I Don’t Follow Signs And Wonders

They Follow Me!
Charles and Frances Hunter

Foreword 1. 2. 3. 4. $. #. 7. 2. +. 1,. 11. 12. 13. Signs and Wonders Follow ...and Follow ...and Follow The Pluses of Jet-Lag The Mira le of Manila Let!s Fl" into the Morning Sun Let!s %o&e 'a ( to the )S* Let!s -o to a .ealing /01losion That Was So -ood Let!s go to *nother Fifteen on The 3i hter S ale 'low the Tru&1et 4n 5ion 6ee1 /01loding7 %o&e *long The Mira les of the Wild West 'etter than 'ar-'-8ued 3i9s 4 7 34 47 #2 +, 1, 3 12 , 13 4 14 # 1# 1 1# 7 12 # 1+ 4

14. 1$. 1#. 17. 12.

:on!t S&ell the -ar9age ;e<er a :ull Mo&ent We .a<e a =Wa"> with 3e1orters %at h the ?ision The .eart %r" of -od and Jesus

2, 2 2, + 23 , 24 , 24 $

=*nd there are also &an" things that Jesus did@ whi h if the" were written one 9" one@ 4 su11ose that e<en the world itself ould not ontain the 9oo(s that would 9e written. *&en> AJohn 2 1B2$C. 3e entl" we 9egan to reread so&e of the &ira les whi h ha<e 9een re1orted in our ta9loids Anews1a1ersC@ and the .ol" S1irit s1o(e and said@ =These &ira les annot die with the ta9loids@ the" &ust 9e 1reser<ed in a 9oo(@ e<en though there is not roo& enough to ontain the& all.> That!s when .e dire ted our ne0t 9oo( to 9e hroni led@ and the title a&e@ “I Don’t Follow Signs and Wonders... They Follow Me!” ;ot onl" are we going to share what has ha11ened to and through us@ 9ut we are going to share so&e signs and wonders whi h ha<e ha11ened through others who ha<e ta(en our =.ow To .eal the Si (> training and who are ste11ing out in faith and 9e o&ing a 9elie<er of a tion7 :on!t sto1 until "ou ha<e read the last 1age 9e ause it!s a fa9ulous olle tion of signs and wonders. This is the hour of the 9elie<er when -od is alling e<er" 9elie<er to o&e off of their o&forta9le soft 1added 1ews@ and 9egin to 9e &en and wo&en who a tuall" ause the words of Jesus to 9e o&e a realit" in toda"!s li<ing7 -od has 1ut into our hearts and souls that we &ust tea h the 9elie<er that =4f %harles and Fran es an do it@ "ou an do it@ too7 = ...and also =4f Jesus did it@ "ou an do it@ too@ onl" "ou an do greater things 9e ause .e said so in .is Word7> AJohn 14B12C. This is the <er" ore of our 9eing. This is the <er" 9reath of our li<es. Dur tea hings on .DW TD ./*L T./


S4%6 are the tools whi h ha<e 9een used worldwide to en ourage the 9elie<er that this is .4S hour7 Jesus said@ =-o therefore and &a(e dis i1les of all the nations...> AMatthew 2+B12C. :uring our .ealing /01losions we ha<e trained thousands through the 9oo(s and <ideo ta1es .DW TD ./*L T./ S4%6E that in the na&e of Jesus and 9" the 1ower of the .ol" S1irit we an a o&1lish signs@ wonders and &ira les e<en in the twentieth entur". =Jesus %hrist is the sa&e "esterda"@ toda"@ and fore<er> A.e9rews 13B2C. .e has not hanged one single 9it7 Man" of the 1eo1le who ha<e had their li<es hanged through these e0 iting .ealing /01losions@ ha<e written or told us what ha11ened to the& as the" too( the 'i9le as a 1ersonal hallenge fro& the Lord Jesus. We are intertwining their stories along ours throughout this 9oo( so "ou will 9elie<e 9e"ond a shadow of a dou9t that signs and wonders a tuall" do follow *LL 9elie<ers@ and that in ludes FD)7 *s "ou read through our stories and the testi&onies fro& other 1eo1le@ "ou will see that =-od is no res1e ter of 1ersons>. These testi&onies are fro& "oung hildren@ teenagers@ "oung adults@ &iddle-aged &en and wo&en@ 1eo1le fro& e<er" deno&ination and nation and e<er" wal( of life. Man" of the& ha<e heard of the great signs and wonders whi h ha<e ha11ened at 1ast .ealing /01losions fro& friends and neigh9ors and lo<ed ones who ha<e 9een tou hed 9" the &ight" hand of -od7 4t would 9e i&1ossi9le for us to write a9out e<er" sign and wonder whi h has followed us o<er the "ears@ si&1l" 9e ause there wouldn!t 9e enough roo& to ontain the&@ nor an we re&e&9er the& all@ 9e ause the" ha<e ha11ened in su h astrono&i al nu&9ers. #

4t would also 9e i&1ossi9le for us to 1rint ea h and e<er" letter of testi&on" whi h has 9een written a9out the &an" great signs and wonders whi h ha<e o urred sin e our tea hings on .DW TD ./*L T./ S4%6 9egan ir ling the glo9eE 9ut we ha<e sele ted so&e of our &ost fa<orite signs and wonders stories and a s&all sa&1ling of what has ha11ened a ross the world 9" ordinar" e<er"da" &ira le-wor(ing dis i1les 9e ause the" ha<e 9een trained =how to heal the si (> and ha<e attended one or &ore of the great .ealing /01losions in their areas. Man" of the& ha<e a tuall" had to tra<el a ross the glo9e to 9e in attendan e@ and are now holding .ealing /01losions in their own ountries@ whi h is e0a tl" as Jesus 1lanned it. So&e of these letters will 9e 1rinted in their entiret". So&e of the& will 9e e0 er1ted. Sin e the" ha<e not 9een written 9" 1rofessional writers@ so&e of the& ha<e not used 1ro1er gra&&ar@ "et 9e ause of the anointing of the .ol" S1irit u1on the&@ the" need to 9e read fro& 9eginning to end in order to see what has ha11ened and how these signs and wonders are a11earing. Ma" this ins1ire "ou to go and do li(ewise7 %harles and Fran es .unter


by Frances 4 LD?/ T./ S)P/3;*T)3*L7 4 guess one of the reasons is that 4 was 9orn into the (ingdo& of -od through a su1ernatural e01erien e. *s a result@ 4 asso iate all things on erning -od and Jesus %hrist totall" with the su1ernatural. .ow well 4 re&e&9er the night -od wi1ed all the 1rinting off of the 1age of &" 'i9le where Psal& 23 was written@ and re<ealed a snow white 1age. Then .e 1ro eeded to write on it in the 9rilliant red 9lood of Jesus %hrist7 The words .e wrote were life- hangingB =Fran es -ardner Athat was &" na&e thenC@ 4 lo<e "ou7> Fi<e words were all that .e wrote@ 9ut it was enough to &a(e &e realiGe for the first ti&e in &" life that -od lo<ed &e as an indi<idual@ and not Hust as =the world>. %harles! life was also totall" hanged through the su1ernatural. *fter thirt"-one "ears as a leader of a hur h@ he was o&1letel" transfor&ed and 9a1tiGed with the fire of the .ol" S1irit 9" &a(ing a si&1le state&ent to -odB =Ta(e all of &" life and &a(e &e s1irituall" what FD) want &e to 9e7> *nd he was transfor&ed in the twin(ling of an e"e after all those "ears of tr"ing to li<e a hol" life7 4t was onl" natural that our lo<e affair should 9e su1ernatural. We &et and &arried without e<er ha<ing a date@ or e<er seeing ea h other fro& the ti&e we &et until we were &arried Hust eight"-eight da"s later. These stories 2

are told in 1re<ious 9oo(s@ God is Fabulous Follow Me and My !o"e #$$air with %harles. *nd 4 su11ose that it was onl" natural that our wal( with -od would 9e totall" in the su1ernatural7 -od had ordained fro& the <er" 9eginning of ti&e that we should wal( in the &ira ulous7 Man" of the su1ernatural ha11enings in our li<es are re orded in our first thirt"-two 9oo(s@ 9ut 9e ause -od is in reasing the te&1o of .is su1ernatural a ts@ and there is a hea<enl" a eleration going on toda" whi h has ne<er 9een e01erien ed 9efore@ we ha<e 9een en ouraging other 1eo1le to wal( in the su1ernatural of -od at all ti&es. 4 was rereading our 9oo( Since &esus 'assed (y re entl" and was a&aGed to dis o<er so&ething that we wrote in 1+73. The .ol" S1irit (new then what we would 9e doing toda"B =The desire of our hearts has alwa"s 9een to 9reathe a real dis i1leshi1 into the li<es of others. 4t!s fun to see ongregations get all e0 ited@ 9ut 9efore we re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit@ we so&eti&es wondered what ha11ened after we left. :id the" ontinue on@ or did the" dro1 9a ( into lu(e-war&ness in Hust a little whileI The endue&ent of 1ower fro& on high whi h o&es with the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit alls 1eo1le out of the ran(s to ser<e -od as one of those Paul s1o(e a9out Jwho will@ in turn@ 1ass the& Agreat truthsC on to others! =4n the re<i<als of the 1ast@ 1eo1le ha<e often worshi11ed an Jidol!@ and felt -od ould &o<e onl" through an Jidol!@ 9ut ertainl" not through an ordinar" indi<idual. We 1ro9a9l" thought the sa&e thing oursel<es "ears ago@ 9ut through the 1ower of the .ol" S1irit wherein we 6;DW we ha<e the <er" 1ower of -od in our li<es@ the ordinar" la"&an is rea hing out to tou h others@ and S1irit+

filled 1astors are dis o<ering the .ol" S1irit is 9estowing the gifts of the S1irit in generous Kuantities to those who will as(. *n Jidol! is not ne essar" - onl" the &o<ing of -od!s .ol" S1irit.> There is a s ri1ture whi h is so 9urned in our hearts we an hardl" thin( of an"thing else. 4t is as though -od 1la ed a red-hot 9rand on our hearts whi h ontained the -reat %o&&ission of the 'i9le. =-o into all the world and 1rea h the gos1el to e<er" reature. .e who 9elie<es and is 9a1tiGed will 9e sa<edE 9ut he who does not 9elie<e will 9e onde&ned. *nd these signs will follow those who 9elie<eB 4n M" na&e the" will ast out de&onsE the" will s1ea( with new tonguesE the" will ta(e u1 ser1ents@ and if the" drin( an"thing deadl"@ it will 9" no &eans hurt the&E the" will la" hands on the si (@ and the" will re o<er> AMar( 1#B1$-12C@ We li<e it@ we eat it@ we slee1 it@ we lo<e it@ we thin( it@ we s1ea( it and we do it at all ti&es7 *lthough this s ri1ture has 9een there all the ti&e@ it see&s as though -od has shined down a 9right light on it@ and the entire world is o&ing ali<e to the fa t that ea h of us &ust 9e out there doing what Jesus told us to do7 Man" ti&es %hristians thin( that going to hur h is running to the altar e<er" Sunda" with the sa&e 1ro9le&s as the" had the wee( 9efore@ then going out and li<ing through the wee( Hust as the" did 1re<iousl"@ and then returning to the altar the ne0t Sunda" with the sa&e 1ro9le&s7 4t an 9e a ontinuous thing e<er" wee( of the "ear until we learn to wal( in the wa" -od 1lanned. Toda" 9elie<ers are 9e o&ing real =doers> of the Word. *nd where<er we ha<e ta(en this &essage of the 9elie<er doing the wor(@ it has s1read li(e wildfire. There is re<i<al going on all o<er the world. 1,

We!re going to as( "ou to wal( with us through a 1ortion of two "ears of our li<es. The sa&e signs and wonders that follow us want to follow FD)7 %o&e along and ha<e fun7 Starting with the &onth of Januar"@ 1+2#@ we want "ou to run with us through so&e of our e0 iting &eetings and .ealing /01losions. We started off 1re1aring for the .ealing /01losion in Ja (son<ille@ and eight da"s in Florida 1ro<ided a su1ernatural har<est of so&e of the &ost tre&endous &ira les we ha<e e<er seen. We attended a 1astors! and leaders! &eeting at %harlotte@ ;.%. and &et the 1astor of the %al<ar" *sse&9l" of -od hur h in Dr&ond 'ea h@ Florida. .e in<ited us to o&e to his hur h on the one night still a<aila9le in our Florida s hedule and insisted he ould 1ut a good &eeting together in four da"s. More than 1@,,, 1eo1le showed u1 to Ha& the hur h whi h shows that a good &eeting an 9e 1ut together Kui (l" if "ou reall" get the <ision. We tal(ed for a few &inutes on erning the &ira ulous things -od is doing toda". Then we as(ed if there was an"one in the audien e who had tre&endous 1ain. We re1eated the state&ent so e<er"one would (now we onl" wanted those who had <er" serious 1ain in their 9od" at that 1arti ular &o&ent. D<er on the right side of the hur h a girl lifted her hand. She was a Southern 'a1tist girl who had gone to the do tor that afternoon for her final he (-u1 9efore surger" on Wednesda". Dn her wa" to the do tor she had seen the sign in front of the hur h whi h said@ =Mira le Ser<i e Tonight with %harles and Fran es .unter>. *fter she 1assed the sign@ the .ol" S1irit dro11ed a thought into her &ind. She &ight not ha<e realiGed it was 11

the .ol" S1irit@ 9ut it was. The thought whi h went through her &ind was@ =%ould -od reall" do it toda"I :oes -od still heal toda"I Would -od heal &eI> She thought a9out this and 1ondered a9out the tea hing she had 1re<iousl" re ei<ed on whether or not -od still heals toda". She de ided she had nothing to lose@ so she had so&e friends 9ring her to the hur h that night. The ushers assisted her u1 onto the stage 9e ause she was in su h agon" she ould not wal( 9" herself. Pain was o9<ious with e<er" ste1 she too( and e<er" word she s1o(e. * hiro1ra tor was in the audien e and we as(ed hi& to e0a&ine her. .e re onfir&ed the fa t that she had an area of great s1as& there whi h indi ated a ru1tured dis . This was on Monda" night 9efore the s heduled surger" on Wednesda". The 'i9le sa"s we an = all into 9eing those things whi h do not e0ist as though the" did>@ so we sat her down in a hair and o&&anded a new dis to for& in her 9a (. .er legs were &ade une<en 9" the 1ull in the 9a ( and when the su1ernatural 1ower of -od went into her s1ine@ her leg went 9a ( into 1ro1er 1osition. 'efore we e<er told her to getu1@ the girl Hu&1ed out of her seat and said@ =4t doesn!t hurt an" &ore7 4t doesn!t hurt an" &ore7 4t doesn!t hurt an" &ore7> She 9egan to run 9a ( and forth a ross the stage. The entire hur h stood u1 and s rea&ed with e0 ite&ent7 The rostru& was raised three ste1s a9o<e the auditoriurn floor@ so we suggested she wal( u1 and down the three stairs to &a(e real sure she was healed. She sho (ed the entire hur h@ 9ut 1ro9a9l" &ost of all the hiro1ra tor as she <er" slowl" wal(ed to the 9a ( of the stage and then ran all the wa" a ross the stage and


L/*P/: out into the audien e@ landed on her feet and too( off running. The hiro1ra tor 1ut his hand o<er his e"es and ried@ =Dh@ no7> She (e1t right on running with a9solutel" no 1ain@ and the hiro1ra tor said@ =4f -od hadn!t healed her@ she would ha<e Hust e01loded her 9a (7> Praise -od@ it didn!t e01lode her 9a (@ 9ut it did =e01lode> the hur h. Faith rose u1 so high that s ores of &ira les followed this first one7 She a&e forward and re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit at the end of the ser<i e and did not need the surger". 3ight after that there was a &an who was eight"- two "ears old who was all shri<eled u1 with arthritis and didn!t loo( li(e he weighed &u h &ore than eight"-two 1ounds. .e had 9ad his sto&a h re&o<ed@ he had atro1hied &us les in his legs@ ar&s and feet@ and was full of 1ain and arthritis. .e had not 9een a9le to eat for a long@ long ti&e. We &inistered healing to the arthritis first 9" asting out the s1irit@ and then we o&&anded a new sto&a h to for& in his 9od" and all 1ain to lea<e. This old &an got u1 and dan ed on the stage 9e ause all the 1ain was gone7 .e was so e0 ited7 .e said he was going to go right ho&e and eat 9la (-e"ed 1eas@ orn9read and 9utter&il(. .alleluHah7 A;oteB We were 9a ( in the area a &onth later@ and his friends re1orted that was e0a tl" what he did - gorged hi&self on 9la (-e"ed 1eas@ orn9read and 9utter&il(7C 4t was a night of great reHoi ing as &an" were healed of all (inds of diseases@ in luding one &an who was d"ing with an er. .e ould hardl" wal(. .e was in tre&endous 1ain and had a horri9le death-li(e olor. We o&&anded the foul s1irit of an er to o&e out in the na&e of Jesus@ o&&anded all the an er ells to die@ and o&&anded the 13

&arrow of his 9ones to 9egin to &anufa ture good red 9lood. .e wal(ed awa" with his ane in the air@ olor had returned to his fa e@ and he was reHoi ing 9e ause he had a9solutel" no 1ain left7 -od ontinues to do the &ira ulous and signs and wonders will follow the 9elie<er@ if we!ll Hust get out there and fulfill the -reat %o&&ission. Then the 9oo( of * ts &o<ed to St. *ugustine@ Florida where the so- alled =fountain of "outh> is lo ated@ and we told the& we had found the fountain of "outh in Jesus %hrist. * &edi al do tor and two hiro1ra tors were there so we had three do tors e0a&ining those to who& we were &inistering. Dne of the &ost e0 iting &ira les on erned a 9eautiful 9la ( lad" who had 9een in an auto&o9ile a ident thirteen &onths 1rior. She was in e0 ru iating 1ain in 9oth her ne ( and 9a (. We as(ed one of the hiro1ra tors to e0a&ine her and he said@ =4 don!t ha<e to. She!s &" 1atient and after treating her for thirteen &onths@ 4 told her that there is nothing else 4 an do for her.> .e had done e<er"thing he (new how to do@ and she was still in agon". We si&1l" o&&anded total healing in the na&e of Jesus@ and what 1ower there is in that na&e7 *ll 1ain left instantl"7 She stood on the stage 9ending in all dire tions and doing all sorts of ontortions and was o&1letel" on<in ed that she was totall" healed. She wal(ed off the stage@ and when she got to the aisle leading u1 the side of the hur h to her seat@ she had a =Pente ostal fit> that would ha<e thrilled an"one 9e ause her 9a ( and ne ( were going in all dire tions at the sa&e ti&e. She had a9solutel" no 1ain whatsoe<er. She had wal(ed off of the


stage in su h a dignified &anner that the =Pente ostal fit> was a sho ( to e<er"one@ 9ut what a &essage it arried7 *nother one we alled u1 was a lad" who was wearing a ne ( 9ra e. She was 1ale@ full of 1ain and had 9een 9edridden for three "ears. *fter she was e0a&ined 9" all three do tors@ the" agreed there were three ru1tured dis s there. She had a9solutel" no range of &otion whatsoe<er. We o&&anded three new dis s to o&e into 1la e@ and she 9egan to laugh and &o<e her head and then laugh and &o<e her head &ore and &ore and she ontinued to laugh all throughout the ser<i e. So&e 1eo1le reall" get .ol" -host Ho" when the" are healed and it shows all o<er the& and &elts the hearts of the audien e as well. She was still laughing when she left the hur h. :r. Ji& .a"es@ a general 1ra titioner in the St. *ugustine area@ was the &edi al do tor who had 9een assisting us on the stage. *fter he wat hed so &an" 1eo1le 9eing healed@ he as(ed if he ould 1ossi9l" 9e healed. *nd@ of ourse@ "ou 6;DW what we said7 .e told us he had fallen fro& a se ond stor" 9uilding at the age of four. The fall had i&1a ted his s1ine and as a result he had lower 9a ( s1as&s and hroni 1ain. .e. then said that for the 1ast "ear he had 9een una9le to lift an"thing@ wal( Kui (l" or e<en 9end o<er without e01erien ing se<ere s1as& and 1ain. .e had 9een under the are of an ortho1edi surgeon and an osteo1ath for a9out si0 &onths with so&e i&1ro<e&ent@ 9ut was still Kuite li&ited 9" 1ain and stiffness. .e said in a letter whi h he &ailed to us shortl" after that@ =When "ou laid hands on &e and grew out &" right leg and o&&anded &" 1el<is to rotate and &" 9a ( to 9e nor&al in the na&e of Jesus@ 4 was instantl" healed7


=*s "ou re&e&9er@ 4 i&&ediatel" 9ent o<er and tou hed &" toes with &" (nees un9ent - so&ething 4 ne<er was a9le to do. 4 ha<e 9een sharing this &ira le with &" 1atients and friends e<er sin e and 4 ha<e 9een a9le to do all the things 4 ouldn!t do for "ears without 1ain. Praise -od7 =4 9e a&e a %hristian during &" first "ear of ollege a9out si0teen "ears ago at the age of se<enteen. *fter graduating fro& &edi al s hool@ 4 re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit eight "ears ago and a&e to the realiGation that &ira les and healing had not 1assed awa" as 4 had 9een taught. =When we were first &arried in 1+77@ 'ar9ara and 4 dedi ated our future hildren to the Lord. We 9elie<ed .e would gi<e us hildren in .is 1erfe t ti&e. *fter fi<e "ears of see(ing .i& and trusting .i& 9ut still not ha<ing an" hildren@ we sought &edi al hel1. We underwent &an" tests and 1ro edures and were finall" told our situation was ho1eless. /<er" ti&e 4 sought .i&@ .e would tell &e we would ha<e hildren 9ut would ne<er sa" when. =The healing of &" 9a ( was so ins1iring to us that we wat hed "our <ideo ourse@ .DW TD ./*L T./ S4%6. We heard "ou share that there were &an" J.unter 9a9ies! in the world and 4 realiGed -od was leading us to ha<e "ou 1ra" for us in Ja (son<ille. =*s "ou re all@ on ?alentine!s :a" after the do tors! 1anel in Ja (son<ille@ 'ar9ara and 4 as(ed for 1ra"er to 9e healed of infertilit" after eight "ears of &arriage. The Lord s1o(e through "ou@ Fran es@ and said 'ar9ara would on ei<e and deli<er within one "ear. We 9oth fell out under the 1ower si&ultaneousl". 4 (new -od had finall" answered our 1ra"ers. 'ar9ara 9e a&e 1regnant within a &onth7 .alleluHah7 1#

=Sin e the .ealing /01losion in Ja (son<ille@ &" &inistr" has literall" e01loded and 4 ha<e 9een leading &an" 1atients to a e1t Jesus as their 1ersonal Lord and Sa<ior. So&e ha<e 9een healed and 9a1tiGed in the .ol" S1irit as well. =Jesus surel" is the -3/*T P.FS4%4*;. Lo<e@ Ji& and 'ar9ara> 4 will ne<er forget the da" :r. .a"es alled to let &e (now 'ar9ara was 1regnant. .e didn!t e<en ha<e to use the tele1hone - 4 ould ha<e heard hi& all the wa" fro& Florida to Te0as. *nd again when their little 9o" Joshua was 9orn Hust nine &onths later@ his Ho" ould not 9e ontained7 ;othing is e<er dull when "ou!re wal(ing in the su1ernatural with -od7 Shortl" after this we were in Media@ Penns"l<ania. Dne of the gifts of the S1irit is the word of (nowledge@ and when e0er ised it an reall" 9ring dra&ati results. 4 had a word of (nowledge a9out so&eone who had e0 ru iating 1ain in the lower 1art of their lu&9ar s1ine. 4t was a <er" shar1@ lear and distin t word of (nowledge@ so lear that 4 re1eated it four or fi<e ti&es. D<er and o<er again 4 said@ =So&eone here has a horri9le 1ain in the lower 1art of their lu&9ar s1ine. :on!t sit there@ o&e u1 here 9e ause -od wants to heal "ou right now. /<en though 4 said this &an" ti&es@ no one res1onded to the all. Finall" 4 said@ =4t doesn!t &a(e an" differen e whether "ou answer or not@ -od is s1ea(ing@> *t the end of the ser<i e a 1oli e&an fro& the it" of Philadel1hia a&e u1 and said@ =:id 4 9low itI> 4 said@ =What do "ou &eanI> .e re1lied@ =4 was the one with that awful 9a ( 1ro9le&. /<er" ti&e "ou &entioned it 4 was o<ered with 17

goose 1i&1les@ 9ut 4 (e1t thin(ing@ JShe!s not tal(ing to &e@ she!s not tal(ing to &e!. 4s it too late for &e to get &" healingI> Df ourse 4 said@ =;o@ "our healing was Hust dela"ed awhile7> .e told us he had 9een inHured ten "ears 9efore and had not 9een a9le to wor(. We &inistered to hi& and he was totall" and o&1letel" healed when we grew his leg out. 4t wasn!t the leg that grew out@ he had a 1in hed ner<e in his 9a ( whi h &ade his leg loo( short@ 9ut when the 9a ( was healed the leg a&e 9a ( to the nor&al 1osition. .e 9ent e<er" whi h wa" tr"ing to &a(e his 9a ( hurt 9ut there was no 1ain7 What Ho"7 What reHoi ing7 Whene<er "ou are in an audien e and a word of (nowledge is alled out for FD)@ 9e sure to res1ond. When an audien e sees that -od has 1ersonall" 1i (ed "ou for a &ira ulous healing@ their res1onse is in redi9le and their faith will rise to new heights for their own healing. Dur &ail is alwa"s e0 iting for us to o1en when we o&e ho&e fro& a tri1@ 9e ause we ne<er (now what e0 iting news it is going to 9ring. The following letter thrilled our hearts 9e ause it onfir&s what -od!s Word has to sa" a9out gi<ing and 1ro<es that all &ira les are not healings@ 9ut lots of other areas as wellB =*t "our .ealing /01losion in :en<er we wrote a he ( for L1,,. We had L13,.,, left in our he (ing a ount. M" hus9and is a realtor so we li<e on o&&ission. .e had nothing under ontra t with no in o&e e01e ted. 4 1ra ti all" had a ner<ous 9rea(down with reditors alling and %hrist&as o&ing. 4 <a illated 9etween trusting -od as our 1ro<ider and "elling at &" hus9and to do so)ething. =Well@ -od was and is faithful. Dn :e e&9er 2@ we re ei<ed an une01e ted gift of L1@,,,.,,. Praise -od7> 12

4 sin erel" ho1e this stor" edifies "ou and others. -od e<en ta(es are of wea( dou9ters if the" 1ra ti e faithfulness to .is s1iritual laws. *nother letter 9rought an e0 iting little tid-9it. =* fallen awa" %hristian Ahe had studied for the 1riesthoodC olla1sed at wor( 9e ause of internal 9leeding. *t the hos1ital the" filled hi& full of 9ariu&@ 0-ra"ed hi& and said he had a tu&or in his sto&a h. 4 1ra"ed for hi& the wa" "ou tea h and a9out a wee( later@ when he was he (ed at a different hos1ital@ there was no tu&or. 4t reall" Jrattled his age! and did wonders for &" self - onfiden e7> Let!s go to %hattanooga7 Jo11a Wiese is a &ira le7 .e a&e to a &eeting d"ing fro& heart failure. The 1astor of the hur h whis1ered to us at the 9eginning of the ser<i e that he was a <er" si ( &an@ so we alled hi& u1 Kui (l"@ laid hands on hi&@ and he fell out under the 1ower. The worshi1 and 1raise ontinued@ 9ut &" s1irit was not satisfied 9e ause 4 felt the &ira le had not "et 9een o&1leted@ so at the on lusion of the 1raise and worshi1 we alled hi& forward again. *t that ti&e he told us he also suffered fro& se<ere dia9etes and e&1h"se&a. That triggered in &" s1irit a stor" of a &ost unusual healing that had o urred se<eral "ears ago at our &eeting in a <er" s&all town in Penns"l<ania. We were in a Mennonite hur h and 4 had a tre&endous word of (nowledge a9out a <er" se<ere heart 1ro9le& 9eing healed7 -od s1o(e <er" learl" and said .e was gi<ing so&eone a new heart@ so 4 as(ed if there was an"one there who had an e0tre&el" serious heart 1ro9le&. 4t was diffi ult to understand the res1onse 9e ause where 4 had anti i1ated one 1erson with this 1ro9le&@ &ore than twent" 1+

1eo1le a&e forward. This ne<er 9others &e 9e ause 4 (now in &" s1irit that -od has a whole warehouse of s1are 1arts. -eneral Motors@ as well as all other &anufa turers@ &a(e s1are 1arts for their 1rodu ts@ and -od is &u h s&arter than all of the 9usiness geniuses in the world so 4 (now that .e an gi<e "ou a 9rand new 1art. *s a &atter of fa t@ %harles often sa"s 4 ha<e &ore new 1arts than originals. We went down the line la"ing hands on e<er"one and s1ea(ing a reati<e &ira le of a new heart into ea h of the&. /<er"one in the line fell under the 1ower of -od e0 e1t one &an. .e loo(ed KuiGGi all" around at &e as if to sa"@ =Wh" didn!t 4 fall downI> and 4 said@ =:on!t worr"@ that!s all right@ "ou got a new heart7> The" all went 9a ( to their seats@ and we ontinued the ser<i e when 4 noti ed a lot of a ti<it" around this &an who had not gone under the 1ower. We tried to ha<e it not interru1t the ser<i e@ 9ut suddenl" we saw so&eone run out of the hur h and return with an o0"gen tan(. *9out this ti&e 4 de ided 4!d 9etter get down there@ so 4 wal(ed u1 to hi& and said@ ='rother@ 4 didn!t la" hands on "ou for a heart atta (@ 4 laid hands on "ou for a new heart7> .e i&&ediatel" fell forward and said@ =;itrogl" erine@ nitrogl" erine7> The" 1la ed a nitrogl" erine ta9let under his tongue and his son said@ =.e has e&1h"se&a and dia9etes as well7> 4 laid hands on hi& and o&&anded a new 1an reas and new lungs7 '" this ti&e %harles a&e down off of the stage. *fter loo(ing at hi&@ we de ided we should get an a&9ulan e@ so the hur h se retar" ran to all one. We as(ed the entire audien e to get on their (nees and 1ra"@ 9e ause we (new a &an!s life was at sta(e. *ll of the& i&&ediatel" 9egan to fer<entl" 1ra". Dne of the 2,

things we did not (now was that this town was so s&all it did not ha<e a hos1ital@ or a do tor@ or a 1ara&edi @ so the" had to all a <olunteer grou1 a9out thirt" &iles awa". We 1ra"ed and 1ra"ed and so&eti&es 4 wonder if 4 was 1ra"ing li(e the rest of the& 9e ause 4 was as(ing -od to get that a&9ulan e there in a hurr" and get hi& out of the hur h. 4 ertainl" didn!t want hi& d"ing in a &ira le ser<i e7 Finall" the 1ara&edi s arri<ed after what see&ed an inter&ina9le length of ti&e7 4 felt we ould 9reathe a little easier 9e ause when the" rushed in@ it was li(e a =:-:a"> in<asion7 Se<en of the& ran to the &an@ 9egan gi<ing hi& o0"gen and doing <arious other things. Suddenl" e<er"one in the hur h heard the& sa" on their 1orta9le tele1hone@ =Patient unsta9le7 We do not (now when we an &o<e hi&7> :o "ou ha<e an" idea how the heart of an e<angelist 9eats when "ou ha<e a riti al situation li(e that on "our handsI 4 thought@ =Dh@ no7 = Then the entire ongregation dou9led u1 on their 1ra"ers@ 9e ause there is no wa" "ou an ontinue a ser<i e when there is a situation li(e that 1resent. 3ead what %harles saw during these tense &o&entsB =4 ha<e seen the s1irits of two different 1eo1le when the" left their 9odies in death. 4 was wat hing the 1ara&edi s franti all" wor(ing on the &an and at a 1oint when it see&ed the" were es1e iall" alar&ed@ 4 saw the &an!s s1irit lea<e his 9od" li(e a <a1or. 4t went u1 until it was half in the 9od" and half a9o<e the 9od"@ &o<ing u1ward. =4 said@ JS1irit of life@ go 9a ( into hi& in the ;a&e of Jesus7! .is s1irit went 9a (@ 9ut no sooner had it reentered 21

than u1 it a&e again@ this ti&e going o&1letel" a9o<e the 9od". 4 felt li(e tr"ing to 1ush it 9a ( in with &" hands@ 9ut 4 (new the onl" 1ower whi h ould do this@ so again 4 said@ J4n the ;a&e of Jesus@ s1irit of life@ go 9a ( into hi&7! =*gain it went 9a ( into the 9od". This was re1eated se<en ti&es@ and the se<enth ti&e it sta"ed in the 9od" and this was a11arentl" the ti&e the 1ara&edi s found hi& sta9iliGed enough to ta(e hi& to the a&9ulan e and on to the hos1ital.> =These twel<e Jesus sent out and o&&anded the&@ sa"ingB... .eal the si (@ leanse the le1ers@ 3*4S/ T./ :/*:@ ast out de&ons. Freel" "ou ha<e re ei<ed@ freel" gi<e> AMatthew 1,B$@2C. We 9reathed a sigh of relief. Then what do "ou do after thatI 4t was now Kuite late@ and "et we (new there were &an" 1eo1le who had o&e for a healing@ so we said@ =4f an" of "ou would li(e for us to la" hands on "ou@ we!ll 9e glad to right now if "ou!ll o&e forward.> We had the shortest healing line we!<e e<er had in the histor" of our &inistr"7 We ne<er saw so &an" 1eo1le go out the door as fast as the" did7 4!& not sure 4 9la&e the&. We laid hands on the few who were left Aand it was a huge hur hC@ and then went to 9ed. The town is so s&all there is no &otel or hotel@ so we sta"ed in a roo& in the hur h. *9out &idnight there was a (no ( on our door. 4t was the 1astor and the son of the &an who had the heart atta (. The "oung &an said@ =M" father told &e not to go ho&e tonight until 4 had 1ersonall" deli<ered a &essage to "ou. .e said for &e to tell "ou that he still has faith to 9elie<e he re ei<ed a new heart7> 4 s rea&ed e<en at that late hour@ =.e got it@ he got it7> *fter going through what he had Hust e01erien ed@ if he still 22

had faith to 9elie<e he had a new heart@ then 4 (new that the de<il had not 9een a9le to ro9 hi& of what -od had gi<en hi&. The 1astor ontinued and told &e that the &an had 9een in a 'alti&ore hos1ital waiting for a Kuadru1le 9"1ass for se<eral &onths. Finall" an o1ening had o&e@ 9ut 9e ause the" did not feel he ould li<e through it@ the do tors told hi& to o&e ho&e and &a(e arrange&ents for his funeral. The 1astor heard the news and went o<er and in<ited hi& to the &ira le ser<i e@ telling hi& he 9elie<ed he ould 9e healed7 .e had a &assi<e heart atta ( instead. M" s1irit lea1ed within &e e<en at this news@ 9e ause 4 (new that the &an had not lost his faith. 4t is at ti&es li(e this that the de<il lo<es to o&e in and ro9 us of an"thing and e<er"thing -od wants us to ha<e@ 9ut that &an a9solutel" did not listen to an"thing the de<il had to sa". The lo al do tors alled for a heart s1e ialist 9e ause the" (new he ould not 9e &o<ed to 'alti&ore. The" too( 0-ra"s the ne0t &orning. Then the" too( another series of 0-ra"s 9e ause the" ould not 9elie<e what the" saw7 4nstead of the old worn-out heart that needed a Kuadru1le 9"1ass@ the" said he had the heart of a =twent"-fi<e-"earold athlete7> The" (e1t hi& in the hos1ital for additional tests and after fi<e da"s the" ould find no tra e of dia9etes in his 9od" e<en though he had 9een using insulin for thirt"se<en "ears7 The" he (ed his lungs for e&1h"se&a and found not a tra e left7 -lor" to -od@ ;DT.4;- 4S 4MPDSS4'L/ W4T. -D:@ if we an Hust 9elie<e7 The following Sunda" he was 9a ( at the sa&e hur h dan ing in the S1irit with the 1astor on the stage and sharing his testi&on" of what the Lord had done for hi&. We shared this e0 iting &ira le at a &eeting in Florida the ne0t fall and a wo&an fro& this &an!s hur h was there 23

and re1orted the" had Hust had their hur h!s annual 1i ni @ and this &an was the star 1la"er on the soft9all tea&7 When 4 alled Jo11a Wiese u1 the se ond ti&e@ he stood there while 4 related this entire stor". Then he told &e two additional fa ts. .e also had dia9etes and e&1h"se&a7 -od had a s1e ial 1ur1ose in re&inding &e of the stor" so it ould 9uild Jo11a!s faith7 .is 9lood 1ressure was 2$,M114 when he was last seen 9" the do tor who had told his wife that Jo11a!s heart had enlarged to eighteen enti&eters a ross and was lea(ing 9lood. .is do tor had told hi& it was too late for a trans1lant. .e e01erien ed a &ira le of -od at that &eeting. When he fell under the 1ower of -od the se ond ti&e he said suddenl" he ould 9reathe dee1l" and had no 1ain in his hest whatsoe<er. .e went to the do tor!s offi e the ne0t da" and when his do tor saw hi& he turned white@ al&ost fainted and said@ =What ha11ened to "ouI> Jo11a si&1l" re1lied@ =-od healed &e7> Tests re<ealed his 9lood 1ressure was 127M22@ the do tor heard a strong heart-9eat and the 0-ra"s showed the heart had o&e down in siGe and the lungs had leared. Jo11a is again wor(ing as a Heweler@ although his desire leans &ore and &ore e<er" da" towards 9eing an e<angelist. * letter fro& his do tor is in our files. .e said@ =4 a& writing "ou at the reKuest of one of &" 1atients@ Jo11a Wiese@ who in &" o1inion e01erien ed a J&ira le! in that he was literall" at death!s door and following this e<ent at hur h@ the state of his health was i&1ro<ed to an e0tent that was une01laina9le 9" the laws of &odern &edi ine. =When he was initiall" seen 9" &e@ his ongesti<e heart failure was as se<ere as an" 1atient 4 ha<e seen in twent" "ears and nothing short of a heart trans1lant would ha<e (e1t hi& ali<e. 4 e01lained this &ori9und state to Mr. 24

Wiese and his wife and offered to refer hi& to one of the )ni<ersit" Medi al %enters 9ut Jo11a de lined and told &e at that ti&e that he would lea<e his li<ing or d"ing u1 to the Lord. =M" res1onse was that the Lord &ust ha<e had reasons un(nown to us all for (ee1ing hi& ali<e and that 4 would do all that 4 (new to do and lea<e it u1 to the Lord as to whether he li<ed or died. =Mr. Wiese will return to wor( ne0t wee( and without a dou9t ould ne<er ha<e sur<i<ed his heart failure without the Lord!s inter<ention. 4t was indeed an a t of -od.> Dne sign and wonder follows another. That is wh" we do what the 'i9le tells us@ =Tell often what the Lord has done for "ou7> 4n sharing the &ira le of one &an@ another &an got healed of e0a tl" the sa&e 1ro9le&s. *nd the fa t that the" ha11en to us is good enough reason for "ou to 9elie<e the" an follow after "ou as well7 So&eti&es signs and wonders will follow "ou e<en if "ou are not there. The letters we re ei<e would lift the s1irits of an"one@ 9e ause often these letters &a" 9e Hust the di<ine &edi ine "ou need to heal whate<er "our 1ro9le&s are@ whether the" are s1iritual@ &ental@ or 1h"si al. Ma"9e "ou don!t ha<e all the 1ro9le&s in<ol<ed in so&e of these letters@ 9ut there &a" 9e a little so&ething in the& whi h will trigger e<er"thing "ou need in "our life. -od has a uniKue wa" of &a(ing one 1erson!s testi&on" hange another 1erson!s life7 So&eti&es a 1erson!s life 9egins at fort"@ a ording to the old adage@ 9ut in &" ase it 9egan at fort"-nine when 4 &et Jesus@ and this 1arti ular %anadian dis o<ered her life 9egan at age thirt"@ when she saw it fall a1art.


