Case Study: The Logistic Company

Most of the courier and cargo companies, when they send their consignments (load in their language) to a particular station, they do it with advance intimation by way of sending E-mail (pre-alert message in their language). AB !ogistics was no e"ception to this procedure. #henever they sent their load by evening flight to Mumbai, they sent pre-alert to Mumbai giving details of the load li$e flight number, total number of bags, total weight of the bags etc. %ight-duty Airport E"ecutive at Mumbai Airport use to retrieve the load and use to confirm the receipt of the load to the Bangalore office.

&he arrangement wor$ed fine for months and even years. Airport E"ecutive continued to get the pre-alert message and after retrieval of the load, continued to confirm the receipt of the load.

'n one fine night, (atish who was on night-duty at Mumbai airport observed that neither any pre-alert has been received from Bangalore . %or Bangalore office had sent any load to them. )e tried calling Bangalore office. But it was well past midnight and there was no response from Bangalore office. (ecurity guard on duty told to the Airport E"ecutive that nobody is available in the Bangalore office and staff on duty had left already. (atish $new that generally *avi wor$s in the night time. )e tried calling on *avi +s mobile number but it was switched off.

(atish had no other option e"cept calling Asst Manager 'perations of Bangalore , harles. harles observed same what (atish had observed, that *avi +s mobile was off.

&his was something uni,ue. )e was concerned about what had happened. harles tried calling other operations staffs to find out whether anybody $new home of *avi . But none of them $new where *avi +s house was. harles was disappointed. &hough he had disturbed couple of staffs in the dead of the night, there was no much headway. harles was on the horns of dilemma. (hould - defer the matter for early morning or settle right away. After deliberating for couple of minutes, he shoes latter.

Read the above case study carefully and find out the various communication issues involved in this case study. )owever.did not send pre-alert as well. But his fate had stored a little more frustration for him as while returning home from *avi +s home.9 harles was damn frustrated by his answer. harles had no option but to commute 03 4M in order to go to house of *avi . night duty patrol cops caught for him driving his two-wheeler without driving license. 8And since no load was connected. !ater he confirmed the address to harles. . have done boo$ing for morning flight and load will be connected through morning flight. it was a strange e"perience to find out that his manager was $noc$ing his door at well past midnight. #hen . harles called )ari. so cargo officials of all the flights had refused to accept our load9. harles e"plained situation to him and told him to go to office and find out address of *avi from the personal documents of *avi . he 7ust told that 8very simple. )ari went to his office.uestioned why he did not send the pre-alert. . )* E"ecutive. )e reached *avi +s home at /5103 hours. #illy-nilly.As a last resort. today there was e"cess boo$ing by other logistic companies and there was no space. pulled out personal documents of *avi and noted his address. 6or *avi . By the time it was /012/ hours and )ari was aghast to find out that he was told to go to office at dead of the night.

&ime was /. (he wor$s there as :ro7ect !eader. (ushma. she was ta$en to the hospital. (he had called her team members at /. was her firm principle . )er team members rushed to help her. <naware of what is on the floor. on that day she could not ma$e meeting time of /. )urriedly she swiped her card and rushed towards board room. onsidering her wailing because of pain.// hours. (omehow she could get up with the help of her team members. !ater she was immobile for about two months because of hip in7ury. (lippery floor dragged her couple of feet further. -n the hospital it was discovered that her hip bone was bro$en. (ushma slipped her foot. 'ccasionally her 7ob demands coming early for her duties or stay till late evening hours. 'ne of the housemen had spread soap solution on the floor. . -n hurry. )owever./3 and she reached main gate of her company.Case Study ! The "et #$oo% (ushma wor$s in -nfosoft (olutions :vt !td. &he impact was so strong that she wailed loudly. &hat time few housemen were doing cleaning.uite slippery. &he floor was made of marble and soap solution was sprin$led over it. could not control her balance on the slippery floor and fell down. she continued to rush to the board room.// hours and she was worried of her reputation of being late. 'nce she was handling 5 pro7ects simultaneously and on one such day she had convened a meeting with her team members regarding pro7ect delivery. (he had made a habit of coming 3 minutes early at least. Discipline starts with me. &he floor had become . (ushma is a disciplinarian and generally she follows duty timings strictly.

it was revealed that the houseman who was cleaning the floor had not put the display board 8 aution1 6loor is #et9.!ater in investigation. .

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