Washington D.C. , the capital of The United States of America , is a city of symbols .

The Capitol building is where the United States Congress meets . The White House is the home of the president . The incoln and !efferson "emorials were built to honor two of The United State#s greatest president . The Washington "onument , begun in $%&% , is a tribute to 'eorge Washington , the country#s first president . Washington is also a city of institutions ( The )ureau of *rinting and +ngra,ing , The -ederal )ureau of .n,estigations , and the ibrary of Congress . The Supreme Court )uilding houses the highest court in the land . The city is one of the United States# greatest tourist attractions with its many par/s and museums .

The Smithsonian . dates from the early $244#s .isit +mbassy =ow .ing :ietnam War "emorial . . The -olger Sha/espeare ibrary has the world#s largest collections of Sha/espeare#s wor/ .C. as well as The Corcoran 'allery of Art . The "useum of "odern Art .The 0ational 1oological *ar/ created in $%%2 .nstitutions .isitors each year . e3hibits more then &444 wild animals . 0earby Ale3andra . 8ou will also en5oy touring The 0ational 'allery of Art . and is also a ma5or research facility . stroll down . the Tomb of the Un/nown Soldier at Aarlington 0ational Cemetery . founded in $%&6 .wo !ima "emorial . a suburb of Washington . :isitors can pay their respects for the nation#s fallen heroes at the intensely mo. :irginia . and The . The .ld Town <uarter of Ale3andria features historical homes and elegant shops . ma/ing Washington#s most popular museum . The 0ational Air and Space museums has more than 7 million . 'eorgetown is one of Washington#s fa. Washington is also a city filled with memorials to the nation#s proud military history . and do9ens of other fine art institutions .t is home to the Hirschhorn and -reer museums . There . is the largest comple3 of museums in the world . is also a city of art . you can . Washington D.orite spots .

and . comedies . "any people call it the heart of America .ld C>. 0ew 8or/#s )roadway is the theater capital of the nation . tow canal .C. And don#t forget to . )roadway and Times S<uare ha. and wal/ it#s tree?lined streets .e been seen by more . The +mpire State )uilding . and re.erywhere in the world . 0ew 8or/ is America#s largest city . :isiting Washington D. stately home .er the world .ery night by "anhattan#s display of flashing neon signs . . musicals . 'eorge Washington#s historic . The Chrysler )uilding .ts s/yline is /nown e. will one of your most stopping places in America .iews are seen all o. the capital of The United States . . with its famous shows and chorus line . is one of the city#s most popular attractions . "illions of people are fascinated e.by the .isit the "ount :ernon .ts dramas . =adio City "usic Hall .isitors to America than any other place in the country. eat at 'eorgetown#s many fine restaurants .

the heart of 0ew 8or/ . )ut 0ew 8or/ is much more than shopping . . +.ts bars .ing . 'reenwich :illage was once the center of 0ew 8or/#s )ehemian life .isit ittle . is a ne. .e .erywhere you loo/ you will see e3citing cityscapes and architectural panoramas . its beautiful art and its wonderful restaurants ma/e it difficult to lea. the city#s current art scene center . 8ou must . and 5ust en5oying life .orite meeting places for the art world#s elite .the "et ife )uilding are among the city#s best?/nown landmar/s .e with people playing . Chinatown will be a rewarding stop on your . Spend hours window shopping at its thousand of stores and shops . And be sure to . its unusual shops . . 0ew 8or/ is a shopper#s paradise . 8ou will find branches of the word#s finest stores in the streets of "anhattan .isit .t is a city of landmar/s ( =oc/efeller Center with its beautiful Art Decco .taly . 0ew 8or/ is a city of neighborhoods .talian community .er?ending circus . restaurants . performing . Today it is ali.isit Soho . "anhattan . and galleries are among the fa. :isit Wall Street and the diamond district .ts e3otic mar/ets . the heart of 0ew 8or/#s thri.

