32CH DVR System Installation Guide

32-Channel DVR System Installation Guide I. • System Requirements DVR Software Version: huperVision 4000 v1.12 only

• Hardware Requirements 1. Dual monitors 2. VGA card with dual display support (D-Sub and DVI) 3. DVR card models: 4416SG DVR cards (x2) or 4416DG DVR cards (x2) • Microsoft Windows Settings 1. Change the Desktop Display model to “Horizontal Stretch” 2. Change the VGA Resolution (DPI) to ”2048x768, 16 bit” PS. It requires two DVR cards of the same model to build a 32 channel DVR system. For example, stack two 4416SG DVR cards or two 4416DG DVR cards to set up a 32CH DVR system. If you are using “ATI VGA” card, please refer to Appendix: ATI & Nvidia Dual-screen setting.



1.” -2- 1/9/2007 .exe] to install huperVision 4000 v. Click “Next” to continue the installation. Step 2: Select “I accept….12. huperVision 4000 Installation Step 1: Click [setup.32CH DVR System Installation Guide II.

32CH DVR System Installation Guide Step 3: Click “Next” Step 4: Select “32ch version” and click “Next” -3- 1/9/2007 .

-4- 1/9/2007 .32CH DVR System Installation Guide Step 5: Click “Install” Step 6: Click “Finish” after the InstallShield Wizard is Completed.

it is important to specify two separate record storage for CH1~16 and CH17~32 before using huperVision 4000. You may see the folder F:\data1 in the left monitor is assigned to CH1~16 while the folder G:\data2 in the right monitor is assigned to CH17~32. huperVision 4000 will require to add the video record storage. To avoid the disorder of video record database.32CH DVR System Installation Guide Step 7: Reboot the computer. Step 8: After the 32CH DVR system is launched. and the Site Server will start automatically. -5- 1/9/2007 .

xxx For 17~32 CH: IP Address is http://xxx. Which Ports to manually open in internet connection filewall and router? For 1 ~ 16 CH : Web Server : TCP 80 Vedio Access: TCP 18082(Speed > 56K)、TCP 18083(Speed<56K) For 17~32 CH : Web Server : TCP 81 Vedio Access: TCP 18084(Speed > 56K)、TCP 18085(Speed<56K) 2.xxx:81 -6- 1/9/2007 .xxx. Remote Connection to the 32CH DVR System 1.32CH DVR System Installation Guide III.xxx.xxx.xxx. How to connect to your 32CH DVR via the IE Browser? For 1 ~ 16 CH : IP Address is htpp://xxx.

Change the Bandwidth to “High speed(>56k) – 18084.32CH DVR System Installation Guide 3.” and it to connection list. How to connect to the 32CH DVR system by using huperRemote program? Step 1 : After finishing huperRemote program installation.ini] and you will see the followings: [Max] DontSavePW=0 MaxSplit=4 Change the MaxSplit value to 6.please go to C:\Program Files\huperRemote. Open the file [rViewer. Then you can connect to your 32CH DVR system. -7- 1/9/2007 . as below: MaxSplit=6 Step 2: Select to open Connect dialogue box.

22. you need to connect to the following Site Addresses: For 1~16CH: xxx.15) For 17~32CH: xxx. you have to connect to 202.140. 1~16CH 17~32CH -8- 1/9/2007 .140.15: 81 for a separate download.22.140.32CH DVR System Installation Guide 4.xxx.140.xxx (Example: 202.xxx.xxx:81 (Example: 202. If you’d like to download the records of CH 17~CH 32.22.xxx. For example.15: 81) Note: It requires separate download from the above two Site Addresses. you have to connect to 202.22. How to download video records by using the huperRemote program? To download video records from the database.15 to download the video records of the first 16 channels.xxx.

ATI Dual-screen setting II.NET Framework (2) Catalyst Control Center Package 1. Nvidia GeForce 6600 Dual-screen setting I.com (1) Microsoft .32CH DVR System Installation Guide Appendix: ATI & Nvidia Dual-Screen Setting I. Install Microsoft . Setup ATI-multimoniter (1) Right click you mouse on the Windows desktop (2) Select ATI Catalyst Control -9- 1/9/2007 . Install VGA driver 3.NET Framework 2.ati. ATI Dual-screen setting Download Drivers & Software http://www.

32CH DVR System Installation Guide 4.10 - 1/9/2007 . Click “Next” button 5. Click “Go” button .

Select and click “Next” button 7. Select “Horizontal Stretch” and click “Next” button .32CH DVR System Installation Guide 6.11 - 1/9/2007 .

Check “Display Properties” 2048*768”. Click “Finish” 9.12 - 1/9/2007 .32CH DVR System Installation Guide 8.”16bit”. .

Nvidia GeForce 6600 Dual-screen setting Step 1: Select “Desktop Management” page and Click “Disable” Step 2: Select “nView Display Settings” and nView Display Mode is “Horizontal Span”. .32CH DVR System Installation Guide II.13 - 1/9/2007 .

”16bit”. .14 - 1/9/2007 .32CH DVR System Installation Guide Step 3: Check “Display Properties” 2048*768”. Step 4: The Display was like this.