=4 Hust de ided to ta(e this o11ortunit" to write "ou a note to tell "ou of the &ira ulous hanges that ha<e ta(en 1la e in &" life in Hust two short &onths77 =4!ll start with &" thirtieth 9irthda" two &onths ago. Most 1eo1le dread their thirtieth 9irthda"@ 9ut not &e7 4 was on<in ed that 4 was not getting older@ 4 was getting 9etter7 That!s when the 9o&9shell hit - the o&1an" 4 wor( for announ ed the" were losing down the 1lant where 4 wor( Aat a Ho9 4 reall"@ reall" enHo"C and &" hus9and who& 4 adore left &e77 .e said he ouldn!t handle &" attitude towards Jlife@ the uni<erse and e<er"thing!7 *ll on &" 9irthda"7 -reat@ ehI ADo1s - 4 should sa" JhuhI! sin e "ou!re *&eri anC. ;eedless to sa"@ 4 reall" thought 4 was ra (ing u17 4 tried to get an a11oint&ent with a 1s" hiatrist@ 9ut here in .a&ilton there is a si0 &onth waiting list unless "ou ha<e slashed "our wrists alread". M" fa&il" do tor 1ut &e on ?aliu& Awhi h 4 didn!t want to ta(e@ ha<ing had lots of drug 1ro9le&s 9eforeC. 4 too( it though. =Dne da"@ on &" wa" ho&e fro& wor(@ 4 ha11ened to get on the 9us with Mi hael Aan a Kuaintan e who was Jone of those 9orn-again weirdos!C. .e saw that 4 was h"steri al and as(ed &e what was wrong. 4 told hi& the whole sad stor"@ in luding what &" hus9and said a9out &" Jattitude! 1ro9le&. =*ll Mi(e said was@ J4 (now so&ething that will re all" hel1 "our attitude!. 4 (new he was tal(ing a9out hur h so&ething 4!d a<oided li(e the 1lague for thirt" "ears777 =4 said@ JLet &e thin( a9out it.! 'ut -od was alread" wor(ing on &e. Two wee(s later 4 attended their Tuesda" night 'i9le stud" lass. =When 4 got there@ 1eo1le were going@ JPraise the Lord! and JThan( Fou@ Jesus! right out loud7 *nd if this wasn!t 2#

weird enough@ the 1astor announ ed that this was the first night of a se<en wee( ourse on *+ow to +eal the Sic,’ 9" %harles and Fran es .unter. =.ealing the si (I Who were these 1eo1le (idding7 'ut 4 was 9rought u1 to 9e 1olite@ and so 4 ouldn!t lea<e until the e<ening was o<er. =Well@ 4 still thought it was all 1rett" weird@ 9ut Fran es@ "ou were a hoot7 AThat!s Jfunn"! in %anadianC. *nd to to1 it all off@ "ou reall" see&ed to 9elie<e that the si ( ould 9e healed. 4 was fas inated 9" "our sin erit" and 4 a&e again the ne0t wee(. =%harles@ "our e01lanation a9out turning on a light swit h &ade real sense to &e7 4 went to the Sunda" ser<i es and enHo"ed it@ 9ut when Mi hael turned to &e and said@ J'eth@ don!t "ou thin( it!s ti&e that "ou a e1t %hrist as "our Sa<iorI! &" first i&1ulse was to run awa"7 4 wanted to "ell J;D7! - 9ut 4 ouldn!t. 'e ause if &" life was e<er going to hange for the 9etter@ there was onl" one wa" to do it@ and 4 (new that. 4 felt a dee1 sense of 1ea e wash o<er &e as 4 re1eated the Jsinner!s 1ra"er! with Mi(e. 4 1raise the Lord &an" ti&es dail" for &a(ing &e realiGe that 4 needed .i& in &" life if it was e<er to 9e worthwhile7 =4 ontinued going to the <ideo lasses@ and learning fro& 9oth of "ou. Than( "ou7 =:uring the session a9out growing out ar&s and legs@ the 1astor suggested we should tr" it during our offee 9rea(. We 1aired off and tried it. Sure enough@ one of &" legs was a9out a half in h shorter than the other one. We o&&anded it to grow out and it did7 'ut the reall" &ira ulous healing was in one wo&an who a&e e<er" wee(@ wal(ing with two anes. She was healed o&1letel"


- no longer needs the anes - and loo(s ten "ears "ounger now that the 1ain is gone7 Praise the Lord7 =*t this 1oint@ 4 ha<e to e01lain so&ething. 4 was 9orn with so&ething li(e lu9 feet. 4 ouldn!t wal( 1ro1erl" until 4 was a9out nine "ears old and the" o1erated on 9oth &" legs. *fter that 4 ould wal( all right@ 9ut &" feet turned out. :u ( Feet7 4 ould onl" straighten the& with a great deal of 1ain. Well@ that e<ening@ after growing out of legs@ 4 was on &" wa" ho&e fro& hur h and it felt li(e the heel was o&ing off &" shoe or so&ething. 4 he (ed it@ and &" shoes were 9oth fine. 'ut so&ething loo(ed strange. 4 ouldn!t figure out what it was - and then it hit &e Ali(e a ton of 9ri (s7C MF F//T W/3/ ST3*4-.T777 The Lord not onl" grew out &" leg@ 9ut straightened e<er"thing in 9oth &" feet as well7 Dh@ what a 9eautiful Lord .e is7 =4 showed &" hus9and Awe were seeing ea h other a9out on e a wee(C that &" feet were straight - 9ut he didn!t reall" understand@ and still a<oids tal(ing a9out Jesus or e<en hur h - 9ut we all (now the 1ower of 1ra"er7 Praise -od7 =.e is &o<ing 9a ( ho&e ne0t wee(@ and 4 Hust (now@ dee1 down inside@ that e<er"thing is going to 9e Hust fine. .e lo<es the hange in &" attitude@ and e<entuall" he will want what 4 ha<e@ Jesus as his Sa<ior@ too7 =%harles@ Fran es@ 4 an!t sa" that all of this wouldn!t ha<e ha11ened without "ou@ 9e ause 4!& sure the Lord had 9een wor(ing in &e for a <er" long ti&e. ='ut 4 an sa" that it would ne<er ha<e ha11ened ;DW@ if 4 hadn!t &et the two of "ou through "our <ideo series Aand if 4 hadn!t &et a 9us dri<er na&ed Mi(e that da"C@ 9e ause "ou fas inated &e enough to &a(e &e (ee1 o&ing 9a (7 Than( "ou 9oth7> Signs and wonders follow e<en through <ideo7 22

-od ta(es us into interesting and unusual 1la es to do interesting and unusual &ira les. Su h was a ti&e when we &inistered in a large :allas@ Te0as a&1 &eeting in a tent on a <er" hot Jul" fifth. There are ti&es when -od =shows off> on tele<ision@ and this was a &ost uniKue and 1owerful de&onstration of .is S1irit and 1ower. We alled for 1eo1le who had se<ere 1ain in their 9od". Dne of the first was a lad" who had a ri9 so se1arated fro& the rest "ou ould 1ut three fingers 9etween two of the ri9s. :r. 3o" Le3o"@ a well-(nown hiro1ra tor@ was wor(ing with us that night. .e e0a&ined the ri9s and onfir&ed the e0tent of the se1aration@ and a- greed she was in 1ain. We grew out her ar&s and o&&anded the ri9s to go 9a ( into 1la e@ the &us les@ tendons@ liga&ents@ and ner<es to 9e healed@ and when she tested 9" &o<ing her 9od"@ there was a9solutel" no 1ain. :r. Le3o" he (ed her ri9s again and said the" were 1erfe tl" in 1la e7 Wa"ne Powell was the last one in line after e<er"one who a&e forward was healed. The stor" he told was a&aGing. .e was in a 9un(er in ?ietna& when an 22 && &ortar shell &ade a dire t hit on the 9un(er. .e was <er" seriousl" wounded@ and after e0tensi<e surger" and a long ti&e in the &ilitar" hos1ital@ the" ould not re&o<e all the shra1nel fro& his 9od" without ausing further o&1li ations. 4n ti&e the shra1nel in his right leg deteriorated his hi1 Hoint@ so a 1lasti hi1 Hoint was i&1lanted to hel1 re&ed" the 1ro9le&. *s is usuall" the ase@ he ould not 9ear his full weight on that Hoint. ;ot onl" that@ three dis s in his s1ine were ru99ing =9one on 9one> so he ould not stand straight. .e also said the" wired hi& together near the 9ro(en hi1 Hoint. 2+

.e later suffered further inHuries in a tru ( a ident in 1+2$ when he was tra11ed in a wre (ed three Kuarter ton 1i (u1 tru ( for an hour. .e was hos1italiGed for a &onth while he re o<ered fro& ha<ing his left side rushed. .is left shoulder 9lade was 9ro(en li(e a dish and se1arated to where "ou ould feel the sun(en hole. :r. Le3o" 1ut his finger in the hole and said there was no shoulder 9lade where his finger was 1la ed. Wa"ne also said he didn!t ha<e a shoulder 9lade in the 9ro(en 1la e. Just as we train all our healing tea&s to sa"@ when he finished telling us all the 1ro9le&s@ we said@ =That!s eas"7> What a dra&ati e01erien e we had as the 1ower of -od went through hi& when we grew out his leg and o&&anded the hi1 Hoint to 9e restored and that 1art of his 9od" to 9e healed@ 4; J/S)S! ;*M/7 Then we laid hands on the 9ro(en shoulder 9lade and o&&anded the 9ones to o&e together. Sin e he 1re<iousl" had not 9een a9le to raise his ar& &ore than half wa" u1@ we said@ =Lift u1 "our ar&@> and to his and our delight@ the ar& dra&ati all" shot straight u1. The audien e went wild with e0 ite&ent7 That was the first ti&e it had wor(ed sin e the a ident. Then he &o<ed his ar& until he ould tou h the &iddle of his 9a (. .e said his wife had to wash his 9a ( 9e ause his ar& wouldn!t rea h there.. Then we said@ =Test the rest of "our 9od" and see what -od has done.> .e re1lied@ =Where!s &" hairI> .e sat down in it and 9egan to ross his right leg o<er his left@ ti&e and ti&e again@ and laughingl" he said@ =There!s not an artifi ial hi1 Hoint &ade in *&eri a that an do that7 4 ha<en!t 9een a9le to do that sin e 1+#27>


4t!s funn" how little things are so i&1ortant when "ou an!t do the&7 Then we said@ =Let!s see "ou run down this ra&1 and into the audien e.> .e loo(ed at us rather 1e uliarl"@ then too( off running@ laughing as he went. We ran down the ra&1 to &eet hi& and he said he ne<er ould do that 9efore. Then we said@ =Let!s see "ou run 9a ( u1 the ra&1.> .e said@ =M" wife an tell "ou that 4 an!t e<en wal( u1 a ra&1 li(e that.> She a&e forward sa"ing that she was healed two nights 9efore of arthritis and that he reall" ouldn!t wal( u1right. We said@ =Let!s see whi h of "ou an outrun the other7> The" dashed off together 9ut he was at the to1 when she was onl" half wa". The stage was a9out eighteen in hes higher than the ra&1 and he 1ut his left leg u1 on the stage and lifted his entire 12$ 1ounds of weight. .e ste11ed off the stage and did this o<er and o<er again. .e ould hardl" 9elie<e his hi1 was wor(ing so 1erfe tl". There was no 1ain left@ his legs and ar&s were wor(ing 1erfe tl" and the hi1 Hoint see&ed li(e a new one. We alled hi& a few da"s later@ as(ing hi& how he was doing. .e said that 9efore his healing when he went u1 the stairs in his ho&e he had to 1ull hi&self u1 with his ar&s and al&ost drag the leg. 'ut ;DW he ould run u1 the stairs two ste1s at a ti&e and still there was no 1ainE his ar& was 1erfe t. We as(ed hi& to ha<e his do tor 0-ra" his 9od"@ e0a&ine it@ and gi<e us a &edi al re1ort@ at our e01ense. Shortl" after that@ we were with :r. Le3o" and a &edi al do tor. When the" arefull" e0a&ined the 0-ra"s@ the" said@ =Loo( at that shoulder 9lade7 There!s not e<en a 31

hairline 9rea( there. Loo( at that hi1 so (et7> The" said the artifi ial Hoint was still there@ 9ut -od had 1ut hu&an artilage o<er the HointE a &ost unusual &ira le. -od an do .is &ira les an" wa" .e wants@ and that is fine with Wa"ne Powell 9e ause he has had a9solutel" no 1ro9le&s wal(ing@ lea1ing@ and 1raising -od sin e he re ei<ed his &ira le7 .alleluHah7 .is daughter %a&ille testifiesB =M" :ad alwa"s stood roo(ed 9efore his healing. ;ow he stands straight7> Let!s ho1 a 1lane and go fro& :allas to %hi ago for a one-night stand@ 9ut what a night to re&e&9er7 Pastor 'ill 'lonn of the 6ing!s %o&&unit" %hur h in South .olland@ 4llinois@ reall" aught the <ision of what .ealing /01losions are all a9out@ 9ut &ore i&1ortant@ what <ideo healing s hools an do to a hur h. .e had se<eral healing s hools going at the sa&e ti&e@ and as a result@ he had o<er 2$, 1eo1le Kualified to &inister healing. Dne hundred and twent" of the& had Hust o&1leted the entire series@ so we ga<e out one hundred and twent" healing tea& ertifi ates. The" ould hardl" wait to &inister. *s we started the ser<i e@ it was o9<ious that the 1eo1le who had 9een trained to heal the si ( sent out so &u h faith that it would ha<e 9een al&ost i&1ossi9le to ha<e wal(ed out of there without 9eing healed. * ou1le had o&e a long wa" to attend the ser<i e. The" had ne<er 9een at a haris&ati ser<i e and stood there wondering what it was all a9out when the 1raise and worshi1 <irtuall" raised the roof of the hur h. The singing and the 1arti i1ation fro& the ongregation 9rought a tre&endous 1resen e of -od during that wonderful 1art of the ser<i e.


Then a&e the offering ti&e@ and the" ad&itted the" had ne<er seen 1eo1le so Ho"ous a9out gi<ing@ 9ut -od had ordained all of this to 1re1are the& for the &ost une01e ted of all - their healings7 The hus9and had 9ro(en his 9a ( and was sitting in a wheel hair. 4 ste11ed down to hi&@ laid &" hands on his 9a ( and o&&anded a new s1ine to o&e into 9eing. Then 4 said so&ething as 4 stood in front of his hair to let hi& see that -od had answered his 1ra"er. 4 said@ =6i ( &e7> *nd to e<er"one!s a&aGe&ent@ in luding 9oth his and &ine@ he i&&ediatel" (i (ed out his leg7 4 said@ =4f "ou an (i ( that leg@ then "ou an stand u1@ so in the na&e of Jesus@ stand u1.> .e stood u17 Then 4 said@ =4f "ou an stand u1@ then "ou an wal(@ so in the na&e of Jesus@ wal(7> The 1la e was so Ha&&ed it was al&ost i&1ossi9le to go an"1la e@ 9ut 9e ause he had dis o<ered he was healed@ he 9egan to wal( and a tuall" &a(e a 1ath for hi&self7 The audien e roared with e0 ite&ent@ and his wife turned u1 her o0"gen 9e ause she was so e0 ited she was using u1 her re&aining su11l". She had e&1h"se&a and had alread" used u1 one and one-half tan(s of o0"gen@ and she (new she had to ha<e that last half tan( in order to get her ho&e@ 9ut -od had other 1lans. 4t was eas" to dis ern the" were not sa<ed@ so the" 9oth got sa<ed i&&ediatel"@ 9e ause it is hard to turn down Jesus
after "ou!<e had a &ira le. Then we laid hands on her for total healing@ and she fell under the 1ower of -od@ got hol" laughter and was totall" and o&1letel" healed of e&1h"se&a and ne<er went 9a ( on the o0"gen again. To so&eone who has 9een a Pente ostal for "ears@ the a9o<e &ight not see& so su1ernatural@ 9ut when so&eone who has ne<er seen the su1ernatural ends u1 with hol" laughter@ it is a night ne<er to 9e forgotten7


The" left the ser<i e with the wife riding and the hus9and 1ushing the wheel hair7 When we 9egan to &inister the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit at the end of the ser<i e@ a lad" stood u1 to re ei<e. We noti ed she was on rut hes so we as(ed the audien e if the" would &ind waiting a &inute so she ould get healed and not ha<e to wal( with rut hes. She had 9een in an auto&o9ile a ident and had a 9ro(en 1el<is and two 9ro(en ri9s. *s we did =the 1el<i thing> and o&&anded the 9ones to o&e 9a ( in 1la e@ she was totall" healed. She ran u1 and down the stairs@ the rut hes went u1 in the air and it was a real night of glor". We are thrilled to ha<e dis o<ered that the hur hes who show the <ideo healing ta1es 9efore we get there ha<e an air of e01e tan " that is so high an"thing an ha11en@ and it usuall" does7 We ha<e also dis o<ered that when "ou o&e e01e ting &ira les@ "ou get e0a tl" what "ou o&e for. When "ou e01e t nothing@ "ou get nothing7 *s for &e and &" house@ we agree that we e01e t signs and wonders to follow7


by Frances Se<eral "ears ago when we &ade a few tri1s o<erseas@ 4 would o&e ho&e ea h ti&e so e0hausted and suffering fro& Het-lag so 9adl" that 4 &ade a state&ent to se<eral friends@ =4!ll ne<er go o<erseas again unless -od writes &e a s1e ial deli<er" letter and hands it to &e in 1erson7> 'e areful what "ou sa"@ 9e ause -od hears "our e<er" word7 4 reall" thought we were safe fro& tra<eling o<erseas 9e ause of the tre&endous 1h"si al strain 1la ed u1on &" 9od". Then 4 got healed of dia9etes and -od deli<ered a s1e ial deli<er" letter in 1erson7 .e didn!t write it on 1a1er with a 1en or 1en il@ 9ut .e wrote it on &" heart when .e told us to li1-s"n the healing <ideo ta1es into S1anish as our first foreign language and then go to the ountr" where we would send the&. Jere&iah 33B3 is a s ri1ture &an" 1eo1le Kuote as 9eing so&ething that is alwa"s in the far distant future@ 9ut it!s an ali<e s ri1ture toda". =%all to Me@ and 4 will answer "ou@ and show "ou great and &ight" things@ whi h "ou do not (now7> We 9elie<e -od is alling u1on all of us to let .i& show great and &ight" things whi h .e wants to do through ea h of us. We 9elie<e we are li<ing in the <er" last da"s and that is wh" the all of -od is so strong to show us these great and &ight" things7 -od s1o(e to us sa"ing@ =Thus far in 1+2# 4 ha<e laid the foundation. :uring the ne0t two &onths 4 will set the d"na&ite in 1la e. :uring the first four &onths of 1+27 4 will set off an e01losion around the world@ and then...> 3$

The first sti ( of s1iritual healing d"na&ite was set in 1la e on :e e&9er 14@ 1+2# at the %oliseo de Salitre in 'ogota@ %olo&9ia. -od!s 1lans to s1read the Mira le /<angelis& &essage to all of South *&eri a was <er" a11arent as hur h leaders fro& %olo&9ia@ Peru@ 'oli<ia@ / uador and 'raGil all on<erged for the first .ealing /01losion in a S1anish-s1ea(ing nation. Fro& the &o&ent the 1lane landed@ we felt ele tri it" in the air. We ould feel and sense in our s1irits that -od was going to do so&ething s1e ial. Dur 1lane was two hours late 9e ause of authorities Kuestioning so&e of the 1assengers a9oard as to the reason for their <isit to 'ogota was it legiti&ate@ or was it o aineI This onl" heightened our e0 ite&ent a9out what -od was going to do in 'ogota7 What a 9lessing we re ei<ed at the air1ort e<en though we were so late7 D<er 1,, %olo&9ian %ristianos were waiting to greet los #rnericanos and greet us the" did7 The" were singing =4 Lo<e Fou with the Lo<e of the Lord> and =*lleluia> as well as other fa&iliar sounding songs in S1anishE and their lo<e and anti i1ation was e01ressed in their tears@ hugs and (isses as we &ade our wa" through the rowd to get fro& the 1lane to ars to the hotel. ;e<er ha<e we 9een an" 1la e where we felt su h i&&ediate and tre&endous lo<e as we did there7 *s we dro<e to the hotel@ we were e0 ited to hear what had 9een going on 9efore our arri<al in 'ogota7 D<er 4@,,, had ta(en the <ideo training on “+ow to +eal the Sic,” 9ut 9e ause of s1a e li&itations@ onl" 1@#,, were going to 9e a9le to attend the =li<e> training &eetings s heduled 9efore the /01losion. The 1astor shared how one grou1 in his hur h@ 9efore the" o&1leted their training with the <ideo@ went out on the streets one night and 9egan as(ing if an"one needed 3#

healing. * rowd 9egan to gather and 9efore the" finished@ o<er 2,, had 9een healed and $, were sa<ed as a result of the street healings. Mira le /<angelis& wor(s7 So &an" hur hes were in<ol<ed that onl" a li&ited nu&9er of healing tea& &e&9ers were allowed fro& ea h ongregation. Those with =s1e ial redentials> A1ro1er identifi ation indi ating the" had alread" wat hed *LL fourteen and a half hours of <ideo tea hingsC faithfull" attended e<er" training session@ gra99ing a Kui ( 9ite to eat and a roo& te&1erature 9ottle of soda 1o1 fro& food stands on the street. 'e ause of the &agnitude of the &eetings@ the %offee %o&&issioner of %olo&9ia sent out tru (s to dis1ense free offee. Where<er "ou loo(ed during the 9rea(s 9etween sessions@ "ou ould see 1eo1le 1ra"ing for ea h other. Their e0 ite&ent to learn &ore and to 9e trained in healing was a delight to those of us who atte&1ted to o&&uni ate in our inadeKuate S1anish and through inter1reters. /<er" session was o&1letel" 1a (ed out wallto-wall7 The worshi1 and 1raise was t"1i al of the lo<e of -od whi h 1er&eated the hearts of the %olo&9ian %hristians. The" 1ut the&sel<es wholeheartedl" into 1raise and worshi1 and we were all lifted u1 into the <er" throne roo& of -od at ea h ser<i e. 'asi all" unad<ertised until the last few da"s@ the + a.&. =/01losion> on Saturda"@ :e e&9er 14 was attended 9" o<er 7@,,, wild@ turned-on %olo&9ians. ;ot wanting to &iss a thing@ hundreds sta"ed throughout the da" until the last ser<i e ended at + o! lo ( that e<ening. The &usi ould 9e heard and felt a 9lo ( awa" as -od trul" drew &ore and &ore into the %oliseo de Salitre to e01erien e -od!s 1ower. The "oung 1eo1le of Pastor %esar 37

%astellano!s hur h 9oth sang and dan ed in a 9eautiful 1anora&a throughout 9oth ti&es of worshi1. Their <oi es@ la11ing and heering were ontagious and all were Kui (l" swe1t u1 into their enthusias&. When we dro<e u1 to the oliseu& for the first &eetings@ angels filled the auditoriu& so full that %harles sensed a 9ulging of the walls with the 1ower of -od. -od alwa"s sends a great host of angels to e<er" .ealing /01losion@ and this one see&ed to outdo all others in nu&9ers. *s we dro<e to the oliseu& for the se ond .ealing /01losion in one da"@ we saw 1eo1le 1ushing wheel hairs for &iles to get to the ser<i e. *s we wal(ed in@ we were greeted with diseases that we had ne<er en ountered 9efore@ 9ut there was also an e01e tan " in the entire audien e that we had ne<er felt 9efore in an" &eeting. /<er" seat in the great oliseu& was filled and e<er" aisle was 1a (ed solid with 1eo1le. 4t loo(ed li(e one giant sea of fa es sKueeGed li(e sardines@ 9ut full of faith and 9elief7 The faith of so&e ooGed o<er onto others7 Man" 1eo1le were waiting outside@ ho1ing to get in. 4t &ade our hearts r" out 9e ause of the needs that were there and the ho1eless ri11les we saw. The 1raise and worshi1 was alread" in 1rogress and there was su h a sense of e<er"one entering into o&1lete and total adoration of -od and Jesus that "ou ould feel the su1ernatural e<en while wal(ing to the stage. The 1eo1le were so e0 ited a9out what -od was going to do that the" wanted Hust to tou h us 9efore we wal(ed onto the stage. 'elie<ing that the" would 9e healed@ the" rea hed out *;: T./F W/3/ ./*L/: - the .ealing /01losion was their 1oint of onta t.


*s we rea hed the stage@ the 1astor as(ed if we would &ind la"ing hands on those in wheel hairs during the 1raise and worshi1. Dur s1irits lea1ed within us 9e ause we had 9een wanting to do this during our )nited States .ealing /01losions@ and here was our o11ortunit". We 1ra"ed o<er the &i ro1hone@ telling the& what we were going to do. We said@ =When we tou h ea h of "ou who are in wheel hairs or ri11led@ -od!s healing 1ower will go into "ou@ so get u1 and wal(@ in Jesus! na&e7> *s we ste11ed off the stage@ we 9oth 1ra"ed fer<entl"@ 9e ause the enor&it" of the &o&ent 9e a&e a realit" to 9oth of us at the sa&e ti&e. We said Kui (l"@ =-od@ if "ou!re not in this@ it will 9e a &ess7> We wal(ed o<er to the first 1erson in a wheel hair and in <er" li&ited S1anish@ 4 said@ “-ecibe su sanidad en el no)bre de &esus!” A3e ei<e "our healing in the na&e of Jesus7C Then 4 said@ “!e"antase!” Awhi h &eans =get u1>C. ;either of us ould re&e&9er how to sa" the word =wal(>. 4 had studied S1anish fift"-fi<e "ears 1re<iousl" in high s hool@ 9ut had ne<er used the language. The .ol" S1irit reall" 9rought it 9a ( to &" re&e&9ran e@ 9ut the word =wal(> Hust would not o&e into &" re all 1attern. 4 whis1ered to %harles who studied S1anish for two "ears in s hool@ =.ow do "ou sa" Jwal(!I> The .ol" S1irit re&inded us in a &ost unusual wa". 4 dou9t if there is an"one reading this 9oo( who has not heard the little song whi h goes li(e this@ =La u ara ha@ La u ara ha@ Fa no 1uede a&inar. PorKue no tiene@ 1orKue le falta@ &ariHuana Kue fu&ar7> 4nter1reted@ that &eans@ =The o (roa h@ the o (roa h. ;ow he is una9le to wal,. AThere was the word we needed7C 'e ause he does not ha<e@ 9e ause he la (s@ &ariHuana to s&o(e7> What a sill"


thing to o&e 9a ( into "our &ind at a ti&e li(e this@ 9ut it wor(ed7 %harles leaned o<er and loo(ed at the &an and said@ =%a&ina en el no&9re de Jesus7> This horri9l" ri11led &an i&&ediatel" wal(ed right out of his wheel hair as if he had ne<er had an"thing wrong with hi&. The rowd went wild and faith soared7 M" &ind said@ =.e &ust not ha<e 9een ri11led li(e we thought7> Su h faith7 We went to the se ond 1erson and said e0a tl" the sa&e words. That 1erson wal(ed right out of his wheel hair Hust as if nothing had 9een wrong with hi&. Faith ignited in e<er" 1erson down the line7 We went to nu&9er three7 Sa&e results7 ;u&9er 4@ nu&9er $@ nu&9er # and right down the line until finall" one 1erson failed to rise fro& their wheel hair. We ould hardl" 9elie<e the gift of faith that 9ad so risen u1 in us. We thought@ =What!s wrong with "ou that "ou didn!t get u1I> 'ut we went right onto the ne0t 1erson and the flow (e1t going as one after another got u1 and wal(ed. *t that 1oint we 9oth felt we ould ha<e done an"thing that Jesus had done in luding wal(ing on water. Dur faith was high7 * little girl with a 9ro(en 9a ( was 9rought to the &eeting on a stret her. *fter we had said the sa&e words to her@ she a&e off of that stret her and the ne0t thing we (new she was on the stage testif"ing to what -od had done for her. .er little testi&on" 9rought tears to the e"es of e<er"one as she wal(ed e<en in the ast that i&&o9iliGed &ost of her 9od". Then there was the 9lind ri11led &an who 9ad 9een 9rought on a stret her. *s 4 stret hed out &" 9and toward his e"es@ &" fingers were a9out three in hes awa" when he s rea&ed@ =4 an see7 4 an see7> 4n a &atter of se onds he


was on the stage glorif"ing -od for .is &ira le 1ower7 4t was a &o&ent none of us will e<er forget7 We didn!t sto1 - we went right down the line@ and as soon as the" a&e out of the wheel hairs or dro11ed their rut hes@ we turned the& o<er to the healing tea&s to hel1 the& e0er ise their new wal(ing a9ilities7 More than 1,, a&e out of wheel hairs@ stret hers@ and 9ra es in one ser<i e7 ;or&all"@ when so&eone is healed dra&ati all" or o&es out of a wheel hair during a healing ser<i e@ ti&e is ta(en to tell the audien e a9out the healing. .owe<er@ the 1ower of -od was so on those who had o&e that we felt we ould not waste e<en one &o&ent 9ut had to ontinue as fast as we ould through the rowd while the 1ower was so su1ernatural7 When we had laid hands on the last one@ the realit" of the &agnitude of what -od had done fell u1on 9oth of us and we ried li(e 9a9ies as we ran 9a ( to the stage. /<er"one on stage was wee1ing. *s 4 rea hed for &" 1urse to get a tissue@ &" daughter Joan said@ =:on!t 9other@ Mother@ 4!<e alread" used the& all u17> Manoel Ferreira@ *ssistant Su1erintendent of the -eneral %oun il of the thirteen &illion *sse&9lies of -od hur h &e&9ers in 'raGil we1t o1enl" as he said@ =;e<er in all &" "ears of Pente ost ha<e 4 e<er seen an"thing li(e this7> *nd neither had we7 Shortl" after this@ so&e 4@,,, 1oured out of the rowd of a9out 11@,,, to re ei<e sal<ation and the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. The" *LL 9egan to s1ea( in tongues as the S1irit ga<e the& utteran e. There was no wa" we ould get the 1eo1le 9a ( into the stands after the 9a1tis&@ so we released the healing tea&s to go to the 1eo1le on the floor and then throughout the 41

audien e that re&ained in the stands. .ealings too( 1la e all o<er that rowded 9uilding. 4t was ti&e to lea<e and 1eo1le were so aught u1 in what -od was doing the" too( 1ie es of lothing off and threw the& at us to tou h and return to the&@ 9elie<ing that “when .ieces o$ clothing that had touched 'aul’s body were laid u.on the sic, they were healed and the de)ons had to $lee!” Peo1le rea hed for the he& of &" gar&ent and were healed 9e ause of their faith le<el7 The sa&e .ol" S1irit 1ower heals toda" as healed through Jesus and Paul. *s we went 9a ( to the hotel@ there was a hol" hush whi h fell on us and we all said the sa&e thing@ =;ot one of us will e<er 9e the sa&e 9e ause of the glor" of -od that we saw in 'ogota.> 4t has done so&ething to all the e<angelisti tea& that words annot e01ress. The 1ower of -od e0hi9ited in 'ogota has &ade us shrin( into o9li<ion as we stand in awe at the wonder of .is &aHest"@ glor" and gra e7 Fou annot stand in the Presen e of the *l&ight" -od and see .is wondrous handiwor( and 9e the sa&e 1erson "ou were when "ou a&e. *nd we don!t want to 9e7 Dur son-in-law said@ =The" a&e with the &ost horri9le diseases we!<e e<er seen@ 9ut the" didn!t ta(e the& ho&e with the&7> 4t is al&ost li(e little fire ra (ers are 9eing set off in &an"@ &an" areas@ and as se<eral of these are set in 1la e@ the" 9e o&e as 1owerful as sti (s of d"na&ite. *s one is set off@ there is a hain rea tion that sets off the ne0t and the ne0t and the ne0t - and to&orrow or the ne0t da" or the ne0t the whole world will hear the “e/.losion =@ the &essage of Mira le .ealing /<angelis& that is s1reading ra1idl" around the world7 42

Manoel Ferrera a&e@ he wat hed and he learned how he ould 9e instru&ental in su11l"ing this (e"@ this si&1le tool whi h ould &a(e su1ernatural e<angelists out of all thirteen &illion of his 1eo1le - thirteen &illion all doing the wor(s of Jesus at one ti&e7 .e we1t as he saw so&e eight to ten thousand re ei<e the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit during the two Sunda" ser<i es. .e we1t as he saw o<er a hundred 1eo1le Hu&1 out of wheel hairs or dro1 their rut hes and wal( out onto the oliseu& floor 1raising -od. .e had ne<er seen the li(es of this 1owerful &anifestation of Jesus! healing tou h. .e re ei<ed7 .e heard the warning7 .e heard the tru&1et7 .e is now in 'raGil 1re1aring to do a Kui ( wor( to train all T.43T//; M4LL4D; hur h &e&9ers as well as the new additions to the (ingdo& of -od the" will &a(e dail". We hallenged hi& to let us hel1 hi& do the greatest &ira le e<er seen on earth. We (new in our hearts -od told us this an 9e done. D<er eighteen &onths ago@ -od 1ut into our hearts the <ision that .e wanted to set an e0a&1le 9efore the world the swiftness with whi h .e an rea h all the world. .e 1ut on our hearts to train e<er" one of the thirteen &illion *sse&9lies of -od &e&9ers in 'raGil how to 1erfor& the -reat %o&&ission in total@ *LL DF 4T7 I).ossible0 12!! 1ot with God when we hear the announce)ent that &esus is co)ing soon! We 9elie<e -od has sent a word to us to tell the 9od" of %hrist what .e 1lans to do to rea h the fi<e 9illion 1eo1le of the world to tell the& a9out Jesus. When we left 'ogota@ we 1raised -od and told .i& that if we ne<er stood in .is glor" again@ we (new we had 43

here 9e ause of what had ha11ened. .e had trul" shown us =great and &ight" things that we (new not of.> The ne0t da" we went o<er the &ountains to %all@ %olo&9ia. Word had gotten to %all 9efore we did@ telling of the wonderful &ira les that ha11ened in 'ogota@ and the" were read" for a real e/.losion! The rowd was so e0 ited that the" were al&ost i&1ossi9le to ontrol@ e<en with the ar&ed guards who 1atrolled the arena. There was a so er ga&e the sa&e night@ so &an" 1eo1le thought there would 9e a s&all attendan e@ 9ut the stands were rowded with 1eo1le who 9elie<ed -od for healings7 The news of signs and wonders s1read Kui (l"@ and the 1ress of the rowd was 9e"ond an"thing we ould e<er i&agine. We ould hardl" wait to go down to the wheel hair se tion 9e ause our faith was at su h a high le<el@ we (new -od would 1erfor& &ira les again. 'ut word a&e to us that the 1oli e would not let us off of the stage 9e ause of the danger to us. The 1eo1le were so hungr" for -od@ the 1oli e felt the" would sta&1ede and we would 9e =(illed> in the 1ress of the rowd. Dur hearts ried out. We wanted so 9adl" to go down there and la" hands on the si ( when we heard the s&all <oi e of -od o<er the enthusiasti 1raise and worshi1@ .e said@ =What did 4 send "ou to %olo&9ia to doI> We said@ =Than( Fou@ Father. Fou sent us down here to tea h these 1eo1le that if %harles and Fran es an do it@ the" an do it@ too7> -od had gi<en us one night of real glor" and then .e re&inded us in the &ost si&1le wa" that .e wanted the ordinar" 9elie<ers who had 9een trained to (now what the" ould a tuall" a o&1lish in the na&e of Jesus and 9" the 1ower of the .ol" S1irit7


When the two of us laid hands on the 1eo1le in the wheel hairs in 'ogota@ onl" one 1erson a&e out at a ti&e@ 9ut what ha11ens when 1ossi9l" $,, 1eo1le la" hands on the ri11les at one ti&eI We were soon to find out. We e01lained that the healing tea&s had 9een trained and ould do e0a tl" the sa&e things that we ould. We as(ed those on the healing tea&s to go to the wheel hair se tion and when 4 said the words@ =Sil<er and gold 4 do not ha<e@ 9ut what 4 do ha<e@ 4 gi<e "ouE 4n the na&e of Jesus %hrist of ;aGareth@ rise u1 and wal(> A* ts 3B#C@ the healing tea&s would la" hands on the&@ and the" should get u1 and wal(7 We re&inded the& that the healing tea&s had the sa&e .ol" S1irit 1ower we ha<e@ and that there is no differen e in the <oltage7 When the healing tea&s laid hands on the&@ 1eo1le a&e out of wheel hairs Hust li(e the" did in 'ogota. The" 9egan running out to the enter of the arena and for a while it loo(ed li(e 1ande&oniu&. -lor" to -od when it is aused 9" the 1ower of -od. The first one who a&e gut of a wheel hair was a 1ara1legi . .e ran to the enter of the arena and 9egan twirling around in the enter of the arena floor. .is 1i ture a11eared on the front 1age of the 1a1er the ne0t &orning7 4t was 1roof that =if %harles and Fran es an do it@ "ou an do it@ too7> When the all for the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit was &ade@ o<er #@,,, a&e and it was a real night of Pente ost. Most of the& who re ei<ed the .ol" S1irit 9ad Hust gotten sa<ed@ 9e ause +$N of the& raised their hands that the" had 1ra"ed the sinner!s 1ra"er for the first ti&e@ Signs and wonders will alwa"s 9e followed 9" a great har<est of souls7


