest lie #actories in the in ustry.tress an cortisol $a"e you gain weight Myth 6120 Alcohol oesn4t a##ect $uscle growth or #at loss !H"9TER . Myth 620 7ou can 8shape8 your $uscles with certain e%ercises Myth 690 7ou shoul always stretch be#ore wor"ing out Myth 6:0 When oing car io. you want to get your heart rate into the 8#at burning 'one8 Myth 6. !H"9TER : 12 Health & itness !ista"es You #on’t $no% You’re !a"ing Myth 610 -I have ba genetics. an pseu o)science.weating $ore uring car io burns $ore #at Myth 6<0 =%ercising on an e$pty sto$ach burns $ore #at Myth 6>0 !he bo y can only igest 90 gra$s o# protein per sitting Myth 6*0 /iet so as are goo #or ieting Myth 6?0 .

.eci)es /or Building !uscle. $O+#D YO+ DO ME " F"=OR> 7ou(re aweso$e #or buying $y boo". nutritious #oo an still buil $uscle or lose weight. BO<+S RE9ORT !uscle !eals.. Wea". then you want to rea this special report. buil ing $uscle.. 1. OTHER BOOKS BY M !H"E# M"TTHE$S More practical health an #itness a vice to help you get into the best shape o# your li#e. an staying healthy. and Sta(ing Health( I# you hate ieting an wish you coul eat tasty. 0etting Lean. and +nhealth( @ere(s what $ost people will never "now about burning #at.&' !ore #isastrous Health & itness !(ths that $ee) *eo)le at. . an I have a s$all #avor to as".

I($ not going to bother with pictures or #lu## $aterial because you can get $ore than your #ill o# that in other #itness boo"s or on various websites. +ecause the #act is3an this is probably the biggest lesson I(ve learne over the last ten years3buil ing a great bo y Dust isn(t that co$plicate . 9 E . an #ollow a sensible eating plan. I was #ull o# wrong i eas. 5i"e $any other people.an* t’s Ti&e to #earn the Truth When I starte training nearly a eca e ago. I chose the path o# better e ucation. +ut #irst I want to tal" about the lie #actories that spawn $any o# these bun" #allacies an how you can avoi the $any $ore variations that are sure to co$e. ti$es per wee". @ere(s what it boils own to0 I# you(re willing to train #or :. but the principles are #ew an si$ple an i# you stic" to the$. An i# you(re not alrea y a seasone li#ter. It(s li"e goo se% 3sure. $inutes per ay. you can easily gain 1. you get the Dob one.o let(s get to it. . an I starting writing boo"s to help people get great results #ro$ training naturally an eating healthily. you can lose the sa$e a$ount in the sa$e perio . an $any other #allacies that were #oiste upon $e by wor"out $aga'ines an trainers A$any o# who$ get their in#or$ation #ro$ $aga'inesB. that a really sic" pu$p was the "ey to $uscle growth. E 20 poun s o# lean $ass in your #irst 10 E 12 wee"s o# training3a pretty ra$atic change. I# you(re loo"ing to lose weight. I($ going to give you the straight #acts an help you approach your training an nutrition in a s$arter way. it re&uires e##ort. that it too" hours an hours o# grueling car io to lose weight. I woul hit the gy$ regularly only to see little or no results. I($ going to a ress a o'en $yths an bogus clai$s in a scienti#ic an straight#orwar $anner. that I was a har gainer. Caturally. . In this boo".You Ha3e Been #ie* to. 1ortunately. that I shoul n(t eat at night i# I i n(t want to get #at. this lea s to #rustration an $any people eventually &uit or turn to steroi s or evelop unhealthy eating habits. I thought that $y genetics weren(t goo enough. you can have a great bo y that you(re prou o#.

