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Dear Mr Walter FOI Reference No: FOI-2013127/2364 Thank you for your request for information received by West Yorkshire Police on 09 December 2013. Please accept our apologies of the delay in dealing with your request. You requested the following information: I would like to request the following information regarding each hovering flight of the Police helicopter over my town of Newbury during the last year (from 1st December 2012 to 31st November 2013): 1. Date and time of hovering flight 2. Reason for flight (for example, "Missing person", "Assault" etc). I cannot find publicly available information on NPAS Benson which covers my town even though this information is readily available via Twitter for residents in other areas across the country. **Clarification provided 13.12.13** Date, time & number of tasks performed in the Newbury area together with a breakdown of the nature of those tasks **Clarification provided 20.12.13** Content to receive information about flights from the Benson base only Please see the below table showing flights over the Newbury area from the Benson base only between 4th August 2013 and 30th November 2013.
Date 01-Dec-12 01-Dec-12 05-Dec-12 08-Dec-12 14-Dec-12 15-Dec-12 29-Dec-12 Take Off 18:50 17:48 22:25 1:35 22:48 1:25 3:25 Task Type Decamp Burglary Non-Dwelling Firearms Incident Burglary Non-Dwelling Other Burglary Non-Dwelling Fear for Welfare Search

29-Dec-12 23-Jan-13 25-Feb-13 02-Mar-13 06-Mar-13 08-Mar-13 17-Apr-13 21-Apr-13 08-May-13 09-May-13 23-May-13 24-May-13 26-May-13 30-May-13 02-Jun-13 06-Jun-13 06-Jun-13 07-Jun-13 13-Jun-13 19-Jun-13 19-Jun-13 22-Jun-13 30-Jun-13 04-Jul-13 05-Jul-13 11-Jul-13 11-Jul-13 17-Jul-13 22-Jul-13 04-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 11-Aug-13 16-Aug-13 20-Aug-13 25-Aug-13 25-Aug-13 08-Sep-13 26-Sep-13 29-Sep-13 30-Sep-13 30-Sep-13 30-Sep-13 02-Oct-13 11-Oct-13 17-Oct-13

1:40 14:13 18:45 14:45 20:35 16:10 16:35 1:50 11:29 1:20 19:16 11:15 23:25 17:10 0:50 16:30 11:15 23:42 1:46 21:35 18:55 19:35 19:10 13:00 20:15 20:10 19:45 1:05 14:01 20:05 21:45 13:05 16:35 2:20 22:35 19:00 18:15 23:50 2:15 14:10 14:00 10:10 3:17 2:45 21:35

Suspicious Circs/Inc Suspicious Circs/Inc Other Photo/Video Fear for Welfare Search Misper Search Decamp Other Fear for Welfare Search Fear for Welfare Search Suspicious Circs/Inc Foot Pursuit Burglary Dwelling Misper Search Suspicious Circs/Inc Suspicious Circs/Inc Burglary Dwelling Theft Fear for Welfare Search Firearms Incident Firearms Incident Fear for Welfare Search Firearms Incident Photo/Video Photo/Video Firearms Incident Observer Training Suspicious Circs/Inc Photo/Video Ops Support - Other Search - Misper Search - Misper Search - CFW / Injured Person Search - Suspect Search - Vehicle Search - Misper Search - Vehicle Search - Other Search - Other Search - Suspect Search - CFW / Injured Person Search - Misper Pursuit - Vehicle Search - Misper Search - Vehicle

21-Oct-13 30-Oct-13 03-Nov-13 07-Nov-13 17-Nov-13 29-Nov-13

17:10 18:00 13:15 17:10 14:05 17:12

Search - Misper Search - Vehicle Search - Suspect Search - CFW / Injured Person Search - Misper Search - Misper

Please note that there were changes to the logging of flights changed in August 2013 therefore the ‘task type’ data appears slightly different from this date. ‘Other’ relates to incidents which do not fit into the pre-set categories. Police helicopters from other bases may have also attended the area. The above incidents occurred either in Newbury or the surrounding area. Instances when a helicopter has flown over Newbury on route to a different town are not included.

COMPLAINT RIGHTS If you are not satisfied with how this request has been handled or with the information provided, please read the advice notice attached to this letter. If you do wish to take up your right of complaint, please remember to quote the reference number above in any future correspondence. Yours sincerely Sue Durham Force Information Manager

********************************************************************************* COMPLAINT RIGHTS ********************************************************************************* 1. Are you unhappy with how your request has been handled or do you think the decision is incorrect? You have the right to request that West Yorkshire Police review their decision. Prior to lodging a formal complaint you are welcome and encouraged to discuss the decision with the case officer that dealt with your request. 2. Ask to have the decision looked at again The quickest and easiest way to have the decision looked at again is to telephone the case officer that is nominated at the end of your decision letter. That person will be able to discuss the decision, explain any issues and assist with any problems. 3. Complaint If you are dissatisfied with the handling procedures or the decision of West Yorkshire Police made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 regarding access to information, you can lodge a written complaint to have the decision internally reviewed. A West Yorkshire Police internal review of your decision will be carried out by a senior member of staff, who is fully trained in interpreting Freedom of Information legislation, yet is independent with regards to the original decision made, i.e. has never previously been involved with your request. Complaints will only be treated as valid if they are received by West Yorkshire Police within a 60 day timeframe from the date of the decision letter. They must include the original FOI Reference Number and can only be submitted in writing by using the following contact details: or West Yorkshire Police FOI Internal Reviews PO Box 9 Laburnum Road Wakefield WF1 3QP In all possible circumstances West Yorkshire Police will aim to complete and respond to your internal review within 20 working days; however this date may be extendable in exceptional circumstances by another 20 working days. 4. The Information Commissioner If you are still dissatisfied with the internal review decision made by West Yorkshire Police, you may then make an application to the Information Commissioner for a decision on whether the request for information has been dealt with in accordance with the requirements of the Act. For information on how to make application to the Information Commissioner please visit their website at

Alternatively, you can phone their helpline or write to them at: Information Commissioner's Office Wycliffe House Water Lane Wilmslow Cheshire SK9 5AF FOI Help Line: 0303 1231113