This word that was so <i<idl" and learl" 1la ed into our hearts in earl" ;o<e&9er@ 1+2#@ a&e to our re&e&9ran eB “Thus $ar in 1+2#@ 4 ha"e set the $oundation. During the last two )onths o$ 1+2# I will .ut the dyna)ite in .lace. During the $irst $our )onths o$ 1+27 I will set o$$ an e/.losion which will go around the world and T+31...” We ha<e heard loudl" and learl" what the “#1D T+31... =&eans. Jesus &ade it lear that e<er" reature@ all fi<e 9illion of the 1o1ulation of the earth@ will hear the gos1el fro& ordinar" 9elie<ers with signs and wonders following. We heard Jesus sa" that these new 9elie<ers will 9e o&e &ira le-wor(ing dis i1les. We heard Jesus sa" that e<er" one of these 9elie<ers and the ones the" win to Jesus will 9e endued with the 1ower of the .ol" S1irit@ will s1ea( in tongues and will 9e a witness 9" doing the su1ernatural with signs and wonders following. 4f we went to 'ogota@ and saw the &ira ulous@ and then nothing ha11ened after we left@ we would ha<e gone in <ain. Fes@ it!s wonderful to see 9odies healed 9" the 1ower of -od@ 9ut what thrills us is that the" are ontinuing what was started there. 3a" ?in ent@ &issionar" of the FoursKuare %hur h in 'ogota@ %olo&9ia@ re entl" alled our offi e. .e shared with us a9out the e0 iting &eetings that were ontinuing to o ur regularl" in 'ogota sin e our .ealing /01losion in that it" one "ear ago. =The <ideo healing ta1es ha<e hanged our &inistr". We are now 1lanning .ealing /01losions in &an" 1la es@> 9e e01lained. =%an "ou i&agine a .ealing /01losion in the


Hungles of PeruI> The" will do the training with the audio 1ortion of the healing ta1es. The" are anti i1ating <isiting se<eral other ities as well as so&e of the %ari99ean 4slands with the healing &essage within the ne0t "ear. Jai&e 3o&an@ one of our inter1reters at our %olo&9ia &eetings@ onfir&ed the &ira les were ontinuing when he des ri9ed an =e01losion> the" had held. =* nine-"ear-old 9o" was 9orn 9lind - he saw for the first ti&e. =* deaf-&ute was healed. =* "oung 9o" was <er" short for his age and wanted to grow to nor&al height. .e left 1raising -od for his added three in hes in height. =Man" who a&e in wheel hairs were healed and wal(ing 9" the end of the &eeting.> This is 9ut one e0a&1le of where our Mission Dutrea h is su essfull" turning si (ness into health@ death into life@ un9elie<ers into =&ira le-wor(ers> and =1ew- war&ers> into a ti<e =1ower-1a (ed> %hristians. We ha<e heard the tru&1et7 We ha<e heard the announ e&ent of Jesus that .e is o&ing soon and we %hristians &ust 1re1are for .is o&ing7 We ha<e o1ened our &inds and hearts to 1erfor& the i&1ossi9le. We 9elie<e -od is doing a new thing on earth and we 9elie<e it will 9e done Kui (l"7 Dne ti&e -od ga<e a 9rief 1ro1he " during a Mira le Ser<i e. .e si&1l" said@ =What I ha"e said I will .er$or)!” We .lan to .er$or) all God tells us and we hear the tru).et which has already been blown!


by Frances Just one &onth fro& the ti&e we went to 'ogota@ %olo&9ia@ we left for the Phili11ines. Where do "ou start when a stor" has so &an" fa9ulous 1artsI Manila was e0 iting fro& the word =go>. When we arri<ed in San Fran is o@ we alled our offi e to see if an"thing riti al had o&e in sin e we left@ 9e ause we (new we would not 9e in tou h with the& for a wee(. The great news we re ei<ed was that there had 9een a ou1 in the Phili11ines and that the %hristian tele<ision station had 9een ta(en o<er 9" the ene&"7 Df ourse@ stories are alwa"s 9lown u1 9ut it was a &o&ent of de ision - do we go to the Phili11ines in the fa e of &a hine gunsI We he (ed with the Phili11ine *irlines and the" en ouraged us to go 9e ause the" felt the stor" was 9lown out of 1ro1ortion. We tal(ed with the other &e&9ers of the tea& and no one wanted to retreat. We were all in the &ood to ad<an e. So it was a &ira le that not e<en one 1erson showed an" signs of wanting to re&ain in the ).S. and not go on the tri1. The tri1 o<er was a 9eautiful flight and when we arri<ed in Manila@ the tea&s were read" to go. The" started out the first da" to go sho11ing sin e we didn!t ha<e an"thing s heduled until that night. .owe<er@ the tea&s didn!t do what the" thought the" were going to do. When the" got inside the store@ the" were so wound u1 the" 9egan tal(ing a9out Jesus instead of what the" were going to 1ur hase. 'efore long the" were la"ing 42

hands on the si ( instead of sho11ing. Peo1le in the 9ig warehouse store were la"ing all o<er the 1la e under the 1ower of -od. Peo1le were 9eing sa<ed@ 9a1tiGed with the .ol" S1irit@ and healed as the &e&9ers of the tea& who went along with us la"ing hands on the si (@ e01e ting signs and wonders to follow7 The" did7 The" had reall" gotten the &essage of the reason we were going to the Phili11ines@ not Hust a =Ho"> tri1@ 9ut to reall" a o&1lish so&ething and tea h the Fili1inos that =the" ould do it@ too.> The results were so re&ar(a9le that the tea& was as(ed if the" would o&e 9a ( a se ond da" 9e ause the store owners 1ro&ised that the" would 9ring in a lot &ore si ( 1eo1le. The tea& returned the ne0t da" and sure enough@ there were &an" &ore si ( 1eo1le for the& to la" hands on. So &an" 1eo1le were healed@ the store as(ed the& a third da" to 1lease o&e 9a ( again 9e ause of the &ira ulous results that were ha11ening there. 4 went to one of the stores whi h had re ei<ed a 9ro hure with our 1i ture on it. Shortl" after 4 arri<ed there@ one of the sales girls 9rought out the flier and 1ointed at the 1i ture and said@ =FD)I> 4 said@ =Fes7> The" wanted to (now if 4 would 1ra" for a lad". 4 said@ =Fes@ 4 would 9e ha11" to do that.> The lad" had <er" 1ainful arthritis and was all 9ent o<er. She was instantl" healed 9" the 1ower of -od@ the 1ain left and the 9a ( straightened u1. 'efore 4 (new it@ there was so&eone else 1o(ing a finger through the urtain in the dressing roo& and alit- tie <oi e sa"ing@ =%ould "ou 1ra" for &eI>


4 loo(ed outside the 9ooth and there was a lad" with a huge goiter on her throat. She as(ed if Jesus ould heal the goiter. 4 said@ =Df ourse@ Jesus an and .e will7> 4 laid hands on her and for a &o&ent it see&ed li(e she al&ost ho(ed@ then she swallowed. She swallowed a se ond ti&e and there was a9solutel" no sign of the goiter left whatsoe<er. Tal( a9out great reHoi ing in the it". 4t was tre&endous7 ;e0t a&e a lad" with two lu&1s on her 9reast. The faith le<el of the ler(s was so high 9e ause the" had heard a lot a9out the .ealing /01losion that the" were read" for an"thing. The two lu&1s totall" disa11eared the &inute 4 1ut &" hands on the&. There was another ler( who was 1regnant. 4 laid hands on her for a fast deli<er". 'efore long@ the" were o&ing u1 with heada hes@ 9ig 1ro9le&s and little 1ro9le&s. /<er" sales girl e0 e1t one was healed. There were a11ro0i&atel" thirt"-fi<e 1eo1le in the store. What an e0 iting ti&e we had while we were sho11ing7 The faith of the Phili11ine 1eo1le was in redi9le. The" Hust 9elie<e that if "ou tou h the& the" will 9e healed 9" the 1ower of -od. When 1eo1le 9elie<e that wa"@ &ira les reall" ha11en. The" are s1irituall" unedu ated 1eo1le for the &ost 1art. Most of the& ha<e no religious training. The" don!t reall" understand the 'i9le or who the" are in %hrist and the authorit" we ha<e@ 9ut their si&1le faith was a9solutel" 9eautiful to 9ehold. /<er"where we went it was e0a tl" the sa&e. The" were ra11ing on our hotel door with Hust an" e0 use so we ould la" hands on the&. Whene<er we went out the door@ there were se urit" guards@ the ha&9er &aids or other e&1lo"ees - e<er"one wanted a tou h fro& Jesus. $,

Where<er we loo(ed there were &e&9ers of the )S healing tea& sharing a9out Jesus@ and then telling the nati<e 1eo1le that the" ould do e0a tl" the sa&e thing. Man"@ &an"@ &an" of the e&1lo"ees of the hotel a e1ted Jesus as a result of seeing the enthusias& and the e0 ite&ent of the 1eo1le on the healing tea&s. What a witness the" were for Jesus 9e ause of the Ho" of the Lord and their onstant e0 ite&ent in tal(ing a9out .i&@ showing the Fili1inos that Jesus reall" is ali<e toda"7 /<er" .ealing /01losion has a different fla<or. /a h is distin t and ea h has so&ething uniKue to that 1arti ular e01losion. 4n %olo&9ia it was the tre&endous nu&9er 4n wheel hairs who were healed in 'ogota. 4n Manila we saw so&ething totall" different. We saw a hunger in the hearts of 1eo1le to a tuall" get out and do the wor(s of Jesus 1ro9a9l" &ore than in an" other it" or ountr" where we ha<e 9een. The Fili1inos are not noted for their aggressi<eness and "et@ in the area of healing and wanting to follow after Jesus@ the" were a9solutel" in redi9le. The da" of the .ealing /01losion was a 9eautiful@ 9al&" su&&er da". Dne of the &ost e0 iting things to us was that as we stood in our hotel roo& on the se<enteenth floor@ we o<erloo(ed the 3iGal Me&orial %oliseu& where the .ealing /01losion was to 9eheld. 4t was reall" e0 iting 9e ause we had seen the angels high a9o<e the oliseu& and here it was the da" of the /01losion and the angels had o&e down to the le<el with the 1eo1le who would 9e o&ing into the arena. We saw the healing tea&s as the" 9egan to gather for the great e<ent. We saw the stadiu& 9egin to fill with the #,, <oi e hoir who a&e and reall" 9lessed us. *s we $1

loo(ed down@ we saw the 1eo1le loo(ing e<er so tin" 9ut &ar hing into 1osition and doing the things the" were su11osed to 9e doing. Finall"@ it was ti&e for the ser<i e to start. The res1onse was a9solutel" tre&endous as the Fili1inos 1raised and worshi1ed -od@ singing e0a tl" the sa&e songs we sing in the )nited States. 4t is a&aGing that where<er we go@ the S1irit of -od is e0a tl" the sa&e. Peo1le who are hungr" for the things of -od are also e0a tl" the sa&e. * sal<ation &essage was gi<en and the o11ortunit" to 1ra" the sinner!s 1ra"er. Then the all was gi<en for the 1ower of -od in 1eo1le!s li<es - the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. When we told the& to o&e out of the stands onto the field for the 9a1tis& of the .ol" S1irit@ it was al&ost li(e a attle sta&1ede. We ha<e ne<er seen 1eo1le run as fast as the" did for the 1ower of -od. There was no slow wal(ing@ no 1o(ing around. The 1eo1le were deter&ined that the" were going to lat h onto -od and the 1ower of the .ol" S1irit and let the nation 9e o&e a &ight" nation as far as -od was on erned. Fou ould a tuall" see the dust in the field rising Hust li(e a attle sta&1ede as the" ran a ross the field to re ei<e the 9a1tis&. 4t is <er" diffi ult so&eti&es to Hudge the siGe of the rowd. .owe<er the *&eri an healing tea& esti&ated that a11ro0i&atel" 1,@,,, a&e and re ei<ed the S1irit of -od in their li<es. When the" started s1ea(ing in tongues@ there was a sound as of a rushing &ight" wind. Dur tea&s fro& *&eri a were the su1er<isors and did an outstanding Ho9@ 9ut the Fili1inos reall" thrilled us with $2

their su1er aggressi<eness. We wat hed healing after healing and 1erson after 1erson get out of wheel hairs. 4t was a thrilling sight to see the healing tea&s reall" get to wor( and do what the" were su11osed to do. *fter we sta"ed there se<eral hours@ we went 9a ( to the hotel and loo(ed down fro& our roo&. What a sight it was to see all those 1eo1le still la"ing hands u1on the si (7 Thin( of the thrill to Jesus as .e loo(s down at .is endti&e hur h. We loo(ed down later to see onl" a few 1eo1le left and saw a 9us dri<e u1. We dis o<ered later that it was filled with 1eo1le fro& one of the outl"ing 1ro<in es - the" had arri<ed four hours late. Praise -od@ the faithful healing tea&s were still there and the" &inistered healing. 4t was tre&endous7 Man" hours later@ the healing tea&s finall" left@ the lights went out@ and the angels <anished. The first Manila .ealing /01losion is o<er@ 9ut the 1ower of the .ol" S1irit has 9een 1lanted7 The healing &essage has 9egun to ta(e root and -od is 9ringing the in rease7 Trul"@ Manila has o&e ali<e7 ;e<er ha<e 4 e<er 9een tou hed 9" an" hu&an interest stor" as &u h as 4 was tou hed in the Phili11ines. So&e 1eo1le ha<e a tre&endous hunger for -od and are willing to do an"thing and e<er"thing to satisf" that hunger or to see( a loser wal( with -od. The 1astor of a hur h in Mindanao re ei<ed a letter fro& a friend in %alifornia en ouraging hi& and his wife to o&e to the .ealing /01losion in Manila. * 1lane ride is <er" e01ensi<e and their onl" other hoi e was a two da" and night tri1 9" 9oat.


Mu h of the Phili11ines is 1o<ert"-stri (en and &ost 1eo1le si&1l" do not ha<e the finan es to do the things the" would li(e to do. This ou1le!s hur h 9uilding had 9een destro"ed 9" a t"1hoon two "ears 9efore. The" re9uilt it and the ne0t "ear it was again destro"ed 9" a t"1hoon. The" were fa ed with 9uilding another hur h 9uilding. Their hearts were dee1l" stirred when the" heard a9out the new wa<e and what -od is doing in the world toda". The" 1ur1osed in their hearts that so&ehow or other the" were going to get to the .ealing /01losion and ta(e the &essage 9a ( to their island and their 1eo1le. The" went to a 1awn sho1 and &ortgaged se<eral things the" had. 4t wasn!t enough. The" &ortgaged their wristwat hes e<en though ti&e is an i&1ortant thing in the world toda". 4t wasn!t enough. The" loo(ed for e<er"thing the" had and after &ortgaging it all@ it still wasn!t enough. Then the" turned to the last thing the" had left. The" e0a&ined their food su11l" for the ne0t "ear. The" saw three little 1iglets the" were raising for food. The" too( the 1iglets and sold their "ear!s su11l" of food in order to get to Manila. When the" 1ut all the &one" together fro& &ortgaging all their 1ersonal 9elongings@ the" had L4, whi h was Hust enough to 1a" their fare one wa" on the 9oat. The" finall" had enough &one" to o&e. *nd o&e the" did7 Full of faith and full of ho1e@ the" 9elie<ed -od to show the& what .e was reall" doing toda" and what .e wanted for the island of Mindanao. The" arri<ed with gifts howe<er. The" 9rought us so&e 9eautiful dried &angos whi h were a9solutel" deli ious.


The" wanted to gi<e@ e<en though the" reall" needed to re ei<e. 'ut then@ that is the 1rin i1le of -od@ isn!t itI We did not hear the stor" until the se ond da". We did not (now that the" didn!t e<en ha<e a9 fare whi h is &ini&al in the Phili11ines - "ou an go an"where for fift" ents. The" ouldn!t e<en get to the &eeting the first night 9e ause the" had no &one" left@ 9ut so&eone heard of their 1light and ga<e the& the a9 fare the" needed. So&eone else &ira ulousl" su11lied housing and food Dur hearts were so stirred that we too( an offering for the& fro& the *&eri an healing tea&s. 4t a&e to 7@,,, 1esos whi h is a9out L3$,. The" reHoi ed o<er what -od had done. *s we loo(ed at this ou1le and their hunger for the things of -od@ all %harles and 4 ould thin( a9out was how &an" of us would 9e willing to &ortgage all our earthl" 1ossessions so we ould go to a &eeting and find out what -od!s &essage for the hour was and ta(e it 9a ( to our 1eo1les Their hearts tou hed us. The Phili11ines was a strategi 1oint in World War 44 and we (now it will again 9e a strategi 1oint in the final s1iritual world war when -od is <i torious o<er all. 3eHoi e with us that there is hunger in the hearts of Phili11ine 1eo1le for the things of -od. The &ira le of &ulti1li ation went on as trained healing tea&s 9egan holding their own .ealing /01losions7 * =s1ar(> started a =fla&e> and the =fla&e> s1read into an unKuen ha9le =fire>7 *fter the Manila .ealing /01losion was o<er@ &an" of the )nited States tea&s sta"ed o<er to tra<el and &inister further on so&e of the other islands of the Phili11ines. *fter re ei<ing so&e of the e0 iting re1orts@ we al&ost $$

wish we had ontinued onto witness the 9eautiful healings whi h o urred. .owe<er@ -od has gi<en us the assign&ent of training the 9elie<ers and then sending the& onward to do .is wor(. *.L. and Jo" e -ill went on to 'aguio with a grou1 of trained healing tea& &e&9ers and ha<e sent 9a ( the following re1ort. *s "ou read it@ (ee1 in &ind that this is e0a tl" what /?/3F 9elie<er is to do. We tea h@ we show@ we e01lain@ we answer "our Kuestions. .owe<er@ until FD) ta(e the little =s1ar(> of (nowledge that we share with "ou and fan it into =fla&es> through 1ra ti e and e01erien e@ the -reat %o&&ission is not trul" fulfilled7 Sin e a .ealing /01losion is 9ut the start of FD)3 &inistr"@ re&e&9er that healings and &ira les will follow "ou fro& that da" forward. Fou@ too@ an witness and 9e a 1art of the e0 iting &ira les of -od around the world7 Then we will ha<e 9een su essful - =e01loding> or &ulti1l"ing oursel<es to rea h thousands - &illions7 .alleluHah7 =*fter "ou left the Phili11ines@ we found that -od was still there7 *s "ou (now Jo" e and 4 too( ten 1eo1le fro& the )nited States healing tea&s to do a .ealing /01losion in 'aguio@ the Jsu&&er a1ital! of the Phili11ines and the enter of 1s" hi healers. Peo1le ha<e tra<eled there fro& all o<er the world for 1s" hi healings 9" the 1ower of de&on s1irits. =The *&eri ans who tra<eled with us had 9een in one or &ore of the .ealing /01losions in the )nited States and the" were fantasti . The" (new what -od ould do7 The" (new how to &inister to the si ( and how to tea h others to do the sa&e. =4n 'aguio we held the training sessions at the largest Pres9"terian hur h in the enter of town. The first night 12, re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. The $#

Pres9"terian 1astor was Hust standing 9a ( wat hing us during the first ser<i e@ 9ut the ne0t e<ening he was Hoining with the others in &inistering healing to 9a ( 1ro9le&s and 1eo1le were falling under the 1ower of -od as he laid hands on the&. The sa&e thing ha11ened to an *ngli an 1riest@ a :istri t Su1erintendent of another deno&ination and the head ha1lain of the Phili11ine *r&ed For es. The wife of the 1astor of the 'a1tist hur h@ a Methodist &inister and &an" other Pente ostal &inisters a&e. We were told that there had ne<er 9een a ti&e when so &an" &inisters and grou1s 9ad all Hoined together in that it"7 =*ll the &ira les we heard a9out are i&1ossi9le to relate at one ti&e7 Peo1le on e totall" deaf re ei<ed their hearing. %atara ts were dissol<ed. The 9lind saw. *n e"e9all was reated as tea& &e&9ers wat hed. Peo1le who ould not 9end o<er were 9ending as 9a (s were healed and 1ain left. We ha<e re ei<ed re1orts of deaf and du&9 1eo1le who were healed@ goiters that instantl" dissol<ed@ 1olio <i ti&s! ar&s and legs grew out to nor&al length@ a ere9ral 1als" <i ti& healed. :eli<eran e of &ountain 4ndians fro& de&on 1ossession as the" renoun ed their 9eliefs. ='ut it was all ha11ening so Kui (l" and in su h nu&9ers that great &ira les see&ed al&ost o&&on. * thirt"-eight-"ear-old lad" who was 9lind@ deaf and du&9 fro& 9irth was totall" healed. *n ele<en-"ear-old girl@ 9lind fro& 9irth@ ould see. =.ow an we e01lain itI The 1ower of -od is so strong at a ti&e li(e this that the &ira ulous see&s natural. Fou see things and don!t e<en sto1 to thin( a9out it. *nd then later when "ou are 9a ( in the natural@ "ou thin(@ J:id 4 reall" see thatI! Then o&es the realit" of seeing -od at wor(. $7

=4n the 1ast we saw &ira les li(e this ha11en here and there@ one or two at a ti&e when one 1erson was 1ra"ing for the si (. 'ut now@ when hundreds are 1ra"ing@ doing the wor(s of Jesus@ the &ira les are a tuall" too &an" to ount. =The last night of the training &eetings@ Jo" e and 4 had told the 9elie<ers that we were going to la" hands on ea h of the& and as( -od to anoint their hands with the healing 1ower of -od. The hur h was so 1a (ed that there was no roo& in the aisles for 1eo1le to o&e forward for the anointing. Peo1le were seated in all of the side o<erflow areas@ standing all around the inside walls@ the front entr"@ e<en outside the front of the hur h as well as loo(ing in the side windows. =The la ( of roo& was no 1ro9le& for -od7 *s the 1eo1le Hoined hands with the 1erson ne0t to the& a ross the rows as the" stood in front of their seats@ Jo" e wal(ed u1 one side and 4 the other Hust li(e we ha<e seen %harles and Fran es do. We si&1l" tou hed the 1erson ne0t to the aisle and the 1ower of -od flowed fro& 1erson to 1erson through their hands. *s we 1assed u1 the aisles@ al&ost e<er"one of the a11ro0i&atel" #,, who attended fell 9a (wards into their seats under the 1ower of -od. =We dis o<ered fro& %harles! and Fran es! tea hing that if the" an do it@ we an@ too7 =*ll wee( the 9elie<ers in the &eetings were going ho&e to J1ra ti e! on their fa&il"@ friends@ fellow students@ and others with who& the" wor(ed. We 9egan to hear testi&onies of 1eo1le who were 9eing sa<ed in the sho1s@ in ho&es@ and neigh9orhoods throughout the it". JMira le /<angelis&! 9egan in that it" fro& the first night. *s a 9elie<er 1ra"ed for so&eone in the street@ or sho1@ or s hool@ a rowd would gather and soon the" all would 9e $2

learning a9out Jesus@ the Son of -od@ who is still ali<e toda". =There was no 9uilding a<aila9le for our use in training on Saturda" and at first we felt this was a real 1ro9le&. 'ut -od@ as usual@ had a solution. The 9elie<ers di<ided u1 into tea&s and went to the hos1itals and 1risons7 =Soon the e0 iting re1orts were o&ing 9a ( to us7 The" felt that a9out eight" 1er ent of all the 1risoners in the Hails and 1risons around the it" got sa<ed. Mira les ha11ened e<en to hardened ri&inals as the" learned of Jesus. ;ow the 9elie<ers ha<e di<ided the&sel<es into other grou1s and the" are o&&itted to a grou1 going 9a ( to the Hails e<er" da"7 =Dn Sunda" we held two .ealing /01losions 9e ause the 1eo1le were hungr" for &ira les. *ll the &ira les that ha11ened through the hands of the healing tea& &e&9ers are i&1ossi9le to relate at one ti&e7 :eaf 1eo1le re ei<ed their hearing. %atara ts were dissol<ed. Peo1le who ould not 9end o<er were 9ending as 9a (s were healed and 1ain left. =The whole it" is tal(ing a9out Jesus. The 9elie<ers there are o9e"ing Jesus when .e said@ “The wor,s that I do shall you do also” AJohn 14B12C. The" are o9e"ing the last ele<en words Jesus s1o(e on the earth a ording to the 9oo( of Mar(@ “They shall lay hands on the sic, and they shall reco"er.” =The e0 iting thing is that the .ealing /01losion is ontinuing in Manila and 'aguio as 9elie<ers are e0 itedl" witnessing for Jesus e<er" da". =We re&ain so e0 ited as we see the ongoing results of "our tea hing to &an" others@ those 1re ious things -od has taught "ou a9out healing the si (7> *L. O Jo" e -ill $+

*nother grou1 went to another area and re1orted so&e e0 iting signs and wonders. The oordinator for the grou1 told us that their grou1 went o<er the &ountains and through the ri e 1addies to Dlonga1o to the na<al 9ase and 1rostitution a1ital of the Phili11ines. The first da" of &inistr" was to a half-wa" house for 9ar girls 1ro<ided 9" Fouth With * Mission. The %anadian tea& ser<ing there had finished their stud" of “+ow to +eal the Sic,” 9ut ouldn!t attend the /01losion 9e ause the" were lea<ing the ne0t da" for ten da"s in %hina and ten da"s in .ong 6ong. The tea& ga<e the& an intensi<e de&onstration on =T;T>@ =TLT>@ and =TTT>. *ll of the& needed either 9a (@ leg or ar& adHust&ents. -od li&a0ed the s ene with a s1e ial anointing. LDD6 D)T@ %.4;*7 She des ri9ed the Fili1ino healing tea&s as <er" tender and dee1l" lo<ing@ deli ate in 9od" "et 9ra<e in s1irit as the" assaulted de&oni s1irits with a <engean e - li(e turning &ongooses loose a&ong o9ras. * <er" e0 ited Fili1ino girl a&e rushing u1 to the oordinator to share that the 1atients in wheel hairs were o&ing out. She had as(ed one 1atient how she had done it. The larger Fili1ino =1atient> re1lied@ =4 felt large ar&s lift &e out. The strength and 1ower of Jesus flowed through as 4 wal(ed7> Who needs to =see> angels if the" lift "ou u1 out of wheel hairs7 D<er 2@,,, attended the Dlonga1o /01losion with 3,, ser<ing on healing tea&s. Training was held at the *d&iral .otel and the /01losion at Freedo& Par(. Man" &ira les were witnessed in this it" whi h adHoins the huge ).S. ;a<al 9ase. What e0 ite&ent to see the 1eo1le we trained &inister healing for the first ti&e and #,

see -od heal through the&7 )nde<elo1ed fingers 9egan writhing on a hand li(e a sna(e when 9ones@ &us les@ tendons were o&&anded to fun tion in the na&e of Jesus. Two &en wal(ed out of wheel hairs. Dne tea& &inistered in the lo al hos1ital. * do tor a o&1anied the tea& throughout the wards and witnessed -od!s 1ower at wor( as &ira les ha11ened 9efore his e"es in e<er" ward. *fter 9eing &inistered to@ a wo&an@ not a9le to s1ea( following a stro(e@ sho (ed her fa&il" when she said@ =.alleluHah7> * "oung &an who was 1aral"Ged fro& a stro(e and 9urning with a high fe<er was instantl" healed 9" the 1ower of -od. .e sat u1 in 9ed@ the fe<er was gone and his 9lood 1ressure had dro11ed 9" 2,N. The ne0t da" he wanted to go ho&e and go 9a ( to wor(. Their gra ious hostess said that 1u9li attendan e was the 9est e<er in *longa1o. More than Hust 1h"si al healing@ the s1irit of the 1eo1le had 9een lifted. The &a"or 1ra"ed for the& as he went to the %ongress and a unit" a&ong the %hristians was 9irthed and a ri<er 9egan to flow in a s1irituall" dr" de1ressed town. * third grou1 went to %e9u and de&onstrated that -od reigns o<er %e9u7 =PlaGa 4nde1enGa was the site of the %e9u .ealing /01losion. Training was held in a large o1en-sided hur h with 1$, Kualif"ing for their healing tea& ri99ons. *9out 4,, attended ea h night of training and &an" healings too( 1la e during that ti&e. =The e<ening we taught the leg thing@ one grou1 gathered around a &an whose legs had 9een defor&ed 9" 1olio. .e started laughing un ontrolla9l" sa"ing it felt li(e a &ouse was running u1 and down inside the leg and he tried to gra9 it to sto1 it. -od was a tuall" healing his legs


as the &us les were ri11ling. The &an was a9le to then wal( without a li&1. =Se<eral of the tea&s led 9" a %atholi 1riest fro& Seattle &inistered in %atholi hur hes in %e9u with 3@,,, attending nightl". The" witnessed hundreds of healings.> Menardo Ji&eneG@ a 9usiness&an fro& Manila who 9rought a %hristian tele<ision station to Manila@ was <er" instru&ental in our going to the Phili11ine 4slands. .e ga<e his testi&on" at one of the &eetings and it was a real delight. .e said that e<en though he Kuit 9u"ing igarettes when he got sa<ed@ he had a tenden " to 9orrow one fro& this 1erson@ one fro& that 1erson@ another fro& his se retar" and another fro& so&eone else. Dne night -od wo(e hi& u1 in the &iddle of the night. *nd this is the wa" -od started the on<ersation@ =3e1eat after MeB 4f 4 s&o(e@ 4 9elong to Satan!s (ingdo&.> Menardo said@ =4f 4 s&o(e@ 4 9elong to Satan!s (ingdo&.> -od said@ =4f 4 don!t s&o(e@ 4 9elong to -od!s (ingdo&.> Menardo said@ =4f 4 don!t s&o(e@ 4 9elong to -od!s (ingdo&.> *nd he has not tou hed a igarette fro& that da" to this7 -od deals with all of us in <er" uniKue wa"s and when Menardo shared that testi&on"@ it thrilled the entire audien e. -od did great things and &ore is to o&e as -od hanges hearts and li<es within this it" through 9elie<ers who (now how to rea h out and heal the si (. Pro9a9l" the 9iggest &ira le whi h o urred was that 9etween our first and se ond <isit to Manila@ one "ear later@ the" held o<er fift" .ealing /01losions on their own7 -od is &o<ing in the Phili11ines7 #2

by Frances Let!s go in the other dire tion@ shall weI We!<e 9een on entrating on the south and the west@ so how a9out a tri1 to the east toward /uro1e. Let!s &a(e the first sto1 in .elsin(i@ Finland. We had 9een told that the Finnish 1eo1le were <er" old and unde&onstrati<e and that we should not e01e t the& to get e0 ited. What a sur1rise we re ei<ed when we wal(ed into our first &eeting whi h was 1a (ed out with 1eo1le@ standing wall-to-wall. The lo<e of the 1eo1le was so strong@ 9oth of us 9urst into tears i&&ediatel" 9e ause of the 1ower of the .ol" S1irit. The" rose to a standing o<ation and we were o&1letel" o<erwhel&ed as we saw so&e of the &ost e0 ited and e0 iting 1eo1le we ha<e e<er seen. * re ent letter told us the" were still enthusiasti all" la11ing at e<er" offering ti&e 9e ause 4 taught the& a9out gi<ing to -od7 The 9oo( +2W T2 +3#! T+3 SI%4 is 1u9lished in the Finnish language and the" reall" res1ond to the 1ower in 1ra"er loths. The first da" there were 1ro9a9l" se<ent"fi<e to one hundred ite&s gi<en to us for whi h to 1ra"@ 9ut 9" the final da" we had huge ta9les hea1ed with 1ersonal ite&s 9rought to us for 1ra"er. We laid hands on ea h one. * 9eautiful wo&an who attended e<er" &eeting ut hundreds of 1ra"er loths for e<er" ser<i e@ so we laid hands on thousands of little 1ra"er loths for healing@ sal<ation and other needs. #3

*t ea h ser<i e we de&onstrated the 1ower in an anointed 1ra"er loth 9" la"ing one that we had Hust 1ra"ed for on a si ( indi<idual. *n infe ted ear sto11ed draining and Kuit hurting i&&ediatel"7 * froGen ar& was loosed when we laid the anointed 1ra"er loth on it. *t one ser<i e we told the stor" of 3.W. S ha&9a h =wearing and"> and it so tou hed their hearts that the" started 9ringing and" for us to 1ra" for@ and 9efore we left Finland@ we 1ra"ed for hundreds of 1ounds of and"7 Li ori e is the fa<orite and" in Finland@ and we ne<er saw su h &ountains of and" in our entire life. The &ira le re1orts (ee1 o&ing 9a ( in7 /uro1e has so&e of the &ost 9eautiful hur hes in the entire world@ full of &ar9le and gorgeous stained glass windows@ 9ut e&1t" of 1eo1le7 The state hur h in Finland is the Lutheran %hur h@ and we rented one of the large ones for our final &eetings there. This huge hur h ould hold u1 to 1@2,, 1eo1le. The attendan e 9oard indi ated onl" twent"-eight 1eo1le attended hur h the 1re<ious Sunda"7 The" told us that was the nor&al attendan e@ 9ut word had alread" gone through the town a9out our &ira le ser<i e7 Dne hour 9efore starting ti&e the" losed the hur h and 9olted the door. Fourteen hundred 1eo1le had Ha&&ed the&sel<es on the inside. Their e0 ite&ent was tre&endous and the" were fer<ent in their 1ra"ers wanting -od to &o<e in their &idst. * well-(nown drun( got sa<ed and i&&ediatel" deli<ered fro& al ohol. .e was totall" =s1a ed out> when he a&e forward@ 9ut with sal<ation a&e an instant so9ering u17 This was a sign and a wonder that the Finnish 1eo1le wanted to see. * ri11led &an with innu&era9le 9a ( 1ro9le&s ho99led forward and was instantl" healed 9" -od. Then #4

a&e a word of (nowledge on deafness and a11ro0i&atel" fort" 1eo1le were healed of deafness. Then it see&ed there was a su ession of &ira les and when the ser<i e finall" was o<er@ there was great Ho" and reHoi ing in the entire it". 4t ta(es &ira les to get a ountr" turned toward -od. Jesus said@ =4f 4 do not do the wor(s of M" Father@ do not 9elie<e MeE 9ut if 4 do@ though "ou do not 9elie<e Me@ 9elie<e the wor(s...> AJohn 1,B37-32C. * ording to an arti le in a 1a1er gi<en to us on Finnair@ Finland has the highest sui ide rate in the entire world 1er a1ita@ es1e iall" a&ong "oung &ales. *fter ha<ing the entire audien e re1eat the sinner!s 1ra"er@ 4 had all the &en under thirt"-fi<e stand and 1ro&ise not to o&&it sui ide7 4t reated Kuite a stir7 Soon after we arri<ed a "oung &an a&e to &e who wanted to 9e on the healing tea&@ 9ut had not 9een a9le to o&1lete the training@ so he said@ =What an 4 do to hel1I> .e was so e0 ited a9out Jesus that 4 said@ =Fou an 9e &" at her>@ so he sta"ed with &e throughout all the &eetings in Finland. What a wonderful Ho9 he did7 .e was es1e iall" e0 ited the last da" when 4 as(ed@ =4s "our 9a ( hurting and are "our ar&s a9out 9ro(en fro& at hing all those 1eo1leI> .e said@ =;o@ -od sent angels to strengthen &" ar&s as 4 aught the 1eo1le7> Praise Jesus for .is tender lo<ing (indness. The su1ernatural is alwa"s there if we!ll e01e t it@ 9elie<e it and wat h for it7 Two "ears later we went 9a ( to Finland and the wo&an who had ut u1 1ra"er loths for us the last ti&e we were there a&e running out to the arena floor. She al&ost 9ro(e &" ri9s 9e ause she hugged &e so tightl"@ #$

e0 lai&ing@ =8uitos7 8uitos7 8uitos7> and then a&e e0 iting Finnish e0 la&ations whi h 4 ouldn!t understand. Finall" 4 got an inter1reter and then 4 realiGed wh" she was so e0 ited. She said@ =Than( "ou@ than( "ou@ than( "ou for orning to Finland when 4 was so si ( and not e01e ted to li<e. 4!ll ne<er forget "our lo<e as "ou a&e to &" 9edside and sta"ed with &e four da"s and nights holding &" hand.> She ontinued@ ='ut it al&ost 9ro(e &" heart when the do tors told &e that 4 wasn!t going to die@ and "ou wal(ed o<er to the door@ wa<ed at &e@ said J-ood- 9"e! and then Hust <anished.> 4 told her 4 had not 9een there@ 9ut she insisted 4 was and there was no hanging her &ind. 4 didn!t re&e&9er a <ision@ a drea& or e<en 9eing thereE so ould this ha<e 9een another translation@ a &ira le of -od sto11ing ti&e li(e the ti&e when -od turned the sun 9a ( ten degrees on the sundial@ and sto11ed the sun@ &oon and stars for al&ost twent"-four hoursI Fro& Finland we want "ou to go with us to 4reland where al oholis& is 1ro9a9l" the greatest 1ro9le&. *nnie FitGgerald@ reator of the fa9ulous =:ear -od> ite&s@ in<ited us to o&e to 4reland and we were 1ri<ileged to sta" in her ho&e and &inister to indi<iduals the <er" first da" we were there. Dne of the greatest highlights was that not one single 1erson who a&e to the door unsa<ed@ left without (nowing Jesus and re ei<ing the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit7 What a da" of &ira les7 So&eti&es we wonder what a &ira le reall" is7 4s it Hust healing@ or are other things eKuall" &ira ulousI We feel


there are &ira les ha11ening all the ti&e if we will Hust gi<e the redit to -od for e<er"thing that ha11ens. 4reland@ 9eing 1redo&inantl" a %atholi nation@ has their hur hes o u1ied at all ti&es with 1eo1le o&ing in@ 1ra"ing@ and then lea<ing. *nnie@ her &other@ and friends (e1t so&eone at the hur h all da" long@ in<iting the& to o&e to her house for healing and whate<er other needs the" had7 We had one 1erson after another all da" long@ 9ut what e0 ite&ent to see their needs &et7 4n the e<ening@ twent" little girls fro& a %atholi s hool a&e o<er to serenade us. The" were all 9orn again@ 9ut onl" one had re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. We &inistered the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit and the" *LL re ei<ed. ;ot onl" did the" s1ea( in tongues@ the" all left the house singing in tongues as the" wal(ed down the sidewal( to their ho&es. Dne of the little girls was <er" 9ashful and ried when we 9egan growing out ar&s and legs. We taught the& how to do this. The ne0t &orning her &other a&e o<er to re1ort that she had o&e ho&e and announ ed that she s1o(e in tongues and ould now heal her &other!s 9a ( 1ro9le&. The &other held out her ar&s@ the little girl 1ra"ed@ the ar&s grew out and the &other!s 9a ( was healed7 Three &ore little girls a&e to *nnie!s house the da" after we left and the" also re ei<ed the 9a1tis&. Toda" these twent" little girls ha<e their own 'i9le stud"@ are out healing the si (@ and so&e of the& ha<e had <isions7 We had two tea hing ser<i es during the da"@ and 9e ause of the o9<ious ignoran e of &ost of the 1eo1le on erning the 'i9le@ we s1o(e on the 1ro&ises of -od and how to &a(e the Word o&e ali<e7 The" were so hungr" to learn a9out a 1ersonal relationshi1 with Jesus that the #7

res1onse was in redi9le. A %hristian 9oo(store had 9rought so&e of their 9oo(s and 'i9les to the &eeting and the" sold e<er" 'i9le the" had that da". Man" of the 1eo1le told us the" had 9een taught that the 'i9le was a =dirt"> 9oo( and the" shouldn!t read it. Dur si&1le little tea hing ertainl" hanged their &inds as the" 9egan to re ei<e the 1ro&ises of -od for the&sel<es7 Then a&e the e<ening ser<i e whi h was held in a =dis otheKue>. * sign hung a ross a street in downtown Li&eri ( where all the winos a&1 out whi h read@ =Mira le Ser<i e@ %o&e and 'e .ealed7> 4t ertainl" 9rought one of the &ost interesting and unusual ongregations we!<e e<er had7 * &an on the front row was s&o(ing a igarette and singing =Dh@ .owl Lo<e Jesus7> That was a first for us7 We &anaged to get through that and then we noti ed an unusual thing o urring as we 9egan to do &ira les7 Those on the 9a ( row were drin(ing =stout> and e<er" ti&e another &ira le ha11ened@ the" &otioned to the 9artender to 9ring another drin(7 4 had 9een warned not to sa" an"thing a9out drin(ing sin e it is 1art of their ulture@ 9ut when 4 see the effe ts of al oholis&@ it is hard to (ee1 &" &outh shut. So &an" of the 1eo1le there were o9<iousl" under the influen e of liKuor that 4 as(ed the .ol" S1irit to show &e how to a11roa h the su9He t@ and .e did7 This is what 4 said@ =4 understand "our ulture and 4 understand the usto&s of "our ountr" on erning 9eer@ stout@ whis(e" and wine. 4 (now "our usto&s are different fro& ours in *&eri a. 4 want "ou to (now that 4 a& well aware of the differen es in our usto&s@ 9ut the Word of -od is the sa&e@ whether "ou read it in /nglish or -aeli @ and it sa"s@ JWine is a &o (er@ strong drin( is ragingB and


whosoe<er is de ei<ed there9" is not wise> APro<. 2,B1 6J?C. That!s a su1er strong state&ent to &a(e when the drin(s are free-flowing on the 9a ( 9en hes of the &eeting 1la e7 4 ould not sa" otherwise 9e ause 4 learned a long ti&e ago to 9e a -od-1leaser rather than a &an-1leaser7 4 ould hardl" 9elie<e the res1onse. The" literall" ran to &e as(ing &e if the" ould 9e set free fro& the urse of al ohol. Dld &en@ "oung &en@ wo&en and e<en hildren (new the" had a 1ro9le& and the .ol" S1irit had on<i ted the& 9" the words .e ga<e &e to sa"7 The last &an in line was an o9<iousl" 1ros1erous &an 9e ause he was well dressed and did not loo( li(e a lot of the others there. 4 laid hands on hi& and he fell under the 1ower on a sti ("@ 9eer-soa(ed floor. .e had literall" su (ed the 1ower of -od right out of &e when he fell. .e stood u1@ 9rushed hi&self off@ gra99ed &e and said@ =Shure and 9egorra@ 4!ll 9elie<e 4!& deli<ered if "ou!ll (iss &e@ lass7> 4 re&e&9ered what Paul said@ =4 ha<e 9e o&e *LL things to *LL &en@ that 4 &ight 9" all &eans sa<e so&e> A4 %or. +B22C. *nd "ou!re right7 4 1lanted a (iss on his hee( and he got sa<ed7 -lor"7 ;e<er a dull &o&ent in the life of a &ira le-wor(ing 9elie<er7 We had ridden the train 9etween :u9lin and Li&eri ( and had a wonderful ti&e eating an =4rish> 9rea(fast and loo(ing at the 9eautiful &eadows@ s1otted with 9la ( and white ows7 We were reHoi ing a9out so&e of the &ira ulous things that ha11ened in our ser<i e there. We ha<e dis o<ered that 1eo1le are the sa&e all o<er the world@ whether the"!re 9la (@ white@ "ellow or red. The"!re hungr" for a li<ing -od@ 9ut their rea tions when the" see #+

Jesus ali<e and well is so&eti&es sur1rising and ertainl" totall" different fro& what "ou &a" ha<e seen in "our own ountr". Pro9a9l" the &ost sho (ing thing to us was a wo&an@ hea<il" under the influen e of drugs@ who a&e to our ser<i e. 4t was e0tre&el" diffi ult to &inister to her 9e ause she was literall" =out of it> and at that ti&e we did not a tuall" see an" i&&ediate results. .owe<er@ she a&e 9a ( that night@ full of <i&@ <igor and <italit"@ and shared her e0 iting testi&on". 3ather than tell it to "ou@ here are her own wordsB =4 had a9out gi<en u1 that an"thing good ould e<er ha11en to &e again. 4 had suffered e0 ru iating 1ain for four "ears and had 9een una9le to do an"thing for &"self or fa&il". 4 ould not e<en lift u1 a u1 of offee. =Dn the da" of "our &ira le ser<i e@ 4 went to the hos1ital for treat&ent and drugs to (ee1 the 1ain out of &" 9od" for a little while. 4 a&e ho&e and had to 9e 1ut to 9ed 9e ause 4 felt so terri9le. =4 had heard a9out "our &eeting and told &" sister that 4 felt 4 Hust had to go 9e ause 4 (new 4 ould get healed. She 9rought &e 9ut 4 was so do1ed u1 4 hardl" (new what was going on. Fou alled out a word of (nowledge and 4 a&e u1 and "ou laid hands on &e@ 9ut 4 ouldn!t tell an"thing had ha11ened 9e ause 4 was so under the influen e of the &edi ation. ='" that afternoon the drugs had worn off and 4 realiGed 4 .*: '//; ./*L/:7 When &" hildren a&e ho&e fro& s hool@ the" ould hardl" 9elie<e what 9ad ha11ened to their &other. =4 e<en did a height (i ( for the& and the" went all o<er the neigh9orhood telling e<er"one what had ha11ened.