Wo$en shoul n(t li#t weights because they(ll get bul"y3+HHH!. Muscle I 1itness. !he $ore sets you o. an are thus pro$otion catalogues #or his co$panies. cheerlea er. Muscle!ribe. 7up. IronMan. they regularly run -a vertorials. /ea li#ts are ba #or your bac"3+HHH!.o$ewhere in the $uc" are the basic. wrong. . the better3 +HHH!. -What(s broscience. you(re entering a lan rule by broscience an i iocy. Muscle Me ia.. an what(s not. this is the #irst blow that $aga'ines eal to you0 !hey give you a lot o# -a vice. not helping you achieve your goals. An what about the $aga'inesF @ere(s a #un #act that you probably i n(t "now0 MuscleMag. . !hey have pretty a vertise$ents all over the place. where it(s al$ost i$possible to sort out what(s true an wor"able.The $ar "gainst BS an* Bros(ien(e A couple eca es ago. there wasn(t enough in#or$ation on wor"ing out. wor"able truths3 the stu## we(re actually loo"ing #or3but they(re greatly out)nu$bere by the worthless crap. you as"F +roscience is the pre o$inant bran o# reasoning use by a$ateur bo ybuil ers an #itness enthusiasts where the anec otal stories o# people that really have no i ea what(s going on insi e their bo ies ta"es prece ence over cre ible scienti#ic research. an they wor" a$n well. Gust because a guy is big than"s to steroi s or a girl is thin than"s to starvation iets that wrec" your bo y oesn(t necessarily $ean they have goo a vice #or you. 1le%. Aa vertise$ents isguise as in#or$ative articlesB. !hese ays.o. an they balance the sales pitches with so$e articles that actually provi e wor"out an nutrition a vice Awhich also. such as Wei er. with the Internet an $aga'ine rac"s #ull o# glosse )up $aga'ines #eaturing che$ically enhance athletes. !he $aga'ines push pro ucts in various ways. I# you hit the Internet an start participating in health an #itness #oru$s. Muscular /evelop$ent. !he pri$ary goal o# these $aga'ines is to pi$p supple$ents #or the co$panies controlling the$. 7ou shoul o high reps an low weight to tone your $uscles3+HHH!. bro. . MuscleMag is controlle by Muscle!echJ IronMan is controlle by Muscle5in"J Muscular /evelop$ent is !winlab(s shill pieceJ Muscle I 1itness an 1le% are owne by Goe Wei er. A $illion ba a vices #all un er the hea ing o# broscience. wrong. the wor"out in#or$ation $ar"et is li"e a $ountainous garbage u$p. an the rest o# the $ainstrea$ bo ybuil ing $aga'ines are owne by supple$ent co$panies an are use si$ply as $outhpieces #or their pro ucts. en with pro uct reco$$en ations o# so$e "in B. that is geare #irst an #ore$ost to selling you pro ucts. Wrong. in $any cases. Meta#or$. an several othersJ an MuscleMe ia is the =A.

Bigger Leaner Stronger. probably $ore har$#ul. now that we have all that out o# the way. they will "eep selling pro ucts. this boo" will give you a hea start. o# courseB. but another boo" o# $ine.!he supple$ent co$panies "now that i# they can Dust "eep getting these $aga'ines into people(s han s. shall weF . An this is the secon . how o they ensure that you will "eep buyingF +y co$ing up with a constant #low o# new a vice an i eas. an iets Athat inclu e certain supple$ents to really MAKIMIH= the e##ectiveness. !hey(re nothing $ore than shiny lobbyists #or the supple$ent co$panies. o# course.. 1orgive the sha$eless plug. . let(s get to the $yth busting. blow0 !hey inun ate you with all "in s o# #alse i eas about what it ta"es to get into great shape.o. . they woul have $aybe twenty articles or so that they coul re)print over an over. -tric"s. Instea . is also an e%cellent resource that gives you everything you nee to create your own training progra$ an iet that will help you achieve your goals as e##iciently as possible. you won erF Well. I# they tol the si$ple truth every $onth. they get &uite creative with all "in s o# sophisticate Abut uselessB wor"out routines. !he botto$ line is that you can(t trust these types o# $aga'ines.o how o you get goo in#or$ation. Alright.

an that(s what it(s all about. :0. your genes eter$ine certain things li"e which $uscle groups ten to be your -strong points. I(ve "nown countless $en an wo$en who were convince that they were genetically progra$$e to be #at get in the best shape o# their lives once they #i%e what they were oing wrong. 7ou can get in a$a'ing shape i# you "now what you(re oing.ure. I(ve "nown &uite a #ew -har gainers. An big eal i# you can(t have the sa$e aesthetics as a #itness cover $o el. your hor$one levels. roun butt. . an where you ten to gain #at. Cow. over the years that have gaine 90.0 poun s in their #irst year or two o# training correctly Aan with no rugsB. Perio . Lenetics are a #avorite scapegoat #or people who can(t buil enough $uscle or lose enough #at.o$e people(s $etabolis$s are naturally #aster than others. +ut none o# these things are li$itations. which $eans #aster $uscle growth an an overall leaner physi&ue. . +ut how $uch o they actually in#luence your resultsF A lot less than these people want to believe. . 7ou can still loo" aweso$e an #eel great. who cares i# you gain $uscle or lose #at slower than the other personF As long as you get to where you want to be. .o. . $a"ing weight loss an easier en eavor. but they(re not stan ing in your way in ter$s o# gaining $uscle or losing #at. how $uch #at you ten to hol on your bo y.o$e people have naturally high testosterone levels. Lenetics also play a role in the shape o# your $uscles.MYTH ?1 ha3e 0a* geneti(s !his one gets tosse aroun a lot. Cot all guys can have that per#ect s&uare chest or ri iculous bicep pea". genetics can $a"e it easier or har er.. an even . an not all wo$en can have a gravity) e#ying. the a e ti$e is irrelevant.