. )e sure to rela3 in the city#s many urban par/s . +.isiting .sland . especially the )roo/lyn )ridge . . And don#t forget to .architecture @ 'rand Central Terminal @ The 0ew 8or/ Stoc/ +3change .n 0ew 8or/ you will find some of the world#s greatest museums and cultural centers ( The !ulliard School of "usic @ The "etropolitan "useum of Art @ The 'uggenheim "useum .isit the United 0ations )uilding and see the many diplomats and interesting displays . and ha. And be sure to .isit the 0ew 8or/ As famous 9oo .erywhere you wal/ in "anhattan you will see beautiful sculpture by world?famous artists @ fountains @ monuments @ churches and cathedrals .ery e3citing day wal/ing the new 8or/ waterfront . . 0ew 8or/ is also one of the world#s great seaports . Ta/e a ride on a boat and see the world#s most famous s/yline from the water . built by -ran/ loyd Wright . Ta/e photographs of the city#s many bridges .ing a good time . people playing . :isit Center *ar/ and watch srteet performers . Ta/e a ferry ride to Staten . 8ou can spend a .

gardens . The mornings are often foggy and the afternoons bright. and doc/s . San -rancisco has a breath tal/ing beauty .isit The Statue of iberty . cool . . The dramatic 'olden 'ate )ridge is one of America#s most famous landmar/s . There are ma5estic sailboats to be seen e.n the $764 a this area was the center of America#s Hippy mo.erywhere .ement . *onds . 9oos and a<uariums are easily found .And finally . *ar/s .t is located an the San -rancisco )ay and nestles among the rolling hells of 0orthon California . ta/e time to . . There are <uaint harbors waterfronts.isit the Haight?Ashbury district .istas to be seen from its high hills . la/es . and sunny . San -rancisco is /nown as America#s most lo. and old buildings ma/e each e3cursion a pleasure . .ed city . fountains . There are beautiful . There is the beautiful roc/y coast . 8ou will want to . This gift from the people of -rance has become America#s most famous symbol .

. eat at pome of the ward#s best seafood restaurants in San -rancisco .ariety than here . there are few places where you will find a greater . a reflection of California#s strong Hispanic heritage .ated e. winding streets .ed city . America#s most lo. And dri. its art treasures .e its hilly . 8ou will be thrilled with the city#s magnificent :ictorian houses . it museums .America#s most famous Chinatown is in San -rancisco. Spanish architecture . And it you want to shop . San -rancisco . 8ou must . the cable cars . =ela3 and go surfing .t is a monument to the contribution the Chinese immigrants of the past and their descendents of today hare made to our country . its buildings .erywhere you boo/ . Then . )e sure to ta/e day trips to "onterrey Santa Cru9 and )ig Sur to appreciate the wanders of 0orthern California. sailing . 8ou will be charmed by the beautiful. and swimming. ride on San -rancisco#s great attraction . . and its stri/ing architecture . 8our eye will be capti.

too . Architecture . small cafes . .f you#re fan of Art .e made us a great city . The e3tras C the surprises C the magic C all those different immigrants from all those different countries with their countless cultural riches ha.ations of modern architecture C the iron s/eleton C hori9ontally elongated windows C and people in glass houses . and it#s time to ha.ing . Chicago is a morale feast . Chicago style . We in.t#s getting dar/ . We also perfected the re. With carriage rides and elegant restaurants.What ma/es a city great B *robably all the things that you can do and see and e3perience o.olt against modern architecture . .e 5ust li. And when we#re past post?modern .ented the s/yscraper here C mast of the inno. or 5ust wal/ing and loo/ing . . we#ll be in.er and abo. the city lights up .erywhere .e some fun . When the light goes down . ethnic food from 5ust about e.enting the future here .

And day and night the )ears .ies C theater C Dancing all night and e. the )ulls . . the Whitesoc/s .en all day . and the Cubs .!a99 C blues C roc/ and roll C billiards C mo. the )lac/haw/s .