4 a&e 9a ( to the Full -os1el &eeting that night and did height (i (s all o<er the 1la e. =-od is reall" fa9ulous@ 9e ause 4 a& totall" healed7> 4 as(ed her what a height (i ( was@ and she de&onstrated 9" standing still and (i (ing one leg straight u17 We ha<e a 1i ture ta(en with her leg in &id-air7 ;othing should sur1rise us with -od7 :u9lin was no e0 e1tion7 4t was full of sur1rises and new things7 * grou1 of "oung drug addi ts heard that a hur h was ser<ing a free lun h so the" de ided to o&e and sit in on the &eeting and get war& 9e ause the weather was one of those real =9iting> old da"s. The hur h wasn!t &u h war&er@ 9ut it was still 9etter than 9eing on the outside. *s the" 9egan to wat h the si&1le &ira les of ar&s and legs growing out the" 9e a&e totall" hanged indi<iduals7 The" had ne<er seen an"thing li(e that in their entire life@ and as the signs and wonders ontinued@ the" de ided the" wanted this sa&e Jesus who was so ali<e .e was doing these su1ernatural things7 The" were set free fro& drugs@ and as soon as the" had enHo"ed their free lun h@ the" went out onto the streets for a little while. We wondered if the" would 9e 9a (@ and it didn!t ta(e us long to find out wh" the" had left the hur h. These new 9a9ies in %hrist get the &essage so fast it &a(es "our head swi&. The" had gone out on the streets and told the 1eo1le who were wal(ing u1 and down that we were =dan ing> in the hur h. We 9ad ta(en so&e ti&e during the &orning ser<i e to tea h on 1raise fro& the 1$,th Psal&. We had Hust started the afternoon 1raise and worshi1 when the 9o"s returned with their = at h>. %harles was 1raising -od in the dan e when a real old lad" a&e u1 to hi&@ hoo(ed her ar& in his and said@ =4t!s 9een a long 71

ti&e sin e 4!<e 9een to a dan e7> She didn!t (now what (ind of a =dan e> she was getting herself into@ 9ut 9efore she got out she got sa<ed@ healed and 9a1tiGed with the .ol" S1irit7 -lor"7 What!s "our i&1ression of .ollandI Most of us thin( of wooden shoes and tuli1s. While the" ha<e 9oth of those things there@ the wooden shoes are for tourists to ta(e ho&e and fill with artifi ial flowers@ and the tuli1s are Hust as 9eautiful and 1lenteous as "ou ould i&agine. There is &ore than that to the ountr" of .olland. Dn our first night in .olland@ we attended o&&union at the 6o& en 5ie A%o&e and SeeC %hur h and e01erien ed one of the &ost re&ar(a9le ser<i es of our entire life. *fter 1raise and worshi1@ s1ontaneous testi&onies 9egan to o&e forth fro& the ongregation. Jesus said@ =:o this in re&e&9ran e of Me.> What do "ou thin( of when "ou re&e&9er JesusI 4 alwa"s thin( of what .e did for &e. .ow .e sa<ed &e@ 9a1tiGed &e with the .ol" S1irit@ ga<e &e a lo<e@ Ho" and ha11iness that 4 had ne<er (nown in &" entire life. -a<e &e a life that is so thrilling and e0 iting that 4 an ne<er than( .i& enough. 4 ha<e alwa"s felt that o&&union should 9e a ti&e of re&e&9ering all the wonderful things Jesus did for us. Suddenl" we found oursel<es sitting in a ongregation that had the sa&e feeling. *n e0-drug addi t Hu&1ed u1 and e&otionall" said@ =4 than( -od for sa<ing &e and deli<ering &e fro& drugs and gi<ing &e a 1ea e 4!d ne<er (nown.> 4&&ediatel"@ another indi<idual Hu&1ed u1 and ga<e a heart-stirring testi&on". /<en though we ould not understand one word of :ut h@ we we1t .ol" S1irit tears 9e ause of the anointing of -od on the ser<i e. When the 72

inter1reter ga<e us the &essage@ we alread" (new in the S1irit what was trans1iring. There were 1ro9a9l" thirt"-fi<e testi&onies gi<en 9efore the a tual o&&union was ta(en. This is the wa" we should re&e&9er Jesus7 We had ne<er e01erien ed a o&&union ser<i e li(e this one so we a&e ho&e and had one at our hur h. The results were 1heno&enal7 *t ea h ser<i e &an" indi<iduals said it was the &ost 1owerful ser<i e the" had e<er seen. * wo&an ga<e a &o<ing testi&on" whi h stirred the hearts of &an" 1eo1le. She said@ =4 did not lo<e &" hus9and@ and 4 as(ed Jesus to gi<e &e a su1ernatural lo<e for hi& 9e ause 4 (new 4 should lo<e hi&.> She we1t as she said@ =Jesus flooded &" soul with a lo<e for &" hus9and. .e 9athed &e with so &u h lo<e 4 ould hardl" stand it as .e su1ernaturall" ga<e &e a lo<e 4 had ne<er (nown for &" hus9and7> *nother ou1le a&e u1 and ga<e an e0 iting testi&on". She had 9een an e1ile1ti and told ne<er to ha<e hildren. She a&e to a &ira le ser<i e and was healed when we ast out the s1irit of e1ile1s". She has ne<er had a seiGure sin e then. The" a&e to another ser<i e and as(ed -od for a 9a9". We laid hands on the& and less than a "ear later -od ga<e the& a health"@ nor&al little girl7 What a Ho" it was to dedi ate her to the Lord7 Their testi&on" tou hed 1eo1le who had the sa&e 1ro9le&s7 Is %o))union Into/icated0 by %harles Dne da" as we were riding along a highwa" through a forest of 9eautiful fall olored trees@ 4 was thin(ing to -od and Jesus and re ei<ed a <er" interesting answer to a Kuestion whi h arose in &" &ind. 73

=Father@> 4 thought@ =the Dld Testa&ent is full of referen es to Jfirst! P first fruit@ first sons et .@ and Jesus was the first9orn fro& the dead A3e<elation 1B$C. *l&ost all s ri1tures ha<e a s1iritual &eaning in 1h"si al e0a&1les@ so what was the s1iritual signifi an e of turning water into wine as Jesus! F43ST M43*%L/I> .is instant re1l" to &" Kuestion was@ =Thin( of o&&union.> 'read was eaten s"&9oli all" in re&e&9ran e of .is 9od" and wine as s"&9oli of .is 9lood. Then John@ ha1ter three@ a&e to &" &ind. =Most assuredl"@ 4 sa" to "ou@ unless one is 9orn again@ he annot see the (ingdo& of -od...unless one is 9orn of water and the S1irit@ he annot enter the (ingdo& of -od. That whi h is 9orn of the flesh is flesh@ and that whi h is 9orn of the S1irit is s1irit> AJohn 3B3@$@#C. When we are 9orn of water@ we are 9orn 1h"si all" or 9" the wor( of our 1arents. .owe<er@ when we are 9orn of the S1irit@ we are on ei<ed 9" the .ol" S1irit and 9orn of -od who is our S1irit Father. M" 9oo(let ='orn *gain7 What :o Fou MeanI> tells &u h a9out this. ASee this 9oo(let at htt1BMMwww.s ri9d. o&Mdo M1+3,,3#4$M'orn-*gainWhat-do-Fou-Mean-Free C The =first> thing we &ust do to enter the (ingdo& of -od is to 9e 9orn-again or turned fro& 1h"si al to s1iritual. We &ust 9e turned fro& =water> A1h"si alC into wine As1iritualC. 4s this not wh" Jesus 1erfor&ed as .is =first> &ira le - turning water into wineI Wine is the fruit of the <ine. Jesus is the <ine and we are the 9ran hes. Wine is s"&9oli of 9lood whi h is life. Jesus! 9lood was shed so that we ould ha<e life. .is 9lood is so 1ure and hol" that it leanses us fro& all sin or unrighteousness. There is nothing &ore 1ure than the 9lood of Jesus. 74

When the gra1e is on the <ine@ it is 1ure in its lusterE it has not 9een dilutedE it has nothing added. 4f an"thing is added or ta(en awa"@ it does not re&ain in its 1urest for&. 4f an"thing is added or ta(en awa" fro& the 9lood@ it is not totall" 1ure. =*s the new wine is found in the luster@ *nd one sa"s@ J:o not destro" it@ For a 9lessing is in it> A4saiah #$B2C. Jesus was instituting the Lord!s Su11er in Matthew 2#B2#-2+. Then .e said@ =For this is M" 9lood of the new o<enant@ whi h is shed for &an" for the re&ission of sins. 'ut 4 sa" to "ou@ 4 will not drin( of this $ruit o$ the "ine fro& now on until that da" when 4 drin( it new with "ou in M" Father!s (ingdo&.> Jesus! 9lood was not li(e the 9lood of ani&als. .is was 1ure as was .is <er" life. Jesus was without sin. We are 9orn in sin 9e ause *da& sinned. .is life-seed or s1er& 1assed on the sin of &an fro& generation to generation and when we are 9orn of &an@ we ha<e the seed of sin within us. Jesus did not ha<e e<en the seed of sin. .e was on ei<ed 9" the .ol" S1irit so .is life a&e dire tl" fro& -od and not &an. .e was totall"@ a9solutel"@ utterl" hol". There was no sin in .is 9lood. Satan hates the 9lood of Jesus 9e ause it was through .is death or shedding of .is 9lood that Jesus defeated Satan. There is nothing so detested 9" Satan as the 9lood of Jesus. Satan tried to te&1t Jesus in the wilderness so .e would not shed .is 9lood for the forgi<eness of our sins. Satan had 9een &ade 1rin e of this earth and had 9een gi<en do&inion o<er the earth 9e ause of the sin of *da&. .is offers to Jesus in the wilderness were genuine offers of so&ething he had the right to gi<e to Jesus.


=Then the de<il@ ta(ing .i& u1 on a high &ountain@ showed .i& all the (ingdo&s of the world in a &o&ent of ti&e. *nd the de<il said to .i&@ J*ll this authorit" 4 will gi<e Fou@ and their glor"E for this has 9een deli<ered to &e@ and 4 gi<e it to who&e<er 4 wish. Therefore@ if Fou will worshi1 9efore &e@ all will 9e Fours.! *nd Jesus answered and said to hi&@ J-et 9ehind Me@ Satan7 For it is written@ =Fou shall worshi1 the Lord "our -od@ and .i& onl" "ou shall ser<e> ALu(e 4B#-2C. 4f Jesus would ha<e worshi11ed the de<il Hust a little 9it@ .e ould ha<e a<oided the ross. .e ould ha<e a<oided the agon" of shedding .is 1re ious 9lood. Jesus (new what .e had to do to a o&1lish the forgi<eness of our sins. .e had to die 9" shedding .is 9lood. Jesus resisted the te&1tation of the de<il to &iss the hardest thing .e had to do@ 9ut the <er" thing for whi h .e a&e to earth. -od!s whole 1lan for our rede&1tion was the shedding of the 1ure 9lood of Jesus@ and Satan (new that. .alleluHah7 Jesus did not fail -od@ e<en though .e ould ha<e gained total authorit" o<er all the earth without shedding .is 9lood. Satan had failed7 *fter Jesus! death and resurre tion@ .e was gi<en 9a ( the authorit" allowed Satan when *da& sinned. =*ll authorit" has 9een gi<en to Me in hea<en and on earth> AMatthew 22B12C. Satan still has ertain li9erties allowed 9" -od@ 9ut not onl" did Jesus regain the authorit"@ .e ga<e it to us 9elie<ers. ='ehold@ 4 gi<e "ou the authorit" to tra&1le on ser1ents and s or1ions@ and o<er all the 1ower of the ene&"@ and nothing shall 9" an" &eans hurt "ou> ALu(e 1,B1+C. Satan is still resenting and hating the 9lood of Jesus. .e would do an"thing to sto1 the leansing 1ower of the 9lood of Jesus. 7#

Satan wanted to 9e li(e -od and was thrown out of hea<en li(e a 9olt of lightning 9e ause he wanted to e0alt self instead of -od. *s soon as he a&e to earth@ he on<in ed /<e that she ould 9e li(e -od if she would diso9e" .i&. /<er sin e then and es1e iall" sin e Jesus shed .is 9lood@ Satan has tried to get us to sin and (ee1 us fro& 9eing leansed 9" the 9lood of Jesus. Satan would li(e nothing &ore than to 1ollute or stain the 9lood of Jesus. .e would ha<e li(ed nothing &ore than to ha<e had Jesus sin 9" worshi11ing hi& 9efore .e died so he ould sto1 the 9lood. Satan is <er" de e1ti<e. .e tries in e<er" wa" to tri ( us into ser<ing hi& 9" diso9e"ing -od and Jesus. The 1urest su9stan e e<er on earth is the 9lood of Jesus. Jesus wanted us to re&e&9er .i& 9" s"&9oli all" ta(ing .is 9lood. The fruit of the gra1e<ine is 1ure. The Jews of old used it 9e ause it was 1ure when water was not. The de<il wants us to so&ewa" re&e&9er Jesus in this hol" sa ra&ent 9" 1er<erting .is 9lood. Per<ert is defined in the di tionar"B =to ause to turn fro& what is onsidered right@ natural@ or trueE to &isdire tE to lead astra"E to orru1t. .e in the ser1ent had 1er<erted /<e. To turn to an i&1ro1er useE to &isuseE to hange or &isa11l" the &eaning ofE to &isinter1retE distortE twist. To 9ring to a worse onditionE to de9ase.> While we were in South *fri a@ -od showed &e a &ar<elous truth a9out 1er<erting the s"&9oli 9lood@ the wine or the fruit of the <ine. Satan!s greatest tool against us is our &ind. -od will not ontrol our &inds against our wills. We ha<e a free will at all ti&es to hoose right fro& wrongE to hoose -od or Satan. Satan alwa"s wants to 1ossess or ontrol us and our 77

wills. .e deals with our &inds to tr" to get us to diso9e" -od. .e uses e<er" wa" he an thin( of to ta(e ontrol of our &inds and 1er<ert our thin(ing. The o ult world is a de ei<ing world of &ind ontrol. Fou an 9e sure an"thing that allows our &inds to 9e ontrolled 9" &an(ind or the de<il and his de&ons is not of -od. The de<il has used al ohol@ drugs@ &ind- ontrol su h as /SP@ h"1notis&@ wit h raft and other su h de&oni ontrolled instru&ents. What snea(" thing ould the de<il do to &a(e us thin( we are not ontrolled 9" su h things as &entioned a9o<eI First of all@ he wants us to do Hust a =little 9it> of this. .e wants us to sin Hust a =little 9it>. Just one tri1 on LS: would 9e fun. S&o(ing one igarette would do no har&. Ta(ing one drin( of whis(e" wouldn!t hurt an"one. .a<ing a little wine Hust at &ealti&e would 9e good for "ou. LiesE all lies. Dne dro1 of al ohol will &a(e "ou a little drun(. The &ore "ou drin(@ the drun(er "ou will get. The &ore often "ou drin(@ the &ore ontrol it will ha<e o<er "ou. There is not a single al oholi who did not start with a ontrolled a&ount@ so the" thought. When "ou are drun(@ "ou ha<e lost ontrol of "our &ind. That!s wh" dri<ing while into0i ated is against the law. When "ou ta(e one dro1@ "ou ha<e lost the ontrol of a little 9it of "our &ind@ 9ut "ou ha<e also lost 1art of "our standards of self- ontrol. -etting angr" Hust a =little 9it> leads to un ontrolla9le anger. )n ontrolla9le anger leads to hate whi h leads to &urder@ What &ore de<ious thing ould Satan de<ise than to 1er<ert the 9lood of JesusI .e (new he ouldn!t tou h the 9lood of Jesus so he de ided to tou h the s"&9oli 9lood of Jesus in the 72

sa ra&ent of .ol" %o&&union. .e got &an to 1er<ert what he dran( as the 9lood of Jesus. .e 1er<erted the gra1e Hui e re1resenting the 1ure 9lood 9" &a(ing it into wine. .e hanged 1ure Hui e into fer&ented Hui e@ into a &indontrol su9stan e@ into an i&1ure su9stan e. *l oholi wine7 Per<erted 9lood7 =Then the Lord s1o(e to *aron@ sa"ingB J:o not drin( wine or into0i ating drin(@ "ou@ nor "our sons with "ou@ when "ou go into the ta9erna le of &eeting@ lest "ou die. 4t shall 9e a statute fore<er throughout "our generations@ that "ou &a" distinguish 9etween the hol" and unhol"@ and 9etween un lean and lean> ALe<iti us 1,B2@+C. We are the te&1le of -od and we are 1riests in .is (ingdo&. -od said not to 1ut into0i ating drin( into .is te&1le lest "ou die As1irituall"@ we 9elie<eC and that is an e<erlasting o<enant. =...9ut as .e who alled "ou is hol"@ "ou also 9e hol" 4n all "our ondu t 9e ause it is written@ J'e hol"@ for 4 a& hol"> A4 Peter 1B1$@1#C. This is a ti&e in -od!s alendar when .e is 1re1aring the 9od" of %hrist for the return of the Master@ whi h we 9elie<e is to 9e <er" soon. Jesus is o&ing for a hur h without s1ot@ wrin(le@ or 9le&ish. .e is showing us that we &ust distinguish 9etween the hol" and unhol"@ 9etween un lean and lean. .e is 1urif"ing the 9od" so we will 9e read" when .e o&es for us. Dnl" the hol" will see -od. We were in ?anuatu in the South Pa ifi and the hur h had o&&union while we were there. We wanted to 1arti i1ate@ 9ut when the 1riest 9rought the o&&union u1 to us@ 4 s&elled the al ohol in it and did not drin( it. *ll the hur h 1eo1le fro& little hildren u1 were 1arta(ing 9e ause the" were taught that al ohol was not 7+

wrong. When the 1riest finished gi<ing the o&&union to the 1eo1le@ he too( the u1 and a 9ottle of <od(a and dran( it in front of the ongregation. Then he filled the u1 again and dran( it. .e was an al oholi . Dne dro1 &a(es "ou a little drun( and he was de&onstrating the e<ils of into0i ating drin( to his 1eo1le. Per<erted 9lood of JesusI 4s o&&union into0i atingI While 4 was 1ra ti ing a ounting as a %P*@ we had an e&1lo"ee who was a reader in a ertain hur h in .ouston. .e told &e how he was highl" 1ri<ileged to get with the 1riests after o&&union 9e ause the" ould drin( the wine whi h was not used 9" the 1eo1le. The 9lood of Jesus is not 1er<erted@ 9ut Satan atte&1ts to 1er<ert an"thing hol". We 9elie<e he has de ei<ed so&e &e&9ers of the 9od" of %hrist to the ut&ost 9" 1er<erting the <er" su9stan e whi h we ta(e as the 9lood of Jesus as a &ost hol" re&e&9ran e of the one &ight" sa rifi e Jesus and -od &ade to redee& us fro& Satan!s ontrol. -od is sa"ing to the 9od" of %hrist to get all of our li<es lined u1 with the Word of -od and li<e a life hol"@ a e1ta9le unto .i& and 9e read" when .e o&es soon7 by Frances 4n the .olland ser<i es@ little ;ao&i fell under the 1ower of -od and laid there for a9out fifteen &inutes. When she got u1@ she said@ =Mo&&"@ 4 saw Jesus7> .er little life will ne<er 9e the sa&e again. She des ri9ed .i& as standing there with .is ar&s outstret hed@ lo<ing e<er"9od". She said .e had white hair and was 9eautiful. The ne0t da"@ she was loo(ing at so&e 1i tures in a 'i9le and said@ =Mo&&"@ Jesus doesn!t loo( li(e that at all7> *t this 1arti ular ser<i e@ &ore than two hundred s&all hildren ranging fro& the ages of two to ele<en re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. Man" 1arents 2,

underesti&ate the a9ilit" of hildren to res1ond and understand the &o<ing of the .ol" S1irit. Dne little girl around twent" to twent"-four &onths was 9eing held 9" her &other and su (ing a 1a ifier. When the ti&e a&e for the hildren to res1ond to the instru tions for re ei<ing@ the &other gra99ed the 1a ifier out of the hild!s &outh and the little girl instantl" 9egan to s1ea( in tongues7 We had a se ond hildren!s ser<i e and &ore than three hundred hildren re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit at this ser<i e. -od is &o<ing a&ong the hildren@ so 1arents@ '/ 3/*:F7 4n *fri a we <isited a hur h where hildren had 1ro1hesied the 1re<ious Sunda". Three hildren@ two girls and one 9o"@ had 9een &o<ed u1on 9" the .ol" S1irit and ga<e a word fro& the Lord7 -od!s Word sa"s@ =*nd it shall o&e to 1ass afterward that 4 will 1our out M" S1irit on all fleshE Four SD;S and "our :*)-.T/3S shall 1ro1hes"...> AJoel 3B2 2C. These are the da"s when FD)3 Sons and daughters will 1ro1hes". Let us all &a(e sure that our hildren are a1a9le of 1ro1hes"ing in these end ti&es. /<er" 1arent has a res1onsi9ilit" to their hildren to see that the" re ei<e the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit7 3e<i<al a&e to .olland in a 1owerful wa". More than 2@,,, 1eo1le were sa<ed and re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1iritE hundreds were healed and four hildren saw Jesus7 Pastor %or :usson said that .olland had not seen su h a re<i<al sin e T.L. Ds9orn was there &an" "ears ago. 4t was ten da"s of solid glor"7 Dne of the &ost outstanding ha11enings was during the final night when we had a deli<eran e ser<i e.


.o&ose0uals@ drug addi ts@ al oholi s@ les9ians and 1eo1le totall" 9ound with fear a&e to 9e deli<ered. *;: T./F -DT W.*T T./F %*M/ FD37 More than fi<e hundred a&e to the large stage on the final night. *s we too( authorit" o<er the de<il@ it loo(ed as though the 9ones had 9een re&o<ed fro& their 9odies. The" all ru&1led to the floor@ slain 9" the 1ower of the .ol" -host@ loo(ing as if the" had 9een hit with a 9olt of lightning fro& hea<en7 * 1astor who 9rought two 1risoners sent us the following infor&ationB =4 a& a &inister of 1rison in 'elgiu& and was se<eral ti&es with a few e0-1risoners in "our &eetings. Two of our 9o"s ha<e e01erien ed a &ira le in their li<es. Dne was an al oholi and was totall" at his end. .e was Hust a few da"s in our ho&e and went with us to the &eeting. Just 9efore the in<itation@ he disa11eared suddenl"@ 9ut we found hi& 9a ( hidden 9ehind so&e ars outside. Finall"@ he went 9a ( with &e inside and "ou 1ra"ed for hi&. ;ow he has totall" hanged. .e isn!t s ared an"&ore. A'efore that he was so s ared.C *nd e<en his fa e is totall" hanged. Praise -od. =* se ond &an a&e free fro& 1rison 9ut he still had to 1a" one-third of all his fines. *nd that was reall" a lot of &one". .e is Ho9less@ and the go<ern&ent 1a"s hi& a little 9ut it is too little to 1a" all his fines. 4f he ouldn!t 1a"@ he had to go 9a ( to 1rison. So there was al&ost nothing left to s1end. =Dne night Fran es said so&ething a9out offering and that reall" tou hed hi&. So he ga<e all he had and there was nothing left for the entire &onth. =The other da" so&eone a&e to hi& and ga<e hi& 'F$,,,. That was one hundred ti&es as &u h as he ga<e. 22

Jesus did this@ .alleluHah7 .e 1aid so&e of his fines. 'ut -od also en ouraged hi& to trust .i& for the rest of the fines. *nd -od went on 9lessing hi&. ;or&all"@ it is al &ost i&1ossi9le for an e0-1risoner to find a Ho9. The ne0t da" he was offered a good Ho9. This is in redi9le. 4t is not ertain at the &o&ent@ 9ut he is 9elie<ing he will get the Ho9. =This is Jesus. .alleluHah7> We re ei<ed a all fro& a &an as(ing if he ould 9ring his wife to the 1astor!s ho&e for healing 9e ause she was in su h 1ain she ould not 1ossi9l" sit through a ser<i e. We agreed and the" a&e. .er 9od" was horri9l" ri11led and she was onfined to a wheel hair. .er hus9and and son 9rought her and the .ol" S1irit s1o(e to us to &inister to the hus9and and son first. 'oth of the& had 9a ( 1ro9le&s and 9oth of the& had a short leg and short ar&. We grew the& out and all three of the& were a&aGed to see -od!s 1ower at wor(. Then we laid hands on the wo&an and o&&anded that foul s1irit to go. .er faith had 9een so 9uilt u1 when she saw the &ira les in her hus9and and son that she had no diffi ult" re ei<ing her healing. 4n Hust a few &inutes she was u1 running around the dining roo& ta9le7 Then we &inistered sal<ation to all three of the&@ followed 9" the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. What a ti&e of reHoi ing we had as this wo&an re ei<ed freedo& fro& 1ain for the first ti&e in &an"@ &an" "ears7 :oing &ira les is an an" ti&e@ an"where e<ent. -lor"7 * single little flier 9rought so&e re&ar(a9le &ira les in .olland7 -od has gi<en us a &essage to ta(e to the entire world to get the 9elie<ers out doing what Jesus did. .olland res1onded 9eautifull"7 23

* wo&an had one of these 1osters on the 9a ( of her 9i " le to ad<ertise the &eetings. She had learned that =4f %harles and Fran es an do it@ 4 an do it@ too7> * "oung &an fro& :en&ar( a&e u1 to her and as(ed@ =What does that sign sa"I> .e was s1ea(ing in /nglish. She re1lied@ =4t tells a9out &ira le ser<i es in .olland at the 6o& en 5ie %hur h.> .e said@ =The world is terri9le. There are so &an" 1ro9le&s no9od" (nows what to do. * grou1 of us a&e down fro& :en&ar( to see if we ould find the answer to life. So&e of us went to *&sterda&@ so&e went to )tre ht@ and so&e of us ha<e o&e to 3otterda& tr"ing to find the answer to life.> The wo&an said@ =4 ha<e the answer. .is na&e is Jesus. .e an gi<e "ou 1ea e@ Ho"@ and ha11iness. M" hus9and Hust left &e for another wo&an@ and 4 ha<e four hildren and no &one"@ 9ut 4 ha<e 1ea e@ Ho" and ha11iness.> .e said@ =Where an 4 &eet this &an@ JesusI> She thought@ =4!ll in<ite hi& to the &eeting tonight. When he listens to %harles and Fran es@ he!ll get sa<ed and find the answer.> Then she re&e&9ered what we said@ =4f %harles and Fran es an do it@ FD) an do it@ too7> She said to the &an@ =3e1eat after &e....> and she led hi& in a sinner!s 1ra"er. Then she said@ =;ow sla& the door of "our heart shut@ lo ( it and throw the (e" awa" so Jesus an ne<er get out of there.> AShe re&e&9ered what we had said.C -od re&inded her of the ne0t ste1. She e01lained how Jesus had died for her sins@ gone to hea<en and sent 9a ( the .ol" S1irit to gi<e us 1ower to li<e the %hristian life. The "oung &an as(ed@ =.ow do 4 get the .ol" S1iritI>


She was te&1ted to as( hi& to the &eeting@ 9ut again she re&e&9ered a9out 9elie<ers doing it the&sel<es. She said@ =.a<e "ou e<er heard an"one s1ea( in tonguesI> .e said@ =;o.> So she s1o(e in tongues. .e as(ed@ = What did "ou sa"I> She said@ =4 don!t (now. 4 was Hust 1raising and worshi11ing -od in an un(nown language.> .e 9egan to argue with her and finall" he said@ =Fou weren!t worshi11ing -od@ 9e ause "ou said to &e@ JFou are to ta(e the &essage "ou ha<e Hust heard to all of :en&ar( and through "our efforts@ it will s1read into 3ussia and then down into Western -er&an">. .e ontinued@ =Fou weren!t s1ea(ing in tongues@ "ou were s1ea(ing in :anish7> The wo&an didn!t (now a single word of :anish@ 9ut -od had su1ernaturall" gi<en her a language and a &essage for this "oung &an. She then laid hands on hi& to re ei<e the 9a1tis&. .e instantl" s1o(e in tongues7 -lor"7 3e<i<al will start in :en&ar( as a result of this &eeting and as a result of the :ut h learning that signs and wonders a tuall" do follow all 9elie<ers. * "oung &an na&ed John .oward was a night lu9 entertainer in .olland@ addi ted to drugs and al ohol@ with no 1ur1ose in his life for li<ing. Dne da" he went into a 9oo(store and 9ought a =s ien e-fi tion> 9oo( entitled T+3 !#T3 G-3#T '!#13T 3#-T+. The 9oo( fas inated hi&@ and he read it all the wa" through@ onl" to dis o<er that it was not a =s ien e-fi tion> 9oo(@ it was the 9oo( that led hi& to sal<ation7 .e 1ro&1tl" went out and 9ought hi&self a 'i9le7 .e literall" de<oured its &essages and dis o<ered that &ira les ha11ened where<er Jesus went. Then he dis o<ered that the


dis i1les had signs@ wonders and &ira les following the& also7 .e went to hur h. .e was o&1letel" disa11ointed7 .e heard songs sung without &u h life@ a few words 1rea hed@ 9ut nothing else. .e went to another hur h and it was a re1etition of the first hur h. Finall" he re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit and 9egan to s1ea( in tongues. ;ow he (new he was all set for life and would see &ira les. To Kuote hi&@ he said@ =4 went fro& hur h to hur h@ 9ut 4 wasn!t satisfied@ 9e ause 4 didn!t see in the hur h what 4 saw in the 9oo(s of * ts.> .e was dis ouraged@ and then one da" he saw a sign 1rinted in :ut h whi h said@ =%harles and Fran es are 9ringing &ira les to .olland7> The word =&ira les> Hu&1ed out at hi&. .e (new he had to attend these &eetings with these 1eo1le who were 9ringing =&ira les>7 3e a&e@ he saw and it turned hi& u1side down. .e did not &iss a single &eeting@ e<en though he li<ed in *&sterda& and we were in 3otterda&. .e ould hardl" 9elie<e what he saw the final night when we &ade a all for 1eo1le to 9e deli<ered. * whole stage full of 1eo1le fell 9a (wards under the 1ower of -od. This was what he wanted - the signs and wonders to follow hi&. *s soon as he ould@ he a&e to *&eri a to find out if we had an" ta1es on healing. .e had 1ur hased a o&1lete set of all the ser<i es in .olland whi h were done with an inter1reter@ 9ut he was hungr" for &ore. We sent hi& 9a ( ho&e with a o&1lete set of all our ta1es in /nglish. Toda" he has a &ira le &inistr" of his own@ with signs and wonders following as he ondu ts .ealing /01losions in .olland7


South *fri a is on the sa&e side of the world as .olland@ so wh" don!t we ta(e a little Haunt down thereI -o with us@ 9e ause it doesn!t &a(e an" differen e where 9elie<ers go@ signs and wonders will follow the& and ha11en in an" ountr" in the entire world7 Mira les were eas" to a o&1lish in *fri a. Man" 1eo1le a&e to our &eetings e01e ting -od to do the su1ernatural and when "ou e01e t -od to do the su1ernatural@ .e does7 * girl who had 9een in<ol<ed in a &otor " le a ident Hust a wee( 9efore attended one of our first &eetings. .er ne ( was in a stiff &etal ollar. .er s(ull and <erte9rae at the 9a ( of her ne ( had 9een fra tured. She had 9een told she would ha<e to sta" in this ollar for a long ti&e. When she first had the a ident@ it see&ed as though there was nothing seriousl" wrongE 9ut 9efore the da" was o<er@ her one entire side 9e a&e 1aral"Ged and her leg and ar& drew u1. This is when the" dis o<ered the fra ture. %harles laid hands on her and she fell out under the 1ower of -od and was there for a onsidera9le length of ti&e. When she got u1@ she ri11ed the ollar off of her ne ( sa"ing@ =4!& going to the do tor and 4 a& going to tell hi& a9out &" healing.> She twisted her ne ( in e<er" dire tion and e<er" 9it of 1ain and e<er" 9it of 1ro9le& was healed 9" the 1ower of -od. She went to the do tor at 11B3, at night and got hi& out of 9ed to <erif" the healing. We dis o<ered there were &an" 1eo1le who had stuttering 1ro9le&s in South *fri a and we saw 1erson after 1erson healed o&1letel" of stuttering. What a Ho" to see their tongue released totall" for the Lord7 4n /&1angeni there was a lad" who had 1olio when she was a 9a9" and had 9een ri11led on one side all of her life. 27

.er leg grew out and her ar& grew out. She a&e 9a ( the ne0t night to tell us that for the first ti&e in all of her life she had wo(e u1 that &orning without a 1ain. We had a word of (nowledge on ear 1ro9le&s one night and eight 1eo1le a&e forward who had 9een 9orn deaf in one ear. -od o1ened e<er" single deaf ear7 What a ti&e of reHoi ing this was. These were all 5ulu 1eo1le. The hungering for the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit is al&ost un9elie<a9le. Ser<i e after ser<i e after ser<i e@ it loo(ed li(e half or three-Kuarters of the audien e would o&e forward to re ei<e the 9a1tis&. So &an" 1eo1le a&e forward the first night in /&1angeni for the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit that we had no9od" left to 1ra" for. We had no9od" left to la" hands on for healing 9e ause the" were all getting the 9a1tis&. Four thousand 1eo1le re ei<ing the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit is reall" going to sha(e that nation. The first night@ o<er one 1er ent of the entire 1o1ulation of the it" of /&1angeni re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. 4n the three nights we were there@ o<er 2.$N of the total 1o1ulation of the it" re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. 4n Johannes9urg@ we were at the e0 iting %hristian enter and o<er four hundred a&e for the 9a1tis& on a Sunda" &orning. This was an e0 iting hur h and "et it was tre&endous to see the res1onse for the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. Dn our last night in %a1e Town@ &ore than two thousand a&e to the Lighthouse %hur h. D<er fi<e hundred re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. The 1astor said he had ne<er seen su h a &o<e of the S1irit in his entire life as he had seen in his hur h.


