The Asian Bazaar will open four days per week from 11am to 7pm on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.


The maximum number of stalls that will be available for traders is 35 individual units of varying sizes on the ground floor only as detailed in Appendix 1.


The maximum no of individual traders that will be permitted to trade at any one time will be 28 in total.


The reduction in the number of stalls and traders should alleviate concerns from the local community and Ward Members as this reduces the potential trading impact by 50% from the original proposal to trade on two floors offering a total of 65 stalls.


Trader allocated parking will take place as highlighted on Appendix 2. This provides parking for 27 cars/vans. Traders will be permitted to leave their goods on site and this will reduce the need for traders to unload/load their goods each day and reduce the need to arrive

on site in a vehicle. Unloading/loading of goods will take place from this area.


The parking in this area will provide sufficient turning circle for the articulated lorries as shown in Appendix 3.


No public parking is permitted in this area and there is no public access into the rear of the building.


Each trader will be provided a licence setting out the conditions of trading. This will specify that they are not permitted to park within designated parking areas B and C, or on any part of Idle Road or Myers lane. Any trader found to have parked within these areas will have their licence/permit terminated.


A laid out pedestrian route will !e carried out on the rooftop car park and down the ramp to the !uilding entrance on Idle Road. "he new layout on the rooftop car park will provide #$ spaces for customers including % disa!led spaces with access the !uilding via the ramp. Appendi& '


A parking steward will !e employed on site to manage the flow of cars and spaces on the rooftop. *nly when the car park is full will customers !e directed to other on street parking.


"his parking steward will also discourage any parking on the forecourt area. +rominent signage will !e installed along the wall as well as ,no parking- cones to prevent indiscriminate, and illegal, parking !y customers.


In addition to the #. spaces on the roof of the !uilding there are also appro&imately #) on street spaces on Myers /ane, appro&imately (0 on street spaces on Bolton Road and appro&imately 0) on street spaces on Idle Road.


1ome of the on street parking is not considered close to the site and therefore it is unlikely that customers will park there and walk appro&imately 2 mile to the !uilding.


3e are aware that Myers /ane during school hours is already congested, however, the operation of the !a4aar will not lead to further congestion as the opening of the !a4aar 5((am6 will avoid the early morning school parking congestion. "he main shopping days for the !a4aar will !e on 1aturday and 1unday when the schools are closed. 7urthermore, the closing time of the !a4aar will !e .pm which means that customers can arrive to shop well after the afternoon school run. *n Monday and "uesday afternoons the !a4aar is much 8uieter !etween the hours of %9#)pm and '9#)pm due to the profile of our customers who tend to !e Asian women who will !e mothers themselves and who in turn will !e collecting their children from their local school. Accordingly, we !elieve that

the !a4aar will not have an impact on the school parking that takes place on Myers /ane.


Finally, we have agreed to an initial six month licence that will enable both us as operator and the Council as Licensor to regularly review the operation of the bazaar to ensure that it does not have an impact on the local community and alleviate the concerns, many we believe are unfounded.