etc. Well. you can really isolate the le eltoi with an e%ercise li"e the 5eaning 5ateral Maise. such as #le%ibility. inner cal$. I can o Cable 1lyes to $a"e $y chest s&uarer3you "now. o# course. which will give you that thin. #or e%a$ple. the type o# pecs that loo" li"e sy$$etrical ar$or plates. yoga. the overall shape is going to be eter$ine by your genetics. their shape will co$e out the sa$e. that so $any wo$en envy. you shoul #ocus on growing your biceps with goo ol( heavy weight training an inclu e reverse or Hott$an Curls an @a$$er Curls to wor" the brachiora ialis an brachialis $uscles. with the i##erence being that weight training will grow your $uscles #aster than Pilates or yoga Aan yoga an Pilates o##er things that weight training oesn(t.3$a"e it bigger with proven $ass)buil ers li"e the /u$bbell an +arbell +ench PressAI li"e to o the$ on both #lat an incline benchesB. $i le. . $uscles li"e a ancer(s while others will result in -bul"y.our &us(les with (ertain e8er(ises In $y rea$s.culpting. !hat being sai . $i I# you(re not happy with the wi th o# your shoul ers. un#ortunately. best escribes what is actually possible. #ollowe by Meverse /ecline Crunches to get sy$$etrical. but in the en . athletic -beach bo y. lean. Whether you o Pilates. $uscles li"e a she)$ale are bogus. you can still o &uite a bit with your physi&ue an co$pensate #or wea" areas.. which can push your bicep up. -.B. e%ercise. 7ou can $a"e your $uscles bigger or s$aller an your genetics will eter$ine their shape Athin" o# -a ing clay. ugly. 7ou can buil your $uscles an re uce your bo y #at percentage. !he clai$s that certain #or$s o# strength training will $a"e -long. I# you(re unhappy with so$e aspect o# your chest3the upper part. I can then o Concentration Curls to get a scary high pea" on $y biceps. or weight training to strengthen an buil your $uscles.MYTH ?2 You (an @sha'e@ . intense sweating. 5et(s tal" about girls #or a $inute. etc. there(s no such thing as a -shaping. I# you #eel you lac" bicep pea". !he "ey ta"eaway here is that you can wor" out your $uscles in such a way as to achieve #ull evelop$ent. as Arnol put it in Pumping IronB. an Weighte /ips. sculpte abs. lower part.

7ou shoul never go to #ailure on war$)up sets as this saps strength that you coul otherwise use in your $uscle)buil ing sets. but co$$on sense0 !he best ti$e to stretch your $uscles is when they(re war$e up an able to achieve a #ull range o# $otion. an it not only oesn(t prevent inDury. whereas a#ter a wor"out they(re co$pletely war$e up an engorge with bloo . $ale runners A#e$ales that stretche be#ore running were not inDure any $ore than those that i n(t. an the sa$e went #or $ales o# other races3 strange. however. set #or a $uscle. . Well. while stretching a#terwar certainly oes not. pre)wor"out stretching was lin"e with a higher ris" o# inDury in white. Many people stretch be#ore running or oing other car io activities #or the sa$e reasons.MYTH ?: You shoul* alwa. stretch after li#ting. Nthers believe it helps prevent inDury.o.o$e guys believe that stretching be#ore li#ting $a"es you stronger. when oing static stretches Astretches that you hol B. +e#ore a wor"out.tretching to loosen your $uscles after wor"ing out is totally #ine. . stretching be#ore li#ting is actually terrible. . which is very i$portant with both li#ting an car io. Accor ing to a stu y one by the Pniversity o# @awaii)Manoa. Nthers o it Dust because it #eels goo . secon s or they won(t have $uch o# an e##ect. . nor cause $ore inDuries. you shoul o 9 E . Cow. $a"e sure to hol the$ #or 90 E :. on(t con#use stretching with warming up.tretching be#ore oing car io $ay be e&ually ba .tu ies have shown it wea"ens those $uscles being stretche by up to 90O. in ee QB. an stretching be#ore oing car io $ay $a"e you $ore li"ely to get inDure . your $uscles are -col . but can actually increase the ris" o# inDury because it loosens the $uscles which shoul be tense an tight while li#ting to ensure everything stays in its right place. As a note. !his not only #ollows science. an tight. war$)up sets with light weights be#ore your #irst heavy.s stret(h 0e)ore working out . -wor"ing. to su$$ari'e. . When li#ting. A previous stu y by /utch researchers #oun that stretching be#ore running ha neither a preventative e##ect in ter$s o# inDury.

