Dairy Farm Group

Redesign of Business Systems and Processes
Section D Group 7 Abhiket Gaurav – 2012PGP006 Krishnamoorthy M. – 2012PGP173 Nikita Sharma – 2012PGP227 Piyush Anan Srivastava – 2012PGP2!2 San"eev Kumar – 2012PGP333 #i$nesh %. – 2012PGP2&2

Problems faced by the Dairy Farm Group
• Slump in retail sales due to Asian economic crisis, increasing competition from global firms • Lo profit margins due to large stoc!holding and poor in"entory management • #losed all systems ith no pro"ision for information e$change across business functions • %perations in geographically disparate locations across the globe lead to high maintenance o"erheads due to different soft are "ersions across business units, manual and inefficient systems • Lac! of !no ledge of the customer needs due to poor pro&ection of the daily customer transactions

Problems faced by the Dairy Farm Group
• Poor decision ma!ing due to dearth of information and inade'uacy of the systems "is()("is the integration and analysis captured data • Difficulty of access of corporate information from remote locations due to the distributed nature of business and mobile employees • *ndependent operations of the ac'uired companies lead to lac! of standardisation + different prices for same products, po er o"er the suppliers and stoc! monitoring • *nefficient accounting function leading to astage of human resources and time

%pportunities for the Dairy Farm Group
• Scope for e$pansion in its core mar!ets defend hich it ant to

• ,ar!et going through a consolidation phase allo it to ma!e ne ac'uisitions



• Scope for e$ploiting the potential of electronic commerce and other emerging technology trends

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