4n Port /liGa9eth@ there were so &an" 1eo1le rowded u1 on the stage of the town hail the last e<ening that we had to 1ra" the stage wouldn!t olla1se under the tre&endous weight. The 1eo1le were Ha&&ed u1 on the stage to re ei<e the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. *n interesting thing ha11ened at Port /liGa9eth after we had 9een sharing the &essage of e<er"9od" getting out and doing the wor(s of Jesus whi h we feel is the &ost riti al &essage -od has for the 9od" of %hrist toda". Dne "oung 9o" a9out nine "ears old &et &e as 4 a&e off the stage. .e had a lower 9a ( 1ro9le& and ould hardl" wal(. .e as(ed &e if 4 would 1lease heal hi&. .e sat down@ his leg grew out and his 9a ( was instantl" healed. The &ost e0 iting 1art of the stor" is that he got the &essage@ =4f %harles and Fran es an do it@ 4 an do it@ too7> *s 4 was la"ing hands on other 1eo1le down the line@ 4 turned around and saw hi& la"ing hands on a 9ig 5ulu &an who stood a9out si0 foot two. That &an was healed and fell under the 1ower of -od. The 9o" reall" aught the <ision and ontinued to &inister to 1eo1le down the line. *s a &atter of fa t@ in Port /liGa9eth 4 had <er" little to do in the healing area 9e ause the 1eo1le realiGed that T./F ould do the sa&e thing. What a Ho" to (now that we left so &an" &ira le-wor(ing dis i1les 9ehind in *fri a. *t the 9eginning of the ser<i e@ one of the ushers a&e to %harles a9out an e"e 1ro9le&. %harles laid hands on his e"es and the &an wal(ed awa" sa"ing@ =Well@ 4 (now 4!& going to 9e healed7> %harles said@ =%o&e 9a ( here 9e ause "ou are not going to 9e healed in the future. Fou!re going to 9e healed


now.> .e laid hands on the &an!s e"es a se ond ti&e and as(ed the &an@ =What do "ou see nowI> The &an said@ =4 see that fuGG" white stuff on the side of "our head.> A%harles! hair is snow white.C .e was <er" e0 ited that -od had healed his e"es@ We had &an" 1eo1le healed of 9lindness@ d"sle0ia and &an" other t"1es of e"e 1ro9le&s as well as other 1h"si al 1ro9le&s 4n :ur9an@ the hef at the hotel a e1ted Jesus as his Sa<ior and Lord after hiding 9ehind a s reen to listen to &e share &" testi&on". Then he went on to re ei<e the 9a1tis& and fell under the 1ower of -od. Dn the &orning we left@ two of the &aids a&e in to as( us if we would 1ra" for the&. Signs and wonders followed us where<er we went in *fri a. 'oth &aids were healed. Man" 1eo1le re ei<ed heart healings. The" a&e 9a ( to our ser<i es after we had laid hands on the& for new hearts to re1ort that the 1ain the" had suffered for "ears was totall" gone. .alleluHah7 Signs and wonders are for toda"7


Chapter F%&e LET#S CO!E BAC' TO THE U.S.A.
by Frances 4f "ou an at h "our 9reath long enough after those two e0 iting tri1s to two different 1arts of the world@ o&e along with us and see the signs and wonders whi h follow in the )nited States. Man" 1eo1le 9elie<e &ira les ha11en Hust on o<erseas tri1s@ 9ut if we an get our =e01e ters> u1@ the" will follow us all o<er our own nati<e land. So&e of these &ira les ha11ened 9efore the 1+2# date we &entioned@ 9ut the"!re too good not to share with "ou@ so we!<e in luded a few of the =old> ones A&ore than two "ears oldC. What would "ou do if "our fourteen-"ear-old son was d"ingI .is 1arents 1ra"ed@ the" laid hands on hi&@ the" as(ed e<er"one the" (new to 1ra" for hi&@ and finall" alled a %hristian tele<ision station to &arshal the efforts of the entire it" to stor& the gates of hea<en in 9ehalf of their son. This "oung &an was slowl" disintegrating fro& a health" a ti<e teen-ager to a lifeless-loo(ing wheel hair 1atient who did not ha<e the strength to 9e on his feet for &ore than fi<e &inutes at a ti&e. 4!& going to tell "ou the stor" e0a tl" as it ha11ened@ e0 e1t for the fa t that 4 did not (now the a9o<e infor&ation when 4 first saw this "oung &an. %harles and 4 were at a &eeting in Pitts9urgh@ Penns"l<ania and as we were sharing at the 9eginning of the ser<i e@ 4 ould not hel1 9ut noti e a "oung &an sitting at a front-row ta9le. *ll 4 ould see of hi& was a &o1 of red hair la"ing down on the ta9le. :uring the 1raise and worshi1 he ne<er lifted his head@ he ne<er stood u1@ he +1

ne<er did an"thing7 * few thoughts fli (ered through &" &ind. Was he a su1er re9ellious teenager who had 9een dragged to the &eetingI Was he si (I Was he Hust &ad at so&eoneI 'e ause 4 saw no res1onse fro& hi& to an"thing that was done 1re<iousl"@ nor to an"thing that %harles or 4 had said@ 4 s1o(e to so&eone at the sa&e ta9le and said@ =Would "ou &ind ta11ing that "oung &an on the shoulderI> The &an did@ and the "oung &an lifted his head u1 for the first ti&e. 4 saw he was a "oung 9o" 1ro9a9l" around fourteen or fifteen "ears of age@ so 4 said to hi&@ =.one"@ are "ou si (I> .is re1l" stunned &e. .e said@ =4!& d"ing7> 4 Kui (l" re1lied@ =Then "ou!d 9etter get u1 here real fast7> .e got out of his hair and wal(ed the few ste1s ne essar" to get to the 1latfor&. So&eone shouted fro& his ta9le@ =.e!s got a an erous tu&or floating through his 9od"7> 4 laid hands on hi& and ursed that foul s1irit of an er@ and ursed e<er" an er ell in his 9od" and o&&anded the root and the seed to die in the na&e of Jesus@ and he fell out under the 1ower of -od7 .is &other who had 9rought hi&@ ran u1 to the stage@ and 4 said@ =Fou &ight as well Hoin hi&@> and she fell under the 1ower of -od@ too. Then the unusual stor" 9egan to o&e out fro& <arious 1eo1le in the roo&. This "oung &an!s father was a 1astor. *fter his son had ontra ted this disease he had ra1idl" gone downhill 1h"si all". .e had finished his s hool "ear in a wheel hair 9e ause he ould not 9e on his feet &ore than fi<e &inutes at a ti&e. The" had done e<er"thing the" (new to do@ and he 1rogressi<el" grew worse. Finall"@ in des1eration@ the" ordered an e01eri&ental &edi ation fro& the resear h +2

la9oratories of a uni<ersit" whi h ost L#@24,.17. The" did %*T s ans on hi& for fi<e da"s at a ost of L4@,,, 1er da". The fa&il" was not wealth"@ the" did not ha<e the &one" for this@ 9ut the" were willing to do an"thing and sa rifi e e<er"thing to get their son healed7 /<er"thing failed and he ontinued to deteriorate. Dne Sunda" night his father had a <ision. 4n the <ision he saw &e all his son out of an audien e to la" hands on hi&. .e saw his son fall under the 1ower of -od and get u1 totall" healed7 The <ision was so real to hi& that the ne0t da" he alled the 1resident of a lo al %hristian tele<ision station to find out if the" (new when we would 9e o&ing to Pitts9urgh. The 1resident told hi& we were in town that <er" night and ga<e hi& dire tions how to get to the &eeting. The" ouldn!t get a 9a9"-sitter for their other hildren@ so the father sta"ed ho&e while the &other 9rought the son. .e was o&1letel" under the 1ower of -od for an indefinite a&ount of ti&e. The audien e sang a few songs@ and he was still on the floor so we sang a few &ore. Then 4 finall" de ided to ta(e the offering. 4 s1ent a onsidera9le a&ount of ti&e ta(ing it 9e ause 4 alwa"s tea h 9efore 4 re ei<e the offering. .e was still under the 1ower7 Suddenl"@ he Hu&1ed u1@ started running a ross the front of the 1latfor& sa"ing@ =4 feel ool@ &an. 4 feel ool7> We ertainl" didn!t (now what he &eant until his &other said@ =.is 9od" te&1erature has 9een running three to four degrees a9o<e nor&al and he was alwa"s hot inside. .e said for the first ti&e sin e he got si ( he feels ool7 .is 1ulse was e0tre&el" fast 9e ause of the si (ness@ and now his 1ulse is nor&al7> 4t was then she shared the father!s


<ision with &e. There was no dou9t in &" &ind that he was o&1letel" healed7 4 alled his house the ne0t da" to find out how he was doing and the line was alwa"s 9us". 4 (e1t tr"ing until a9out si0 o! lo ( that night when 4 dis o<ered he had 9een outside all da" long 1ainting the house with his father. This is the "oung &an who less than twent"-four hours 1rior to that ould not 9e on his feet &ore than fi<e &inutes without 1assing out7 .e went 9a ( to s hool the ne0t fall@ &ade the foot9all tea& and has had a9solutel" no re urren e of an" for& of the disease whatsoe<er. Trul" we ser<e a wonderful -od7 .is healing was the (ind we wish we saw all the ti&e@ 9e ause it was an instantaneous &ira le7 *ll the s"&1to&s i&&ediatel" left and 4 had hi& go with &e to la" hands on the si ( at the end of the ser<i e@ then told hi& to do the sa&e thing at his father!s hur h the ne0t Sunda"@ To ha<e the 1ri<ilege of 9eing a 1art of and wat hing as the &ira le ha11ens is one of the &ost soul-stirring things "ou an e<er e01erien e. There is nothing greater than seeing -od &o<e@ whether it is in sal<ation@ deli<eran e@ the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit or healing. 'ut -what thrills us so &u h is to see the 9od" of %hrist out doing the sa&e things toda" that we!re doing7 The fire ontinues to fall whether "ou!re down south or u1 north. We &inistered in entral Minnesota and the fire trul" fell in a <er" interesting &anner. The s hool where the &eeting was held had no air onditioning. The te&1erature was 9etween 1,, and 1,4 degrees with no <entilation in the 9uilding. ;eedless to sa"@ it was e0tre&el" hot. 'e ause of the tre&endous heat@ the rowd was not the usual siGe. *ll of the 9al on" seats were e&1t". :uring the +4

ser<i e we glan ed u1 into the 9al on" and saw e<er" seat u1 there was filled with an angel. When the audien e a&e forward to re ei<e the 9a1tis&@ it was as though -od released the angels who were sitting in the seats and dis1at hed one to e<er" 1erson in the audien e. These were s&all angels who a11eared to 9e so&ewhere 9etween three and four feet tall. /a h angel re&inded &e of the *ustralian (oala 9ear 9e ause the" sat on the shoulder of ea h indi<idual. /a h 1erson had their own s1e ial angel hugging the& and hugging the& and hugging the& while a tre&endous &essage fro& the Lord a&e forth. -od said@ =Fou &a" not understand what 4!& tal(ing a9out when "ou re ei<e the 9a1tis& with fire. Fou &a" not understand wh" it was ne essar" for "ou to 9e 1urified with fire. Fou &a" not understand the su1ernatural things 4 a& doing@ 9ut 4 ha<e stationed with ea h one of "ou a s1e ial angel to hel1 "ou and to guide "ou as "ou wal( through these new waters whi h 4 ha<e alled "ou to tonight. These angels will not lea<e "ou@ nor desert "ou 9e ause 4 ha<e stationed the& with "ou on a 1er&anent 9asis@> saith the Lord. 4t was one of the &ost unusual sights 4 had e<er seen. /a h little angel was Hust lo<ing the 1erson to who& the" were assigned in an un9elie<a9le and in redi9le &anner. Man" 1eo1le saw the angels o&e out of the 9al on" and o&e down to &inister to the 1eo1le there. ;ot alwa"s do 1eo1le see what!s going on@ 9ut there was an unusual nu&9er who saw these angels &inistering. -od ne<er sto1s. We went to MarKuette@ Mi higan where we saw so&e of the &ost su1ernatural &ira les we had seen in all of our +$

&inistr". * wo&an was there who had 9een in a &ental institution for &an" "ears and had es a1ed three wee(s 1re<iousl". She was seen 9" two "oung ollege students as she was standing out in the la(e with the water right u1 to her e"e9alls read" to o&&it sui ide. The" res ued her and led her to the Lord@ and then too( her to a hur h. She had 9een on rut hes for twel<e "ears and ould not wal( without the&. -od totall" healed her at the ser<i e. She threw her rut hes u1 in the air and ga<e the& to the 1astor of the hur h where so&eone had ta(en her. She had arthritis in her (nees and -od Kui (l" healed her. She had se<eral other 1ro9le&s@ all of whi h -od healed instantl". 'e ause we were 1rea hing the &essage to the 9od" of %hrist that -od is tr"ing to get e<er"one out doing e0a tl" the sa&e things Jesus did@ we alled u1on this new 9orn 9a9" %hristian who had onl" 9een sa<ed three wee(s to heal so&e9od" with a se<ere 9a ( 1ro9le&. She o&&anded the ar&s to grow out. The" were a9out two in hes different in length. *s the ar&s grew out@ she 9egan s rea&ing and s rea&ing and s rea&ing@ =4 did it7 4 did it7 4 did it7> .ow we wish the entire 9od" of %hrist ould get the &essage that we all are to go out and do e0a tl" the sa&e things Jesus did7 What an e01losion will ta(e 1la e in our hur hes when we all understand and a t on that re<elation7 While eating lun h in MarKuette@ we were tal(ing to two other 1astors. Dne of the things we shared was if we would Hust ta(e the new 9a9" %hristians and ha<e a new on<ert lass to show the& the" were to do nothing 9ut go out and do the sa&e wor(s Jesus did@ our hur hes would literall" e01lode.


:id "ou e<er noti e it is the new 9a9" who doesn!t ha<e an" fear of going out and doing the WordI The" ha<e no fear of healing the si ( 9e ause the" ha<en!t 9een onditioned to fear - the" ha<e faith and a t on it. Let!s thin( a9out all 9e o&ing new on<erts again so we will go around and do the su1ernatural li(e she did when she was first sa<ed. * "oung wo&an had o&e to our ser<i e the 1re<ious night and had 9een instantl" healed of <ari ose <eins. She got sa<ed 9e ause of the &ira le7 4t so turned her on she 9rought her entire unsa<ed fa&il". The" got sa<ed@ 9a1tiGed with the .ol" S1irit and deli<ered of igarettes@ all 9e ause of a si&1le &ira le. That sign and wonder turned her on to go out and witness to her fa&il" and then to start healing the si ( herself7 That!s what is ha11ening toda" as 1eo1le are 9udding forth in the &inistr" -od alled the& to do. We will ne<er forget a ertain on<ention in Siou0 Falls@ S.:. for se<eral reasons. The first night of the on<ention we were in a tornado alert@ so we too( authorit" o<er the weather and o&&anded the tornados to go u1 into the s(" and dissi1ate. The ne0t &orning on a tele<ision show@ the announ er said Siou0 Falls had a &ira le@ 9e ause the tornado lifted into the s(" and dissi1ated7 -lor" to -od@ .e reall" answers 1ra"er7 The ne0t night we did not ha11en to hear a weather re1ort@ 9ut when we got to the &eeting@ the worshi1 9ad Hust 9egun when the &anager of the hotel a&e running in and said@ =/<er"9od" to an inside wait - there is a tornado in the <i init"@ and a tornado wat h is on.>


Peo1le ran Kui (l" to the inside walls@ and we were told to fa e the walls and 1la e our hands on the&. %harles i&&ediatel" said this was going to 9e a =wailing wall> 9ut not where we ried out for the Messiah to o&e 9e ause we (new .e had alread" o&e@ 9ut for .i& to gi<e us di<ine 1rote tion fro& the stor&. We 1ra"ed for a good thirt" &inutes in tongues 9efore the =all lear> sounded@ and &an" 1eo1le re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit as a result of this e01erien e. 4t!s a&aGing how fast 1eo1le an want e<er"thing -od has for the& when the"!re in the &iddle of a risis situation7 There was no da&age to the hotel@ nor to the ars of an" of those who were in the hotel@ although the tornado di11ed down and did da&age 1ro1ert" down the street. .ow we 1raised -od for .is di<ine 1rote tion7 Mira les e01loded as 1eo1le 9egan to 1raise -od for this weather &ira le. * &an had 9een in e0 ru iating 1ain for three "ears. The do tors wanted to ut off his ar& and &a(e a ner<e 9lo (@ 9ut Jesus totall" healed hi& and re&o<ed all the 1ain. * wo&an with s leroder&a@ the disease whi h turns a 9od" into stone@ was instantl" healed of all 1ain in her 9od". .undreds u1on hundreds a&e for the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit as -od ontinued to 1our out .is S1irit7 4t alwa"s a&aGes us that -od ares for the s&allest details of our life if we are willing to o9e" .i&. FreKuentl" our &ail has &an" heart9rea(ing letters fro& 1eo1le who are loaded down with 1ro9le&s@ 9ut then there are &an" &ore whi h 9righten u1 "our da". Su h was the letter whi h followsB Fro& 4owa... =.ere!s one of the &an" &ira les whi h too( 1la e while "ou &inistered in our town. * ou1le in +2

their si0ties ha<e 9een o&ing to our 9od" for a few &onths. 4n that ti&e the" were 9oth sa<ed and as(ed for the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. .e@ howe<er@ didn!t re ei<e tongues fluentl". 'ut through "ou@ he re ei<ed that fulfill&ent. For two "ears the" ha<e not had se0. She had a 9ad heart. .e had diffi ulties hi&self. *fter the healing of her heart and his release with tongues@ the" are 1roud to sa" the" ha<e a new and e0 iting &arriage7> * letter li(e this an also 9righten "our da"7B =4 read "our 9oo( on *+2W T2 +3#! T+3 SI%4’. M" daughter had 9een diagnosed and told to wear orre ti<e leg 9ra es at three wee(s of age. 4 was to ta(e her 9a ( in one &onth. 4 was used to this 9e ause &" son also had worn 9ra es for three "ears. M" wo&9 was not long enough and &ade their legs 9u (le and turn in. =4 was 9orn again and 9a1tiGed in the .ol" S1irit. 4 got to the 1art that said if "ou ha<en!t tried this@ do it now7 =4 was l"ing on the 9ed and &" daughter was l"ing 9eside &e. 4 stood u1 and rea hed o<er and laid hands on her and said@ J4n Jesus! na&e@ legs straighten.! 4 felt the& turn and "ou an i&agine &" s rea& to &" hus9and to o&e and see. =4 went to hur h and told e<er"one7 =Well@ it a&e ti&e for her he (-u1. 4 wasn!t going to ta(e her 9a ( 9ut 4 (new it was good to get onfir&ation. The de<il &ade it a long ten &ile tri1 to the do tor!s offi e. .e (e1t sa"ing in &" &ind that she wasn!t reall" healed. 4 (e1t sa"ing@ JFes@ she is7! A;ot (nowing at that ti&e how &u h authorit" 4 ha<e in Jesus! na&e.C =The do tor (e1t loo(ing at his re1orts and 0-ra"s and as(ing &e her na&e@ how to s1ell it et .@ et . .e was tr"ing


to assu&e it wasn!t the sa&e hild. .e told &e it ouldn!t 9e the sa&e legs he had 0-ra"ed. =M" daughter is three now and has 1erfe t legs.> :oes it Hust ha11en to ertain 1eo1le or ertain deno&inationsI ;o@ signs and wonders will ha11en an"where@ an" ti&e7 .ere is another one of those little notes whi h also 9rightened our da" and we want it to 9righten "oursB =M" foot got aught in a ar door and was o&1letel" rushed. 4 was su11osed to go and sing that night 9ut &" hus9and said@ JFou an!t go@ "ou need to rest.! 4 1i (ed u1 a 9oo( 9" the .unters and 9egan to read that 4 ould 9e healed e<en of a 9ro(en 9one. 4 was a Pres9"terian and didn!t e<en (now an"thing a9out healing. 4 got out of 9ed on a swollen foot that was hurting and 4 9egan to 1raise the Lord with ea h ste1. The Lord 9egan to heal &" foot. The &orel wal(ed@ the 9etter it felt. 4t was o&1letel" healed7 Praise the Lord7> *nd then fro& 4owa a&e a onfir&ation of a &ira le whi h ha11ened "ears ago. *n indi<idual with e1ile1s" a&e for healing and we o&&anded the s1irit of e1ile1s" to o&e out right there7 That 1erson has not had D;/ s1ell sin e7 -od!s healings last7 * lad" alled and told &e an interesting stor". So&eti&es 1eo1le hear a9out a &eeting@ and when the" are not S1irit-filled@ the" are often relu tant to go 9e ause the" are afraid of the un(nown7 .owe<er@ we often noti e that the (ind of 1erson who is reall" interested in all that -od has is intrigued 9" the su1ernatural and wants to =ni99le>7 This lad" said@ =4 was a Southern 'a1tist last "ear when 4 attended a Mira le Ser<i e that "ou held as the last 1art of 1,,

the Full -os1el %on<ention. 4 went@ 1artl" out of uriosit"@ 9ut -od was leading &e into a dee1er wal( with .i&7> She ontinued@ =Fou 1ointed at &e and told &e l had endo&etriosis - a fe&ale disease. Fou had a hard ti&e sa"ing it@ 9ut 4 (new -od was alling &e to o&e for healing. 4 wasn!t e<en thin(ing of that when 4 a&e@ 9ut 4 had it for twel<e "ears. 4 was healed instantl"@ o&1letel" and e01erien ed the 1ower of -od li(e ne<er 9efore7 M" hus9and and 4 are now in an *sse&9l" of -od hur h@ ha<e 9een 9a1tiGed with the .ol" S1irit with s1ea(ing in tongues and are 9eginning to understand what it is to wal( in and flow with the S1irit.> 4n Tulsa@ whi h is onsidered the Jerusale& of *&eri a@ we e01erien ed a hu&orous &ira le. * tele1hone all fro& the 1erson in<ol<ed onfir&ed what others saw as the" left the 9uilding. 4 had 1ra"ed for a wo&an with dia9etes who was e0 e1tionall" hea<". 4t is i&1ossi9le to tell if so&eone is healed of a disease of that nature until the" ha<e 9een 9a ( to their do tor@ so 4 ad<ised her to sta" on her insulin and whate<er other &edi ation she was on until she went 9a ( to her do tor. '" the ti&e she wal(ed out onto the 1ar(ing lot@ she realiGed that the 1ower of -od had tou hed her and so&ething was ha11ening in her 9od" 9e ause her sli1 had =sli11ed> around her an(les. '" the ti&e she rea hed ho&e@ she had lost twent" 1ounds Hust 9" -od!s 1ower tou hing her 9od". .er <isit 9a ( to her do tor onfir&ed the healing of the dia9etes. -lor"7 * &ira le@ sign and wonder an o&e in &an" different for&s. This one ha11ened as a result of a =s1e ifi seed> offering 4 had ta(en. -od isn!t li&ited 9" our needs@ .e an gi<e us the <er" desires of our hearts if we will onl" ta(e delight in .i&. Four heart will thrill with &ine at this


e0 iting stor" whi h is guaranteed to gi<e "ou s1iritual goose1i&1les. =4 Hust tal(ed to "ou 9" 1hone and as 1ro&ised 4!& writing to tell "ou the e0 iting and wonderful things the Lord has done for &e sin e 4 attended "our &eetings. -lor"7 4!& still high on -od7 =Dn Sunda" e<ening@ "ou and %harles too( the first offeringE "ou said to listen to the Lord and .e would tell ea h 1erson the a&ount the" should gi<e and to 9e o9edient without Kuestion and .e would 9less us. =4 had alread" tithed on the &one" 4 9rought with &e on &" tri1@ so 4 had not 1lanned to tithe@ 9ut onl" to gi<e Jseed &one"! during &" sta". 'ut@ 9e ause of what was s1o(en in testi&onies and then in o9edien e to "our words@ 4 heard the still s&all <oi e of the Lord and the a&ount was dro11ed into &" s1irit. *s the offering was held u1 to the Lord@ "ou and %harles 1ra"ed. =Fou as(ed the Lord to 9less ea h 1erson and that whate<er ea h 1erson had as(ed for@ that "ou and %harles would stand in agree&ent and then Ahere!s where it gets good77C "ou said@ J...%harles and 4 9elie<e that -od will not onl" 9less "our gi<ing 9ut .e will do it 9efore ;o<e&9er 3,7! =*s "ou 1ra"ed@ 4 lifted &" gift to the Lord and said JFather -od@ 4 want to find &" sister 9" &" &o&!s 9irthda"@ ;o<e&9er 23rd and Lord@ 4 than( "ou right now that Fou are doing it. *&en.! =4 had 9een sear hing for &" sister@ Terr" Jean@ for &an"@ &an" "ears. We were se1arated as infants 9" ado1tion and 4 onl" had a 1i ture of her at the age of two "ears. =-od wor(ed &an" &ira les77 -od &o<es Kui (l"7 4n less than two-and-one-half wee(s 4 tal(ed to &" sister@ 1,2

Terr" Jean@ for the first ti&e in thirt"-four "ears. Dn &" &o&!s 9irthda" 4 &et Terr" Jean at the 6ansas %it" air1ort and we e&9ra ed for the first ti&e in thirt"-four "ears. The Ho" of this hour is not e01ressi9le in words. =Fou!<e hel1ed to tea h &e to listen and 9e o9edient in &" gi<ing and for that@ &a" our Lord 9less "ou 9oth a thousand-fold return on *LL "our gi<ing. =Mu h lo<e@ Ho" and 1ea e in %hrist@> :.L.%. Marriages an 9e healed through a sign and a wonder. *s we were sitting here writing this 9oo(@ we were re&inded of a &ira le that ha11ened se<eral "ears ago on a old@ snow" night in Minnea1olis@ Minnesota. -od an do &ira les in the tro1i s@ and .e an do the& in the snow7 The .ol" S1irit 9rought to our attention that there were a lot of 1eo1le who needed to 9e deli<ered of igarettes@ so we had what we all a = igarette sto&1> where we let the 1eo1le who want to 9e set free fro& the 9ondage of to9a o =sto&1> on their igarettes. Two 1eo1le a&e fro& o11osite sides of the stage@ and &et ea h other standing in line. ;one of us (new the stor" until later@ 9ut the" had filed 1a1ers for di<or e 9e ause their &arriage was at an end. The" said nothing while the" were waiting in line@ and when we laid hands on her@ she fell under the 1ower of -od first. Then he was ne0t. We laid hands on hi&@ and he fell under the 1ower She was still on the floor when he Hu&1ed u1@ too( one loo( at her and said@ =4!<e got a new wife7> She o1ened her e"es and said@ =4!<e got a new hus9and7> .e didn!t e<en gi<e her ti&e to go 9a ( to the stands to get her oat@ 9ut he 1i (ed her u1 in his ar&s and ran out of *ugs9urg %ollege "elling@ =We!re going on a hone"&oon7> 1,3


by Frances .ow a9out Minnea1olisI So "ou won!t &iss a single thing@ let!s start at the <er" 9eginning with the ad<an e training sessions whi h are real life- hanging to e<er" 1erson who attends the&. The healing tea&s@ totaling a11ro0i&atel" 2@,,,@ were read" for the glor" of -od to fall on the& 1lus an"thing and e<er"thing else -od had in &ind7 The 1raise started off on an e0tre&el" high 1lane. Praise and worshi1 is so <ital 9e ause it is the 1low that &a(es the furrow to o1en hearts so 1eo1le an re ei<e -od!s 9lessings. Then a&e a s1ine-tingling &essage fro& the Lord through %harles. =4 the Lord -od ha<e gathered into this roo& this night a <er"@ <er" 1e uliar 1eo1le. Fou see@ 4 (now what has ha11ened on this earth for all ti&es sin e 4 wadded it u1 in M" hands and reated it into a glo9e@ an earth where 4 ould hold 1eo1le on it. 4 e<en &ade *da& and /<e. What a stru ture that was and when 4 1ut M" S1irit in the& and reated all of those a9ilities@ that was a great in<ention and 4 was well 1leased@> saith the Lord -od. =There has ne<er@> saith the Lord -od@ =in all of M" reation on earth@ there has ne<er 9een this nu&9er 9rought together who were trained and read" to go out to do M" wor( su1ernaturall". =;e<er 9efore u1on this earth until this night has there 9een su h a grou1 of this t"1e. 4 see "ou. 4 (now ea h little &ar( u1on "our 9od". 4 (now "our hearts. 4 (now "our thoughts. 4 (now "our desires. 4 (now wh" "ou are here. 4 1,$

(now how 4 9rought ea h of "ou together and &inistered M" S1irit u1on "ou till 4 9rought "ou to this 1oint@ 9ut 4@ the Lord -od sa" to "ou now@ this is &erel" the 9eginning of "our life. =Just as great to Me@> saith the Lord -od@ =as when 4 for&ed *da& and &ade hi& not afraid and saw a li<ing 9eing that was &ight" and 1owerful@ a 9rilliant li(eness of M" own li(eness@> sa"s -od. =.e was the e1ito&e of all things reated. Mu h &ore 9eautiful than the stars@ the &oon@ the sun@ all of the things that 4 ha<e &ade u1on this earth@ all the ani&als@ the 9easts@ the 9irds of the s("@ &u h &ore was the outstanding &an that 4 had reated. ='ut e<en this night@> sa"s -od@ ="ou (now that 4 ha<e reated a grou1 of 1eo1le to 9e the 9od" of M" Son and "ou are a great host of those 1eo1le and this is Hust the 9eginning. Four life will &ulti1l"@> saith -od. =/a h of "ou will &ulti1l" ra1idl" as "ou &inister to others and the" at h the <ision. The" (now M" heart. The" (now M" 1ur1ose. The" (now M" ti&ing and as these 1eo1le o&e in@ the" too will &ulti1l" for -od. =4 ha<e@> saith the Lord -od@ = reated as though it were a new re1rodu ti<e s"ste&@ so@ as *da& and /<e ould re1rodu e another@ so it is that 4 ha<e reated "ou for that di<ine 1ur1ose of ra1idl" in reasing and 1o1ulating the earth with those in the li(eness of "ou. =Those who will do M" wor(@ "es@ the" will 1o1ulate greatl" with 1eo1le on this earth 9ut "ou are going to 1o1ulate this earth 9" a re1rodu ti<e s"ste& in the S1irit that will reate a great and &ight" host all o<er this earth until M" glor" in 1eo1le will o<er the earth as the water o<ers the sea. So saith the Lord "our -od.> When the 1resen e and 1ower of -od 9e o&es e<ident through 1raise and worshi1 and %hristians 9eing in one 1,#

a ord@ then a series of wonderful things an 9egin to ha11en. * 1astor a&e running to the 1latfor& and shared the following e0 iting <ision whi h 9rought the &ore than 2@,,, trainees to their feet with wild e0 ite&entB =*s we 9egan to worshi1 tonight 4 saw in the S1irit the worshi1 go u1 and it was as though it went right through all of the floors and to the to1 of the hotel. 4t ul&inated there in the hea<enlies and then li(e it had a o&&and fro& -od@ it started &ar hing as an ar&" to the Met %enter Asite of the .ealing /01losionC. *s the 1raise went forth it was doing 9attle. There were a lot of 1owers of dar(ness@ there was a lot of s1iritual wi (edness that it had to ut through@ 9ut as we ontinued@ it (e1t rising u1 and the ontinued 1raise (e1t following. *s it got to the Met %enter@ there were angeli 9eings. 4t was the warring angel standing o<er the Met %enter. =That warring angel 9egan to gi<e dire tion to the 1raise and he 9egan to dire t it around the Met %enter into <arious seats in the auditoriu&@ on the floor@ all around the orridors. *s it a11eared to &e@ it was li(e there was a s1iritual leansing of that 1la e. *s the 1raise ontinued@ there was still 1raise o&ing out of here still going o<er there. 4t was li(e there was su h an a9undan e that the warring angel 9egan to dire t the 1raise out in <arious dire tions all o<er the Twin %ities. We need to ontinue in that 1raise so there will 9e &ore 1aths ut through the s1iritual wi (edness that has 9een holding the Twin %ities in 9ondage.> Then 4 a&e forth with a &ost uniKue word fro& the Lord7 =For the last few "ears "ou ha<e 9een li(e a 9a9" on a 9ottle. Fou ha<e 9een eating diluted food. 1,7

='ut@> .e sa"s@ =4 gi<e it to "ou straight. ;o longer will "our 9ottle 9e diluted with water. Fou will get it straight@> saith the Lord. =;o longer will "ou ha<e to 9e on 9a9" food whi h has 9een hewed u1 9efore it got to "ou. Fou will 9e a9le to ta(e the strongest &eat and to disse t it with "our teeth. ='ut@> -od sa"s@ =4 a& not sending out a 1owerless ar&". 4!& not sending out an ar&" that has 9een diluted@ an ar&" that has 9een watered down. la& sending out an ar&" that is straight fro& the word Jgo! and &a(ing hi& who has ne<er e<en drea&ed a9out 9eing in a &inistr" ha<e a &inistr" 9irthed to&orrow night at the .ealing /01losion. =4 a& sending "ou out to feed 1eo1le instead of sitting there with a 9ottle in "our &outh Hust drin(ing in@ drin(ing in@ drin(ing in@@@ sa"s the Lord. =;ow "ou go forth in the na&e of Jesus. 3a"s are going on to the hur hes that are ontinuing on@ to the hur hes whi h are going to 9e &a(ing su1ernatural house- alls@ 9ut these ra"s of 1raise will 9"1ass all of the hur hes whi h are going to still sit in a rut and are sa"ing@ JThat!s too wa" out for &e@ 4 don!t want to get in<ol<ed.! Those ra"s of 1raise will go right straight to the hur hes whi h at h the <ision.> Then a&e the a tual night after all the training and faith-9uilding ser<i es7 June #@ 1+2# was an =e01losi<e> e<ening for the Minnea1olis@ Minnesota area. The 'loo&ington Met %enter@ usuall" used for su h nois" s1orting e<ents as the Minnesota ;orth Stars ho (e" tea&@ was in<aded 9" a totall" different rowd. Pre1ared and trained =to heal the si (>@ o<er 2@,,, enthusiasti and turned-on healing tea& &e&9ers too( their 1la es. ?olunteers greeted the &asses and dire ted traffi as the rowd 1ushed their wa" into the 1,2

large auditoriu& to find their seats. *s the 1ar(ing lot filled with ars@ a&1ers and 9usses fro& hundreds of &iles around@ thousands &ore waited 1atientl" outside to enter the arena. Dn and on the" a&e - 1eo1le hungering for what -od had to offer during the great Minnea1olis .ealing /01losion. The rowd was so re e1ti<e to the &usi that high 1raise and worshi1 was rea hed within &inutes of the start of the &eeting. ;o one entered the 9uilding without feeling the 1ower of -od rush o<er the&. Ste11ing into the a tual arena was eKuall" as aweso&e - a s1e ial =.ol" -host> glow radiated fro& the o<er 11@,,, 9elie<ers singing -od!s 1raises. *fter se<eral s1e ial and 1owerful words fro& the Lord@ we ga<e a all for sal<ation and the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit7 *s the rowd heered and la11ed@ a11ro0i&atel" $@,,, 1eo1le stood and strea&ed down to the arena floor to re ei<e the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. 8uite li(e the heering that freKuented this 9us" s1orts arena on &an" other e<enings@ the roar was deafening7 .owe<er@ on this <er" s1e ial o asion@ the one that was honored was Jesus the .ero@ the ?i tor@ the .ealer7 %harles &inistered the 9a1tis& and under his instru tion@ the" s1o(e in tongues. The" sang in tongues. The" whis1ered in tongues. *nd the 1ower of -od o<ered ea h and e<er" one of the& while 1hotogra1hers and a&era&en fro& the lo al news1a1ers and T? stations s urried around shooting 1i tures of this &o&entous e<ent in the Minnea1olis area. Pastors o1enl" we1t as the" ad&itted the" had ne<er seen an"thing li(e this in *&eri a 9efore7 Meanwhile the rowd in the stands heered@ 1ra"ed


and we1t as the" witnessed su h a &ight" &o<e of -od a&ong the 9od" of %hrist. The healing tea&s were on fire and 1re1ared to de<astate the de<il!s wor(. The" were strategi all" 1la ed around the whole arena inters1ersed 9etween others who had o&e for healing. *t a gi<en signal@ the tea&s &ar hed into 1la e as 6aren Wheaton led the rowd in a stirring ='attle ."&n of the 3e1u9li .> The 1ower and &agnitude of what -od had onl" started in Minnea1olis 9e a&e <i<idl" e<ident as the 2@,,, 1lus tea& &e&9ers too( their 1la es on the floor as well as in the wheel hair se tions. Where<er "ou loo(ed "ou ould see the ar&" of -od dressed in full ar&or and 1re1ared to set .is 1eo1le free. Those who a&e for healing followed the tea&s onto the floor and the tea&s were released to go to wor(. *ll the hours of training and stud" were 1ut to good use as the" 9egan to &inister to the thousands who had o&e e01e ting a &ira le fro& -od. Trul" 2@,,, new &ira le wor(ing dis i1les were 9eginning a new di&ension as witnesses for Jesus@ -od desires to &o<e &ightil" a ross the )nited States and around the world until Jesus! return. .ealing /01losions are not the end result of -od!s wor( in a it" - the" are 9ut an =e01losi<e> 9eginning. Those tea&s are now going out to s1read what the" learned - healing the si (@ setting the a1ti<es free@ 9ringing sal<ation to the lost and &inistering the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit and &a(ing dis i1les of others to do the sa&e. Drdinar" 9elie<ers are wor(ing in -od!s 1ower to share -od!s 9est to 9ring thousands to Jesus through their 1owerful witness with signs and wonders following Hust as the -reat %o&&ission 1ro lai&s. .ow else an we rea h the lost@ the unsa<ed@ the si (I Praise -od@ .e has re1la ed ignoran e with (nowledge