7ou can(t tric" your bo y(s co$ple% $etabolic syste$ by $a"ing your heart beat a certain nu$ber o# ti$es per $inute.. stea y)state car io. this $yth is given an air o# scienti#ic legiti$acy. I reco$$en oing @II! #or all car io.ou want to get . an even a bit o# $uscle too. 5ong.. I# you "eep your heart rate at this nu$ber. versus -car iovascular training. it(s a croc". it will burn #at instea o# carbs AhuhFB. a vice in the health an #itness in ustry.MYTH ?. !here#ore. an "eeping your sessions between 20 E 90 $inutes long.. however.our heart rate into the @)at 0urning Aone@ 5i"e $uch +. not only cause less $uscle brea" own than low) intensity. !he AilBlogic given #or this is that by "eeping your car io training at a low intensity.tate Pniversity. high)intensity sessions. =ast !ennessee . Many car io $achines show pretty graphs in icating where your heart rate shoul be #or -#at burning. <. . $hen *oing (ar*io. +aylor College o# Me icine. . an #at. low)intensity car io sessions ten to negatively i$pact $uscle growth an burn relatively #ew calories.tu ies such as those con ucte by 5aval Pniversity. or you can hop on the elliptical trainer or recu$bent bi"e to get it one. Well. @ere(s how it wor"s0 You You You You You start your workout with 2 – 3 minutes of low-intensity warm-up then go all-out! as fast as possi"le! for # minute then slow it down to a low-intensity reco$ery period for a"out # minute repeat this cycle of all-out and reco$ery for 2% – 3% minutes take the last 2 – 3 minutes to cool down at a low intensity 7ou can apply the @II! style to any type o# car io that you woul nor$ally o.tate Pniversity have shown that shorter. 7ou can hea outsi e an wal" an sprint. an 1lori a . the legen says. !here is no special way o# e%ercising that will get your bo y to burn only #at #or its energy3it will always use a co$bination o# glucose an glycogen Asubstances your bo y creates #ro$ the carbs you eatB. 7ou calculate this $agical heart rate by subtracting your age #ro$ 200 an $ultiplying this nu$ber by . but they burn $ore calories an sti$ulate $ore #at loss. thus ren ering the$ ine##ective in helping with #at loss. you(ll be in the -#at burning 'one.

7ou(ll be a$a'e at how $uch $ore e##ective it is. .Live it a try ne%t ti$e you(re planning on losing weight.

More sweating oesn(t $ean $ore #at loss. Cot #un. !he i ea is that by $a"ing yoursel# sweat $ore. !his has no basis in science. Cot only oes in ucing heavy sweating li"e this not o anything in ter$s o# #at loss. !he bo y also inter#eres with #at loss when it(s ehy rate . . an your bo y will &uic"ly gain it bac" once you rin" so$e li&ui s. !he Dournal o# &edicine in Sports and '(ercise even #oun that col er environ$ents cause the bo y to burn $ore calories than war$ environ$ents Aaccor ing to one stu y. you(ll burn $ore calories.MYTH ?1 Sweating &ore *uring (ar*io 0urns &ore )at Many people still on heavy sweat suits or plastic suits while oing their car io wor"outs. 19O $ore calories are burne B. Any e%tra weight you lose is si$ply water. it can cause severe ehy ration an even heat stro"e.

as it(s absorbe &uic"lyB right when you get out o# be to halt the catabolic cycle that your bo y has entere while sleeping. is a bit un#air because it(s true that the bo y will tap into #at stores &uic"er when it(s been without #oo #or $any hours. Calling this one a #lat)out -$yth. but you(ll also accelerate the $uscle loss. gra$s o# carbs be#ore training to help #uel $y wor"out. however. you shoul n(t o it. wherein it begins to brea" own $uscle tissue #or energy. I# I($ li#ting. I also li"e to eat about 2. I# you train shortly a#ter you wa"e up. sto&a(h 0urns &ore )at Many people wa"e up an i$$e iately wor" out in or er to burn $ore #at. I# you go o car io or weight li#ting when your bo y is in this catabolic state. !he other hal# o# the story. your bo y enters a state o# -catabolis$. 1or this reason. $a"e sure you have a protein sha"e AI reco$$en whey.MYTH ?B E8er(ising on an e&'t. you(ll burn #at. is that when you haven(t eaten #or several hours. .

