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18 Date: April 1, 1996 SUPERSEDES: New DATE:

1. PUMP CURVE Pump selection is made through the curves. Heads read on the curves are for single stage. When less than five stages are used to achieve your selection, apply the required efficiency deduction points identified on the curve data sheet. Select the motor size by using the HP formula: HP= GPM x FT of Head x SG 3960 x EFF SG : water = 1.0 sea water = 1.03

2. SHAFT SIZING Determine shaft size required according to the pump total down thrust. As a rule of thumb, if your pump is less than 20ft long and your total head is less than 200ft, your Thrust will rarely go above 5000lbs. If you have extreme condition (long pump, high head, many impellers) it is recommended to do the following calculation: (Impeller weight x Number of Stages) + Shaft Weight + (K Factor x Feet of Head) = TOTAL THRUST Then verify table of LINESHAFT AND BOWL SHAFT HP RATING : Example: For a Total Down Thrust is 1500 lbs and your pump requires a 75HP motor at 1760 RPM you should use at least a 1-1/4˝ shaft size. If the HP limit is close to your required HP, use the next shaft size. SHAFT DIA. SPEED RPM 1170 1760 3520 1170 1760 3520 TOTAL THRUST (LBS) 2000 45 67 134 87 131 262

1 1⁄4˝

1000 45 67 134 87 131 262

3000 44 66 132 86 130 260

3. COLUMN SIZING Standard column size indicated on the curve data sheet should be used and verified against the TURBINE FRICTION LOSS TABLE. It is recommended not to exceed 5 feet of friction loss per 100 feet of column for your design flow. If the friction loss value is above 5 feet per 100 feet, than use next column size.

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1996 SUPERSEDES: New DATE: PUMP PRICING Pricing and selection can be made by using the pricing forms that are included at the end of this section. Different Bowl material may affect the pump efficiency or number of stages required. use adder for impeller only. keyed impellers should be used.Complete Bowl Assembly Multiplier Table. Before quoting with the following. Usually clean water applications. PUMP BOWLS 1. you the other form needs to be used. COLUMN ASSEMBLIES Column assemblies include the column pipe (threaded or flanged). 3. line shaft and sleeves.1 Product lubricated.SHORT COUPLED PUMP section. rubber (for abrasive) or rubber and bronze • Standard is bronze.2 Other Constructions Above 140°F operating conditions. STRAINER Strainer needs to be added.1 Standard Bowl assemblies consist of: Pump bowl (casing) with bronze impeller Bowl bearing either bronze (for clean water). The space available for taking the pump apart should be considered before pricing 10ft column pieces. Wear rings with different material offering can be added as well as special bowl bolting material. Cone strainer are usually used for deep well applications (above 200ft deep). Galvanized basket clip-on strainer is the most common. Page 2 of 5 . STANDARD PUMP CONSTRUCTION should be used if your pump requirements corresponds to the description in the FACTORY ASSEMBLED . Rubber or bronze/rubber are available at no extra cost • Rubber bearing temperature limit is 140°F Suction case fitted with grease lubricated bearing Discharge case Bowl shaft is 416SS standard 1. Otherwise.18 Date: April 1. contact factory: • Aluminum or any bronze alloy • Steel or any steel alloy • Ni-Resit • Non Enameled casing required on some special construction Multiply the complete bowl price by the modification factor. It uses the pumped fluid for bearing lubrication. 3. Otherwise if only impeller material needs to be changed. Use STANDARD PUMP CONSTRUCTION sheet or MODIFIED VERTICAL TURBINE CONSTRUCTION.File N°: 51. 2. PUMP COMPONENTS AND OPTIONS 1. If other than standard material needs to be used for the entire bowl assembly. Most commonly used type of lubrication. use ALTERNATE CONSTRUCTION .