SIG1S #1D W21D3-S # +3#!I1G 35'!2SI21 of the truth@ the (nowledge to train others how to heal the si (@ the a9ilit" to share the 1ower of -od with the 9od" of %hrist@ the han e to en ourage %hristians to not onl" 9e faithful in attending and 1arti i1ating in hur h fun tions@ 9ut to get a ti<el" in<ol<ed7 The fa&il" of -od &ust ste1 out and 9elie<e what the Word sa"s and a e1t their &inistr". Ma"9e not a full ti&e tra<eling e<angelisti &inistr" li(e ours@ 9ut an eKuall" i&1ortant &inistr" nonetheless. /<er" 9elie<er &ust (now what -od e01e ts - the Word sa"s@ =...*nd these signs will follow T.DS/ W.D '/L4/?/.. .the" will la" hands on the si (@ and the" will re o<er> AMar( 1#B17-12C. *t wor(@ at s hool@ at ho&e - where<er -od has 1la ed "ou is "our ground to 1low@ seed@ and har<est. The testi&onies on-stage and those at the 9rea(fast are alwa"s the =1roof of the 1udding> that -od has alled the 9elie<ers to wal( in the su1ernatural. Then when these e0 iting things are onfir&ed 9" letters@ it &a(es our s1irits soar7 * little 9o" with ere9ral 1als" a&e u1 on the stage after healing tea& &e&9ers laid hands on hi&. .e was a9out four "ears old@ and he (e1t o1ening and shutting his fist as he re1eated o<er and o<er again =4 had ere9ral 1als" and 4 ouldn!t straighten &" ar&@ and 4 ouldn!t o1en &" hand@ 9ut Jesus healed &e@ and now 4 an7> .e wanted e<er"one in the auditoriu& to (now what Jesus had done for hi&@ and little as he was@ he ga<e all the redit to Jesus7 * little 9o" was there who had no 1h"si al ears@ not e<en an o1ening where the ear should ha<e 9een. .ealing tea&s &inistered to hi& and when he a&e u1 on the stage@ 111

he was hearing 1erfe tl". The ears had not for&ed "et@ 9ut the" had started@ and what was so e0 iting was that the hearing was there. .e ould hardl" ontain his e0 ite&ent and tears7 * "oung lad" a&e u1on the stage holding two hearing aids. When she was a little girl a9out one "ear old@ she had had a light 9ul9 e01lode inside her &outh. .er hearing was utterl" destro"ed@ 9ut she ould hear slightl" with <er" strong hearing aids. .er Haws were wired together and she had no li1s. The full-of-faith tea& o&&anded re onstru ti<e &ira les to her inner ear@ ner<e s"ste& and 9ones. *fter 9eing slain in the S1irit@ she ould hear a whis1er and ould s1ea( without restri tion. She didn!t e<en realiGe she wasn!t wearing her glasses. -od reall" did a su1ernatural Ho9 on her7 ;ot through us@ 9ut through the healing tea& &e&9ers who had 9een trained7 *nother wo&an a&e u1 who had arthritis in her 9a (. The healing tea&s did e<er"thing the" ould thin( of@ 9ut nothing see&ed to wor(@ and finall" the" dis o<ered she had unforgi<eness in her heart. We ha<e learned that this an (ee1 a lot of 1eo1le fro& 9eing healed@ 9ut as soon as she got rid of the unforgi<eness@ she was o&1letel" healed. .er fa e radiated Ho" as she realiGed that not onl" had the unforgi<eness 9rought on the arthritis@ 9ut it had alwa"s (e1t her in 9itterness@ and now she was set free. 'ut the testi&onies don!t end with the stage testi&onies@ nor do the" end with the ?i tor" 'rea(fast. Truthfull"@ the" should ne<er end as we ontinue to do the things Jesus o&&anded us to do. The following letter will gi<e "ou an idea of how the <er" life of Jesus an 9e o1erating in e<er" 9elie<erB =4 feel li(e a little (id o&ing ho&e with a good re1ort ard for &" &other to loo( at. So &an" o11ortunities ha<e 112

1resented the&sel<es Hust sin e "esterda" after the ?i tor" 'rea(fast. =4 a& the wo&an who had the 9ro(en wrist who ga<e the testi&on" at the ?i tor" 'rea(fast a9out hearing &" wrist sna1 into 1la e Thursda" afternoon when we were 1ra ti ing Jthe ne ( thing! on ea h other. 4 wondered and was &"stified 9" wh" -od ga<e &e su h a wonderful e01erien e. 4 thought it was &a"9e so 4 ould tell &" do torE then 4 thought it was so 4 ould tell &" relati<es and the 1eo1le at hur h. 'ut it!s 9igger than that. 4t is so 4 an tell an"one who as(s &e what ha11ened to &" wrist. -od (nows 4!& 9old enough to tell an"one. .ow ould "ou (ee1 stillI 4n thin(ing a9out it@ 4 thin( the wrist was a tuall" dislo ated as well as 9ro(en and what 4 heard was it sna11ing 9a ( into 1la e. We!ll see when 4 go 9a ( to the do tor for &" ne0t <isit@ 9ut Hust to let "ou (now 4!& in good sha1e@ 4!& t"1ing this letter with full freedo& of &o<e&ent. =The first thing 4 did Saturda" afternoon was tell &" neigh9ors who are staun h@ funda&entalist 3L:S 1eo1le A4 li<e in an 3L:S o&&unit" of fift" fa&iliesC who 9elie<e that onl" ordained 1riesthood &e&9ers an ad&inister to the si ( with oil. 4 showed the& the referen es in the 'i9le@ the 'oo( of Mor&on and the :o trine and %o<enants whi h all agree on it. There was nothing the" ould sa". =Then 4 went to the gro er" store and told the store &anager and his wife and two other 1eo1le standing near9" a9out the e01erien e. =*s 4 wal(ed awa"@ a little lad" trailed after &e and said she onl" got 1art of it 9e ause she had 9een on a near9" tele1hone. 4 tried to 1ass o<er it Kui (l" and get on with sho11ing 9ut she said@ JWell@ 4 ha<e a lot of things wrong that 4 would ertainl" li(e to get healed of.! 113

=M" ears 1er(ed u1 and 4 said@ JFou wouldI! =She said@ JFes.! =%an "ou guess what 4 said with a gleeful grin s1reading a ross &" fa eI 4 said@ J:o "ou want &e to 1ra" for "ouI! =She said@ JFes.! =So 4 said@ JWell@ o&e on. Let!s find a 1la e.! 4 too( her in the &anager!s offi e@ shut the door and started fro& the to1 down. When 4 finished@ 4 said@ J;ow@ listen@ Pegg". -od!s &ira les will stand u1 under a &i ros o1e. So "ou don!t ha<e to ha<e an" fear when "ou go 9a ( to see "our do tor.! Then 4 went a9out &" 9usiness. Praise -od7 4 an!t i&agine ha<ing this raG" 9oldness and the Ho"M1leasure that o&es with it. =Sin e then@ this ast was an o1ening for &e to tell the stor" two &ore ti&es that sa&e afternoon. Dn e again toda" after hur h to a total stranger who was a guest and again Sunda" night at 1,B3, to a friend who needed 1ra"er. 4t a&aGes &e how the o11ortunities JHust 1resent the&sel<es right and left.> *nd another letter fro& a 1erson who was healed thereB =When 4 was 22@ after a sli1 on the i e@ a tri1 to a hiro1ra tor and 0-ra"s@ it was found that &" 9a ( had ne<er for&ed orre tl". The last fi<e 9ones in the s1ine for&ed al&ost an JL! going off to the right. Fro& the ti&e of that sli1 on the i e@ 4 had onstant 1ain and o asional &us le s1as&s that went fro& &" hi1 down to &" an(le on the left side@ as the &us les would tr" to 1ull the 9ones 9a ( into their orre t 1osition. Standing for an" length of ti&e was not 1leasant as 4 onstantl" shifted fro& foot to foot to 9e o&e o&forta9le. 4 was gi<en 9a ( e0er ises 9" the hiro1ra tor@ whi h hel1ed so&ewhat 9ut 4 alwa"s had so&e 1ain. 114

=*t the .ealing /01losion@ 4 went forward to 9e 1ra"ed with 9" a tea& onsisting of a wo&an and her nine-"earold son. When the" sat &e down and 1ra"ed with &e@ 4 ould feel and see &" leg grow nearl" an in h7 4 ha<e had to readHust ar &irrors for dri<ing@ &" shoes no longer are worn down 9e ause 4 wal( and stand 1erfe tl" o&forta9l"@ and ha<e had no 9a ( 1ain whatsoe<er sin e -od!s healing7> *nd the angels were there in great nu&9ers. =4 had the o11ortunit" and 1ri<ilege to &inister on a healing tea& at the Minnea1olis .ealing /01losion on June #th. We heard and saw &an" e0 iting things that night and at the ?i tor" 'rea(fast the ne0t &orning. =*fter we had 9een singing for se<eral &inutes@ 4 had a <ision of a huge angel leaning asuall" on a sword 9eside the left side of the stage. :o "ou re&e&9er the 9la ( urtains 9ehind the stageI Well he was al&ost as tail as those urtains. 4 was so i&1ressed with his siGe that 4 alled the Met %enter and as(ed the& the height of the urtains. The" said that the urtains were fift" feet in height. .e was one '4- angel7 =* few &inutes later as we were singing the words@ J'low the Tru&1et in 5ion!@ 4 saw a si&ilar angel on the right side of the stage@ and his sword was starting to a&e u17 Then 'o9 'ar(er started 1ra"ing and than(ed the Lord for the Jinha9itation of the angels! there that night.> =When he said that@ 4 thought@ JFes@ the" 3/*LLF are here@ and things are 3/*LLF going to 9e ha11ening tonight7! =Just 9efore %harles and Fran es entered the arena@ 4 glan ed 9a ( to the stage again. 4 saw &ore warrior angels7


=Dn the &iddle of the three ar1et runners that ran the whole length of the arena@ there were angels lined u1 on its entire length and the" were ea h fa ing alternate dire tions7 =With that <ision@ 4 (new that we did not ha<e to worr" a9out an"thing that night. 4t was all in -od!s hand@ and .e had it W/LL in hand7 *lso@ 4 re ogniGed that it was a <er" i&1ortant night - not Hust for what we as 9elie<ers 1er ei<ed@ 9ut as 9eing e0tre&el" i&1ortant for the fruition of -od!s ulti&ate 1ur1ose. ='less "ou for "our &inistr".> ;DT/B :uring the training sessions at the 3adisson .otel South@ the healing tea& trainees as(ed -od to station angels around the Met %enter. Se<eral 1eo1le saw the flood of angeli 9eings flowing en &asse fro& the 3adisson to the Met %enter where the /01losion was held. :o "ou ha<e ti&e to go to %hi ago with usI 4t!s Hust a little Hu&1 fro& Minnea1olis. Put the Wind" %it"@ the Fourth of Jul" and 17,, turnedon 9elie<ers trained to heal the si ( together at the 3ose&ont .oriGon and what ha<e "ou gotI /01losi<e d"na&ite7 Dur First *nni<ersar" .ealing /01losion in %hi ago@ 4llinois was 1ri&ed and read" to e01lode in this tea&ing it" of &illions. 4t started off with a 1owerful word fro& the Lord whi h is for "ou toda"7 =This is the hour of the e&erging of M" hur h@> saith the Lord. =The e&1hasis of M" S1irit is u1on M" 1eo1le and those who will train and eKui1 M" 1eo1le in these da"s and in this hour@ are those &inistries that 4 shall e0alt and 9ring forth@> saith the Lord. 11#

=For 4 desire to use M" 1eo1le as 4 ha<e ne<er used M" 1eo1le 9efore.> =For the" are the s1e ial &essengers that 4 shall use in these last da"s to 9ring good news to the 1eo1le li<ing in the earth. 4t shall not 9e those that 1ro1ose to do it the&sel<es. The da" of those &inistries is o<er@> saith the Lord. =4 shall raise u1 those &inistries that shall gi<e the&sel<es to M" 1eo1le@ for it is the hour of the eKui11ing of M" 1eo1le@ for re<i<al is i&&inent. The S1irit of the Lord is 1resent. .e is wanting to &o<e through the land. *nd .e is going to &o<e through the hur h. .e is going to &o<e through the 'od" of the Lord@> saith the Lord. =So hear what the S1irit of -od is sa"ing@ and "ou that are in 1ositions of leadershi1 and in 1ositions of authorit" in the hur h of the Lord Jesus %hrist@ train the 1eo1le. Let the 1eo1le go for the" are read". For the" desire to 9e used 9" Me@> saith the Lord. =/Kui1 the&@ train the&@ 1re1are the& for this is M" will for this 1resent hour@> saith -od. =;ow@ there are those who ha<e sought to hold M" 1eo1le 9a (@> saith the Lord. =There are those that ha<e 9een in 1ositions of leadershi1 in M" hur h that ha<e not let M" 1eo1le o&e forth. *nd unless the" hange@ 4 shall re&o<e the&@> saith the Lord@ =4 shall ta(e the anointing off their life and the" shall not &inister an"&ore. =For this is the hour of the eKui11ing of M" hur h. 4t is M" desire@> saith the Lord@ =to use ea h and e<er" one of M" 1eo1le in these last da"s. *nd again 4 sa"@ the" that shall gi<e the&sel<es to the training and to the eKui11ing of M" 1eo1le are the" that 4 shall use in this final hour@> saith the Lord.


=For these things that 4 a& s1ea(ing of now ha<e alwa"s 9een in M" heart and in M" &ind. Fea@ 4 ha<e desired to do these things through the enturies. *nd 4 ha<e o&e to this ti&e in M" 1ro1heti 1lans@> saith the Lord. =4t is the ti&e for the e&erging of the 9od" of %hrist. For it is going to ta(e the whole of M" 1eo1le and the whole of the hur h to do what 4 want done in these last da"s. Should the Ho9 of e<angeliGing the world re&ain in the hands of Hust the few - the world@ the 1eo1le@ the" shall 1erish. =For that reason@ 4 shall use the whole 9od". /<er" finger@ e<er" toe@ e<er" organ@ e<er" ar&@ e<er" leg@ 4 shall use e<er" ell in M" hur h@> saith the Lord. =For this is the word of the Lord that is 9eing s1o(en in this land@ and this is the word of the Lord that is 9eing s1o(en in other lands. For the 1ro1hets of -od li<ing in other nations are deli<ering this sa&e word at this <er" hour@> saith the Lord. =For this is M" 1lan for M" whole hur h li<ing in the earth@> saith the Lord. =;ow@ the ene&" will do what he an to sto1 what 4 ha<e 1lanned and "ou need to 9e aware of that. Fou need to 9e on guard. Fou need to wat h o<er "our own soul@> saith the Lord. =:o not o&1ro&ise. %ondu t "ourself in a &anner that is 9e o&ing to the hild of -od. =Wal( worth" of Me@> saith the Lord. =*nd the ene&" shall not sto1 "ou fro& doing what 4 ha<e alled "ou to do. .e!s going to fight. .e!s going to resist what 4 ha<e 1lanned@> saith the Lord. ='ut he shall not sto1 &e. =For e<en now@ there is a disgust in the hearts of M" 1eo1le for the ene&". *nd there is a disgust for the things of the earth. There is a disgust for sin and those things of the earth. There is a disgust for sin and those things that 112

ha<e hindered M" 1eo1le fro& &aturing and 9eing all that 4 ha<e alled the& to 9e. =Peo1le are going to la" aside those filth" rags and the" are going to e&erge as the" ha<e ne<er e&erged 9efore. *nd there shall 9e a distin tion 9etween the hild of -od and those that are of this world@> saith the Lord. =For 4 shall distinguish that whi h 9elongs to Me in these latter da"s. So guard "our heart and guard "our life. %o&&it to 1ra"er. %o&&it to M" Word. See( Me as "ou ha<e ne<er sought Me 9efore. *nd 4 shall 9e &ore real to "ou than 4 e<er ha<e 9efore. =Fes@ the re<elation of M" S1irit shall 9e so 1ronoun ed and so seen in "our life that "ou shall ha<e distin tion as M" hild in the earth@> saith the Lord.> The" had o&e 9" 9us fro& all o<er the it". The" had Ho"full" ridden the ele<ated train a ross the %hi ago s("line. The" had dri<en all night 9" ar fro& hundreds of &iles around. The" a&e 9" 1lane fro& all o<er the ountr". *nd the" reall" re ei<ed that word fro& the Lord7 The all was &ade for sal<ation and the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. 4t was ele trif"ing 9e ause one of the &ost heart-thu&1ing ti&es in the .ealing /01losions is to see the 1eo1le res1ond when that all is &ade. The world is fed u1 with dead religion. The" want to see a li<ing Jesus7 The" are tired of 9eing 1owerless - the" want the 1ower of -od in their li<es7 More than 4@$,, res1onded to the all@ and as the" a&e down fro& the stands@ it loo(ed li(e strea&s of &olten la<a 1ouring down ea h stairwa" onto the great arena floor. Pastors said the" had ne<er seen su h a res1onse to a all li(e this in the )nited States7 The" we1t with Ho" as the entire arena floor filled with hungr" 1eo1le7 11+

'" this ti&e@ all were an0ious and e01e tant as the" Hoined together for a trul" =e01losi<e> Jul" 4th ele9ration of freedo&. What does freedo& and Jul" 4th ha<e to do with healing@ "ou as(I .ow does this tie together with JesusI 4f "ou ha<e e<er 9een si (@ if "ou ha<e e<er 9een in 9ondage to ha9its of an" (ind@ if "ou ha<e had a lo<ed one hel1lessl" sear hing for T./ answer@ "ou an then en<ision the 1eo1le as the" strea&ed into the .oriGon. The" were sear hing@ not for freedo& of their ountr"@ 9ut for freedo& of their s1irits and souls. The" wanted to dro1 the 9onds@ the si (ness@ the 1ain that Satan had 1la ed on the& and their fa&ilies. *nd what ha11enedI Dh@ the glorious freedo& the" found that da"77 :e&on1ossessed 1eo1le a&e in the front door and went ho&e reHoi ing with a new-found freedo& in Jesus %hrist@ s1ea(ing in tongues as tears rolled down their hee(s. The si ( found true relief in Jesus! healing 1ower wor(ing through the o9edient healing tea&s as hands were laid on the&. The lo<e and 1ea e and Ho" that was in the 9uilding during the 1raise and worshi1 was glorious. 4 dare sa" that &an" in the audien e had a diffi ult ti&e standing at their seats instead of floating to the to1 of that great arena. We ould ne<er do u&ent the thousands of healings that too( 1la e that da". 'ut a few did &a(e their wa" through the rowds and testified on the stage of what &ira les -od had done for the&@ not through %harles and Fran es .unter@ 9ut through the ordinar" 9elie<er who had enough faith to rea h out and s1ea( healing into their 9odies. So&e of those testi&onies follow. * &an with rheu&atoid arthritis had had swelling and 1ain onstantl" for one and one-half "ears. .e was healed@ the swelling re eded and all the 1ain was gone. 12,

* "oung &an was deaf in 9oth ears sin e 9irth and * ./*L4;- /QPLDS4D; 12$ now ould hear a whis1er without diffi ult" in the nois" arena. Se<eral others also re1orted i&1ro<e&ent in their hearing. * &an and a lad" a&e who had suffered se<ere ringing in their ears for "ears. The" left with the irritating ringing totall" gone. * wo&an had 9een in an auto a ident and suffered a rushed heel and 9ro(en fe&ur. Pain was gone and freedo& of &o<e&ent had returned to her heel. *nother lad" had had a dislo ated 1el<is and a 1ro9le& with a dis in her 9a (. She stood with good &o<e&ent in her 9a ( and no 1ain. * 4,-"ear-old wo&an testified to the disa11earan e of 1ain in her shoulder that had 1lagued her for $ "ears. * 9o" with a s1ina 9ifida sin e 9irth suddenl" had feeling returning to his left leg@ the swelling in his (nee was di&inishing and he was &o<ing his toes following the readHust&ent AlengtheningC of his foot and leg. The .ol" S1irit reall" 9lew new life into the Wind" %it". 4t is so e0 iting to see 1eo1le set free - free in Jesus to 9e a glorious testi&on" that Jesus does still heal toda"7 .e does are a9out the s&allest hild@ the oldest grand&a@ the drug-ridden@ the ho&ose0ual. /<er"one an 9e free of 1ain and li<e in di<ine health. We see it dail" - "ou an@ too7 We used to sa"@ =4f %harles and Fran es an do it@ "ou an do it too7 =We now sa"@ =4f the healing tea&s an do it@ we an do it too7> So&e of the testi&onies fro& the healing tea&s are sur1assing those we re ei<e in our &eetings7 =4&1ossi9le@> so&e sa"7 ;ot with -od7 =4 dou9t it@> sa" others7 The" ha<en!t 9een to a .ealing /01losion "et7 121

For doGens of "ears the it" of *nahei&@ %alifornia has 9een fa&ous for the :isne"land *&use&ent Par( that draws literall" &illions through its gates wee(l". *&idst the tinsel and glittering lights of the :isne"land .otel in entral %alifornia a&e twel<e hundred wild <i torious healing tea& &e&9ers read"@ willing and a9le to do 9attle against the o11ression of the ene&". The" had 9een trained in 1re1aration for "et another anointed and 1owerful .ealing /01losion. For three da"s@ the 9allroo& of the :isne"land .otel ro (ed with the 1raises and heers of -od!s ar&" as the" witnessed first hand as well as 1ra ti ed the 1rin i1les of la"ing hands on the si ( and seeing the si ( re o<er. %alifornia 1eo1le ha<e alwa"s 9een (nown for their 9oldness and gregarious 1ersonalities. This rowd was no different. There was no sh"ness or dou9t@ no Kuestion or self- ons iousness. When the" were released to la" hands on so&eone@ the 1erson to 9e healed (new that the 1ower of -od was o&ing at the& full for e. Pastors fro& the entire southern %alifornia area were there to 1arti i1ate and get in<ol<ed with this d"na&i endti&e Mira le /<angelis&. 4n addition@ 1astors and healing tea& &e&9ers fro& all o<er the )nited States a&e to learn &ore@ 1arti i1ate again and sta" a ti<el" in<ol<ed in what -od is doing with the %hristian 9od" toda". * 1erson a tuall" olla1sed and a11eared dead at the anointing 9rea(fast where a a1a it" rowd filled the 122

9allroo& to hear the = harge> and o&&ission to the healing tea&s. What a witness as the tea&s instantl" surrounded the 1erson@ &inistered and 9rought healing. '" the ti&e the 1h"si ians rea hed the ta9le@ the 1erson was re o<ering and returning to nor&al " again. Satan &ade one last atte&1t to dis redit the 1ower that Jesus freel" ga<e to us and to .is anointed dis i1les and 9elie<ers. *nd on e again@ Satan lost &isera9l" and was tread under our feet. *s the healing tea&s &o<ed en &asse to the great *nahei& %on<ention %enter *rena for final 1re1aration for the .ealing /01losion@ it trul" loo(ed li(e a &assi<e ar&" -od!s ar&" &ar hing forth to the 9attleground. The healing tea&s were in su h high s1irits@ the" i&&ediatel" 9egan to flood the arena floor@ 1raising -od in the dan e as the worshi1 9egan to flow through that great auditoriu&. Peo1le were literall" sitting in the hea<enlies with -od and %hrist Jesus as the worshi1 ontinued. Suddenl" there was a &essage in tongues and a 1owerful word fro& the Lord a&eB =Fou are on the <erge of entering into the greatest ti&e that M" hur h has e<er (nown - into a su1ernatural era into a su1ernatural di&ension of M" S1irit. These things ha<e 9een 1ro1hesied and s1o(en of fro& the da"s of old. =4t!s not that 4 ha<e withheld M" -lor". 4t!s not that 4 ha<e 9een sla ( in fulfilling M" Word@> saith the S1irit of -od. ='ut there has 9een that needed ti&e for 1re1aration. *nd for that reason 4 ha<e asse&9led "ou here@> saith the Lord. =4t!s a ti&e of training@ it!s a ti&e of 1re1aration. 4t!s not a lo aliGed thing for 4 a& doing this all o<er the fa e of the earth. =4 a& gathering M" 1eo1le together now@> saith the Lord@ =for the 1ur1ose of training so that M" 1eo1le an 123

&o<e in that di&ension of the S1irit - so that M" 1eo1le an &o<e in that wa<e of glor" that 4 shall ause to go out a ross the fa e of the earth. =So o1en "our s1irit and 9e intelligent. D1en "our s1irit and 9e the full-grown sons and daughters of the li<ing -od@> saith the Lord. =For 4 shall tea h thee and 4 shall train thee and 4 shall laun h thee out and "ou shall &o<e in the &ira ulous and "ou shall see that <isitation of the S1irit that has 9een 1ro1hesied and s1o(en of fro& "ears ago &illenniu&s ago. =For e<en in those da"s@ the 1ro1hets saw into the future 9" M" S1irit. The" did not full" understand what 4 would do 9ut the" would 1aint their 1art - and another would gi<e their 1art of the 1i ture. *nd it all said that 4@ the S1irit of the Lord@ was sa<ing the 9est for last and that what 4 would do in the last da"s would e0 eed an"thing that 4 ha<e e<er done in the histor" of this 1lanet. Fou are that 9od" of 1eo1le@ "ou are that generation that shall see the fulfill&ent of all of these things. =*nd so with re<eren e handle M" Word and realiGe the i&1ortan e of what 4 a& doing in "our life for 4 ha<e gi<en "ou to this generation as a sign and a wonder. *nd the 1eo1le li<ing in the earth shall see M" glor"@ the glor" that shall 1ro eed the o&ing of the Son of &an@> saith the Lord. =/liHah loo(ed u1 and saw a loud the siGe of a hand. 4 tell "ou this da" to loo( at "our hand for it is M" hand. *nd e<en as that loud grew and got larger and larger@ 4 1ut &an" hands together and "et still the" are M" hand. =*nd the loud a&e a ross the horiGon and it got larger and larger and it o1ened u1 and 1oured out showers of 9lessings. *nd "ou are M" hand and "ou are M" loud and "ou are M" glor"@> saith the Lord. =*nd "ou will@ "ou 124

will 9e M" hands. Fou will 9e M" glor" and the" will loo( at "ou and sa"@ J'lessed is he who o&eth in the na&e of the Lord.! For "ou are a hosen generation@ a ro"al 1riesthood@ a hol" nation. *nd e<en as M" 1riests ould not stand 9e ause of the loud@ "ou will see &an" fall 9efore Me 9e ause "ou are M" loud. =Si (ness will fall 9efore "our hands. :isease will f all 9efore "our hands. For "ou are M" loud and all of those in hea<en are loo(ing o<er the 1ara1ets at "ou to see what "ou will do with the hands that 4 ha<e gi<en "ou. For "ou 9ring M" glor" u1on this 1la e. *nd it will go out fro& here and &an" will sa"@ J4 was there when we saw the glor" of the Lord@> saith the Lord. When there is a 1owerful word fro& the Lord li(e that@ faith reall" 9egins to 9uild. 4 a& alwa"s grateful that -od s1ea(s to us toda"@ Hust li(e .e did to the 1ro1hets of old. The anti i1ation is giganti on e the healing tea&s ha<e &ar hed into the 9uilding@ 9ut it see&s to intensif" &o&ent 9" &o&ent as the &eeting 1rogresses. There is that s1e ial &o&ent of sal<ation and the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit when the all is &ade for those res1onding to o&e down to the floor. *lwa"s there is that ho1e@ that e01e tation@ that wonder of how &an" will res1ond. ;o one was disa11ointed@ 9e ause the rowd 9egan to flow li(e strea&s of li<ing water onto the floor of the on<ention enter. When the first ones rea hed the floor@ the" ran to get to the stage@ 9e ause the" wanted to 9e as lose as 1ossi9le@ so&e thin(ing 1erha1s that the 1ower would 9e stronger and easier to lat h onto if the" were lose to the stage. D<er 2@$,, 1eo1le 1oured onto the floor@ and the" all re ei<ed and s1o(e with other tongues@ Hust li(e on the da" of Pente ost7 12$

Then it was ti&e for the tea&s to ta(e their 1ositions@ and the" went forth as a &ight" ar&"@ and the ene&" was &et and defeated. Pain left hundreds of tor&ented 9odies. Paral"sis and ina9ilit" to feel and wal( left as &an" rose out of their wheel hairs to ta(e those first ste1s toward freedo&. Jesus said that e<er" 9elie<er@ without e0 e1tion@ would fulfill the -reat %o&&ission of the 'i9le as listed in the si0teenth ha1ter of Mar(. For too long we ha<e felt that onl" the =stars> ould do the healing@ and "et as we stand on stages and listen to the re1orts of the healings that are ta(ing 1la e on the arena floors@ it is a onstant re&inder that =4f %harles and Fran es an do it@ "ou an do it@ too7> The .ealing /01losion we had in *nahei&@ %alifornia was e0 iting as we listened to the testi&onies of those who a&e forward@ thrilled 9e ause Jesus had tou hed the& through the hands of an ordinar" 9elie<er. Just go with us on the stage and listen as 1erson after 1erson shares their healing. 3e&e&9er@ these are onl" a few of the =instant &ira les> 9e ause &an" 1eo1le are healed on the wa" ho&e or e<en a wee( later as a result of 9eing tou hed at the .ealing /01losion. * lad" in her thirties testified to ha<ing had <er" 1ro&inent <ari ose <eins o<er her lower legs for ten "ears. These were a o&1anied 9" 1ain@ dis o&fort and swelling. Dne of the healing tea& &e&9ers laid hands on her and all the 1ain@ swelling and dis o&fort instantl" disa11eared. * &iddle-aged wo&an with dia9etes said that as a result of the disease there had 9een lea(age in the 9a ( of her e"e ausing de reased and 9lurred <ision. When a tin" healing tea& &e&9er s1o(e a new 1an reas into her 9od"@ so&ething lifted. She loo(ed around and e0 itedl" said@


=Dh@ 4 see that and those and these@ and 4 see the& real lear.> *n elderl" lad" a&e forward with &a ular degeneration@ where the entral 1art of the retina has deteriorated ausing loss of <ision i&&ediatel" in front of the 1erson. So&eone had o&&anded sight into the e"es and i&&ediatel" her sight leared. * gentle&an@ 1ro9a9l" in his late si0ties@ a&e to the ser<i e in a wheel hair as the result of a stro(e. .e had 9een 1aral"Ged on the left side@ and had diffi ult" s1ea(ing@ 9ut he a&e e01e ting to 9e healed. When the healing tea&s went to the wheel hair se tion the" ast out the s1irit of death and o&&anded a new 9rain in Jesus! na&e 9" the S1irit of -od@ and the &an got u1 and wal(ed unaided. 4n fa t@ whene<er so&eone went to hel1 hi&@ he <igorousl" 1ushed the& awa". .e wal(ed u1 the stairs to the 1latfor& on his own. Li(e a little hild@ he (e1t indi ating@ =4 do it@ 4 do it7 =@ as he was learning to wal( again. Dne little &an flew all the wa" fro& .awaii Hust to 9e at the *nahei& .ealing /01losion. .e said that fro& the age of se<en he had 9een stone deaf in the left ear@ and then later in life he de<elo1ed ner<e deafness in the right ear. The tri1 was to fulfill one desire@ to hear again. '" a o&&and fro& one of the healing tea& &e&9ers in the na&e of Jesus@ -od o1ened 9oth ears. .e ga<e the i&1ression that he si&1l" a&e to -od!s store to 1i ( u1 a new set of hearing fa ulties@ and the" 9e a&e his <er" own. * s&all "oungster whose &o& was a &e&9er of the healing tea&s had 9een o1erated on for an er of the 9rain. The hild a&e riding in a wheel hair to whi h he had 9een onfined for the 1ast fi<e "ears. .e did not (now the 1erson who laid hands on his 9od" and o&&anded a new 9rain 9" the S1irit of -od in Jesus! na&e. This hild a&e e01e ting 127

-od to &o<e on his 9ehalf@ so when the healing tea& &e&9er laid hands on hi&@ he res1onded li(e a tiger raring to go and get with it. .e wal(ed all o<er the 1la e. * wo&an a9out si0t" "ears of age had nu&9ness and loss of feeling in 9oth lower legs and feet with a high eosino1hil ount Asi&1l" 1ut@ these are the ells that ha<e to do with o&9ating allergi fa tors.C Feeling and sensation were o&1letel" restored to 9oth feet@ with the a9ilit" to sto&1 her feet on the floor and 9e a9le to feel it when so&eone &inistered to her in Jesus! na&e. There was a "oung wo&an with a torn artilage in her left (nee. Though s heduled for surger"@ the wo&an a&e to the *nahei& *rena to 9e healed. So&e little un(nown tea& &e&9er s1o(e healing in Jesus! na&e. The 1ain disa11eared. The wo&an was set =on fire> and li&9ed the stairs@ sto&1ed her foot and ran all o<er the 1la e without an" a11arent li&itations or 1ain. * &a ho-loo(ing &otor " le rider a&e to the *rena testif"ing of ha<ing se<eral herniated dis s aused 9" a &otor " le a ident. .e had e0tre&e 1ain with <er" li&ited &otion in his 9a (. * healing tea& &e&9er s1o(e to the ondition in Jesus! na&e. *t that &o&ent the 1ain left o&1letel" and he was i&&ediatel" a9le to 9end and tou h his toes@ and run u1 and down stairs with no a11arent li&itation or 1ain. Last@ 9ut not least@ there was a "oung &an a9out thirteen "ears of age who had 9een 9orn with a left 1alate. .e testified that so&eone on one of the tea&s o&&anded healing in the na&e of Jesus. *s his tongue in<estigated the o1ening in the roof of his &outh@ he realiGed the left 1alate was ra1idl" losing and he was healed.


So&e of these &ight see& li(e =little> &ira les@ 9ut if "ou need a =little> &ira le@ it an ertainl" 9e a =9ig> one in "our e"es. =When the se<ent" dis i1les returned@ the" Ho"full" re1orted to hi&@ J/<en the de&ons o9e" us when we use "our na&e> ALu(e 1,B17 T*'C. Jesus reHoi ed in what these ordinar" su1ernaturall" anointed@ 1ower-filled 1eo1le did in o9edien e to what .e told the& to do. %an "ou i&agine the reHoi ing in hea<en when hundreds of ordinar" 9elie<ers@ &odern-da" dis i1les@ all wor(ing in one a ord@ 9ring healing and deli<eran e to thousands in one nightI Dne of the &ost e0 iting things a9out the &ira les shared a9o<e@ is that ea h 1erson who testified said@ =so&eone> or =a little lad">@ or =a "oung &an>@ or =a healing tea& &e&9er laid hands on &e and 4 was healed.> What Ho" that &ust 9e to Jesus and the angels of hea<en. Finall" after 2@,,, "ears the 9od" of %hrist is arising in 1ower and great glor" to do the sa&e &ira les as were done 9" those earl" se<ent"@ onl" thousands instead of a few7 This trul" is the great har<est .e said would o&e7 *fter ea h .ealing /01losion o&es a flood of letters fro& 1eo1le whose li<es ha<e 9een radi all" hanged when the" dis o<ered the&sel<es to 9e a 1art of -od!s end-ti&e ar&"7 The following letter fro& a 1astor should en ourage the heart of e<er" 1astor. Toda" this hur h has outgrown this 1arti ular 9uilding and the" ha<e alread" enlarged it to twi e the siGe. =M" wife and 4 are still o&ing down off the eiling after the /01losion in *nahei& where "ou told us to write "ou a letter and here it is. =4n ;o<e&9er of 1+23 "ou were in %hi ago at our 3egional Faith %on<ention. 4 had 9een as(ed to ta(e the 12+

Saturda" e<ening offering. *t the last &inute 4 was told that "ou AFran esC had <olunteered to re ei<e it that night. Fou too( a JP3D?/ M/! offering and for the first ti&e 4 ga<e L1@,,, to another &inistr" in one lu&1 su&. =*ll during that "ear we had 9een loo(ing for a 9uilding for our hur h. We had 9een turned down 9" one it" as the" wouldn!t gi<e us a Goning <arian e. *nother near9" town went out of its wa" to &a(e sure that we ouldn!t &o<e there. We e<en had a deal all set to rent a 1la e in another area and the landlord 9a (ed out at the last &inute. *9out a &onth 9efore the on<ention we found a warehouse and were 9elie<ing -od for it. =When "ou too( the offering@ we ga<e the L1@,,, as a seed to 9u" and re&odel the warehouse. Fi<e &onths later@ we had enough &one" to &a(e a L4,@,,, down 1a"&ent and sign a lease with an o1tion to 9u". Two &onths after this@ we were a9le to hold our first &eeting and 9" then we had re ei<ed &ore than L#,@,,,.,, for the down 1a"&ent and &aterials to o&1lete the reno<ation. '" the end of 1+24 we had re ei<ed &ore than L2,@,,,.,, a9o<e our regular offerings for the 9uilding. =4 dou9t that "ou (new we were so 9lessed with that JP3D?/ M/! offering. 4 told "ou how we were 9lessed with the gift of one-third of the land we 9ought. =Dn Thursda" night in *nahei&@ "ou too( a J./*3T!S :/S43/! offering. Fran(l"@ 4 had to as( -od what to as( for. Fou see@ 4 (now that we will ha<e our new 9uilding <er" soon and a new 9uilding isn!t reall" &" heart!s desire. The .ol" S1irit re&inded &e that 4 1ra" e<er" da" for &ore and &ore 1eo1le in The 6ing!s %o&&unit" so 4 ga<e another he ( for L1@,,, and 4 a& 9elie<ing that our hur h will dou9le in &e&9ershi1 9" %hrist&as.> *nd it did7 13,

.ere!s another e01losion that ha11ened. 'ill S hultG@ 1astor of ?alle" %hristian %enter %hur h@ San :i&as@ %alifornia sa"sB =4 was drug to the *nahei& .ealing /01losion7 =Two wo&en in our hur h Awho are <er" s1iritual wo&enC onta ted &e. Dne of the& alled and &ade an a11oint&ent with &e. She said@ J4 re ei<ed this ta9loid in the &ail and this is what 4 ha<e 9een wanting to do. 4 ha<e had a longing in &" heart to do it. Dur hur h &ust 9e in<ol<ed in the Southern %alifornia .ealing /01losion7> =4 said@ JWe an!t get in<ol<ed in e<er"thing. We!re alread" in<ol<ed in a lot. 4!& not interested in =/01losions> - 4!<e had all the e01losions 4 need in &" hur h alread"7! 4 dis ouraged the& fro& 9e o&ing in<ol<ed. She left that initial &eeting and fasted and 1ra"ed that -od would tal( to &" heart. =4 wal(ed out of &" offi e right after &" a11oint&ent with her and there was the other lad" at the o1" &a hine running off o1ies of the a11li ation for the .unter .ealing /01losion. =4 said@ JWe ha<en!t e<en a11ro<ed this "et7! =She said@ J4 didn!t (now it needed a11ro<al7! =*n"wa"@ those two wo&en fasted@ 1ra"ed and literall" dragged &e@ JThe"!re ha<ing a 1astors! &eeting and "ou reall" should go to that and see where "ou should go fro& there.! =4 said@ J4!ll 9e willing to do that. 4t!s a free 9rea(fast. 4!ll go to the 1astors! &eeting.! 4 went to the 1astors! &eeting and the thing that reall" witnessed to &" heart was the gi<ing s1irits "ou had - JTa(e the 9oo(s@ ta(e the ta1es@ train "our 1eo1le with these. 4t!s not going to ost "ou an"thing. Ta(e offerings and if -od 9rings 9a ( in the &one"@ then "ou an send it on to us for the wholesale 131

1ri e of the 9oo(s. 4t!s reall" not going to ost "ou an"thing.! =4 said@ JWhat ha<e we got to loseI! =So we signed u1 a9out 1,, 1eo1le fro& our hur h who went to the *nahei& .ealing /01losion. The" sta"ed at the :isne"land .otel and went through all the training. =4t is re&ar(a9le that 9eginning Januar" 1@ we!<e started .ealing /01losions of our own e<er" Wednesda" night. Wednesda" night at our hur h is totall" de<oted to healing with our trained tea&s &inistering. =Peo1le are o&ing in fro& other hur hes sa"ing@ JWe!<e got a ri99on. %an we wor( on the healing tea&s nowI! =Fou ha<e to ha<e a healing tea& ri99on. We inter<iew the& and &a(e sure the" ha<e wat hed the <ideo ta1es and read the 9oo(. 4f the" ha<en!t wat hed the ta1es@ we ha<e another roo& set u1 with a 2$ in h tele<ision and the" an o&e in an" hour of the da" to wat h the ta1es and get the training. =We are showing an hour of the <ideo healing ta1e e<er" Wednesda" night. There is an anointing on "our &inistr" on those ta1es. We!<e got it 9lown u1 to a 1, foot 9" 1, foot s reen. We worshi1 a half hour and then show an hour of the ta1e - it will ta(e 14 wee(s to get through. Whate<er the .ol" S1irit gi<es &e to follow@ 4 &inister and then all the healing tea&s forward to &inister to the si (. =Wednesda" night attendan e went fro& 3, or 4, to 2,, within three wee(s7> We ran a little ad in the news1a1er that we were ha<ing an .ealing /01losion@ 9ut it!s word of &outh &ostl". Peo1le (now that there is an anointing on this <ideo ourse and the" o&e to 9e healed@ or the" o&e to 9e trained to 9e on a healing tea&. 132

=4t has totall" hanged &" life and &inistr" and after 2+ "ears of 1astoring@ 4!& e01e ting to ha<e to get a larger 9uilding for &" Wednesda" night ser<i es7 -lor" to -od7 =4 ne<er too( an offering at our Wednesda" night ser<i es@ 9ut after hearing Fran es tea h on gi<ing@ 4 ha<e dis o<ered 4 need to gi<e the 1eo1le an o11ortunit" to gi<e. *t ti&es the Wednesda" night offerings are larger than Sunda" offerings77> Foung and old ali(e get 9lessed. =Than(s so &u h for holding the .ealing /01losion in *nahei&. 4!& fourteen "ears old. 4!& so glad 4 Kualified for the tea&. *t first 4 thought it would 9e hard rea hing the reKuire&ents and going to s hool at the sa&e ti&e - 9ut it sure 1aid off7 =4 also tried "our J1ro<e &e! test7 4 ouldn!t gi<e an" in "our &eetings@ 9ut 4 did when 4 got 9a ( ho&e. 4t &a" see& s&all 9ut 4 ga<e -od fi<e ents in &" tithe 9ag and got L$.,, 9a ( the sa&e da"7 4f it wor(s for su h a little a&ount@ 4 6;DW it will wor( for 9ig a&ounts.> Wouldn!t it 9e wonderful if we all had the faith of a "oung hildI =Praise -od7 Let &e share the *nahei& /01losion with "ou fro& a twent"-one-"ear-old hiro1ra ti student. First of all@ 4 had what is alled a straight ne (. * wo&an sitting 9ehind &e (new it was hurting &e and too( &e in the 9a ( - did the ne ( thing - and@ 1raise -od@ 4 now ha<e a ur<e in &" ne (7 =We 1ra"ed for a gu" with short * hilles tendons Awhi h grew in &" handC and a &us le in his leg out of 1la e@ whi h went 9a (. =Se ond - a wo&an with adhesions and 9a ( 1ro9le&s@ dis degeneration. %o&&anded new dis s and she tou hed her toes7 133

=Third - a wo&an with ("1hosis Ahun h9a (C. %o&&anded s1irit of ("1hosis to o&e out and her shoulder &o<ed 9a ( in &" hand.> =Praise the Lord for all .is &ar<elous wor(s7 4t is so hard not to Hu&1 u1 and down as I a& writing "ou this letter - 9ut here goes7 *fter attending "our .ealing /01losion in *nahei&@ %alifornia this last &onth@ it has 9e o&e &ore and &ore e<ident that the J hur h! is getting herself read" for the o&ing of her J'elo<ed!. -lor" to -od7> * 1astor tou hed our hearts with his letter. =*s a &e&9er of one of "our healing tea&s@ 4 had ne<er e01erien ed a &ore d"na&i anointing as all of 1@3,, &e&9ers stood in one a ord singing JWe!re Standing on .ol" -round!. 4 ould feel and see angeli 9eings in our &idst. =Dur 1re ious Lord has used &e &an" ti&es in the 1ast for the healing of .is 1eo1le@ 9ut 4 &ust sa" that this da"@ standing with so &an" with one &ind@ one 1ur1ose@ one goal - Wow7 /01losi<e7 =*s we were singing all together the 1eo1le who had 9een read" to o&e through the lines &ust ha<e alread" felt the surging of -od!s 1ower flowing@ the e01e tation le<el &ust 9e at the ulti&ate 9e ause &ine was so intensified that 4 (new that 4 (new whate<er disease or for& of disease stood in front of &e@ would flee7 *s it was@ an er of lower 9owels A olonC left@ e"e sight Anear-sightednessC restored@ arthritis disa11eared@ left 9earing restored@ 9a ( Au11erC 1ains left@ TPT@ T;T@ and TTT was used &ost effe ti<el". /<en later on that night se<eral wo&en fro& %hi ago a&e u1 to our roo&E healing fro& an unforgi<ing s1irit o urred as well as 1h"si al s"ste&s restored to health.


