Windswept Written by: Nadine d’Souza

The Copperpod tree was in full bloom. Vibrant and vivacious it swayed gracefully from side to side, sending down a shower of copper yellow petals. “Gosh, you’re beautiful!” exclaimed the other trees. The Copperpod tree stood up straight and rustled its leaves, clearly enjoying the attention. A gust of wind blew through the forest causing all the tress to bend westwards. “Oh no…my flowers!” cried the Copperpod tree, trying its best to stand still. Another gust of wind sent the trees swaying the other way. “That’s enough!” said the Copperpod tree, as a bunch of flowers fell from its top most branches, “I’ve just about had enough!” All the other trees turned to look. “Now look here Mr. Wind, I refuse to dance to your tunes anymore! I wish to sway by myself! Not the way you want me to!” said the Copperpod tree firmly. A gentle whisper broke out among the trees. The wind stopped blowing. The din of dead silence rang through the forest. A moment later the wind swept through the air again. It circled around the trees and made a whooshing sound. But it never touched the Copperpod tree. The Copperpod tree watched the other trees giggle as the wind tickled their branches. Then it turned the other way and admired its flowers. Out of the corner of its eye it looked to see if any tree was watching. But they were all dancing with the wind. The Copperpod tree tried to ruffle its flowers. But it couldn’t. It tried to shake its branches. But it couldn’t. It tried to lean closer to the other tress. But it couldn’t. All it could do was stand still.

you’re beautiful!” said the trees. A few days later. The Copperpod tree let out a groan. A gentle breeze floated over the Copperpod tree. which was ablaze with fiery red flowers. It travelled upwards wrapping itself around its trunk and permeating through its gnarled branches. There wasn’t a single copper yellow flower on it. tousling its branches and making its flowers flush an even brighter red.“Gosh. It started out at its roots. The wind blew around it. It longed to sway at least once! But the wind refused to even come near it. The wind had come closer to listen. with lovely flowers and healthy branches and a nice strong trunk. unable to even stand up straight anymore. the Copperpod tree opened its tired eyes with a glimmer of hope. “Alright. “I want to sprinkle my petals over the little children that sit beneath me. But the other trees were looking elsewhere.” sighed the Copperpod tree. I want to dance again. if all I can do is be still!” said the Copperpod tree. Dried flowers and leaves still clung to its branches. I want to reach out my branches and kiss the sky. breathing tree that sways with the wind!” the Copperpod tree hunched lower. “I know I’m a big beautiful tree. The wind encompassed the Copperpod tree in a giant hug and swayed with it in a soft gentle dance. Mr. It gave the tree a little shake. It was scattering its petals in the air like tiny sparks of fire. causing its dried flowers and leaves to fall away. But all that doesn’t matter. Nobody paid any attention to the Copperpod tree which was all bent now. It felt a slight waft of air near its side. The Copperpod tree threw its branches around the wind and danced like it had never danced before! . Wind. Its trunk was hurting from standing so still. It nuzzled the little flower buds which started blooming. They were looking at the Gulmohar tree. I’m sorry! The truth is that I need you. I want to be a living. I want to stretch and protect the people that take shelter under me. awakening them from their slumber.

Did you like the text? Why/ Why not? 2. Complete the spider-gram for the word “tree”. Before listening to the text. Listen the text again. is attractively energetic and enthusiastic To sway . 3. write a short dialogue between the Copperpod tree and the wind. and complete with True or False. Read the title. Post-listening exercises: 1.Pre-listening exercises: 1. especially a woman or girl. Retell the text in your own words? 3. and fill in the gaps. In pairs. rub or press something or someone gently and/or in a way that shows your love. what the text is about? 2. 3. especially with the head or nose. Listen the 2nd part of the move slowly from side to side Ablaze . usually with small repeated movements While-listening exercises: 1. How do you think. Listen the 1st part of the text. and put the paragraphs in the correct touch. read the following words for a better understanding of the text: Vivacious . 2.A vivacious person.brightly lit or brightly coloured Nuzzle . Listening activities Written by: Ciobanu Elena .

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