18 Date: April 1. BASE PLATE Base plates are used to set the pump on a concrete base.2 Oil lubricated Oil circulates into an enclosing tube to lubricate bearings.3 Below surface Discharge Head: When below ground discharge is required. Page 3 of 5 . 4. Fabricated head comes bare with no accessories.File N°: 51. Add required accessories from table and mechanical seal if required. It is recommended to use ìrubber spiderî bearing retainers every 40ft on oil lubricated applications. DISCHARGE HEAD 4. 5. Head is fabricated steel and comes with accessories for packing box and packing or mechanical seal housing (add mechanical seal). Above 100ft settings it is recommended to prevent the lack of lubrication in the upper bearing until the water reaches the top on deep well applications. Fabricated steel discharge head base can be built to fit the pit dimension. 4.2 Fabricated Discharge head: It is recommended to use these heads when: • Particular dimension needs to be met for discharge • Pump application is beyond the capacity of the cast iron discharge head • Mechanical seal needs to be used if pump head is above 400ft. we recommend to use 416SS line shaft instead of C-1045 3. Base plates are selected according to the discharge head used and the pit diameter. 1996 SUPERSEDES: New DATE: Below 35ft settings. If pump load is too high one of the following change should be considered: • Use bigger discharge head • Use base plate • Use fabricated steel discharge head Cast iron discharge head can accept: • Packing for product lubricated pumps • Oil lubricated fittings • Mechanical seals (Seal box and mechanical seal should be added to the price) Fabricated steel head might be required when using mechanical seals to allow space for spacer coupling. 4. It is not recommended on potable water application in case of contamination.1 Cast Iron Discharge head: Standard heads suitable for most applications. Pump weight (bowl assembly and column assembly) should not exceed the cast iron maximum load as indicated in the selection table.

18 Date: April 1. FACTORY ASSEMBLED . COATING For certain application. a complete pump assembly pricing can be used. Pump is supplied with a C-1045 head shaft to be inserted in the motor and coupled to the pump. It is recommended to: • Use spacer coupling for easy of maintenance and installation • Use a fabricated head or motor stand for increased space. Pump will have the following standard construction: Cast Iron Bowls.1 Vertical Hollow Shaft Motor: Most common motor used. 7. special coating might be required. MOTOR 6. 6.SHORT COUPLED PUMP When pump setting is less than 20ft long.File N°: 51. 1996 SUPERSEDES: New DATE: 6. Then add VHS motor price. porcelain enameled and bronze impeller • 416SS bowl shaft and line shaft • Cast Iron discharge head • Product lubricated threaded column • Galvanized steel basket clip-on strainer Use price of “COMPLETE SHORT COUPLED PUMPS” section for price from strainer to head. Coatings would be used for example in sea water applications.2 Vertical Solid Shaft Motor: Motor usually recommended when mechanical seals are used for better stability. Steady bushing can be added if pump is fitted with mechanical seal or for increased stability. Page 4 of 5 .

(Bottom of the discharge head. Column section: • From the discharge case add the pieces of column required to get to the top of the pit. S. • Smaller sections should be fitted at the top and bottom on the column. 93 East Avenue Buffalo. add the following dimensions: • Basket strainer is always 5-1/4˝ • Suction case dimension indicated on the curve data sheet • Bowl dimension indicated on curve data sheet x number of stages • Discharge case indicated on the curve data sheet. Quebec Canada. 14120-6594 Tel: (716) 693-8813 Fax: (716) 693-8970 1-800-FLOW-845 Armstrong Darling Inc.A. Minimum submergence: Recommended minimum water level should be approximately 18˝ above the bottom of the first bowl. New York U.File N°: 51. 1996 SUPERSEDES: New DATE: CALCULATING THE PUMP LENGTH Starting from the bottom. H9P 2X5 Tel: (514) 421-2424 Fax: (514) 421-2436 Printed in Canada . Armstrong Limited 23 Bertrand Avenue Toronto.S. Essex United Kingdom.A.) • Between each column section. M1L 2P3 Tel: (416) 755-2291 Fax: (416) 759-9101 Armstrong Pumps Limited Peartree Road. Stanway Colchester. consider a 1/2˝ gap for the bearing retainer. Ontario Canada. The bottom of the strainer should be at least 1/2 x bowl diameter from the bottom of the pit.18 Date: April 1. C03 5JX Tel: 01206-579491 Fax: 01206-760532 Page 5 of 5 Armstrong Pumps Inc. 2200 Place Transcanadienne Montreal.