=The Lord sent &e to *nahei&@ %alifornia to learn and to do7 So@ 4 and &" asso iates@ who also a&e with &e are ontinuing on with the tea hings and the doings and seeing &ore and &ore 1eo1le rise u1 as an ar&" doing and s1ea(ing J<i tor"!. =-od 9less "ou 9oth as "ou ontinue on. :on!t sto17> We don!t intend to sto1 - we!re ontinuing on full s1eed ahead Hust as fast as we an go7


(y Frances Fro& the &o&ent we aught a gli&1se of the ar h in St. Louis@ we (new that the St. Louis .ealing /01losion was going to 9e tre&endous. So&e 1eo1le all the ar h =The *r hwa" to the West>@ so&e all it =The *r hwa" to Freedo&>@ 9ut whate<er it was@ it was an ar hwa" to an e01erien e with Jesus that &an" 1eo1le will ne<er get o<er. The worshi1 was s1e ta ular as the /0alters fro& the -reater Life %hristian %enter in :allas@ Te0as 9rought the entire ongregation into the <er" 1resen e of -od. ;o other .ealing /01losion has 9een held where we ha<e had so &an" 1eo1le o&&ent on the glorious worshi1 as the" did in St. Louis. 3i ( Shelton@ oordinator for the St. Louis area@ ga<e a 1owerful 1ro1he " at the <er" 9eginning whi h was followed 9" one or two other 1ro1he ies@ 9ut what he 1ro1hesied was so signifi ant in the light of what Jesus is doing toda" we want "ou to arefull" read e<er" word of it. =For this tonight is a wind of -od that is 9lowing a ross this it"@> saith the Lord. =Fes@ e<en as the 1eo1le a&e together in one &ind and one s1irit and one a ord on the da" of Pente ost. There was a great festi<al in that it" of &an" 1eo1le fro& &an" different things in that it"@ 9ut "et the 1eo1le of -od a&e into the enter of town and 9egan to see( M" fa e and 9egan to unif" and stand as one 1eo1le together. =M" S1irit 9lew into that u11er roo& and those 1eo1le were ne<er the sa&e. The" aught the fire of the .ol" -host and too( it out to the streets where the 1eo1le loo(ed 13#

u1on the& and said@ JD the" &ust 9e drun(@ the" &ust 9e drun(.! Fes@ 4 sa"@ the" were drun( with the new wine and 4 tell "ou tonight as "ou ha<e o&e together in one &ind@ one s1irit and one a ord e<en as on the da" of Pente ost@ 4 a& 9lowing into this 1la e tonight. =M" S1irit is settling u1on this 1la e right now@ right now@ right now M" S1irit is settling u1on this 1la e li(e a loud@ li(e a loud of M" glor" settling u1on "ou now and "ou shall go out fro& this 1la e tonight after the &ira les ta(e 1la e@ after the glor" of -od falls on this 1la e tonight and "ou shall ta(e to the streets. =*nd the" shall e<en sa" of "ou as the" did on the da" of Pente ost@ JThe" &ust 9e drun(@ the" &ust 9e raG"@ the"!re foolish 1eo1le.! 'ut 4 tell "ou tonight that "ou are drun(. Fou sa"@ J4 a& so e0 ited7! Fes@ "ou are drun( with the new wine of the .ol" -host this night@> saith -od. =-o forth and sta" filled u1 with the .ol" S1irit and faith and 4!ll ause &ore &ira les to ha11en out on the streets than ha11en in this 1la e tonight@> saith -od. *fter the 1raise and worshi1 and tea hing on how to re ei<e a healing@ the all was &ade for sal<ation and the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. 4t is al&ost i&1ossi9le to des ri9e to an"one who has not attended a .ealing /01losion what ha11ens at that su1er harged &o&ent. The s(e1ti s wonder if an"one would 9e so foolish as to e01e t to s1ea( in tongues in the twentieth entur". Those who are &o<ed to res1ond are wondering@ =Will 4 re ei<e this 1ower tonightI> The S1irit-filled 9elie<ers are 1ra"ing@ =-od@ &a" e<er"one who doesn!t ha<e the 1ower of -od in their life res1ond to the wooing of the .ol" S1irit7> Then the a11lause 9egins 9e ause it see&s as if those who ha<e o&e thirsting are &agnetiGed 9" a 1ower the" ha<e ne<er felt 9efore to res1ond to the all7 The" all see& 137

to get u1 at the sa&e ti&e to &a(e their wa" down to the floor. 4t is e0 iting to wat h the e01ressions on their fa es as the" stand listening to the instru tions on how to re ei<e the 1ower@ 9ut the" all ha<e the sa&e loo(@ =4 want it@ 4 want it7> The &ost e0hilarating &o&ent to the healing tea&s is that e&otion-1a (ed se ond when the tea&s are alled onto the floor7 The twel<e hundred trained 9elie<ers stood u1 and 9egan their &ar h fro& the 9al on" down to the lower floor. The entire audien e rose to their feet and 9egan to sing =Mine /"es .a<e Seen the -lor" of the %o&ing of the Lord@ .is Truth is Mar hing Dn> as the healing tea&s &ar hed onto the 6iel *uditoriu& floor in a great e01losion of 1ower. So&e two thousand 1eo1le had res1onded to the all for the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit so the entire audien e was read" for the healing tea&s to go to wor(. Soon the stage was flooded with 1eo1le re1orting testi&onies of healings. * &an had had 1ro9le&s with his 9a ( for eighteen "ears and was gloriousl" healed when a 9elie<er laid hands on hi&. .e 1ut his faith in a tion 9" 9ending in all dire tions - regardless of how "ou loo( at it@ whether 9ending forward or 9a (wards@ he got healed. :eafness was healed. *nother &an with a 9a ( 9ra e was healed 9" the 1ower of -od. * father and son healed 9" the 1ower of -od. * lad" was healed of TMJ and wiggled her Haw Hust to show that she was healed. * %atholi nun arranged for her 9lood sister to 9e there - the healing 1ower of -od a&e on her and healed her. * "oung &an re1orted he thought all these goings on were reall" = ool>. 132

The healing tea&s had 9een well eKui11ed after e0 ellent instru tion 9" the do tors! 1anel onsisting of se<eral hiro1ra tors@ a 1odiatrist@ a dentist@ a 1h"si ian@ a surgeon@ and two 1ediatri ians. /<er"one enHo"ed the (nowledge that was shared 9" these e01erts. * hiro1ra tor 9rought a s(eleton to de&onstrate wh" so &an" 1arts of the 9a ( get out of align&ent so easil"@ and how the healings an 9e &anifested 9" the su1ernatural 1ower of -od. Pastor Ja&es 'ru e@ of the .o1e %hur h in St. Louis@ re&inded us all that he is a <er" onser<ati<e 1erson and the re&ar(s he &ade were fro& a = onser<ati<e> <iew1ointB =When the worshi1 ser<i e started at the 6iel *uditoriu&@ there was so&ething uniKue on the 1latfor&. 4 don!t (now how it was out in the audien e@ 9ut that 1latfor& was uniKue fro& the first s"lla9le on. The entire &eeting was su1ernatural and unusual. =Dn a 3i hter s ale of 1,@ 4 would rate the entire .ealing /01losion and training sessions 1$7> ;ot onl" was the ser<i e rated =1$> on the 3i hter s ale@ the su1ernatural 9rought <isions and e0 iting afterglow. =4 ha<e 9een 1raising -od dail" for what .e has done through &e at the .ealing /01losion. 4t was a totall" aweso&e e01erien e. Than( "ou for what -od is doing through "ou@ also. =:uring the ser<i e as 4 was loo(ing down o<er the auditoriu& floor@ 4 didn!t see an" angels or a glor" loud. 'ut@ what 4 did see was an o<erwhel&ing sight. 4t was as if the entire auditoriu& was transfor&ed into a huge swi&&ing 1ool filled with the golden oil of the .ol" S1irit7 =Dur hildren are so o<erwhel&ed 9" the hange in &" wife and &"self that the" are reading the 9oo( +2W T2 13+

+3#! T+3 SI%4 and are wat hing the <ideo. The" want to get in<ol<ed for Jesus and want to 1arti i1ate in the ne0t .ealing /01losion. =4 a& finding &"self 1ra"ing for the 1eo1le in the offi e where 4 do onsulting wor( and at the ollege where 4 tea h. This is so&ething 4 Hust would not ha<e done 9efore the /01losion. 4 a& realiGing that those 1eo1le who are rossing &" 1ath ha<e done so 9" the 1ro&1ting of -od and it is not Hust a oin iden e.> Let!s go on with so&e added 9enefits fro& the St. Louis /01losionB =Last wee( has hanged &" outloo( on life - fro& gi<ing@ whi h had 9een so 1lanned that the Ho" was hanged to dut"@ to witnessing and &inistr"@ whi h is &ore fruitful than e<er. 4 ha<e 9een sa<ed and S1irit-filled for ten "ears@ 9ut the la ( of regular@ <isi9le &ira les A4 &ean Matthew 1,B2 &ira lesE -od has alwa"s 1ro<ided &ira ulousl" for us finan iall"C has (e1t &e fro& thin(ing 4 would see the hur h doing /?/3FT.4;- the wa" Jesus did. 4 s1iritualiGed &" 'i9le reading to &a(e it fit what 4 saw a tuall" ha11ening in &" life or Hust didn!t thin( a9out it. =*9out Frida" nightB When we were o&ing down fro& the 9al on" to &inister@ 4 was al&ost o<erwhel&ed 9" the feeling of 9eing aught u1 in a ri<er of -od!s 1ower. The strea& of 1eo1le going down the ra&1s fro& the 9al on" was Hust li(e a ri<er. *t the sa&e ti&e@ 4 felt li(e 1art of an ar&" &ar hing ho&e fro& a <i torious a&1aign@ and ould i&agine a large &en!s horus singing JDnward %hristian Soldiers!. =Dne &an who a&e to &" 1artner and &e Frida" had 9a ( 1ro9le&s@ so 4 did Jthe 1el<i thing!@ 9ut he wasn!t o&1letel" healed. So 4 did it again and the 9ones &o<ed 14,

so&e &ore@ 9ut the 1ain still wasn!t gone. 4 sto11ed to listen and the S1irit said Js1ar(1lug!. 4!d 1re<iousl" 9een afraid of holding so&eone!s hi1s@ 9ut 4 re&e&9ered what "ou said@ %harles@ a9out getting good onta t so the 1ower an flow. 4nstead of rushing through it again the third ti&e@ 4 gra99ed hold and the S1irit &ade onta t7 The &an!s 9a ( was totall" healed. =4 ha<e 9een <er" edified 9" "our state&ents a9out i&agination@ i.e. not letting it run awa" or getting into weird J<isions! 9e ause@ 9efore 4 was sa<ed@ 4 was in<ol<ed in Jwhite &agi ! Ait!s all 9la (C. The i&1ro1er use of i&agination was at the enter of e<er"thing we did@ and self-e0altation was the result of it. ;ow 4 an dire t the 1raise to Jesus and not 9e in fear of 9a (sliding into what .e deli<ered &e fro& ten "ears ago. To ha<e the 1erson than( Jesus e&1hasiGes to the& and to &"self who the .ealer is.> This letter was reall" e0 iting@ too7 3ead on... =4 ha<e 1ut off writing this letter long enough. 4 was on the healing tea& for St. Louis. 4 annot e01lain to "ou what ha11ened to &e on the inside as a result of that e01erien e. *s we were sitting u1 at the to1 of the auditoriu& waiting to o&e down on the floor during the .ealing /01losion@ the fa e of Jesus was outlined on the wall dire tl" 9ehind "ou two. =4t was <er" large. When 4 saw it@ 4 wanted to &a(e sure it was Hust not &" i&agination so 4 shared with others around &e. The" saw it@ too. So&e had alread" seen it when 4 shared. 4t was a&aGing how large it was and the o&1assion on .is fa e. 4t was a sign to &e that .e trul" was in harge of it all. =Then we were told to o&e down onto the floor. *s we &ar hed down the ra&1s@ we shouted the na&e of Jesus 141

in unison@ then sang@ J-od!s -ot *n *r&"!. 4t was so e0 iting 4 thought 4 would e01lode7 M" heart and whole 9eing were filled with su h e0 ite&ent and o&1assion as we were waiting to o&e onto the floor and "et there was su h a Kuiet awe and e01e tan " all at the sa&e ti&e. =The Lord has allowed &"self and others to &inister to so&e at hur h. We ha<e seen ar&s grow@ legs grow@ 1el<es rotate and 1eo1le healed and reHoi ing. =-od has told our 1astor that .e is raising u1 a healing enter for our hur h. 4 a& e0 ited as 4 (now that those of us who ha<e 9een trained 9" "ou will 9e a 1art of this. 4 1raise -od as through this training and /01losion 4 ha<e re ei<ed a new 9oldness and onfiden e in ste11ing out for the Lord. 4 no longer ha<e a fear of as(ing 1eo1le if lean 1ra" for the&. 4 ha<e a11roa hed 1eo1le in restaurants and gro er" stores and as(ed if 4 ould la" hands on the&. So&e ha<e refused 9ut 4!ll (ee1 on tr"ing. *fter all@ 4 ha<e nothing to lose. =4 a& loo(ing forward to the ne0t .ealing /01losion with great e01e tation. M" twel<e-"ear-old daughter is now ta(ing the training and will 9e there with &e. 4 a& so e0 ited and a& e01e ting great things to ha11en.> We alwa"s en ourage the healing tea& &e&9ers to let us (now what ha11ens to the& during or after the .ealing /01losion so we an share their e0 iting testi&onies with others. This one a&e in the &ail and shows "ou how a whole hur h is affe ted. =Praise -od7 What a hange has o&e into our li<es7 When 4 laid &" hand on &" heart in St. Louis and 1ro&ised to s1end twent"-two ents and write to "ou a9out what ha11ened@ 4 was thin(ing all the ti&e@ JWhat will 4 write a9outI Well@ the Lord will gi<e &e so&ething7! .e sure has77 142

=When we got ho&e fro& St. Louis@ we tal(ed with &" &other-in-law until 2 a.&. Sunda" &orning. We found out she wasn!t sa<ed and too( are of that right awa". She also wanted the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit - she s1o(e in tongues7 .er 9a ( was also healed as her ar& grew out and she sle1t *LL night whi h for her is great7 =*fter our worshi1 and singing@ our 1astor as(ed if an"one had a testi&on"7 .ands reall" flew u1 Aa9out nine fro& our hur h were at St. LouisC. *s we all s1o(e of what we saw and learned@ our 1astor said he wasn!t going to tea h what he had 1re1ared 9e ause he felt led 9" the S1irit to ha<e the healing tea&s and our elders to &inister to those who needed a tou h fro& -od. =Dur hur h starts at 1, a.&. and the 1re ious Lord was tou hing our 1eo1le until noon - our entire ser<i e7 'a ( 1ro9le&s@ olds@ igarette ha9its@ warts@ de1ression and 4 don!t (now what else7 'ut 4 do (now different ones a&e 9a ( u1 and told how the" were tou hed - then others will (now the" were@ too7> *t al&ost e<er" .ealing /01losion@ angels are seen 9" &an" or few 1eo1le. The effe ts are alwa"s the sa&e - lifehanging7 =4 1ersonall" saw the S1irit of -od as a loud la"ing 9elow our ele<ation with angels ho<ering o<er. =M" wife and 4 &inistered to four 1eo1le with de&oni s1irits and the" were set free. Praise the na&e of Jesus7 We &inistered to others for healings also. 4 9elie<e the angels 9rought &e &" s1e ialt".> *t the ti&e of writing this 9oo(@ we ha<e held 4+ .ealing /01losions around the world. Without e0 e1tion@ a host of angels ho<er o<er the great arenas or so er fields where the /01losions are held li(e an u&9rella. We ha<e 143

9een there o<er thirt" da"s ahead of the /01losions and the" ha<e 9een there. We 9elie<e -od sends the& =fift" da"s> ahead for so&e reason un(nown to us. Then on the da" of the .ealing /01losion@ at the <er" &o&ent the healing tea&s enter for final instru tions@ all the angels des end into the arena. We don!t (now what the" do@ 9ut we 9elie<e -od uses the& to wor( with the tea& &e&9ers in so&e wa". Dne lad" re1orted that she was ha<ing a 1ro9le& getting so&eone healed and she alled a su1er<isor Athe" were identified with a 9lue ri99onC. The &an a&e to hel1@ ga<e instru tions whi h she a11lied and the 1erson was healed. She then turned to than( the su1er<isor and =he had <anished7> These 1eo1le are now =getting their feet wet>. =We 1ro&ised "ou at the St. Louis /01losion that we would write "ou a letter. M" hus9and and 4 re ei<ed so &u h fro& the training on healing that we want to than( "ou 9oth o<er and o<er again7 =While we were there one night &" hus9and had a drea& or <ision of rossing o<er 9ridges Awal(ingC one 9" one Ao<er waterC and then there was ;D 9ridge o<er the water. .e as(ed the Lord what this &eantI =.e said@ J;ow it is ti&e for "ou to wal( out into the water7! M" hus9and has 9een one hanged &an sin e 9eing at "our &eetings. .e 1ra"s for &e with authorit" and o&&ands the 1ain to -D in the na&e of Jesus@ and it -D/S7 =4 ha<e &inistered to friends and 1lan on showing "our ta1es again in our ho&e. Peo1le are hurting and des1eratel" need hel17 We an ne<er than( "ou enough7>


:on!t negle t "our hildren!s tea hing. The" want to learn@ too7 ='e ause of "our tea hings@ "our 9oo( and the .ealing /01losion at the 6iel *uditoriu&@ 4 will ne<er 9e the sa&e. 4 feel li(e 4 grew at least two feet in &" Js1iritual life! - all in a few da"s. =4 returned ho&e fro& the se&inar and .ealing /01losion Jsu1er- harged! fro& the wonderful things the Lord had done. =When &" hildren saw the JTPT!@ JT;T! and =TTT!@ the" were e stati to learn how to do it too7 The little si0"ear-old saw the older hildren in the fa&il" doing the J1el<i thing! and growing out ar&s and wanted so 9adl" to do that@ too@ that she re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit and is now doing it herself. =M" twel<e-"ear-old daughter too( her new healing (nowledge to s hool and as(ed a little %hristian friend if she would li(e to ha<e her 1el<i 9ones rotated. Sin e it was re ess ti&e@ Jesus ended u1 with a a1ti<e audien e. So&e o&&ents gi<en to *ngie wereB JWow@ 4 wish 4 ould 9e li(e "ou7! JFou!re lu ("7! J4 wish l were "ou7 Jet . =*ngie told her friends@ J4t!s Jesus that "ou reall" want to 9e li(e. Through .i& and the .ol" -host 9a1tis&@ "ou an do this@ too7! Toda" there are se<eral new &e&9ers of the (ingdo& of -od Aalso 9a1tiGed with the .ol" S1iritC at *ngie!s s hool 9e ause of the 1re ious healing 1ower -od allows us to use to glorif" .i&.> The following is an e0 iting testi&on" fro& a &an fro& D!Fallon@ Missouri. .e shares what -od has done for hi&E howe<er he has also in luded do u&entation fro& his 1ersonal 1h"si ian as 1roof to the world that indeed -od does heal toda"7


=4 gi<e this testi&on" in the na&e of Jesus and to .is glor"7 =Sunda"@ we had %harles and Fran es .unter as guests at %hur h on the 3o (. 4 wat hed &an" &ira les ta(e 1la e right 9efore &" e"es. 4 saw a do tor e0a&ine ea h healing 9efore and after 1ra"er. -od had arranged the o11ortunit" for &e to 9e onl" a9out si0 feet awa"@ on the 1latfor& in the hoir. 4 ould sense -od sti&ulating &" faith to 9elie<e .e heals 1eo1le toda". 4 also (new the 1ain 4!d learned to tolerate was not nor&al and health". Just sitting there Kuietl"@ 4 didn!t tell an"one a9out &" need. When the ser<i e was o<er@ 4 had an atta ( fro& the ene&"@ feeling 4!d lost &" han e to 9e healed. *t that <er" &o&ent@ -od s1o(e to &" heart. .e said@ J3on@ o&e to&orrow night and 4 will heal "our 9a (.! =That night@ 4 had the do tor e0a&ine &" 9a (. .e agreed with the fa t that 4 needed a definite &ira le. 4 onfessed to hi&@ J-od!s going to heal &" 9a ( to&orrow night7! =4 reall" 9egan to get e0 ited. For the first ti&e in &" %hristian wal(@ 4 (new and was e01e ting -od to heal &" 9a (. =4 re&e&9ered the &an" ti&es o<er the "ears when 4 hurt so 9ad 4 ould 9arel" wal(. 4 would grit &" teeth Hust to 1i ( u1 &" hildren when the" were little. =4nHured falling off a horse twent"-fi<e "ears ago@ 4 saw &an" do tors and hiro1ra tors@ and s1ent a lot of &one". Finall"@ 4 ga<e u1 and de ided to li<e with the 1ain. *fter a while@ 4 got used to the 1ain. 4t was Hust nu&9 all the ti&e. =When 4 got ho&e@ 4 ould not slee1. 4 Hust laid awa(e tal(ing to the Lord. *s 4 la" there@ -od!s <oi e re&inded &e of old 0-ra"s 4 had ta(en in 1+2, of &" full 9a (.


=4 understood that so&e 1eo1le don!t 9elie<e -od wants the& healed and health". Dr that .e does do &ira les toda". M" 0-ra"s would 9e undenia9le 1roof of -od!s healing 1ower in 1eo1le toda". =Monda" night@ 4 too( &" 0-ra"s with &e to hur h. 4 9elie<ed -od would all &e out when it was the right ti&e. ?er" soon after the singing@ the &o&ent -od had 1ro&ised a&e. Fran es .unter loo(ed straight at &e and alled &e u1 onto the 1latfor&. =* ording to -od!s Word@ the three on the healing tea& laid their hands on &e and 9egan to 1ra". 4 9elie<e -od did it that wa" to show e<er"one the healing was fro& .i& through an"one@ not Hust the e<angelists. =4&&ediatel"@ 4 (new so&ething had ha11ened inside &" 9od". The do tor e0a&ined &" 9a ( and onfir&ed the s1ine was in 1erfe t align&ent. To dis1el all dou9t and Kuestion@ 4 had a se ond 0-ra" ta(en. =The 0-ra"s re<ealed -od!s 1erfe tion in .is healing 1ower. M" 9a ( is o&1letel" healed. -od (e1t .is 1ro&ise and healed &e7 =*ll the 1raise@ all the honor@ all the glor" goes to &" &ira le-wor(ing -od. =*9o<e all@ (now this - what .e did for &e@ .e will do for "ou7> *nd to that we sa" a 9ig *M/;7 .e!ll do it for FD)7


*ngels 9lowing tru&1ets lined the roof of the great First *sse&9l" of -od %hur h in Fargo on *ugust 2@ 1+2#@ alling 1eo1le in fro& the north@ the east@ the south and the west7 What a sight to 9ehold as we left the freewa" and aught sight of the 9uilding7 -od s1o(e and said@ ='" M" S1irit@ 4 a& ausing the sound of these tru&1ets to 9e heard all a ross this area@ wooing 1eo1le to o&e to the .ealing /01losion.> /a h da" as we dro<e to the hur h@ the angels were <er" a11arent. /<en on the Sunda" afternoon of the /01losion@ the" were still there at 2B3, 1.&. alling the& to the &eeting. What a thrill it was when Pastor %urt Fran(hauser shared at the ?i tor" 'anKuet that this was a real onfir&ation to hi&. *t their 1ra"er &eeting two wee(s 1rior to the .ealing /01losion@ the" had all fa ed different dire tions and 9egan alling 1eo1le in fro& s1e ifi towns within a three hundred &ile radius7 -od onfir&s .is Word7 The S1irit reall" drew the&@ 9e ause after 1ar(ing their ars@ the" wal(ed for 9lo (s to rea h the .ealing /01losion in Fargo@ ;orth :a(ota. *nd their wal( was not in <ain. So&e 4$, healing tea& &e&9ers were waiting with e0 ite&ent to la" their hands on the si ( and see the& re o<er. Their faith was at a red-hot le<el and the" ould hardl" wait until the si ( lined u1 in front of the&. * four-"ear-old a&e with a large u&9ili al hernia. 4t did not res1ond the first ti&e hands were laid on it@ 9ut when the healing tea& &e&9er ontinued to o&&and the 142

&us les to go into 1la e@ the hernia went 9a ( in and was o&1letel" healed7 * lad" who was totall" deaf in her right ear ga<e awa" her hearing aid as -od totall" restored her hearing. * "oung girl was healed of s oliosis and her 9a ( a11eared 1erfe tl" straight after a healing tea& had o&&anded the s1irit of s oliosis to o&e out. *9out fifteen different 1eo1le were healed of s oliosis7 This is what one healing will do - it will s1ar( the faith of others with the sa&e 1ro9le& to re ei<e a healing the&sel<es7 * "oung girl who was a long distan e runner had 1ro9le&s with her feet and legs. She was dis ouraged when she was told she would ha<e to sto1 running. She was healed and left the stage running without diffi ult". * little girl with no ar hes was healed. Man" ases of arthritis were instantl" healed and 1eo1le re1orted the 1ain was gone. Man" were 9ending@ stret hing and twisting to show the" had no 1ain. .undreds of 9a ( and ne ( 1ro9le&s were healed. *t the ?i tor" 'anKuet on Sunda" night following the .ealing /01losion@ the testi&onies were su1er e0 iting as the 1eo1le shared what -od had done. Dne wo&an said that sin e her hus9and had died and her hildren were all &arried and li<ing awa" fro& ho&e@ she felt she had no 1ur1ose in life. 'ut ;DW she (new she had a 1ur1ose - to go out and fulfill the -reat %o&&ission and la" hands on the si (@ &inister sal<ation@ the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit and deli<eran e7 4f there is an"thing we want to on<e" to the 9od" of %hrist it is to 9e u1-to-date with what -od is doing toda". The" a&e fro& Fran e@ -er&an"@ Ja1an@ %olo&9ia@ Me0i o@ 'eliGe and %anada to ta(e the Jesus! &essage <ia the <ideo ta1es and 9oo(s 9a ( to their ountries. 14+

Peo1le are onta ting us e<er"where we go@ as(ing us to 9ring .ealing /01losions to different foreign ountries. Dne 1astor fro& the Phili11ines said he was going to ta(e all the &aterials 9a ( and hold a .ealing /01losion there hi&self7 Praise Jesus@ this is what -od is sa"ing to the 9od" of %hrist7 Ste1 out and fulfill the -reat %o&&ission7 /0 iting letters alwa"s follow .ealing /01losions@ and we 1i (ed out these two to 9less "ou 9efore we &o<e south to Ta&1a@ Florida. =Just a note to let "ou (now 4 a& seeing so &u h 9etter sin e attending the Fargo .ealing /01losion. Than( "ou e<er so &u h for o&ing to the north ountr"7 =4 ould not see to dri<e or read Aor write eitherC 9e ause of atara ts aused 9" initis. Surger" wouldn!t hel1 9e ause of the J hroni infla&&ation! - and we had no &one" for surger" an"wa". =4 didn!t noti e an" hange in <ision at the ser<i e@ 9ut when we sto11ed at a fast food restaurant on the wa" ho&e@ 4 realiGed 4 ould read their &enu sign whi h hung 9ehind the ounter. 4 hadn!t 9een a9le to do that for &onths. Dn the e"e hart@ 4 ouldn!t read the to1 /. M" hus9and and 4 alled &" 1arents right awa" and we reHoi ed o<er the 1hone. 4 suggested to &" hus9and that we go to a different restaurant e<er" da" so 4 ould read the &enu to hi&7 'ut he suggested 4 Hust read the oo(9oo( instead7 AThis gu" has no sense of ele9ration77C JWhen 4 9ought "our 9oo(s at the Fargo ser<i e@ 4 ouldn!t see the 1rint@ 9ut ;DW 4 %*;77 =There ha<e 9een &an" healings on our reser<ation sin e we saw "our <ideo ta1es. M" hus9and is a nati<e *&eri an 4ndian and 1astors a hur h on Lee h La(e 3eser<ation.>


We alwa"s get e0 ited when so&eone!s faith is in reased as the" &inister healingB =Dne lad" had 1ain so e0 ru iating in the heel of her foot@ the do tor told her &a"9e she ra (ed her heel so&eti&e or other. .e did not (now what to do for it. We did the leg thing and the 1el<i thing. The 1ain i&&ediatel" went as she wal(ed on it. =Than( "ou7 We feel that our own faith has grown lea1s and 9ounds in the healing area7> 4t!s getting ool u1 north@ so let!s go south for an e01losion7 .ow a9out FloridaI This will gi<e "ou a 9ird!s e"e <iew of what ha11ened there7 This stor" was so 9eautifull" written@ we!re gi<ing "ou all of it. Ma"9e "ou an 1ut "ourself into this wo&an!s shoes as she saw@ felt and e01erien ed a .ealing /01losion7 =Ta&1a - .o&e of the Ta&1a 'a" 'u aneers@ the resort and <isitor hu9 of Florida!s west oast. 4 found &"self at the Ta&1a State Fairgrounds@ site of the "earl" Florida State Fair. The 9uildings usuall" house ho&e&ade oo(ies@ andies and lothes@ ho&e-grown <egeta9les and fruits@ 1igs@ hi (ens@ attle@ horses and thousands u1on thousands of ho1eful entrants with drea&s of J9lue! ri99ons.. .or e<en J1ur1le! ri99ons indi ating the J9est! in the state7 =Dutside <enders shout their wares@ deli ious s&ells waft their wa" through the night 9reeGes alling and ad<ertising the &an" offerings of deli a ies to te&1t "our 1alate. Dld@ "oung@ strong@ wea(@ &en@ wo&en and hildren wal( and wander in a&aGe&ent at the sights@ the sounds@ the s&ells@ the rides@ the ga&es of han e@ the s1ar(ling lights that gather at the Ta&1a State Fairgrounds during JFair Wee(!. 1$1

=;o<e&9er 1$@ 1+2#@ 9rought Kuite another grou1. Dh@ there were the old@ the "oung@ the wea( and the strong. Men@ wo&en and hildren a&e. With great e01e tation and anti i1ation@ 1eo1le strea&ed into the Fairground 1ar(ing lot o<er a 1eriod of four hours and &ade their wa" through the ars and down the wal(s to that large 9uilding whi h nor&all" held horse and attle shows. =Dut of the o1en doors a&e the 9eat of e0 iting soulstirring &usi as the 1eo1le dan ed and raised their hands toward the eiling. /<er"one Hoined in. 4t was as if the" were heering in adoration of so&ething or so&eone s1e ial - and the" were7 =The rowd listened@ the rowd sang@ and when the rowd heered and got e0 ited@ their 1ounding feet on the stands thundered &ightil" through the Kuiet night announ ing to the outside world that so&ething <er" i&1ortant was o urring in that round sha1ed &etal 9uilding. *nd still the 1eo1le a&e. =Man" "ears ago@ there were tent 1eo1le who a&e through town@ tal(ed a9out Jesus and sent 1eo1le ho&e healed Jthrough the 1ower of -od!. )nder this 9ig J&etal! tent@ the 9elie<ers gathered@ sang@ listened and went ho&e healed Jthrough the 1ower of -od!. ;o ru&ors7 ;o dou9t7 The" wal(ed where the" had ridden@ the" ran where the" had 1re<iousl" wal(ed@ the" heard and tal(ed where the" were 1re<iousl" du&9@ the" saw things that were onl" o9He ts and s&ells to the& Hust hours 9efore. =Wal(ing into the 9uilding no one ould den" that there was so&ething s1e ial a9out this 1arti ular gathering of 1eo1le. The" were full of Ho" Aand hadn!t 9een drin(ing al oholC@ the" were ha11" Aand not telling off- olor Ho(esC@ the" were friendl" Aand ne<er as(ed for an"thingC@ the"


ga<e of the&sel<es o1enl" and freel" Aal&ost li(e the" re ei<ed &ore 9" gi<ing rather than 9" re ei<ingC. =So&ething definitel" ha11ened to &e that night. 4 wal(ed in feeling disgusted@ disa11ointed with e<er"thing@ &" 9a ( hurting and feeling <er" lonel". Within &inutes 4 was ha11"@ 4 was ho1eful@ 4 was lo<ed. Wal(ing into the night@ the lights 4 saw were not the gaud" arni<al lights@ 9ut the glorious light that glowed around e<er" indi<idual that e0ited that 9uilding. 4 rea hed out &" hand and saw that 4 glowed also. 4 turned to as(@ JWhat ha11ened to &eI! and instead of /nglish@ 4 was s1ea(ing another language. =So&eone near9" was laughing with utter a9andon as the" saw &" a&aGe&ent@ JThat!s the .ol" -host s1ea(ing through "ou Hust li(e %harles taught fro& the stage7! =*s 4 ontinued wal(ing awa"@ Ho" o<ertoo( &e also. 4 re&e&9ered so&ething &" grand&other used to read to &e fro& the 'i9le@ J...and e<er"thing "ou tou h shall 1ros1er. ;ow@ 4 understood. /<er"where 4 loo(ed around the Jhorse! 9arn on this s1e ial Frida" e<ening@ 1eo1le were tou hing other 1eo1le - hugging@ 1ra"ing for@ la"ing hands on in Jesus! na&e. 'odies straightened u1@ 1eo1le wal(ed@ grou h" 1eo1le suddenl" were laughing@ sad 1eo1le were r"ing with ha11iness. The one thing in o&&on throughout was what e<er"one said@ J4n Jesus! na&e7! and e<er"thing the" tou hed J1ros1ered!. =The lad" on the stage@ Fran es .unter@ alled for all the 1regnant ladies or those who wanted to get 1regnant to o&e to the front so she ould la" hands on the&. The ne0t nine &onths will 9e 1arti ularl" interesting to wat h throughout entral Florida. Fran es laid hands on e<er" 1regnant lad" in sight for a su1ernaturall" fast deli<er". Then she laid hands on all the 9arren wo&en who a&e forward. The o9stetri ians 9etter get geared u1 in the ne0t 1$3

few &onths 9e ause there is going to 9e a 9a9" 9oo& in Florida - in Jesus! ;a&e7 =-rand&a!s fa<orite h"&n was JDnward %hristian Soldiers! and 4 re&e&9er -rand1a whistling it as he dro<e around town. We sang it in hur h@ too@ 9ut ne<er 1aid &u h attention to the words 9efore. 'ut@ "ou (now@ as those anointed healing tea&s ste11ed forth and &ar hed onto that floor@ the noise@ the thunder of their feet on the 9lea hers &ade the& sound ten thousand strong@ trul" an ar&" of -od!s soldiers &ar hing onward to do 9attle and defeat the ene&". =4 &ust s1ea( onl" for &"self@ 9ut after 9eing at what the" alled the JTa&1a .ealing /01losion!@ 4!& <olunteering to Hoin that ar&"7 =What 1ower7 What lo<e7 What healings too( 1la e... all through ordinar" 1eo1le@ so&e 4!<e (nown for "ears7 =Praise -od7 4!& in .is ar&" now.> Let!s go on the floor with the healing tea&s@ shall weI =What is "our needI> =*re "ou tal(ing to &eI> =Fes7> the healing tea& &e&9er re1lied@ ho&1ing at the 9it to see -od wor(. =Dh@ 4 ha<e a onstant dull a he all around &" 9a (. 4 a&e toda" to get rid of the 1ain.> =D.6.> she hir1ed e0 itedl". =That!s eas"7 Sit o<er here and we will grow out "our legs.> =Well@ 4 don!t thin( so@> he said@ =Fou see@ 4 ha<e 1ain here in &" hi1@ not in &" legs.> 3e&e&9ering our words to 9e .atient but .ersistent the healing tea& &e&9er assured the fort"-fi<e-"ear-old gentle&an that =-od doesn!t sweat it. .e an ta(e are of a hi1 1ro9le&.> Satisfied that the" (new what the" were 1$4

doing@ the &an gingerl" eased hi&self onto a hair. Pla ing 9oth thu&9s on the an(le 9ones@ the =ordinar"@ turned-on> 9elie<er who had 9een trained to =la" hands on the si (> found that one leg was a who11ing two in hes shorter than the other. Then the o&&and was gi<en that the legs grow out@ and all 9ones@ liga&ents@ &us les@ tendons@ artilage@ <erte9rae and dis s 9e healed in the na&e of Jesus. There was silen e for a few &o&ents until the other tea& &e&9er as(ed the &an if he would li(e to ta(e off his shoes. *s he stood@ his feet were flat on the floor with 9oth legs of eKual length. =Than( "ou@ Jesus7> .is hi1s were 1erfe tl" aligned and all 1ain was gone. Later the &an onfessed@ =4 forgot to tell the& that 4 was 9orn with this ondition@ and 4 ha<e worn 9uilt-u1 shoes all &" life.> Let!s go u1 on the stage where we an hear so&e of the &ira les that Hust ha11ened7 These testi&onies were gi<en o<er the &i ro1hone for the audien e to hear. WDW7 :id "ou hear a9out the "oung &an who had a deaf ear for eighteen "earsI .e said@ =Fou (now@ the right ear dru& was 1un tured right through when 4 was a 9o" of twel<e. 3eall"@> he ontinued@ =the healing tea& &e&9er didn!t see& to understand what 4 said 9e ause she 1ut her hands on &" ne ( and &o<ed &" head around. *ll of a sudden 4 felt funn" all o<er. 4 ould hear &" wife who was standing 9ehind &e r"ing. When 4 turned around she realiGed 4 ould hear her and then she reall" ried - for Ho"7> * 9eautiful "oung wo&an a&e forward to testif" that =Toda" is &" da"7 4t!s hard to 9elie<e that 4 a&e into this auditoriu& with e0 ru iating 1ain in &" left shoulder. For four &onths@ the onl" relief 4!<e had was in the for& of steroid shots the do tor ga<e &e in the shoulder area. * 1$$

foreign s1ea(ing healing tea& &e&9er 1ut her hands on &e@ and although 4 ouldn!t understand a word she said@ e0 e1t for J4n Jesus! na&e!@ all the 1ain left &" 9od". Then 4 suddenl" realiGed that the s(in an er on &" fa e was gone. *ll the e0a&iner ould find was a slight s ar-li(e &ar( on &" hee(.> *nother "oung wo&an said@ =4 was in an a ident in 1+24. 4t see&ed e<er"thing inside &e went fro& 9ad to worse fro& then until toda". 4 a&e in with shooting 1ains in the 9ladder@ the re tu& and the fe&ale organs. The do tors had re1eatedl" s heduled &e for surger"@ 9ut for so&e reason 4 did not onsent to go into the hos1ital. =Tonight 4 a&e (nowing so&ething would ha11en. 4 went o<er to the healing tea& &e&9ers and 9oth of the& see&ed to wor( on &e at one ti&e. Dne ast out the s1irit of inheritan e in Jesus! na&e while the other o&&anded a reati<e &ira le in the affe ted area of &" 9od" in the na&e of Jesus. =So&ething ha11ened to &e. 4 loo(ed u1 fro& the floor to realiGe that 4 wouldn!t need the 1ain relie<ing 1ills an" &ore. *ll the 1ain was gone7> Pi ture "ourself in this situation. =What an 9e done for a diagnosed ase of 'ell!s Pals"I The e"e loses@ the fa e twit hes and the 9ones of the fa e see& to 9e lo1sided.> =Where is there hel1 for &eI> =When 4 s&ile@ &" e"e loses and won!t sta" o1en.> =When will so&ething 9e done to hel1 (ee1 &" e"e o1enI> =Who an hel1 &" fa e that is so distortedI> *ll these Kuestions went through the &ind of a twent"nine-"ear-old "oung &an as he stood waiting for healing.


