ISM Case Study 2 Prof.

Madhukar Dayal

Dairy arm Group )denti*ication o* prob+ems and opportunities

Submitted by: Section D Group 4
Deboprio Dutta 2012PGP100 Himakshi Gupta 2012PGP134 Rajesh Sharma 2012 P!013 "S !ohan #umar 2012PGP3$% "ri&edi Rishabh S 2012PGP40% 'dit (okaria 2012PGP412

Problems in Systems
, -bsence o* inte.ration across &arious out+ets due to indi&idua+ /-0 systems , Systems are based on di&erse1incompatib+e hard2are and so*t2are p+at*orms , /ack o* *+e3ibi+ity in caterin. to mu+ticu+tura+ and di&ersity across &arious re.ions +ed to mu+tip+e system &ersions at the same time , /ack o* intimate customer kno2+ed.e due to inabi+ity o* their system to capture detai+ed data in &arious countries , 0o pro&ision *or recordin. stock resu+tin. in +ost sa+es opportunities

Problems in Processes
, /ack o* a communication net2ork +ed to asset dup+ication , Di**erent rates o* purchase *or the same item across stores *rom supp+iers +eadin. to hi.her purchase costs , /o2ered bar.ainin. po2er and inabi+ity to achie&e economies o* sca+e , 43cess in&entory *or certain products +ed to hi.her o&erheads , 5asta.e o* human resources due to repetiti&e 2ork 1 manua+ 2ork on accountin. *unction6 , /ack o* customer kno2+ed.e , Due to speci*ic nature o* accessin. de&ices and +ocation speci*ic security ser&ices7 mobi+e sta** had di**icu+ty in accessin. corporate in*ormation , 0o direct access to main*rame

Opportunities in Systems
, 8ustomer #no2+ed.e can be seam+ess+y captured throu.h Systems )nte.ration and thus sensin. and respondin. to customer needs 2i++ become possib+e , Reduction in !aintenance o&erheads due to uni*ormity in )n*ormation Systems , G+oba+ 9perations can become more e**icient and e**ecti&e , )ncrease in re&enue by better in&entory *orecastin. by reducin. stock , aster mana.ement decisions due to in*ormation a&ai+ab+e at c+ick o* button

Opportunities in Processes
, 4**icient asset uti+i:ation by sharin. in*ormation across business units , 'ni*ormity o* rates across business units , )mpro&ed bar.ainin. po2er +eadin. to economies o* sca+e , 9ptimum in&entory *or products +eadin. to +ess o&erheads , -utomation o* accountin. *unctions +eadin. to e+imination o* manua+ 2ork6 , 4nhanced customer kno2+ed.e by capturin. pre*erences , !obi+e sta** can key in sa+es and in&entory data across business units , "ime+y and accurate !)S reports can +ead to *aster decision;makin.