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Global overview

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About ISIA

Established in 1989
1989, ISIA brings a complete
complete, flexible and pragmatic solution to
complex industrialization problems.

A complete Solution and Service approach.
A strong R&D investment strategy to strengthen our offer.

ISIA employs 33 people and in 2008 achieved a turnover of 2,4M€.

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Dedicated to 
improving our clients'
improving our clients
and responsiveness

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Company Culture

A global offer
Consultants and project directors from various industries who bring their business expertise
at each step of the project :

Consultancy / Conception / Training / Support

An engineering approach
DIAPASON’s advanced customization functions meet your exact industry needs.

A commitment to results
ISIA guarantees the success of each project with its turnkey implementation offer.

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Twenty Years of Experience

A wide expertise into DIAPASON © ERP system integration

ISIA has led every project to success in various customer’s
customer s contexts (industrial problematics
business sizes, industry).
All the benefits of these experiences are in DIAPASON©.

Remarkable customer loyalty

Our customers continuously expand their information systems through DIAPASON ©.
E.g.: Lapeyre Group since 1992.

1992… …2008

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Multiple References

Partner of industry leaders :

Windows and doors manufacturers

LAPEYRE group, SIMPA group…

Modular structures

Events organization
GL Events

DIAPASON© ERP system :

50 sites
3000 users

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Our references

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Productivity & Responsiveness

Automate and optimize treatments

From order entry to final billing

• Generate productivity gains

• Eliminate manufacturing risks
• Improve customer service
• Enable a global quality approach

Improve companies’ responsiveness

In order to manage every type of evolution

• Immediately integrate structural and organizational changes

• Share data and maximize teams’
teams responsiveness
• Quickly create and modelize new product and service offers
• Free managers in order to focus on innovation

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Application’s Philosophy

Specific Standard
development ? software

Advantages : Advantages :
• Tailored solution • Reliability
• Control of evolutions • Functional adaptability
• Controlled budget
Disadvantages :
• Dependence on development team Disadvantages :
• Budget & delays not controlled • Uncovered needs
• Too structured and constraining
• Useless functionalities

DIAPASON© takes into account your industry and organizational needs with its
unique customization functions

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Application’s Philosophy

DIAPASON© ERP solution is :




DIAPASON allows to modelize its standard functions to the customer’s specific

needs :
• Customize the solution and adapt it to your particular needs
• Avoid specific development
• Ensure responsiveness and adaptability
• Fully backward compatible to upgrades
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Ergonomy Strengths

Technology : dynamic construction

Adaptable screens to users’ profile
« Smart » contextual menus
p y choice : table or graph
Display g p mode
Microsoft Office friendly

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Access Modes to DIAPASON

3 access modes are available :

Classic client/server

Web (orders entry)


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Data Management with DIAPASON©

DIAPASON includes a standard document library :

Quotes, orders,
d workshop
k h lleaves, llogistics
i i d documents, invoices…
i i

Any data can be extracted to :

Microsoft Office, Crystal Reports, printers, email, XML…

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DIAPASON has a native Multi companies/Multi sites/Multi sectors architecture

Solution designed to manage global flows in a multi companies, multi sites and sales, industrial
and logistical activities architecture.

This architecture
Thi hit t ensures consolidation
lid ti across companies
i while
hil maintaining
i t i i each
h entity's
tit '

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DIAPASON’s functionalities

Configuration Commercial Purchasing Production Logistics Finance After-sales

Sales Demands
Sales Contracts Planification Conditioning Costs
configuratior management

Technical Invoice Interventions

CRM* Supplies Orders Tours
configuratior control management

Prices Analytical
Payments Follow up Handhelds
Discounts structure

Payments Machines Writings

conrol Generation

Quality management

Stocks management

* Being developped ** Multi companies / Multi sites / Multi sectors
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Integration services

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DIAPASON implementation

Several formulas to match your needs

Ensure the
h project’s
j ’ success whatever
h the
h customer’s
’ iinternall IT resources.

A secured integration
ISIA’s turnkey formula is particularly popular : ISIA is committed to the functional results, delays
and budgets.

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Project phases

A successful project approach

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Typical integration planning
Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4 Period 5 Period 6






Operationnal setting


Training (discontinuous)

Installation Installation

Transfer of skills

Project management

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Success stories

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LAPEYRE group has an integrated industrial network of 15 plants and offers exclusive
kitchens, windows, doors and stairs.

Some figures:

12 000 employees
Turnover : 1,7 billion €
About 350 sales agencies
15 manufacturing g sites

“With DIAPASON, LAPEYRE has a global visibility on the activities of its different units of
production [facilitating responsiveness to customer orders] and an optimized accountant
g [[favoring
g costs control ]].”
Christophe CHAPET, IT director, LAPEYRE group

DIAPASON implementation : 1992

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Global specialist of office layout, CLESTRA designs, manufactuures and markets curtain
walls installation et integrated
g metal ceilings.
g The company
p y also offers services and advice
before and after the installation of its products.
Three plants and 26 agencies
Turnover : 180 M€
1200 employees worlwide

CLESTRA ‘s project is particularly interesting considering the use of multi-level configuration

scenarios for business treatment

Level 1 :
Configuration for profitability analysis (potential margin calculation)
Level 2 :
Configuration for needs forecast planning and tasks sequencing
Level 3 :
Configuration for operationnal planning
DIAPASON has been implemented in a « turnkey » formula.

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CORALU group

Industrial joinery working wood, aluminum and PVC, Paralu is a supplier of fencing, pool
fences doors and windows and custom woodwork :

68 000 m2 of production area spread over 7 sites in France

3 sales networks : individuals, professionals, construction sites
7 lines of products : Aluminium, uPVC, wooden and alu/wooden joinery, guardrail,
protection barriers, curtain walls.
900 employees including 320 created over the last three years
+ 125 % growth over 3 years
Turnover : 120 M€

“DIAPASON,, with its flexibilityy and adaptability,

p y, allows us to respond
p to the complex
p p
of managing our various activities, multi-material, multi-site of production, multi-distribution
networks and facilitate the integration of new companies within the group in our external
growth strategy.”

Philippe BARRY, IT director, CORALU group

DIAPASON implementation
p : 2001

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4 rue St Honoré
Tél : 0033 562 451 621
Email :

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