Abstract Tagline has been established as one of the most popular tools of advertising in recent times.

It has become a trend and perceived as a winning formula for product marketing and brand building. It is easy to choose a tagline but it is tough to establish a strong association with the product. While the magnitude of the impact of taglines remains under the purview of gray spectacles, this paper is an effort to analyze the impact of taglines on Pepsi. This research study tries to investigate the impact of advertising taglines on youth ranging from a specific geographic area location of south Mumbai. The appropriate reason for undertaking this study is discussed in introduction which suggests why there is a need to research in this area of marketing and communication. Moreover, the study also presents information on the subject of advertising taglines with regards to the cold drink giant PEPSICO and their impact on youths and use of advertising taglines. This study also attempt to provide the information of using brand application like advertising taglines to literature, as all the past research studies with regards to use of advertising taglines/slogans is undertaken in some parts of Mumbai ignoring the entire India. Tagline has been established as one of the most popular tools of advertising in recent times. It has become a trend and perceived as a winning formula for product marketing and brand building. It is easy to choose a tagline but it is tough to establish a strong association with the product. While the magnitude of the impact of taglines remains under the purview of gray spectacles, this paper is an effort to analyze the impact of taglines on Pepsi.

Introduction The purpose of investigation The advertising tagline, which is an important component of the brand, helps to create a long relationship between companies and consumers. Past studies have shown that the perspective of research on advertising taglines is related to brand design. Therefore, it is recommended that the future research on advertising taglines can be undertaken with regards to advertising campaigns and its commercial size in advertising .In the fierce market competition, enterprises often use unique promotional advertising taglines for their products and services in the cultural context as they need to reach their targeted segment. Hence, advertising taglines may become a symbolic sign of the company to achieve the brand as an intangible value. Advertising taglines are widely used for promoting the product and services of the company. Companies also use advertising taglines for transmitting their philosophy of business and advertise their product and brand identity. Advertising taglines helps to create a long lasting impression to attract the customer attention by projecting deep impression on consumers mind. Hence, the advertising taglines should be short and lucid therefore the companies advertising taglines competently.

.  To understand on what parameters youth make purchasing decision of Pepsi. the primary research objectives of this study are as follows:  To explore the impact of advertising taglines on youth in a specific area at Mumbai central.Research Objectives Therefore.

Furthermore. Definition of advertising tagline A tagline 'is an expression that is used for quick help to establish an image. On it. (Bradley and Meeds. significantly related to memory with young adults and the ability to better memory than that of older adults. when incorporated with jingle.Literature review A literature review is a text written by someone to consider the critical points of current knowledge including substantive findings. Literature reviews are secondary sources. men have the memory capacity compared to the best of women. or was interested in making advertising slogans memorable. Another current research examined the effects of the Tagline 'ignition'. as well as theoretical and methodological contributions to a particular topic. followed by slogans employed in better detection rate was well designed and branded to remember that the use of television was a significantly attached to the memory. "Taglines are expressions that convey the message brief and vivid and convincing to a mark" Exploring previous studies on advertising taglines A lot of studies related to the effects of advertising taglines examined leading dignitaries. and as such. A stream of research focused with regards to advertising taglines on consumers 'ability' to remember advertising slogans. 1991) noted that it was easier for people to remember advertising taglines. Memory and recognition are two key elements of memorability commonly used to assess notability leaders. identity. The advertising slogan with the syntactic problem of transition has a very positive influence on the memory of morphemic free and attitudes towards advertising. the age. Similarly. like their parents. 2002) showed that the versions of simple syntax in favour of detection. For example (Dotson and Hyatt. or position for an organization to increase the memorability' for a particular product. In case of Pepsi where because of the tagline the product is been easily recalled. . children are aware of both the advertising taglines. (Yalch. A motto of advertising is something that is written to the memory of consumers and the potential to evoke memory. For example. often repeated to promote memory recall and support consumers in terms of a recall particular brand of the patron when they meet with all options. the correlation between complicacy advertising taglines and memory was examined. Reece and Li Bergh (1994) found the expression of linguistic devices (quantity and type of characters). 2000) stated that by the age of ten. Moreover. do not report any new or original experimental work. a song or a melody.