but your bo y shoul n(t have a proble$ with up to that a$ount. o# course.0 gra$s is the $a% while others say <0 an still others still clai$ 20.o$e sources say . Who(s rightF @ere(s the botto$ line0 . *igest :2 gra&s o) 'rotein 'er sitting Many i##erent nu$bers are use in this $yth. (an onl. !his "eeps your bo y anabolic Aa state wherein it grows $uscle an other tissuesB an ensures there(s a stea y strea$ o# a$ino aci s in the bloo #or cellular repair. I highly oubt that an C15 linebac"er(s bo y eals with protein the sa$e way as a co$puter progra$$er(s 120 lb bo y.MYTH ?C The 0o*. =veryone(s bo y is i##erent. !hat oesn(t $ean you ha$e to eat that $uch. It(s a goo i ea to sprea your aily protein re&uire$ent over : E < $eals throughout the ay. !o $a"e a long story short. stu ies have shown that it(s sa#e to assu$e that your bo y can absorb <0 E *0 gra$s o# protein in one sitting.cience has not given any conclusive answer on the subDect. . .

iet so a rin"ers gaine nearly the sa$e a$ount o# weight as regular so a rin"ers. !heoretically. @ow coul this beF A couple reasons were i enti#ie . People also #elt they coul eat $ore because they ha the bene#it o# calorie savings. Accor ing to a stu y one by the Pniversity o# !e%as. iet so a.tu ies on $ice showe that the arti#icial sweeteners use in the iet so as cause al$ost the sa$e insulin reaction as sugar.MYTH ?D Diet so*as are goo* )or *ieting Many people rin" iet so as to cut own on their sugar inta"e an thus the nu$ber o# calories eaten each ay. this shoul help with weight loss. thus losing . . +ut that(s not how it pans out. which lea s to overeating. !his insulin spi"e an crash leaves people #eeling hungry an irritable.

Potassiu$ helps balance so iu$ levels by pu$ping it out o# the cells. A goo potassiu$Rso iu$ inta"e ratio is one)to)two. Nn the other han . #ish. vo$iting. avoca os. !he Institute o# Me icine reco$$en s 1. salt is a vital nutrient that helps regulate bloo pressure Atoo $uch is as ba #or your bloo pressure as too littleB.000 $illigra$s o# so iu$QB. an beans. When you a salt to #oo s. .:9< $illigra$s o# so iu$ per ay. i''iness. I reco$$en sea salt or @i$alayan roc" salt Asoun s li"e #ancy +.alt has gotten a pretty ba rap over the years. which inclu es these vital ele$ents. It(s bla$e #or high bloo pressure. as are cure $eats li"e bacon an sausage Aone slice o# bacon has 1. water retention. so#t loo"B an it can lea to high bloo pressure an heart isease. but it(s actually great stu##B because it has $any naturally occurring $inerals. It(s also i$portant to ensure your bo y gets enough potassiu$. lethargy.. heart attac"s an stro"e. an so$e goo natural sources o# potassiu$ are bananas. Accor ing to the C/C. What is salt.00 $illigra$s o# so iu$ per ay as the a e&uate inta"e level #or $ost a ults Aless than one teaspoon per ayB. !oo little so iu$ in your bo y can lea to nausea. an $ore. 7ou can also buy potassiu$ tablets that you can ta"e as a supple$ent.. helps $uscles contract properly. while run)o#)the)$ill table salt has been -che$ically cleane . the average A$erican age 2 an up eats 9.ou . e%actlyF It(s a co$bination o# two electrolytes Asubstances that con uct electrical currentsB0 so iu$ an chlori e. to re$ove -i$purities.. helps the nervous syste$ o its Dob. an other health night$ares. !oo $uch so iu$ inta"e causes water retention Awhich gives you that pu##y. 1ro'en an canne #oo s are #ull o# so iu$. an other health proble$s.MYTH? E Salt is 0a* )or .

