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Institutional Partnerships: • Project Narrative, Ohio State University • Centre de recherches sur les arts et le langage (CRAL-EHESS), Sorbonne, Paris • Theory of Prose Institute, Prague University • Narratology Workgroup, EötvösLoránd-University, Budapest • Zentrum für Erzählforschung, Bergische Universität Wuppertal • Narratology Group, University of Ghent Living Handbook of Narratology • print version: Walter de Gruyter publishers (New York & Berlin) • online version: Hamburg University Press Undergraduate • Language and Literature curricula: narratological seminars and lectures • Other disciplines: on demand – lectures and modules • Self-study options (e-Learning) e-Learning projects (ELCH funded): • Grundkurs Narratologie – Studies in Narrative Formations I . Online since 2004 with a nation wide user base • NarrNetz – Narratologie im Netz. Intermedial Blended Learning course. Online from December 2006



Series Narratologia, Walter de Gruyter publishers (New York & Berlin) • published ten volumes since 2003

Research Projects: • Story Generator Algorithms - ICN (DFG grant 2004 - 2008) • Modeling Narrative Competence – ICN & Project Narrative (A.v.Humboldt-TransCoop grant application 2007 - 2008) • Storyology Project – ICN (application phase) • a further 5 project applications are under design and will be submitted in 2007

Text book Einführung in die Erzähltextanalyse • commissioned by Metzler Verlag (Stuttgart); Fall 2007

Publications: • approx. 20 journal articles and online publications p.a. • approx. 3 monographs p.a.

Graduate and Postgraduate (from winter 2007/8) • MA course in Narratology •Export Module Narratology for affiliated MA curricula • Hamburg Summer School of Narratology • MA candidate workshop on Narratology • Advanced Studies in Narratology - narratological symposium for graduates and postgraduates • Doctoral projects

e-Science projects: • NarrPort Research Portal of the FGN – public portal & multi-functional groupware system • NarrBib:The online bibliography of narratology • founder member of the initiative HDH – Hamburg Digital Humanities

Interdisciplinary workshops & invited lectures by ICN members TextLab : Student and research laboratory for computational narratological text analysis

ICN Conferences: • Modeling mediacy - University of Hamburg, October 13-15, 2006 • Event, eventfulness and tellability – University of Ghent (Belgium), February 17 - 18, 2007

Visiting Researchers: • Federico Peinado Gil, Games, Narrative&Simulation Project, Universidad Complutense de Madrid • Dr. Gunther Martens, Narratology Group, University of Ghent • Dr. Galina Potapova, University of St.Petersburg • Dr. Natalia Fateeva, Vinogradov Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences

Affiliated projects: • Amsterdam International Journal for Cultural Narratology • – webportal for international narratology

