Wittig Technologies

MultiScope (22-320)
with 20MSa/s Dual Channel Storage Oscilloscope Module Developed and manufactured in by Wittig Technologies AG, Germany

Switch your MultiScope in a Logic Analyzer, Frequency Counter, Frequency Generator, Dual Channel Multi Meter, LAN-Test Adapter and many more useful Test & Measuring Equipment. Connects to your PC and remote controlled via Internet

Oscilloscope Module features:
• Independently floated isolation between both channels • Various triggering options • Selectable Memory Depth • Serial PC interface optical isolated • Highest security standards certified by UL, USA • High price/performance ratio

MultiScope Master Unit 22-320
LCD Serial Interface Serial Cable Keyboard Batteries 128 x 64 dots, LED green, monochrome RS232, Opto-isolated, 56KBaud, 8 data Included, 6 ft 25 function silicone keys 6 x 1.5V ”AA”-size

400Vpp Resolution 8 Bit Vertical Accuracy ±2% Max. accessories/Cables and AC Adapter 750 g Full accuracy from 0° to 40°C and 80% RH (non-condensing) at 30°C 0° to 40°C CE. LCD back light. 10MOhm/30pF Sensitivity 2mV/div .5% 25 divisions Free Run or On Trigger channel 1 negative or positive transition 8 bit resolution 16 steps 128.5 µs to 200ms/div >±0. DC. store .2. trigger/zero level cursors. or GND (Ground) Second time base on channel 2 to magnify recorded signal on Channel 1 Coupling AC/DC Input Impedance Probe set to 1:1. select Keyboard click. Input Voltage With Probe max. vertical Move ±4 divisions Scope Modes Normal and Single Shot True sampling rates Normal Single shot Time Base Accuracy Horizontal Move Trigger Trigger Source Trigger Level Trigger Delay Memory Depth Auto Setting Firmware 0. Numerical Measurement. cursors. 4 modules. grid. 256.5 µs to 200ms/div 0. usage and LCD back light switched off) Included 200 x 90 x 55 mm 500 g included. 512 or 8KB samples/channel. Input Voltage Ch 1/2 vertical/horizontal cursors all parameter selectable by Master Unit or via PC attached. IEC1010. space for master. selectable for Time base Ch1/2. 40Vpp Max. Probe set to 1:10.5] steps) Without Probe max.40V/div (100mV to 10V/div in [1.Battery Life AC Adapter Master Unit Weight Carrying Case Weight Operation Environment Storage Environment Certifications Rubber protection boot 8 to 16 hours typical for alkaline (pending on module. 1MOhm/60pF. UL #90MA included Oscilloscope Module 22-321 Channel 6-Bit resolution Time base Channel 1 128 Bytes Time base Channel 2 AC.

max. running under Windows95/98/NT Internet remote-control function via Internet.PC Software Signal Probes Dimensions Module Operating Environment Storage Environment Certifications recorded data. on 3. 2 included. 4ft. IEC1010.5" disk. 600V 70 x 70 x 27 mm Full accuracy from 0° to 40°C and 80% RH (non-condensing) at 30°C 0° to 40°C CE. 1:1/10:1 selectable. Printing recorded data. UL #90MA MADE IN GERMANY  . Serial Data Protocol published.