bloate loo" are co$$on si e e##ectsB. severe acne. a ten on or liga$ent $ight tear un er the strain. an there are certain levels o# $uscle si'e an ensity that you Dust can(t reach without the$. It isn(t that si$ple.. Another reason to stay away #ro$ steroi s is that i# you on(t "now e%actly what you(re oing in ter$s o# what rugs to ta"e together an in what osages while you(re -on. but steroi use increases your ris" o# inDury because your $uscle strength outpaces the evelop$ent o# your supporting ten ons an liga$ents. hair loss. which was a nice co$pli$ent consi ering the #act that I(ve never one a single per#or$ance)enhancing rug. they say. Agyneco$astiaB. !hey enable you to buil $uscle an burn #at very &uic"ly. 5ast but not least. Many guys have horren ously unattractive bo ies than"s to steroi s Abulging sto$achs. e%actlyF Anabolic steroi s are synthetic hor$ones that rese$ble testosterone an thus trigger $uscle growth Aan $any other reactionsB. I believe you shoul n(t o steroi s because they(re Dust not necessary to loo" great.. Many guys have ruine their bo y(s natural balance o# hor$ones an su##er the conse&uences. an shoul er $uscles can han le that $assive +ench Press.o. an other e$asculating conse&uences. 1irst. he(s obviously on steroi s. . they on(t guarantee anything in ter$s o# obtaining a great physi&ue..teroi s are certainly e##ective. +ut the illegality o# steroi s isn(t the only reason you shoul stay away #ro$ the$. which inclu es -$an boobs. testicular atrophy.. Many people have thought I($ on steroi s over the years. . what are they. . -Who cares.MYTH ?12 Steroi*s &ake . while it $ay #eel li"e your chest. you can cause serious an even per$anent a$age to your en ocrine syste$. 1irst. It ta"es a lot $ore than out)o#)control $uscle growth an webs o# slithering veins to loo" goo . !he truth is that steroi s o wor" incre ibly well.ou look aweso&e Many people are &uic" to chal" up a guy(s great physi&ue to steroi s. !he $ysti&ue o# steroi s lies in the #alse belie# that you ta"e the$ an $agically trans#or$ into a Lree" go . ar$. !hey spee $uscle recovery an ra$atically increase strength. an also what to ta"e when you(re o## Apost)cycle therapyB. Cot only that. +ut they(re also illegal3Dust possessing the$ is a #elony o##ense here in the P. prostate enlarge$ent. an an overall pu##y. but they are #ar #ro$ won er rugs.

you can not only reach your #itness an aesthetic goals.0s an su##ering #ro$ gri$ health co$plications Aone guy I "now was a big rugger in the >0s.!hrough proper ieting an training. . an now he can(t get an erection any$ore3not worth itQB. Many Sroi ers are going to wish they ha n(t turne to the ar" si e when they(re in their . you can also o it healthily an with longevity.

an so on. . li"e every other hor$one in the bo y. your cortisol levels rise. Cortisol levels rise when the bo y is un er stress ue to things li"e very restrictive eating.ou gain weight !he -stress hor$one. !his isn(t ba 3 it(s Dust how the bo y wor"s. It oesn(t re&uire that you ta"e cortisol suppressors though. it releases cortisol. cortisol is a #avorite scapegoat o# the pseu o)scienti#ic weight)loss pill pushers. weight li#ting. as you can see. It oes this by $oving energy #ro$ #at stores to tissues that nee it an . 7ou get stresse out. has a speci#ic purpose. More i$portantly. especially in the belly area. Cortisol can(t $agically create #at i# the bo y oesn(t have the a itional calories nee e to #or$ it. so this is how the win ling spiral o# stress an weight gain goes. i# you si$ply ta"e so$e pills that bloc" cortisol pro uction or absorption. by provi ing protein #or conversion into energy. 7ou $ight be surprise how #ar these si$ple actions go in $a"ing you #eel goo . Cortisol oes increase your appetite. you shoul try to re$ove the causes o# stress in your li#e. an your bo y ten s to store this #at in your belly area. !he $ar"eting pitch is that when your bo y is stresse . . !a"ing 2ita$in C an gluta$ine every ay helps re uce cortisol levels. /rin"ing alcohol when you(re stresse lea s to even $ore cortisol pro uction. Cortisol can increase the a$ount o# #at store in the ab o$inal area. you over)eat to #eel better. when the bo y is un er stress.MYTH ?11 Stress an* (ortisol &ake . It soun s enticing. !here#ore. but it(s bogus. an e%ercising regularly. . eating healthily. but you have to provi e your bo y with e%cess calories to store. you can lose weight without changing how you eat or e%ercising. Cortisol. traveling. though. there is value in "eeping your cortisol levels low. however. getting angry. !his causes your bo y to beco$e bloate an to store #at.i$ple stress busters are getting enough sleep.o. which inclu es regulating the energy levels o# the bo y.

