Page-1 Marks 75 Computer (Semester 1) Instructor: Shahzad Arain Shahzad.cdcu@gmail.

com NAME: Section A: Short Answer Questions [20 marks] Qno. 1 1. What is operating system? 2. Define the method of CUT-COPY-PASTE in windows? 3. Write the Important Features of MS Word? 4. Describe the various options available in the main menu bar of Ms-Word? 5. In Word, which is the best view to use if you're running low on resources? 6. Define Tack Change option and Task Pane? 7. How can you highlight text without using the mouse? 8. Which keyboard shortcut bolds selected text? 9. How do you save a document in word? 10. What is the function of UNDO command? Qno 2 .Define with example? [10 marks] 1. Vlookup in excel 2.Mail merge in word

Section B: Fill in the Blanks: [20 marks]
1. CTRL + S key is used for _______________________ 2. Print Preview is for _______________________ _______________________

3. Microsoft Word is

4. _______________ Key moves your cursor from one cell to the next in a table. 5. In page preview mode you can see _______________________ 6. F2 key is used for

7. _______________________Keyboard shortcut bolds selected text. 8. Task pane is _______________________
9. Vlookup is used for _______________________________ 10. Ms Power point program is used for _________________________

Section C: True/False: [20 marks]

Page-2 1. The Table AutoFormat command is located under the Format drop down menu.(T/F) 2. Selecting a table and pressing the Del key will delete a table. (T/F) 3. You can use either a numbered or lettered format for numbering lists. (T/F)
4. Word has three ways to copy text. (T/F)

5. You can move and copy text both within documents and between documents. (T/F) 6. You can change the font in your document by use the Font menu on the Formatting toolbar (T/F) 7. Ms Access program is used for storing power point slides. (T/F) 8. MS word data can export in power point (T/F) 9. Mail merge is used for to remove duplicate (T/F) 10. Countif formula is used in Power Point to remove slide animation (T/F)

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