At current. Narratology Group. Site visitors are predominantly from Europe and North America. and to stimulate transdisciplinary research projects • to create and offer teaching modules and curricula (undergraduate. Galina Potapova. Like narrative itself.icn. for example in the documentation of laboratory experiments. Paris • Theory of Prose Institute. In accordance with the Open Access philosophy NarrPort regularly publishes current research articles by ICN members in its public section and provides a crosslink to NarrBib. The print version will be published by Walter de Gruyter Publishers (New York & Berlin) in 2008 and will be accompanied by an online version that is updated at regular intervals and published by Hamburg University Press. and so do computer games.ICN activities . Since 2003 a total of ten volumes (monographs and conference proceedings) have been published in the series Narratologia (De Gruyter. With its unique expertise. As a methodology and heuristics it has a key position among the Humanities.ICN (DFG grant Me 1546/2. and Amsterdam. Czechia. It is due to be complemented by a second Blended Learning course NarrNetz in early 2007. but also from countries such as Japan. integrated profile for the Humanities at the University of Hamburg. knowledge ressources and e-science/e-learning infrastructure the ICN is the leading university funded narratological center of excellence world wide. Prague University • Narratology Workgroup. and of course to historiography.uni-hamburg. who have to be externally funded by exchange grants (e. Past visitors included • Federico Peinado Gil. the ICN’s internationally established series which publishes titles in German and English. Prague. University of Ghent (2005) • Dr.2008) • Storyology Project – ICN (application phase) • a further 5 project applications under design (to be submitted in 2007) Visiting Researchers The ICN will continue the FGN tradition of hosting international researchers for up to 6 months. and to coordinate these as joint ventures • to structure and provide an institutional framework for the exchange of research output among participating disciplines. China. this network includes the following institutes and initiatives: • Project Narrative. This project is currently under design and will integrate face-to-face mentoring with e-Learning and cooperative research via e-Science technology in order to reach a local as well as an international public. in cooperation with the universities of St. Layout © 2006 by thorben@manigma. journalism. Hungary. Interdisciplinary Center for Narratology ICN mission • to initiate. 2004 .overview Research Projects The ICN initiates. among other by publishing narratological hand. Narrative&Simulation Project. The Grundkurs has a broad user base that extends to other German universities. ethnology and social anthropology. to partake in regular plenary sessions as well as workshops. international The ICN was founded in 2004 and is the successor of the Forschergruppe Narratologie (FGN).de ICN . and with individual researchers on all five continents. are provided with office space in the ICN offices and are expected to present own research projects. psychology. Natalia Fateeva. Gunther Martens. • Design and coordination of the MA course Narratologie commencing in winter semester 2007/2008. conducts and coordinates externally funded research projects (Drittmittelprojekte). Eötvös-Loránd-University. Both courses were funded by ELCH (E-Learning Consortium Hamburg). Belgium. a German Research Foundation (DFG) funded initiative (2001-2007). a collection of some 500 original research articles in electronic format which is continuously expanded. www. and the United States. intermedial. Russia or South Africa. including LMU Munich. lead and execute international research . This internal section also provides access to NarrDiBi. This is acknowledged in the ICN’s mission statement: Transferring narratological knowledge: interdisciplinary. International Network The ICN maintains and continuously expands its network of national and international partners. New York & Berlin). Visiting narratologists. Natural and empirical sciences also make use of narratives. postgraduate. fully searchable narratological online bibliography in the world. France. Vinogradov Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences Teaching In addition to integrating narratological topics into the traditional curricula of its member disciplines. Narratology is devoted to the theory and analysis of narrative representation. University of Ghent Knowledge Transfer A key initiative of the ICN is the edition of the Living Handbook of Narratology. the ICN’s commitment to teaching is reflected in the following projects: • e-Learning courses: an elementary self-study-course Grundkurs Narratologie – Studies in Narrative Formations I was already implemented in 2004. Budapest. Sorbonne. commissioned to ICN members Silke Lahn and Jan Christoph Meister by the Metzler Verlag (Stuttgart). Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung) and stipends.20148 Hamburg Transferring narratological knowledge: interdisciplinary. Wolf Schmid. the largest continuously updated.Petersburg • Dr. Ohio State University • Centre de recherches sur les arts et le langage (CRALEHESS). University of St. film and the representational arts in general. international orientation and a strong focus on knowledge transfer predestine the ICN for the role of a future oriented strategic project. postdoc and expert courses) utilizing e-Science and e-Learning methodologies where appropriate • to engage in web-based teaching and research projects in a national and international context • to support the transfer of narratological knowledge into a broad array of disciplines and professions with an interest in narratives. The ICN has close links with narratological research initiatives in Germany. The volume is due for publication in Fall 2007.Interdisciplinary Center for Narratology University of Hamburg Rothenbaumchaussee 34 D . international Interdisciplinary Center for Narratology (ICN) Narrative is a phenomenon occuring across all cultural domains. Supported by strong interdisciplinary tendencies in its object domain the ICN contributes towards creating a distinctive. narratology is by nature interdisciplinary. Document downloads from NarrPort and NarrDiBi as well as bibliographical searches in NarrBib result in a significant number of page visits every month. Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2005) • Dr. Games. a narratological symposium for MA and Doctoral candidates as well as Postdocs.Humboldt-TransCoop grant application 2007 . Bergische Universität Wuppertal • Narratology Group.and textbooks • to support the development of digital tools for communication in research and teaching as a founder member of the interdisciplinary initiative Hamburg Digital Humanities ICN strategy Interdisciplinarity. A second ICN initiative is the text book Einführung in die Erzähltextanalyse. Narratives are central to literature.g. Jörg Schönert (Hamburg) and John Pier (Paris). intermedial. The ICN’s cluster of e-Science tools and systems thus provides a vital service to the narratological research community worldwide. Budapest • Zentrum für Erzählforschung. edited by Peter Hühn. • Advanced Studies in Narratology. for example • Story Generator Algorithms .v. NarrNetz is an interdisciplinary BA-course and probably the first at our university to utilise innovative game/adaptive learning-methodology.2008) • Modeling Narrative Competence – ICN & Project Narrative (A. law. Advanced Studies in Narratology will be complemented by a Hamburg Summer School of Narratology. The course design has been finalised and has passed internal evaluation at Hamburg University. On the basis of existing agreements it is planned to eventually expand it into an international Masters Course. e-Science The ICN maintains the public web-portal NarrPort which is seamlessly integrated with an e-Science collaboratory open to members and associates only.