Weapon: Rank 3 Scytche Ability: Light Eater: The pitch black blade draws in light creating an optical i llusion

which gives the impresion as if it eat's light/emits darkness. (visual e ffect only) Telescopic Handle: the handle of the scytche is elastic and can strech(think whi p sword) , can also be split apart into pieces for easier transportation(think n ami staff) Arhaic Symbols: On the side of the blade there are strange symbols etched within the side of the blade, these symbols are coated in seastone. Not being near the edge means that the sharpness ain't affected yet the sea stone can still be use d vs DF users by hitting with the side of the scytche. Hidden Blade: At the end of the handle there is a hidden blade designed to turn a normally blunt strike from the end of the handle into a piercing one if the us er so desires. History: A copy of a cursed weapon, being a fake means that the curse is fake bu t also it's power is fake as well. FS: Phantom Scytche. -Phantom Series: The user lures the opponents eyes towards one direction before suddenly changing direction , thus creating the impresion of vanishing. Phantom Step: a foot technique which allows the user "vanish" from the o pponents sight.(doesn't teleport like soru, just vanishes from sight since the o pponents eyes cant keep track of his movements) Phantom Limb: Due to the constant slight changes in speed and movement t he opponent's eyes loses track of the said limb, as if the limb "vanished" -Illusiory Series: Similar to the phantom one but instead of completely vanishin g, the opponent sees multiple versions of the user as if he were drunk. Illusiory Step: similar to the phantom one but instead of vanishing, the opponent sees me as he was drunk or dizzy(he basically sees more then one of me ). Illusiory Limb: same story as illusiory step but only for the respective limb Image Step: A downgrade of his illusiory step tech, instead of creating real-time active images his movements create static "afterimages". Image Limb: the limb version of image step, the afterimages are only cre ated from the limb in question. - Blur Series: it works by adding inertia to his movement , thus allowing him to go faster then he normally would be able to. inertia is created by "mock stoppi ng", you stop your body for a split second then instantly move again along with the added momentum from the inertia speeding up the user beyond his normal speed . When this tech is used the user appears to be "twitching" when standing still and blury when moving. Blur Step: Another Step tech used by marcus but unlike the others this o ne actually speeds him up, soru restrictions apply. Blur Limb: Same inertia principal as the step counterpart but only appli ed to 1 limb. Speeds up the limb beyond what marcus is normally capable while st rikes done by using this tech have their damage increased(based on my agi) due t o increased momentum.

Flicker Shot: Another alteration of the Blur tech but this one is solely focused on the hands, specifically the fingers. Using the same inertia logic as the other "blurs" the user is able to fling projectiles at the chosen targets w ith his bare hands but still keep them at "ranged weapon level"(such as a bow/gu n/whatever). Damage is also increased by AGI not just STR as it would be for nor mally throwing stuff. -Other: Counter juggle: ability to grab projectiles out of flight and juggle the m without having them loose momentum, while being juggled the momentum increases for solid projectiles while liquid projectiles just keep theirs Trick Throw: Marcus simply throws an object towards his target but befor e going out of his range he grabs hold of the thrown item,while it's still in mi dair. Can be used just as a simple feint, to quickly change trajectory of thrown item by grabbing it and throwing it again,etc Light Show: Same principle as the Limb moves however now it's focused on a shiny item which is held(unlike the limb tech's only the items vanish instead of the hole arm). The shiny item along with the high speed movements will creat e optical illusions by using light, illusions will be along the lines of changin g the shape,length,form,etc of the item. these are all illusions though and the item doesn't change in reality. Stands to reason that this tech is more powerful when there's more light around and vice versa. Disarm/Steal: Due to his tricky nature he can disarm opponents by taking there weapon as long as it's not "glued" to their body in some way. (item targe ted must be within reach). If opponent's (Agi+Str)/2> my own (Agi+FS)/2 techniqu e fails(this only applies if the user is expecting it). Sleight of Hand bonus ap plies if tech is performed with hand. Bouncing Projectile: Ability to make projectiles(daggers,bullets,arrows, etc) bounce of several surfaces before hitting the intended target, thus allowin g the user to remove the usual weakness of having projectiles only travel in a s traight line. Slicing Potential: can use normally harmless objects such as poker cards to slice things( slicing power is obviously weaker then that of normal sharp ob jects but it's still good enough to provoke some serious injury's if it hits a w eak spot like the eyes or neck artery). If used with an already sharp object, in creases the sharpness of said object. Phantom defence(playing possum): an ability that allows the user to nega te or lessen the damage taken from blunt attacks while also fooling the opponent . User simply moves his body in the same direction as the impact just before the hit lands making it look as if he got it when in fact he threw himself back. ex ample with someone throws an uppercut at your chin, simply throw your head backw ards just before the fists connects making it look as if the punch connected. do esn't work versus sharp objects since they leave marks more easily then blunt at tacks. Phantom counter: similar to phantom defence but instead of trying to ful ly negate the attack, the user still takes a bit of the damage by delaying the m oment they throw themselfs along with the force of the impact. This is done in o rder to allow the body to be speed up by the kinetic force of the attack and add it to your own attack. Same uppercut as above, but this time instead of simply throwing your head back before it lands, just as it lands you throw your hole bo dy into a backflip and during the flip your leg delivers an upwards kick to the opponent. vacuum blade: by doing a slashing motion, the user creates a low pressur

