ABSTRACT Online Job Portal Application was developed for creating an interactive job vacancy form for candidates

. This web application is to be conceived in its current form as a dynamic siterequiring constant updates both from the see ers as well as the companies. An employer being registered in the web site has the facility to buy the services. !eing an authori"ed user he can publish vacancy details# either of $T or %unctional# of the organi"ation. A Job &ee er being registered in the web site has the provision to fill up the 'urriculum (itae and in further he)she could update the resume. !ased on the candidate*s profile the 'areer $nfo segregates candidates and posts their resume to the corresponding companies. The candidates are intimated# with# the list of companies they are listed in# in their respective home page. The company has the provision of receiving candidate*s resumes. A user is chec ed for authentication by username and password. The database is perfectly designed stic ing to the rules +ata 'onsistency# +ata +ependency# ,on -edundancy# and +ata $ntegrity. The objective of this project is to enable jobsee ers to place their resumes and companies to publish their vacancies. $t enables jobsee ers to post their resume# search for jobs# view personal job listings. $t will provide various companies to place their vacancy profile on the site and also have an option to search candidate resumes. Apart from this there will be an admin module for the administrator to ma e changes to the database content. Motto: The company*s .otto is to serve things in a better way for a right person. Candidate Registration: This dot com company stores all the details of the candidates who have filled up their candidate registration form with all their academic details# his)her e/perience in their related field# his)her communication address# job preference# e/pected salary etc in a clear format.

ain feature of this application is Automatic . And also mail is sent to jobsee er whenever any company posts their jobs vacancies list automatically. %or this they have to ma e certain assumptions.icrosoft# 0ipro# and $nfosys etc in a proper way. $t is based on agreements# facts and mutual understanding.ailing. Resume Forwarding: Once their clients post their requirements then the consultancy underta es those golden opportunities by segregating the candidates resume estimating which candidate would be more suitable for the post by going their qualification# e/periences etc. $n the mean while they also suggest them to adopt some interviews techniques# which are given in their web site. Automatic Mailing: The . %or this they need to maintain the details of their each and every client such as T'&# . They eep trac of their clients by some regular feedbac regarding the vacancies going to be underta en.peoples of their client that ma es it easy to fill up the vacancy with a suitable person. Prior Intimation: Once the candidates -esume has been forwarded to their clients a prior intimation is given regarding this. .Company’s Assets: $n real terms the asset of the Job Portal is that their clients are located both in $ndia and abroad. The mar eting e/ecutives of the consultancy have direct lin with the 1. 0henever jobsee er registers their resumes in this website immediately mail will be send to him# regarding the list of all job vacancies to which he)she is eligible.

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