The Karma Completer By Dev Suroop Kaur Khalsa (Originally written for Aquarian Times) Of all of the spiritual

vernacular in use to ay! "#arma$ is the wor that we pro%a%ly hear most often& Karma is e'plaine scientifically %y (ewton$s Thir )aw of *otion+ ,-very action has a reaction! equal an opposite&. Simply state ! when we create a cause through our actions an thoughts! an we o not complete or resolve what we have create ! we must incarnate again to complete it& -verything that we are to ay/%oth positive an negative00is a result of what we have create in the past& -verything that we %ecome tomorrow is the result of what we create to ay& Our fears! limitations! ol patterns! reactions to our environments! ha%its an feelings inhi%it our a%ility to feel the 1nfinity of the moment an complete what has %een create & The resulting #armas create the %ehaviors! patterns an circumstances in our lives that are unpleasant an sometimes outright estructive& 2sually we on$t un erstan these %ehaviors& Sometimes! we$re aware of them %ut una%le to control them& 3here there is Dharma! there is no #arma& Dharma is a way of living where we transcen #arma an live in alignment with our true purpose in life& 1t$s not that we lose our humanness an capacity to feel an e'perience& 4ather! it$s where we have gaine enough clarity an capacity that! in the face of great challenge! we choose to act in ways that elevate us an %ring us towar 1nfinity& 1nstea of a commotional an reactionary approach to life that creates negative consequences! we truly can channel our emotions into evotion an move through life with ease& By chanting! reciting an vi%rating the soun current! we chip away at those %ur ensome patterns that grip us& -ventually! through time an %y 5race! the ol #armas %ecome loosene up enough that a simple comment! loo#! wor or action can crum%le an issolve the illusions! setting into motion a whole omino effect where false %eliefs an scripting can fall away for a more elevate you& 3hat a relief& 1t$s li#e paying off a high0interest cre it car & 6ou feel awful that you have the e%t %ut have a har time sha#ing it& 7inally! after facing the music! you iscipline yourself an %egin pec#ing away at the e%t an eventually pay it off& 6ou feel %etter+ 2plifte an release from %eing %ehol en to a e%tor& 4eciting the 89n :auri of ;ap<i Sahi% pays your e%ts an completes your #arma& As you can see from this translation! (ana# states that choosing an active path of eep evotion yiel s 5race/a state of ease! virtue an ivine assistance/as a gift of Creation& 1# oo <ee%hao la#h ho0eh la#h hoveh la#h vees )a#h la#h gayraa aa#hee0a0eh ay# naam <ag ees Ayt raa0eh pat pavaree0aa charee0ai ho0i i#ees Sun galaa aa#aash #ee #eeta aa0ee rees (ana# na aree paa0ee0ai #ooree #oorai thees&

-nglish Translation 1f my one tongue 3ere to %ecome two! An the two to %ecome One million! An the million To %ecome 9= million! Then millions an millions Of times 1 woul recite an spea# Of the One Spirit :erva ing an gui ing The 2niverse& On this path! The spouse clim%s 3ith evotion Step %y step To 2nion with Thee& >earing what is recor e 1n the A#ashic recor s! -ven the lowest %eings >ave a longing To return home& (ana#! 5race is %rought in As a gift of the Creator& Those who praise themselves0 7alse are they An ever false& -nglish Translation %y -# Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa& 5o to www&ali%ris&com to purchase a %eautiful an inspiring complete translation of ".ap<i Sahi% ? The Song of the Soul$& Suggestions for :ractice+ A Sha% shoul %e recite @@ times a ay for a minimum of A= ays to e'perience its power& 4ecite in -nglish or in 5urmu#hi transliteration! %oth are %eneficial& >owever! reciting in 5urmu#hi allows you to %etter access the power of the mantra! an as the wor s are recite in proper (aa or soun current! the tongue hits the meri ian points on the upper palate! effecting a change in consciousness& 3or# carefully to pronounce the .

wor s properly& A pronunciation gui e can %e foun in The :syche of the Soul! availa%le through Ancient >ealing 3ays at a0healing&com& .