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ESTRUCTURA CURRICULAR COMPETENCIA RESULTADO DE APRENDI-AJE ACTIVIDAD E3A3E • • ANALISIS Y DESARROLLO DE SISTEMAS DE IN!ORMACION 240201501 C"m#$ende$ te%t"s en in&l's en ("$ma es)$ita * a+diti,a 24020150103 Lee$ te%t"s m+* .$e,es * sen)ill"s en in&l's &ene$al * t')ni)" 24020150101 C"m#$ende$ ($ases * ,")a.+la$i" / s".$e temas de inte$'s #e$s"nal * temas t')ni)"s0 24020150105 En)"nt$a$ ,")a.+la$i" * e%#$esi"nes de in&l's t')ni)" en an+n)i"s, ("llet"s, #1&inas 2e., et)0 Ad4+isi)ión de V")a.+la$i"

P$"n+n)ia ade)+adamente el ,")a.+la$i" * m"dism"s .1si)"s del idi"ma Ela."$a $es5menes )"$t"s s".$e te%t"s sen)ill"s, * )"n )"ntenid" t')ni)"0


1. GAP FILL: Put the words into the gaps in the text. Google To Offer Free 5GB Of Cloud Space (25th April, 2012) Google has (1) ____________ the market for offering online (2) ____________ space. Their new service called Google !rive will "e in (#) ____________ competition with rival cloud storage services like !rop"ox $pple%s i&loud and 'icrosoft%s (k)!rive. The search (*) ____________ will offer +G, (giga")tes) of storage for free for those (+) ____________ to keep their photos documents and other files online. -eeping things in the cloud means users can (.) ____________ their files from an) computer an)where in the world as long as it has /nternet access. $t the top end Google will offer 1.T, (tera")tes) of space 0 at a price of 1233.33 a month. (ixteen tera")tes is (2) ____________ to store 1. 444 movies. 5or most people the free +G, (6) ____________ will "e more than enough space. Google senior vice7president of (3) ____________ (undar Pichai said the launch of !rive was an important step for the compan). 8e wrote on a "log post9 :!rive is a (14) ____________ place where )ou can create share colla"orate and keep all of )our stuff.;<ou can take all )our data (11) ____________ of which device )ou%re on and make it (12) ____________ availa"le to )ou.: (ome industr) insiders "elieve Google%s entr) into the cloud storage market could (1#) ____________ it up. =ichard >dwards an anal)st at the research firm ?vum said Google%s move could (1*) ____________ 5ace"ook into action. :5ace"ook doesn%t have a cloud service "ut this ma) prompt it into an (1+) ____________ : he said. 8e added9 :/f 5ace"ook was to "u) !rop"ox that would "e a (1.) ____________ 7changer.: 2. TRUE / FALSE: =ead the headline. @rite if a7h "elow are true (T) or false (5).

access entered sufficient direct storage wishing option giant

regardless game apps central shake acquisition seamlessly stir

c. e. C. e. d.) 1. 2 #. f. Answer !e "#$$#w%n& '(es %#ns $.Sistema de Gestión de la Calidad REGIONAL HUILA CENTRO DE LA INDUSTRIA. @hat Buestions would )ou like to ask Google senior vice7 president of apps (undar PichaiD . 14. . C. h. The new product will not "e a rival for $pple%s i&loud service. ".T. g. f. $ Google executive said the new service was important to the firm. c. (giga")tes) is not enough for most people. $n anal)st said 5ace"ook might now enter the online storage market. 3. @hat do )ou think of GoogleD G. for the compan) insiders enough space of which device cloud storage services into action the market in the cloud acBuisition giant 5. +. ". TA5 TA5 TA5 TA5 TA5 TA5 TA5 TA5 3. The article sa)s +G. d. e. (tera")tes) of storage space. Google has entered in direct competition with rival search -eeping things more than an important step regardless industr) stir 5ace"ook this ma) prompt it into an a. i. i. Google%s new product is called !rive /n The &loud.. PHRASE MATCH: ((ometimes more than one choice is possi"le. 2 #. c. *. 2. h. The anal)st said things could change if 5ace"ook "ought !rop"ox. &. g. irrespective of enough provide purchase adversar) encourage went on to sa) retrieve Coin forces wanting 4. !.. @hat do )ou think of cloud storageD $re )ou worried a"out losing )our dataD /s +G. for free enoughD 8ow much important stuff do )ou have on )our computer A onlineD !o )ou think :the cloud: is a good name for online storageD 5. . 14. 3. SYNONYM MATCH: 'atch the following s)non)ms from the article. 1. g. . =ival ?ffer @ishing $ccess (ufficient &olla"orate regardless of Prompt $cBuisition $dded a. >xperts "elieve Google%s product will not change the market. d. h. +.. f. People will "e a"le to "u) 1. 6. *. 6. >. ". LA EMPRESA Y LOS SERVICIOS EJECUCI N DE LA !ORMACI N a. 2.