Brand is a high return on capital. bottled water). from a list made available by the brand.The importance of advertising taglines It is understood that one of the factors affecting brand awareness is important because the most valuable brand assets of the company. gained extensive media coverage. as company tried to make soup more applicable to everyday life. automobiles. the change in tagline of Campbell Soup from ‘M'm! M'm! Good’ to ‘Do not underestimate the power of soup’. estimated at tens of millions of dollars. Meanwhile. generates weekly business reports which estimates the brand equity of the brands. The authors concluded that in this growth phase. The practical implication of advertising tagline is a good study to check the market value of the society as results if they announce the change in tagline from brands. brand awareness and brand image should increase and concern the row after knowledge of the brand. and its different effects. In any case. and seriously do a major focus of enterprise management (Brady et. it can be more challenging (such as gasoline. Recall of the brand is the consumers or the talent of the defendant to recall without any help of the brand. established that the market value increase when there is a change of tagline. breakfast cereals). when the company announced to change the tagline only after considering and carefully taking into account their marketing and advertising strategies and develop fanying positive factors such as changes in demographics. it easily lead to differences (eg. For example. forming a difference between brands. the stock of differentiation is the core of the brand. Therefore. In some cases. Although it is not guaranteed that the change in the advertising tagline may or may not increase the company's market value. The two main factors affecting brand image is the brand awareness and knowledge of the brand. consumer preference for new taglines and competitive environment. Brand equity is customer feedback and market knowledge of marketing. brand awareness is the auxiliary memory to identify a lighter task which is the ability of the defendant. For instance. and was trying to make soup more applicable to daily life. Research conducted by Mathur and Mathur (1995). the client should have sufficient brand Knowledge. brand premium will not to acquire or make economic profits. Mostly. Brand image normally values the type and strength of the union of the brand examining.al. the global brand consulting firm Interbrand’s global Brand. The best brands around the world. brand Recall and brand Recognition are the general tip of the brand awareness. While it is not assured that long lasting impact of change in tagline may or may not increase the market value of company. enough to influence by creating a media buzz . 2004 years and Cheranjeev. On the other hand. but it believes that as the intention of marketing department is clear. 2007 years). but it consider as a clear intentions of the marketing department. it is enough to influence and create a media buzz. and will in a competitive market conditions are not expected net profit divided. It can be seen in the role to advertise taglines and other applications of the brand identity." received extensive media coverage. while in other cases. If there is no differentiation. Each year. the change in the tagline of Campbell soup from the "M'm ! M'm! Good" to "Do not underestimate the power of soup. the dollar's brand value is generally based on their ability to generate economic benefits.

  Primary data: This is a data observed or collected directly from first-hand experience. This project is a survey project. to analyze the information and bring out the results. The word data means any raw information. which is either qualitative or quantitative in nature. which includes defining and redefining the problem to develop hypothesis. to collect and define the information/data. The first step in research after defining the research problem and objectives is data collection. . Secondary data: This is published data and the data collected in the past or by other parties. Research is a scientific as well as systematic process. Target respondents: The target respondents are youth concentrated at Mumbai Central. While deciding about the method of data collection the researcher should keep in mind that there are two types of data primary and secondary.Research Methodology While making a study we very often look for what type of research methodology is to be used in this type of study. The secondary data will be collected through websites and company annual reports. which is of practical or theoretical use. In this project first a questionnaire was formulated for the respondents and hence primary data collected. For implementation of a proper research methodology we have to first understand the meaning of research.

semi-experimental.g. and. independent and dependent variables. Type of research: Descriptive research Sources of data: Primary and secondary  Primary Data: Questionnaire  Secondary Data: Websites Data collection method: Survey method Survey instrument: Questionnaire Method of communication: Personal interview Sampling technique: Convenient sampling Sample Size: 100 Sample unit: Youths . review.. descriptive-longitudinal case study). correlational. data collection methods and a statistical analysis plan.Research design and Data collection A research design is a systematic plan to study a scientific problem. experimental. The design of a study defines the study type (descriptive. research question. meta-analytic) and sub-type (e. hypotheses. if applicable. experimental design.

Mumbai Data analysis Preference for Pepsi Strongly agree Agree Disagree Best tagline of Pepsi .Area of survey: Mumbai Central.

Yehi hai right choice baby Yeh dil maange more Pepsi yeh pyaas hai badi My Pepsi my way Influences for purchasing Taglines Jingles Logo Celebrity endorsement .

.Notice Change in Tagline Yes No Sales(in milion) 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Sales(in milion) Limitations The limitations of the studies are as follows: The first limitation is the number of sample size that is 100 which cannot define the entire population The research is done in a specific geographic location which cannot conclude the entire nation.

The packaging can b made more attractive in order to gather more attention of the youth. Tagline creates a huge impact on the sales The data collected cannot simply be perfect because the perception of people may changes constantly. Suggestions Pepsi should try and focus on getting more celebrity endorsers along with catchy taglines in order to attract more youth crowd. Conclusion The best tagline or most preferred tagline is “Yeh dil mange more “.The taste parameter was not taken into consideration only advertising was considered. .