Storms claim two lives

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S AT U R D AY 15 FEBRUARY 2014 A motorist dies in central London a ter !er car is cr"s!ed #$ allin% masonr$ and a cr"ise s!i& &assen%er dies a ter t!e vessel is !it #$ a rea' wave(

A woman died and two other people were injured late on Friday when part of the front of a building collapsed on to a Skoda Octavia opposite Holborn

Underground station in central London A man! "#! and a "$%year%old woman were freed from the wreckage of the car and taken to hospital with non life%threatening injuries &he $'%year%old woman driver was pronounced dead at the scene And an (#%year%old man died after the )arco *olo cruise ship was hit by a freak wave in the +nglish ,hannel! whipped up by (-mph winds &he wave crashed through a window! injuring a number of people &he man was airlifted off the vessel along with a woman in her .-s! but later died About /- other people suffered minor injuries and were treated on board &he ship is returning from South America and the 0est 1ndies and is due to dock at &ilbury! +sse2! in the early hours of Sunday

)ore severe lood warnin%s &he bad weather continues with "" severe flood warnings in place for coastal areas from ,ornwall to Hampshire! 3loucester and the &hames 4alley! where rivers remain at their highest levels for decades 0aves of up to 55ft 6/-m7 threatened to cut off *ortland in 8orset and than

5- people had to be rescued from a seafront restaurant in )ilford on Sea! Hampshire! after the windows were smashed and seawater flooded in ,hief 1nspector 3ary ,ooper from Hampshire *olice said9 :Last night;s joint operation to rescue 5" people from the restaurant was probably the most difficult joint operation 1 have been involved in in "( years of policing :&he e2treme weather conditions of stones being thrown from the beach with the power of the wind to smash windscreens of fire engines and military trucks was almost like they were being shot from a rifle : &rees are reported to have fallen on trains near )ottingham in south%east London! and near 0interslow in 0iltshire! but no%one was hurt in either incident All train services west of *lymouth have been cancelled! while a landslide near <edhill has hit the railway line south of the capital =etwork <ail said there were heavy delays on the 0est ,oast )ain Line this morning as engineers work to repair damage to overhead lines caused by fallen trees A spokesman said9 :1t;s been a vicious night with in e2cess of /"- trees coming down overnight! blocking do>ens of routes across southern +ngland and bringing overhead wires down on the 0est ,oast )ain Line south of )ilton ?eynes &he +nergy =etworks Association 6+=A7! which represents energy companies across the U?! said more than /$-!--- homes were without power after storms overnight Forecasters are warning of more heavy rain and gale%force winds on Saturday Southern +ngland will see between - $in 6/-mm7 and - (in 6"-mm7! while the South 0est and South 0ales could see up to / @in

6$-mm7! according to the )et Office Posted by Thavam