Case Study : Initiative Funding


Functional Unit .Strategic investment fund Ricoh creates a Strategic investment fund for projects not included in its operational and capital budget.CEO .SPO (Stategy and Planning Office . Actor in this case : .Business Unit.

CEO Proposal o Funding Initiative PSO* analyzes each proposal and allocates strategic investment fund prepare and submit Business Unit Functional Unit .

What CEO and PSO do CEO and SPO hold quarterly review meetings to assess the progress of the funded projects .

Establish Accountability For Strategic Initiatives .

Executive-level Leadership • Strategic themes require strong executivelevel leadership • assign 1-2 members of the executive team to be the owners of each strategic theme (overseeing execution ) .

Challenges to Establish Accountability For Strategic Initiatives There are two factor make this step a challenge : 1. the strategic themes are still plans . the strategy has been divided into several strategic themes 2.

Illustration .

1 Theme Owner Strategic Theme 2 Theme Owner Strategic Theme 3 Theme Owner Strategic Theme 4 Theme Owner Strategic Theme 5 Theme Owner Strategic Theme 6 Theme Owner Strategic Theme .

Theme Team Theme Owner Strategic Theme Member .

and propose appropriate actions and accountabilities 3. Ensure that theme measures and initiatives align with theme objectives. Assess how well the theme's cross-functional strategic objectives 2.EXAMPLES the responsibilities of the Theme owners (Luxfer Gas Cylinders ) 1. Identify key issues and situations that could affect strategic implementation. 5. Act as a center of theme competency (Mentor/liasion theme team) 4. . Sponsor new initiatives or changes to existing initiatives.

the job of theme owner is link the theme's strategic objectives to operational tasks. It helps out where needed and draws attention to any aspect of product development that is not aligned with strategic objectives . but. • Luxfer's product leadership theme team does not take overproduct development.Theme Owner • In general.

• Some initiatives in the portfolio are likely to be cross functional. In this case.Theme Team • The primary responsibility is identifying and funding (from the STRATEX allocation) the portfolio of initiatives required to execute the theme's strategy. . the responsibility for these initiatives either remains with the theme team or is assigned to a centralized project management office that has particular expertise in large-scale project management.

.Theme Team • The theme team also can translate the highlevel strategic process objectives into detailed and actionable subprocesses.

Conclusion theme owner and team must monitor the performance of all the theme's initiatives .