Feature Extraction with ENVI & ENVI LiDAR

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Introduction .

Vehicles etc. (Platforms) • Can be from Active or Passive Sensors . Satellites.Remote Sensing • Collecting information without being in physical contact with an object • Sensor can be mounted on an Aircraft.

Characteristics of a RS System .

30m. Landsat.g.g. SPOT.Imagery • From different Sensors (e. 50cm) . 1km. MODIS) • With different Resolutions (e.

5m) .g.5m) • Very high (e. Pleiades -0. Landsat-30m) • High (e.g. SPOT 5-2. MODIS-1km) • Medium (e.g.g.Spatial Resolution • Low (e.

What is Feature Extraction? • Process of finding and extracting specific objects of interest • • • • • • Building Footprints Roads network Trees canopy Satellite Imagery Aerial Photos LiDAR data • from Remotely Sensed data .

Current Feature Extraction Methods On-Board Digitizing On-screen/Heads-up Digitizing Supervised Classification .

Feature Extraction from Imagery .

• ENVI helps you extract information quickly and easily .What is ENVI? • Software for transforming imagery into information • There is a lot of information contained in imagery. • Imagery is essential for enabling people to understand the world.

Java. C++. C# . . Support • Spectral Classification • Feature Extraction • Change Detection • Remote Data Access EXTEND IDL.The Complete Image Processing Platform ENVI ENVI The Complete ACCESS • File Format Support ANALYZE • Visualizations • Data Prep & Registration SHARE • Geodatabases • Maps • Imagery • Publish Image Processing • Data Types Platform ENVI is the premier application for extracting • Sensor geospatial information from remotely-sensed imagery.Net.

Workflow Results . • Computing attributes for each region to create objects.Feature Extraction Workflow • Segmenting an image into regions of pixels. • Classifying the objects by applying rules.

Rule Based Feature Extraction • Extracting specific features of interest using rules • Based on the following object’s characteristics: .

and fields. buildings. coastlines. • Identify them as objects like vehicles. lakes. rivers. roads. • User-friendly tools .ENVI Feature Extraction Module • Find and extract specific objects of interest from all types of imagery.

ENVI Feature Extraction Module • You can modify parameters and data at any stage of the process • Includes Unique step-by-step workflows simplifies previously complex image analysis tasks .

Demo Extract With ENVI FX .

Feature Extraction from LiDAR .

or mobile methods . terrestrial.LiDAR • Combination of Light and RaDAR • Light Detection and Ranging • Operated at 532 to 1550 nm in EM spectrum • It is an Active Sensor • Data can be collected through aerial.

How it Works • Measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser and analyzing the reflected light .

ENVI LiDAR • Software for Airborne LiDAR data processing • Provides automatic solution for point cloud data processing • Transforms geo-referenced point clouds into GIS layers and 3D models • Processes large quantities of data quickly .

Power poles 6. Buildings 4. DSM 3.Feature Extraction from LiDAR 1. Trees 7. Photorealistic 3D . Power lines 5. DEM 2. Contours 8.

Demo Extract With ENVI LiDAR .

gov/data/ http://www.nascom.gov laadsweb.glovis.nasa.Resources • • • • www.com/ProductsServices/ENVIPr oducts.com/ http://exelisvis.usgs.astrium-geo.aspx .

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