chic"en wings. your wor"out the ne%t ay will su##er. stopping #at loss. I# you can(t give up alcohol. an it provi es no nutritional value.tu ies show that alcohol suppresses testosterone pro uction in the bo y. An what "in s o# #oo o watering holes provi eF 1atty. etc. it certainly oes. alcohol i$pairs your strength an en urance. with between 2. Alcohol sti$ulates the appetite.MYTH ?12 "l(ohol *oesnFt a))e(t &us(le growth or )at loss 7es. when alcohol is in the syste$. I(ll repeat this point0 I# alcohol is in your syste$. I reco$$en that you pic" one ay per wee" Ai eally one where you on(t train the #ollowing ayB an li$it yoursel# to two rin"s. WhyF 1irst. which o#ten lea s to over)eating Aan over) rin"ingB. I# you have Dust a #ew alcoholic beverages at night. 2isceral #at is har er to lose than subcutaneous #at. alcohol is very calorie ense. processe . co$es #ro$. which $eans that two nights o# even $il to $o erate rin"ing can ruin #our training ays that wee". Dun" li"e pi''a. your bo y will not burn #at #or energy until the alcohol has been burne o##. rin"ing alcohol is one o# the $ost e##ective ways to halt $uscle growth an #at loss. !hat(s where the -beer belly. . I($ not one yet though. 5ast but not least. which is #at that encases your organs. E 100 calories per ounce.tu ies have shown that this can ta"e up to twelve hours. !his e##ect can last up to :* hours. which lea s to less $uscle growth an $ore #at storage. which is the #at in between your $uscles an your s"in. the bo y will burn it #or energy over #at. In #act. !he bo y also ten s to store e%cess calories #ro$ alcohol as visceral #at. !o $a"e $atters worse. ha$burgers. stay away #ro$ alcohol altogether. . . !he case against alcohol is still buil ing. /on(t rin" the sugary $i%e rin"s. +ut the botto$ line is that i# you want to get the $ost #ro$ your har wor" in the gy$ an iscipline with your iet.

ou 0a(k )ro& 0uil*ing &us(le or losing weight7 An $uch $ore. Belie3e* M.> I# you(ve ever #elt lost in the sea o# contra ictory training an iet a vice out there an you Dust want to "now once an #or all what wor"s an what oesn(t. that the.'e o) 0o*. 'er(ei3e* . an hours o# grueling car io3it(s actually pretty easy when you "now what you(re oing. t. shatter an.geneti( 0arriers/ that . oing en less crunches.. &uscle &yths was written to ebun" the $ost co$$onplace an har$#ul gi$$ic"s. .an* 6et Health.tone*. #a s. an #rustration o# #alling into the traps o# $islea ing iet plans an pro ucts.T= showsan* &o3ies7 !he scienti#ic secrets o# getting a si%)pac".or eat weir* (o&0inations o) )oo* to lose weight7 !he truth about supple$ents an why ??O o# the$ are a co$plete waste o# $oney Aan the #ew that are actually scienti#ically proven to wor"B. than &en i) the.$ant to #earn the Truth "0out :D More !o&&onl. @ere are Dust so$e o# the things you(ll learn in this boo"0 • • • $h. ti$e. then you nee to rea &uscle &yths. it(s beco$ing har er an har er to get in shape. $h. see in &agaAines. 1orget <)$inute gi$$ic"s.ou *on’t ha3e to (o&'letel. an $isin#or$ation in the health an #itness in ustry. • • • !his boo" will save you the $oney. $yths.ths That Ruin Your E))orts to Buil* Mus(leBurn Fat.ou think are hol*ing . want the lean. Training an* *iet &etho*s that will (o&'letel.an* se8. . an teach you how to #inally start seeing real results with your iet an e%ercise. !han"s to the overwhel$ing a$ount o# #itness pseu o)science an lies being pushe on us every ay by bogus $aga'ines an sel#)style -gurus. wo&en shoul*n’t 0e training *i))erentl. (ut out (ar0s or )at.

!li(k here to learn &ore a0out this 0ook5 .

-re you not sure of how to prepare food that is not only delicious and healthy "ut also effecti$e in helping you "uild muscle and lose fat. Insi e you(ll #in 1.5 Es(a'e the Horrors o) .our wallet. to any o# those &uestions. -re you afraid that cooking nutritious! restaurant-. an tasty $eals that will help you buil $uscle or lose weight. )o you think that eating healthy means ha$ing to force down the same "oring! "land food e$ery day. regar less o# your current s"ills. .BO<+S RE9ORT Finall.uality meals is too timeconsuming and e(pensi$e.ou want to rea* this s'e(ial re'ort7 )o you lack confidence in the kitchen and think that you *ust can+t cook great food.Dieting/ an* Buil* Mus(le or #ose Fat 0. on(t worry3you(re not alone. An this boo" is going to help. healthy..*eli(ious &eals that are eas. eating health. #ast. I# you answere -yes. on . Eating Tast..<utritious Foo*5 ) . to (ook an* eas.ou want to know how to 0uil* &us(le an* 0urn )at 0.then .

