IMS PORTAL This is a web-related application that permits us to approach the entire knowledge regarding the college

, employees, students, faculties etc. This application is also called as institute management system. It offers an actual trip of the college campus. Here we would gain the recent knowledge regarding the students and employees. This general application planned for aiding the students of an organization about details on the courses, subjects, classes, assignments, grades and time-table. It also allows the faculty to know his time-table, upload assignments and issue circulars to the pupil. The administrator would maintain the accounts of the pupil and staff, prepares the time-table and upload the current information regarding the campus. The main problem projected is that pupil’s particulars are reported manually in distinct records, which is a laborious job. Handling and updating these records manually increase the chances of mistakes. It takes a lot of time and needs many employees to accomplish the task. It e en lacks security and disability to produce arious types of reports. In order to sol e these problems, a new system has been created, that attempts to operate the whole procedure considering the database integration approach. • • • • • • !e eral controls help the application to be friendly to the users. The entire project maintenance is made simpler and more adaptable. Internet access is possible. !e eral tiers ha e been employed to offer file upload and mail characteristics. "uring the process of project progression, there is no chance of data mishandling. It offers great degree of security employing arious protocols.

Purpose: • • • • #anagement can iew records of all students online. They can set online e$am, online feedback etc. !tudents can iew their progress online. %ll books are maintained online. In entory reports are also taken online. &arents can iew progress report of his' her child online. He can also iew fees status.

ea e +eport +e-uest for .ea e &age . Modules: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • %dmission (pdate %dmission &age "isplay the "etails for %dmission &age )dit for %dmission &age &repare Time Table %dd Time Table &age *iew Time Table &age !earch Time Table by "epartment'!emester &age %ttendance +eport %dd %ttendance +eport &age .ist the +eport &age .ist the %ttendance +eport &age !earch %ttendance +eport by "epartment'!emester'+egister no Today %ttendance !tatus &age &rint the %ttendance +eport .ees !tructure .• !taff can set online attendance records and much more features.

ees "etails &rogress +eport !earch &rogress +eport . !emester .ees &ayment "etail .ist Time Table • !earch !taff Time Table by "epartment'+egister no Attendance • %dd %ttendance +eport &age .ees by "epartment.• • • • • • • • • • • • !earch .ist the "etails !earch &ayment /ollection "isplay the !earch +esult 0 erall .ist the +esult &age .ees &ayment "etails &age .ist the !earch +esult &age &rint the mark statement Administrator: Profile • %dd !taff &rofile &age • "isplay the .

! the %ttendance +eport &age • !earch %ttendance +eport by "epartment'!emester'+egister no • Today %ttendance !tatus &age Exam Schedule • !earch )$am !chedule by "epartment'!emester • . "ate • .ist the details • )dit the details Lea!e etails • !earch for .ea e "etails • .ist the details "rite to staff • /omments &osted by !taff Meetin# • !earch meeting by " the "etails • )dit the "etails • %dd the #eeting .• .ist the !earch +esult • %dd the !chedule • )dit the !chedule Salary etails • !earch for !alary "etails • .

eedback &age Lea!e Apply • .eedback • %dd .ea e %pply &age • !tatus $ees Payment • .ees "etail &age for Indi idual • Total .ist all the .Parents Module Profile • &rofile &age $eedbac% • .ee !tructure &ostel • Hostel "etail &age Extracurricular Acti!ities''(hrs • )$tra-/urricular %cti ities &age Scholarship • !cholarship "etails &age Attendance .

ist &age .• %ttendance "etails &age 1for last 2 months3 • &rint the %ttendance page Performance • &erformance "etails &age • &rint the &erformance &age Time Table • Time Table "etails &age Assi#nment • %ssignment "etails &age Exam Schedule • )$am !chedule "etails &age • &opup the subject detail Sub)ect Syllabus • !ubject !yllabus "etails &age Reports • !earch +eport &age • .ist the +eport &age Staff Module Profile • &rofile .

ea e !tatus "etails &age Salary • !alary "etails &age Mail • #ail .ist &age • Inbo$ &age • /ompose &age • !ent &age • Trash &age • "elete #ail &age Student • !tudent %ttendance *iew &age .ist &age • 4ook +eser e &age Lea!e • .ist &age Library • 4ook "etails &age • !earch 4ook &age • 4ooks .ist &age Time Table • Time Table .Attendance • %ttendance .

ist the !tudent 5 &opup the "etails $eedbac% • .eedback %dd &age Lea!e Application • +e-uest for .• !tudent %ttendance (pdated &age Assi#nment • %dd %ssignment &age • %ssignment *iew &age Exam Schedule • )$am !chedule &age • !yllabus .ea e !tatus &age • #essage .ea e %pplication &age • .ist &age • %dd )$am !chedule &age • *iew )$am !chedule &age Pro#ress Report • &rogress +eport *iew &age • %dd')dit &rogress +eport &age Search Student • !tudent !earch &age • .

• #essage . &opup to know the syllabus Sub)ect Syllabus • !ubject !yllabus .ist &age Attendance • %ttendance .ea e &age • .ist &age &age Report • +eport &age • *iew +eport &age Student Module: Profile • !tudent &rofile &age Time Table • Time Table .ist &age Exam Schedule • )$am !chedule .ea e !tatus &age $eedbac% .ist &age Apply Lea!e • %pply for .

ist &age • Inbo$ • /ompose • !ent • Trash .ist .ist the !earch 4ook &age • +eser e 4ook &age • &opup for reser ed books &ostel • Hostel &age • )$tra /urricular %cti ities &age Messa#e • #ail .ees &age for Indi idual • Total .ees !tructure &age Library • .• .eedback &age Pro#ress Report • &rogress +eport .ist &age • &rint the +eport $ees • .ibrary &age 1who are all lending books3 • !earch 4ook &age • .

ist .eedback &age *ircular • /ircular &age +us etails • 4us "etails &age Scholarship • !cholarship "etails &age .• "elete &ealth • Health &age Staff $eedbac%: • .otice +oard • 7otice 4oard &age • &opup for )$am !chedule &age Reports • !earch +eport &age • .ist the !earch Existin# System: .

The student academic system is computerized process which will reduces paper work for smart schools. searching old records of students manually and lots of paper work for managing class arrangements.SE : : : : Pentium III 766 MHz 128 MD SD RAM 15” COLOR 2 !" : 1&'' M" : : L! 52( T%S C)*m+ : L-. Hardware Requirements: PROCESSOR RAM MONITOR HARD DISK #LOPP$ DRI%E CDDRI%E KE$"OARD MO.In the e$isting system we don’t ha e any systematic manner in the student management if the administrator wants any student’s data in the database they need to find out data in manual system. student result and performance reports. This &ro ides security for managing student academics. !%! is proposed student de elopment life cycle which maintains student data of only one class. student result and performance records in a systematic manner.ite/) . student results and performance reports. It has scope for both student and admin to manage record and iew student information. class arrangement. Proposed System: (sing student academic system we can sol e problems occurred in e$isting system and maintains class arrangement. In this method we ha e se eral problems like loss of data.

e3&NET : Inte4net In5-4m*ti-n Se48e4 5& 5 MS9S:L SER%ER 2 0e.A!E 0E" TECHNOLO!$ 0E" SER%ER "ACK END REPORTS : : : : : : : 0in1-23 2 P4-5e33i-n*6 8 %i3u*6 Stu1i. #-4m D*t* !4i1 /-nt4-6 .&NET 2 %e43i-n 2& C7 &NET A/ti8e Se48e4 P*.Software Requirements: OPERATIN! S$STEM EN%IRONMENT &NET #RAME0ORK LAN!.