e air blade(static or moving) that can block/weaken other airborne attacks by su cking the air out of the enemy attack. Passives:Sleight of Hand: due to his magician/illusionist training his hands can move faster then he normally could(25% bonus to agi, but only for arms). Bonus applies to any tech that involves his hands. Feint Mastery: Allows the user to swiftly switch between moves allowing for easier faints. Has a passive bonus which makes his feints more effective whi le he is resistant to others feints. Escape artist: He has trained in the arts of escapist, but rather then u sing it for show, he applies it to real situations. Can pick locks and escape/br eak out of almost any sort of imprisonment or restraint. Experienced Liar/Ussop spell: His lies are more convincing to the point that he can induce painfull images into the opponent with words alone. Scytche : Wind Blade: Generic wind attack Darkness Slash: With the help of the scytche's light eater ability, the user is able to send forth a wave of darkness, however this is not a real attack and only an optical illusion which deals no dmg by itself. Death Spin: User spins Scytche like a saw blade cutting anything it come s in contact with, another attack can be launched from the spin, increasing the power of the secondary attack. Ripper's Hook: User extends the scytche and stabs the blade into the tar get o pull himself or the target. Phantom Slash: User makes a slash towards the target while extending the scytche but aims to miss intentionally but continues the strike anyway so the s cytche keeps on extending, after the miss the scytche would be extended enough t o get behind the target at which time the user simply spins teh scytche 180 degr ees and pulls it back attacking from behind. (example, slash towards his neck, s cytche just slightly misses it then continues extending as it passes the target. Immediately after you spin the scytche so the blade would now be pointing behin d the targets neck and you pull it back). Deflecting Strike: Uses back of scytche to knock away enemy attack befor e following up with his own attack against the now open enemy. Double Slash: User makes a spinning slash then follows up with a second slash by continueing the spin and changing main hands. Ripper's Combo: A series of fluid strikes with both the side,back,handle ,and blade of the scytche. Gift of the Underworld: Using the scytches ability to detach the handle from the blade, the user can throw the blade like a boomerang. Ghost's Revenge: A Double high-low attack, first the user strikes a vert ical high/low swing with either the handle or the blade then reverses the swing and comes from bellow/above with the blade/handle Ghost Slash: Wielder uses his scythe to propel himself into the air and land behind the target while attacking in the process, the move is fast enough t hat it will leave an afterimage behind from the techniques origin point in order to confuse the opponent.

Trick Slash: wielder uses scythe as a support onto the ground while he d elivers a kick to the target, used to dodge attacks or confuse opponent. Suprise Blade: Taking off the last piece of the handle(the one with the blade hidden within) and holding it in the other hand, the user will attack with the scythe to distract or disrupt the opponents defense while aimming to stab t hem with hidden blade. Ghastly Guilotine: Marcus'execution move, Aiming a slash at a vital spot (usually the neck) Marcus uses his DF power to bypass the targets defense, then switches out the power before the slash is complete, thus being able to actually deal damage once the blade passed the targets defense. HeartSeeker: Marcus'second execution move, Stabbing the Scythe into the opponent with the help of his DF power as to bypass their defense, he will then switch out his power and remove the blade while wiggling it inside, causing seve re damage on the way out.