/ownloa this report now an learn how to escape the rea #ul e%perience o# .ieting.G12h)H)reeHre'ort to get this re'ort now5 . elicious $eals that $a"e burning #at or buil ing $uscle easy an enDoyableQ =isit htt'%GG0it7l. an learn how to coo" nutritious.

I on(t Dust want to sell you boo"s3I want to see you use what you(ve learne to buil the bo y o# your rea$s. Clic" here to leave $e a review on Loo rea s Also. Woul you $in ta"ing a $inute to write a blurb on Loo rea s about this boo"F I chec" all $y reviews an love to get #ee bac" Athat(s the real pay #or $y wor"3"nowing that I($ helping peopleB.co$R$i"ebls A $e on LT0 www. $y e$ail a ress is $i"eUbuil healthy$uscle.co$Rbiggerleanerstronger 1ollow $e on !witter0 www.co$. I hope you enDoye rea ing it an have #oun it help#ul.. !urn to the ne%t page to chec" out other boo"s o# $ine that you $ight li"eQ . you(ll probably have &uestions or run into so$e i##iculties. I( li"e to be able to help you with these.toR$i"e$atthews An last but not least. i# you have any #rien s or #a$ily that $ight enDoy this boo".gplus. sprea the love an len it to the$Q Cow. I have a s$all #avor to as". !han"s again. I hope to hear #ro$ you. @ere(s how we can connect0 5i"e $e on 1aceboo"0 www. an I answer &uestions #ro$ rea ers every ay. so let(s connect upQ I on(t charge #or the help. $y website is http0RRwww. however. o# course. As you wor" towar your goals.buil healthy$uscle..co$ an i# you want to write $e.twitter.#aceboo". an I wish you the bestQ Mi"e P.$O+#D YO+ DO ME " F"=OR> !han" you #or ownloa ing $y boo".

.. an strong as &uic"ly as possible without (rash *ieting. on su''le&ents.regardless of your age. I# you want to be tone . lean. then you want to rea this boo".OTHER BOOKS BY M !H"E# M"TTHE$S Thinner #eaner Stronger% The Si&'le S(ien(e o) Buil*ing the +lti&ate Fe&ale Bo*.& an* &one... !li(k here to learn &ore a0out this 0ook .goo* geneti(s-/ or wasting ri*i(ulous a&ounts o) ti&e in the g.

!li(k here to learn &ore a0out this 0ook .an* &one. then you nee to rea this boo".ou 4ust want to know on(e an* )or all what works an* what *oesn’t3 what(s scienti#ically true an what(s #alse3when it co$es to buil ing $uscle an getting rippe .&..or wasting ri*i(ulous a&ounts o) ti&e in the g.ths% 12 Health & Fitness Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making I# you(ve ever #elt lost in the sea o) (ontra*i(tor. training an* *iet a*3i(e out there an* ..then you want to rea this boo". an strong as &uic"ly as possible. lean. without steroi*sgoo* geneti(s. I# you want to be $uscular. on su''le&ents.Bigger #eaner Stronger% The Si&'le S(ien(e o) Buil*ing the +lti&ate Male Bo*. !li(k here to learn &ore a0out this 0ook Mus(le M.

ha3e so&e )un.then you want to rea this new boo". working out less an*777hea3en )or0i*777a(tuall...our )at loss into high gear 0. !li(k here to learn &ore a0out this 0ook .!ar*io Su(ks5 The Si&'le S(ien(e o) Burning Fat Fast an* 6etting in Sha'e I# you4re short on ti$e an sic" o# the sa$e ol boring car io routine an want to ki(k .

then you nee to rea this boo".*eli(ious &eals that &ake 0uil*ing &us(le an* 0urning )at eas. an* en4o. I# you want to "now how to )ore3er es(a'e the *rea*)ul e8'erien(e o) .*ieting/ an learn how to coo" nutritious.ing Health.The Shre**e* !he)% 111 Re(i'es )or Buil*ing Mus(le.a0le.6etting #eanan* Sta. !li(k here to learn &ore a0out this 0ook .