Suddenl"@ it was his turn and he was as(ed@ “What’s "our 1ro9le&I> .e Kui (l" answered@ ='ell!s Pals"7> Later he related@ =*s soon as the words dro11ed fro& &" li1s@ 4 realiGed the "oung &en did not understand the &agnitude of the disease@ 9ut the" i&&ediatel" got e0 ited and said@ J;o sweat for -od7! The" did so&ething the" alled JT;T!. M" fa e 9egan to tingle and &o<e and it!s all D.6. now7 7 .ere!s a good one7 * &an had ner<e deafness in the right ear for al&ost 2, "ears. The tests showed there was an 2,N loss@ and that it was deteriorating. The gentle&an@ a9out #2 "ears old@ was so e0 ited. *s he listened@ the sounds 9e a&e learer and learer. While the healing tea& &e&9er did JThe ;e ( Thing!@ she lost hi& under the 1ower of -od@ The" left hi& on the floor and wor(ed on so&eone else@ *fter a 1eriod of ti&e@ he got u1 and found he ould e<en hear the slightest whis1ers around hi&. The &an was@ as he 1ut it@ =Fla99ergasted7 4> * <er" stoi teenager re1orted &atter-of-fa tl" that he had an a ident tr"ing to a<oid an a ident. =While riding &" 9i(e@ a ar swer<ed toward &e. To a<oid an i&1a t@ 4 turned@ fell and slid under the <er" sa&e ar. Sin e that ti&e@ whi h was a9out two wee(s ago@ 4 ha<e 9een li<ing in hea<" 1ain. M" 9a ( was (illing &e and it was i&1ossi9le to sit an" length of ti&e. 4 ouldn!t do an"thing in s hool g"&@ s1orts a ti<ities - nothing7 =Tonight 4 a&e with 1ain@ and when the healing tea& sat &e down to grow out &" legs@ 4 ould hardl" stand the 1ain until &" legs a tuall" grew out. To 9e without 1ain was su h a sho ( it too( &e a while to realiGe it was gone. The freedo& was great@ to 9e a9le to 9end in half to the 1$7

floor again7 There was a &e&or" of 1ain onl"@ as if a onfir&ation that the 1ain had 9een there and was now gone7 Than( Fou@ Lord Jesus7> * thirt"-eight "ear old &an with a ten-"ear histor" of ul erati<e olitis a&e to the .ealing /01losion des1eratel" loo(ing for hel1. .e had de<elo1ed fistulas o<er the 1ast two "ears with &u h 1ain@ 9leeding and &u us. * Fren h s1ea(ing healing tea& &e&9er &inistered to hi& and the 1ain left i&&ediatel". :es1ite the fa t that the" ouldn!t understand ea h other@ -od answered 9" healing the &an. -oing i&&ediatel" to he ( the dis harge@ he found the 9leeding had sto11ed and the area was dr"ing u1. * lo<el" lad" a9out thirt"-eight "ears of age a&e to re1ort a lu&1 a9out the siGe of a Kuarter or half dollar under her right ar&. Sin e the healing tea& onsisted of &en@ the wo&an 1ut her hand on the lu&1 and the &en 1ut their hands on her ar&. The" o&&anded the lu&1 to go in Jesus! na&e@ and then grew out her ar&s. *s the ar& grew out@ a tingling sensation went down the ar&. When she e0a&ined her ar&1it@ the lu&1 was gone. Praise -od7 =*t fift"-eight "ears of age@ 4 felt too "oung to 9e 9ound 9" dia9etes@ heart trou9le and two s&all stro(es that left &" 9od" with restri ted &o<e&ent and a lead weight feeling on the left side. 4 reall" had nothing to lose as 4 wal(ed into the Ta&1a .ealing /01losion@ e01e ting -od to &eet &e there. 4 wasn!t disa11ointed@ 9e ause when the o&&and was gi<en 9" a "oung healing tea& &e&9er@ the s1irit of death a&e out and the 1ressure on the one side of &" head disa11eared. Then she o&&anded a new 1an reas and a new heart into &e in Jesus! na&e. -od reall" hears .is hildren7 When Jthe ne ( thing! was laid on &e in Jesus! na&e@ &" ar&@ ne (@ 9a ( and leg lost the hea<" feeling 1$2

and 4 had total freedo& of &otion7 ;ow 4 (now Hust how good our -od reall" is7> .ow an we e<er ho1e to get all the =goodies> into one 9oo(I 4t is an i&1ossi9ilit"@ 9ut we!re tr"ing to show "ou what ha11ens in all areas@ in luding finan es. .ere!s an e0 iting re1ort 9a ( fro& Ta&1a. =M" hus9and and 4 Hust attended "our healing training and were on the .ealing Tea& in Ta&1a on ;o<e&9er 14th. =:uring the training "ou had se<eral offerings@ of whi h in two of the& we were es1e iall" &o<ed 9" the Lord to gi<e L1@,,,.,,. The se ond offering that we were &o<ed was Frida" &orning@ "ou had a seed offering for &inistries. Pastor 'lonn told a9out gi<ing for his &inistr" in an offering li(e this and how -od honored it. =M" &inistr" started this 1ast Fe9ruar" as :ire tor of the Pregnan " %enter. We o1ened our doors Jul" 1st and sin e then we ha<e &inistered to 1,7 wo&en. We ha<e 9een 1ra"ing for a ho&e for these girls. M" hus9and ga<e &e L1,.,, for the offering and said he was going to the restroo&. We didn!t ha<e an" &one" in our a ount@ 9ut we had so&e in another a ount. 4 felt that strong urging fro& the Lord to gi<e L1@,,,.,, and .e would honor it. 4 wrote at the 9otto& of the en<elo1e@ Jl owe "ou L1@,,,.,,.@ 4 thought@ J;ow@ Lord@ if this is reall" fro& Fou@ &" hus9and won!t get u1set when 4 show hi& what 4 wrote.! =.e a&e 9a ( 9efore the en<elo1es were olle ted and 4 showed it to hi&. *t first he loo(ed a little on erned@ then Hust started singing and 1raising the Lord with a s&ile on his fa e and 4 (new it was o(a". Praise the Lord7 Dh@ "es@ and "ou said that this offering would 9e honored 9efore Than(sgi<ing.


=This 1ast Frida"@ ;o<e&9er 2 1st@ e0a tl" one wee( after the offering@ a wo&an fro& a ertain foundation to who& 4 had sent infor&ation on the need of a ho&e for girls in risis 1regnan " alled. We ha<e 9een wor(ing on this sin e Mar h. =She alled and ga<e our &inistr" a 9eautiful ho&e@ ost L12$@,,,. 4t has si0teen roo&s@ full" furnished@ it has a little three roo& ottage o<er the wor(sho1 in the 9a (. Praise the Lord7 We will 9e a9le to house twent" girls in that ho&e. Than( Fou@ Jesus7 We are so e0 ited7> *nd then of ourse@ we lo<e this oneB =Just wanted to share with "ou. 'e ause of "our &eeting in 1+2$ in Ta&1a@ and as(ing all Jsingles! to stand and 9elie<e that "our &ate will o&e into "our life 9" %hrist&as@ en losed is the result.> A*n in<itation to the wedding a o&1anied the letter7C This one thrilled us 9e ause it shows a ontinuation of what -od wants for toda"7 =-od!s ri hest 9lessings on "ou 9oth. 4 want "ou to (now that "our 9oo( and <ideo *+ow to +eal the Sic,’ is &ar hing on. We were 1ri<ileged to 9e a 1art of showing these in three different hur h grou1s. ;aturall" or should 4 sa" su1ernaturall" e<er"one has 9een tou hed - a hange not onl" 1h"si all" 9ut &entall" and s1irituall" to as &an" as will Jallow! -od to &o<e. =The latest was a se<ent"-"ear-old lad" who was inHured at 9irth when the &idwife 1ulled her tin" infant ar& too hard at deli<er". She has arried it a ross the front of herself 9e ause the ar& would not 9end. *s a hild she had to go through terri9le e0er ises and asts with un9elie<a9le 1ain. AFou an i&agine the &edi al (nowledge and eKui1&ent and thera1" of se<ent" "ears ago.C


=*n"wa" we showed a one hour seg&ent of “+ow to +eal the Sic,” <ideo - then de&onstrated the growing out of ar&s and legs. We wanted 1eo1le to get in<ol<ed. *ll dou9t and un9elief left as adults and hildren saw and felt their own and others! li&9s grow. =The last one to o&e u1 was the 1astor!s &other Awith the defor&ed ar&C. We laid hands on her and o&&anded the s1ine@ &us les@ et . to 9e adHusted 9e ause she had 9a ( 1ro9le&s. .er legs were &entioned 9e ause she wal(ed with a ane and then she told &e she had dis 1ro9le&s and we &inistered to that area 1lus ne ( and shoulder area for another 1ro9le& as well as her ar&s. 'e ause of the ar& 9eing as it was@ we (new it was a different length. 4 laid hands on her again and as(ed the Lord to gi<e her an Jo<erhaul!. She went out under the 1ower whi h we found out afterward she didn!t 9elie<e in - now she does. =She re&ained there for Kuite awhile and her son laid hands on the ar& and o&&anded it to 9e healed in Jesus! na&e. Prett" soon she 9egan to &o<e 'DT. ar&s u1 in the air to a 1raise 1osition while l"ing down. =/<er"one went wild7 She was so drun( in the S1irit she ouldn!t get u1. When she did get u1 &u h later@ she was o<erwhel&ed with the 1resen e of -od. She Hust (e1t &o<ing her ar&s u1 and down as she returned to her seat. She too( one son with one ar& around his ne ( and her newl" healed ar& around her hus9and!s ne ( and said@ J;ow 4 an hug "ou7! She!d ne<er 9een a9le to do that 9efore. She was not e<en a9le to dress herself without hel1 all these "ears7 =;othing else was done while all this was going on - no other one was 9eing &inistered to. The Lord had the whole 1la e in a Ho"ous Junglued! state. We instru ted her to


ontinue to s1ea( to that ar& and tell it to stret h and grow and strengthen. =The ne0t Sunda" we wanted to he ( and see what all the Lord had done. We he (ed the ar&s and the legs and all were 1erfe t. *r&s are now the sa&e length@ no &ore 9a ( 1ro9le&s@ dis s are healed and she doesn!t use or need the ane7 She!s one healed and turned-on -rand&a7 4t!s 9eautiful7 -lor"7> =4f %harles and Fran es an do it@ FD) an do it@ too7>


Chapter Ten 'EEP E)PLODING,
by Frances Fro& the &o&ent we wal(ed into the ."att 3egen " .otel@ we (new that 6ansas %it" was going to 9e so&ething s1e ial. We had arri<ed a da" earl" and found an air of e0 ite&ent 1resent e<en though none of the healing tea&s had arri<ed "et. Wednesda" &orning 9egan with an e0 iting 1rogra& on 6M'5@ the largest se ular radio station in 6ansas %it". The inter<iew was so e0 iting that T;. %hannels 4@ $ and + alled for 1er&ission to inter<iew us the night of the .ealing /01losion. When we returned to the hotel@ re1resentati<es fro& 9oth %hannel $ T? and the 6ansas %it" Ti&es were waiting for s1e ial inter<iews. -od is &o<ing on the se ular &edia. Later in the afternoon we a&e 9a ( to the hotel fro& "et another inter<iew on a %hristian radio station to find the hotel tee&ing with e0 ite&ent as healing tea&s fro& all 1arts of the ountr" 9rought an anti i1ation that was greater than an"thing we!d e<er e01erien ed7 The first night literall" e01loded as &an" of the healing tea&s were healed during the training sessions. The se ond da" was eKuall" thrilling as e0 ite&ent ontinued to &ount@ es1e iall" when a 9usload of ;a<aHo 4ndians unloaded at the hotel. *dding to the international fla<or@ John .oward and his wife Ja Kueline arri<ed fro& .olland. Thursda" night was sele ted as the night to anoint 1astors who wanted a fresh anointing and to o1erate in the -ifts of the S1irit &ore than the" e<er had 9efore. 1#3

*11ro0i&atel" 17$ 1astors had hands laid on the& and went under the 1ower of the .ol" S1irit - ne<er to 9e the sa&e again7 4 told a funn" stor" fro& &" 9oo( 4F FD) 3/*LLF LD?/ M/. When 4 was in gra&&ar s hool@ a tea her as(ed who had 1arents who were 9orn o<erseas. So&e (ids raised their hands. Then the tea her said@ =Who had grand1arents who were 9orn o<erseasI> and &an" &ore raised their hands. Then =great-grand1arents> and al&ost e<er"one raised their hands@ all e0 e1t &e. 4 will ne<er forget the onsu&ing lie 4 told when 4 was a little girl. 4 was alwa"s so &u h 9igger than an"one else in &" lass. 4 wanted to ut off a9out si0 in hes of &" legs 9e ause 4 towered o<er all the 9o"s. The other girls were 1etite@ gra eful and har&ing@ and 4 1i tured &"self as a 9ig ow who fell all o<er the 1la e. Praise -od@ 4 don!t worr" a9out things li(e that an" &ore. Sin e 4 got sa<ed@ 4 dis o<ered 4!& a 9eautiful 1erson 9e ause 4!<e 9een reated in the i&age of -od. 4!& s&art@ too@ 9e ause 4 ha<e the &ind of %hrist7 That!s the 1i ture -od 1ainted on &" &ind when 4 was sa<ed7 4t sa"s so in .is Word7 M" 1eo1le were all 1oor far&ers who a&e fro& the ri<er 9otto&s in 4llinois. *s the tea her a&e around the s hool roo& as(ing the other (ids what ountr" their relati<es a&e fro&@ 4 sat there li(e a little ugl" du (ling@ and finall" raised &" hand. =Fes@ Fran es@> the tea her said. With a 1o(er fa e 4 said@ =M" grandfather is an 4ndian7> 4n &" little heart 4 thought a9out the 9est thing to 9e was a real 4ndian7 4 told this stor" at the 6ansas %it" training sessions@ and then alled the tea& of ;a<aHo 4ndians forward. So&e fort" 1#4

to fort"-fi<e 4ndians a&e forward@ &ost of who& were sa<ed and 9a1tiGed with the .ol" S1irit. What a standing o<ation the" re ei<ed7 The" had o&e for additional training and to 1arti i1ate in a .ealing /01losion so the" ould ta(e the &essage 9a ( to the ;a<aHo 4ndian 3eser<ation7 We laid hands on the& for a s1e ial anointing. 4t was a s1e ial &o&ent for all of us. The ;a<aHo 4ndians returned to their reser<ation and held their own s1e ial Indian +ealing 3/.losion the ne0t wee( at Shi1ro (@ ;.M. The" reall" got the &essage7 :uring the ?i tor" 'rea(fast on Saturda" &orning@ the 1ower of -od was so strong that hardl" an"one ould stand u1. The 1astor of the First )nited Methodist %hur h in Shi1ro (@ ;.M. announ ed that one of the wo&en in his ongregation had listened to %harles as he &inistered the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit the night 9efore@ 9ut ould not understand 9e ause she does not s1ea( /nglish. 'ut@ in the ;a<aHo language she heard -od sa"@ ='e sa<ed thoroughl"7> -od had o&&uni ated with this wo&an through %harles as he s1o(e in tongues in a language whi h %harles neither (nows nor understands7 This in itself is a &ira le of -od7 ... * ts %ha1ter 2@ 1+277 The e0 ite&ent was tre&endous at the .ealing /01losion as a11ro0i&atel" eight thousand 1eo1le gathered at the 6e&1er *rena. The anointed 1raise and worshi1 see&ed to lift the entire audien e@ sa<ed and )nsa<ed@ into the <er" hea<enlies. 6aren Wheaton!s anointed singing was the =frosting on the a(e> and she re ei<ed a standing o<ation for her rendition of =Satan@ Fou!re * Liar7> The all for sal<ation and the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit 9rought so&e three thousand 1eo1le strea&ing down the aisles. The" loo(ed li(e ri<ers of li<ing water as the" literall" =flowed> onto the floor wanting the 1ower of -od 1#$

in their li<es. Man" s&all hildren were standing on the front row@ and the" all re ei<ed and s1o(e with =new tongues>. *fter re ei<ing the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit and s1ea(ing in tongues for the first ti&e@ one of the new =9a9ies> a&e u1 on the stage and &inistered healing to a wo&an who was o9<iousl" in e0 ru iating 1ain. *n a ident had (no (ed her s1ine out of line and inHured her tail9one in addition to ausing other da&age. This new 9a9" s1o(e the o&&ands@ tou hed her =1atient>@ and the wo&an was o&1letel" healed7 The tele<ision rew&en got so e0 ited@ the" loo(ed li(e the" were going to lea1 off the stage7 /<en though we will onl" &ention a few of the healing &ira les@ hundreds of healings o urred that e0 iting night in 6ansas %it" at the 6e&1er *rena. For e0a&1le@ &an" 1eo1le a&e out of wheel hairs@ in luding a 9o" fro& out of state who had 9een hurt in a &owing &a hine a ident and was una9le to wal(. When the healing tea&s laid hands on hi&@ the 1ower of -od restored hi&@ and he wal(ed. * girl a&e u1 on the stage and re1orted that she had 9een una9le to on ei<e@ 9ut 4 had laid hands on her two &onths 9efore and now she was 1regnant. This e0 iting testi&on" 9rought a stead" strea& of ou1les u1 to the stage for &e to 1ra" for the& to ha<e 9a9ies. * wo&an who had not 9een a9le to hear out of one ear sin e she was se<enteen &onths old re1orted she was hearing 1erfe tl". Mira les flowed onstantl" fro& the ti&e the tea&s started &inistering and ne<er sto11ed until around &idnight when the lights went out7 The healing tea&s of 6ansas %it"


will ne<er 9e the sa&e - and neither will those who were &inistered to on Ma" 1@ 1+277 The &ira les ontinue... =:uring the se ond training session@ 4 was gi<en a <ision on erning the /01losion@ 9ut the Lord said it ould 9e shared with "ou at a later ti&e. The <ision was that 6e&1er *rena was as a <ol ano during the ser<i e@ as a &ountain growing@ rising until eru1ting. The eru1tion 9eing the gold and sil<er Ala<aC strea&s s1illing out and o<er and running down the sides and running out into the areas of ities@ towns and rural areas around the 6ansas %it" area. =These gold and sil<er ri<ulets@ in essen e@ re1resented ea h 1erson who was there at 6e&1er *rena and the" too( a ri99on or ri<ulet of the gold and sil<er o<erflow 9a ( ho&e with the&. Then it s1read fro& ea h one of those 1ersons li(e threads@ outward again@ as the" told of what the" had seen@ heard@ learned or e01erien ed fro& -od and .is .ol" S1irit in that tre&endous e<ent. =*lso@ during the ser<i e at 6e&1er@ at the ti&e of the &ight" rush of the 1eo1le down for the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit@ there see&ed to 9e a white <a1or loud gentl" whirling a9o<e the floor during the &inistering of the S1irit. =:uring the 1raise and worshi1 in song@ we were singing a song@ J-od!s -ot an *r&" Mar hing Through the Land!. /<er"one was la11ing. 4 losed &" e"es for a few &inutes and the sound of the unison la11ing hands 9rought forth the <ision and the sound of thousands of &ar hing feet@ in unison and ran( of the thousands of 1eo1le in -od!s ar&" that is 9eginning to &ar h now@ with .is 1ower and &ight. The sound see&ed to grow so loud it was al&ost deafening for a few &inutes. 4 reall" sense within that the /01losions that "ou are ta(ing out to all 1#7

areas of our ountr" and the world are a <er" great 1art that is o1ening the gates into the world that ha<e held -od!s ar&" 9a ( for so great a nu&9er of "ears.> Trul"@ the ar&" that is 9eing raised u1 toda" is the endti&e ar&" of the 9elie<ers and the" are going forth around the world in great 1ower@ &ight@ and Geal. ;e<er in all of our li<es ha<e we e<er seen 1eo1le so turned on as the" 9e o&e at a .ealing /01losion@ and it doesn!t go awa"77 The" ontinue on with signs and wonders following7


by Frances What an e01erien e to see "ourself on i&&ense@ &a&&oth 9ill9oards7 Thirt" of these =giants> announ ed the .ealing /01losion in the it" of 'ele&@ 'raGil. More than 1,@,,, 1osters and fliers were nailed to tele1hone 1oles@ walls and where<er the" found a 1la e all o<er the it". We saw oursel<es o&ing and going. The da" we arri<ed@ a down1our of rain had o&1letel" saturated the field of the o1en air stadiu& where the &eeting was to 9e held. We were <er" on erned a9out the &udE howe<er -od si&1l" 9lew .is 9reath and the field was totall" dr" 9efore the &eeting 9egan. * tre&endous air of e01e tan " surrounded all of us the night of the first .ealing /01losion e<er held in 'raGil AJul"@ 1+27C. There was a rain9ow o<er the &oon Hust 9efore we arri<ed at the stadiu&. *ll who had seen it e0 lai&ed@ =4t is a sign fro& -od7> 'e ause South *&eri ans are notorious for not 9eing on ti&e@ we were en ouraged to arri<e late. We were so e0 ited we ould hardl" wait. When we arri<ed Aon ti&eC we dis o<ered the stadiu& whi h holds 3$@,,, was alread" filled to a1a it"7 The doors had 9een lo (ed (ee1ing thousands of 1eo1le on the outside. We 1ani (ed7 We agreed that we did not o&e to 'ele& to lo ( 1eo1le out. We insisted that the doors 9e o1ened and the rowd allowed to stand on the field of the stadiu&.


What a sight7 Thousands of hu&an 9eings were standing on the great field@ 1a (ed in as lose as 1ossi9le ne0t to one another. /<en with twent"-fi<e -reen 'eret Poli e and trained ounselors &a(ing a hu&an hain a ross the front of the 1latfor&@ the 1ressing rowd was so great that no9od" ould (ee1 the& 9a (. The" were hungr" for what -od had for the&7 There was an esti&ated rowd of o<er #,@,,, at that first great 'raGilian .ealing /01losion@ and "et &an" &ore were turned awa" 9e ause there was no roo&. *fter worshi1 and 1raise 4 read fro& a Portuguese 'i9le. * &essage rea hed us later that the 1eo1le thought it was wonderful that 4 read the 'i9le in their language e<en though &" a ent was =terri9le>. *fter a 9rief tea hing on the &ira le-wor(ing 1ower of -od and how -od wanted to heal the&@ we &inistered sal<ation to the entire audien e and alled for the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. There was no wa" the 1eo1le ould o&e out of the stadiu& seats onto the field 9e ause the great so er field was 1a (ed@ 9ut an esti&ated eight" 1er ent of the 1eo1le raised their hands to re ei<e the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. While we were &inistering the 9a1tis&@ thousands of 1eo1le 9egan to 1ra" in tongues. When lose to si0t" thousand 1eo1le loudl" and 1owerfull" 1ra"ed in the S1irit at one ti&e@ -od!s glor" a&e down. -od too( o<er the ser<i e as .is 1ower literall" e01loded with a thunderous ra (7 The 1ower of -od in that stadiu& was so&ething none of us had e<er e01erien ed 9efore. 4t was a tuall" al&ost frightening 9e ause it was so strong7


The" ontinued to 1ra". The" were e0 ited a9out their new tongues. Fou ould a tuall" feel the 1ower 9uilding &ore and &ore7 4 loo(ed at %harles and said@ =.one"@ we Hust lost the ser<i e7> 4 (new in &" s1irit that was e0a tl" what ha11ened so 4 loo(ed at %harles while these si0t" thousand 1eo1le were 1ra"ing loudl" and fer<entl" in tongues and said@ =Let!s Hoin the&7> We ontinued 1ra"ing in the S1irit and we ould feel the 1ower of -od in reasing and in reasing and faith was igniting. *fter 1ossi9l" fifteen &inutes of 1ra"ing in tongues Athe" don!t sto1 li(e we do in *&eri aC@ 4 held u1 &" hand for the& to sto1@ and the" thought 4 was wa<ing at the&@ so the" wa<ed right 9a ( at &e and ontinued 1ra"ing in tongues@ onl" the" in reased the <olu&e. 4 loo(ed u1 at -od and said@ =-od@ what are we going to do nowI> We didn!t ha<e to do one thing7 -od did it all7 Suddenl"@ an e&1t" wheel hair went u1 in the air and was 1assed u1 to the stage@ then a&e another e&1t" wheel hair - then a&e another wheel hair - then a&e a stret her with no one on it - then a&e rut hes - then a&e another wheel hair. Then so&e9od" s rea&ed@ =She was 9lind and now she an see7 =The" 9rought two hildren to the stage who had 9een deaf and their ears were now totall" healed7 * s rea& rose fro& the audien e at the end of the field. Dur inter1reter said the 1eo1le were "elling@ =Loo( at the orange shirt7 = We had no idea what that &eant 9ut we loo(ed until we finall" lo ated a &an with an orange shirt running around the outside 1eri&eter of the field@ with a9out a hundred 1eo1le following hi&. The nu&9er swelled to a9out fi<e hundred 1eo1le tr"ing to at h hi&. *fter 171

running nearl" a Kuarter of a &ile around the tra (@ he ran u1 to the stage@ hugged 9oth of us and e0 lai&ed@ =4!& not e<en a %hristian@ and -od healed &e7> Then he added@ =Please@ 4 want to 9e a %hristian7> We too( are of that real fast7 Then through our inter1reter we heard his stor"7 .e had 9een in an auto&o9ile wre ( a9out four "ears 9efore whi h had se<ered his s1ine ausing 1aral"sis fro& his waist down. *s he sat on the field@ he 9egan to feel life in his legs again and realiGed he ould wal(. ;ot onl" did he wal(7 ./ 3*;7 -od had to do a se ond great &ira le to restore the atro1hied &us les@ lungs@ and strength to run nearl" a Kuarter &ile. .e went running and lea1ing@ and 1raising -od7 =So he@ lea1ing u1@ stood and wal(ed and entered the te&1le with the& - wal(ing@ lea1ing@ and 1raising -od> A* ts 3B2C. -od is re-ena ting the 9oo( of * ts through .is dis i1les of this end-generation har<est of souls7 We ne<er regained ontrol of the ser<i e again 9e ause -od!s 1ower Hust (e1t &o<ing su1ernaturall" through the 1eo1le. %ri11led 9odies were &ade straight and hildren were healed7 Dne little girl &anaged to &a(e her wa" u1 to the edge of the stage. Through an inter1reter@ 4 said to the 1astor of the *sse&9l" of -od hur h@ =Fou la" hands on her.> .e laid hands on this little hild who had also 9een inHured in an auto&o9ile a ident and she was totall" and o&1letel" healed 9" the 1ower of -od. .er da&aged little legs instantl" straightened out7 The tears that were shed were Hust in redi9le. *ll of us who had o&e fro& the )nited States ould do nothing 9ut stand there and wee1 at the 1resen e and the 1ower of -od.


We re1eated o<er and o<er@ =-od wants to heal "ou. -od wants to heal "ou. -od!s a &ira le wor(ing -od.> -od!s 1ower Hust e01loded in de&on 1ossessed and o11ressed 1eo1le and the" were set free7 While we will ne<er (now the end result of this until we get to hea<en@ those of us who were there (now we all e01erien ed so&ething that we had ne<er e01erien ed in our li<es 9efore. The 1ressing rowd surged forward into the stage area in s1ite of the se urit" we had@ and an entire ordon of 1oli e was ne essar" to assist us in getting through the 1eo1le to the e0its. The thing that thrilled us the &ost was the fa t that after we left@ the rowd 9egan to thin down allowing the healing tea&s roo& to &inister to the 1eo1le. * little 9o" whose 9od" was totall" ri11led fro& ere9ral 1als" was healed 9" the 1ower of -od as a healing tea& &e&9er laid hands on hi&. * s(ull whi h was not losed@ losed instantl" when another tea& &e&9er &inistered. 4t didn!t Hust start to lose@ 9ut the entire s(ull losed o&1letel"7 The &other had 9een told that her hild was going to 9e &entall" retarded. .owe<er she felt onfident that the su1ernatural 1ower of -od had totall" healed the hild. There were &an" other healings whi h too( 1la e through the trained 'raGilian healing tea& &e&9ers after we had left the stadiu&. The e0 ite&ent and &ira les s1urred the& on to ontinue la"ing hands on the si (. 'a ( at the hotel after the &eeting@ we enHo"ed a great ti&e of ele9ration for all -od had done for the 'raGilian 1eo1le. *. L. -ill said@ =4 do not 9elie<e that an"thing li(e this has e<er ha11ened in the histor" of the world7>


*n *sse&9l" of -od 1astor we1t li(e a 9a9" and finall" left the stage during the &eeting and Hust stood there and ried and ried. .e (e1t sending &e a &essage sa"ing@ =4 ha<e ne<er seen an"thing li(e this in all &" life>. ;D;/ DF )S .*: /4T./37 :uring our ti&e of sharing at the hotel@ we as(ed what others felt was the &ost e0 iting or outstanding thing the" felt during the &eeting. Dne of the &en on our tea& said@ =4t was the loo( on the 1eo1les! fa es as the" all stood there. The hunger in their e"es as the" loo(ed at whoe<er was s1ea(ing on the stage was a9solutel" in redi9le 9e ause e<er" e"e in that entire stadiu& was full of ho1e.> *s 4 had left to go to the stadiu& earlier in the e<ening@ 4 said@ =-od@ 4 don!t reall" feel <er" anointed tonight. 4 ho1e Fou are7> .e ertainl" was 9e ause .e reall" de&onstrated .is &ight" 1ower and glor" li(e we ha<e ne<er seen nor will we e<er forget@ nor will an" of us e<er 9e the sa&e again. To -od 9e the glor"7 The lo al hur h 1resented &e with a 9eautiful 9ouKuet of red roses. *s the wife of the *sse&9l" of -od 1astor ga<e the& to &e@ she said@ =These roses will wither and fade awa" and their fragran e will disa11ear@ 9ut the fragran e that "ou 9rought to 'ele& will last until eternit".> A4 did &" share of r"ing at that 1oint.C The ne0t da" when we arri<ed at the -oiania air1ort@ four 1eo1le were standing on the airfield with signs that said@ =%harles and Fran es .unter@ we lo<e "ou. Wel o&e7 = *s we wal(ed into the air1ort@ a hoir of o<er one hundred 1eo1le greeted us with the &ost glorious songs that "ou e<er heard. *ll of us we1t 9e ause of the lo<e of these 1eo1le and their desire to find &ore of -od. 174

We &inistered in two *sse&9l" of -od hur hes on Sunda" night@ where the enthusias& was tre&endousl" high. 'oth had warned us that we would not see nearl" the rowd on a Monda" night that we had seen on a Saturda" night in 'ele&. *gain we were sur1rised when we arri<ed at the o1en air stadiu& to find a rowd e<en greater than that in 'ele&. The stadiu& was larger and the o1en field was larger. For reasons we do not understand@ the stadiu& offi ials ha<e a tenden " to lo ( the doors in the stadiu& on e the seats are filled. *fter &u h dis ussion@ the" finall" o1ened the gates and allowed 1ro9a9l" another fifteen thousand 1eo1le in. With the stadiu& seats and field filled to a1a it"@ the" again lo (ed the doors and turned awa" se<eral thousand &ore 1eo1le. When it was ti&e for us to s1ea( to the esti&ated rowd of o<er #,@,,,@ again we felt a tre&endous hunger for the 1ower of -od. .o1ing to &a(e a all for the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit and ha<e the 1eo1le o&e to the field@ we had te&1oraril" stationed the healing tea&s ar&-in-ar& se<eral la"ers dee1 a11ro0i&atel" two hundred feet fro& the 1latfor&. Dn e we saw the thousands of hungr" 1eo1le@ we realiGed we ould not 9ring 1eo1le down out of the stands and through the &o9 that was standing on the a tual stadiu& field. To 1re<ent a sta&1ede@ we as(ed the healing tea&s to 9egin wal(ing forward <er" slowl" toward the stage. Then we told the& the 1ower of -od would 9e with the& as the" wal(ed. So&e of the healing tea& &e&9ers who were in the rowd said the 1eo1le got u1 out of their wheel hairs


and wal(ed =with> the rowd as the S1irit of -od fell u1on the&. *gain the night was 9eautiful. This ti&e -od had su1ernaturall" sent do<es to fl" o<er the stadiu& as a sign fro& -od that .is .ol" S1irit was 1resent. 4t was 9eautiful to loo( u1 and to see the do<es ir ling o<er the stadiu&. The ne0t thing we saw was the stadiu& field totall" filled with the 1resen e of angels. *t the sa&e ti&e@ we saw the glor" loud of -od des end o<er the area. So we (new on e again that -od was going to do so&e tre&endousl" su1ernatural things. *fter a few &inutes of tea hing@ we &inistered the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. *gain@ the res1onse see&ed to 9e a9out 2,N as hands were raised all through the rowd indi ating the" desired all -od wanted to gi<e the&. 4t was another great night to re&e&9er7 4n the )nited States it often see&s li(e 1eo1le ha<e sort of a =ho-hu&> attitude during the &inistering of the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. =Well if 4 get it@ 4 get itE if 4 don!t get it@ 4 don!t get it and 4!& not real sure that 4 want it an"wa">. 'raGilian res1onse was tre&endous7 When the" re ei<ed@ there was an e01losion of the 1ower of -od. The" were li(e an e&1t" s1onge Hust waiting to soa( u1 the 1ower7 Man" of our tea& &e&9ers were stationed in strategi 1la es around the field and in the stands. The" all said the sa&e thing@ =/<er"9od" around us 9egan s1ea(ing in tongues at one ti&e.> When tens of thousands 9egin to s1ea( in tongues at one ti&e@ there is 1ower7 *s this &ira ulous 1ower s1read through the rowd@ on e again 1eo1le 9egan 1assing rut hes@ anes@ and <arious other de<i es u1 to the stage. We did not see as &an" wheel hairs 1assed u1 to the stage as we did in 17#

'ele&. .owe<er@ %harles felt that the 1er entage of healings was e<en higher than at 'ele&. Sin e &inistering to indi<iduals was totall" i&1ossi9le@ we had the& la" their hands on their heart if the" needed a new heart@ their 1an reas if the" need a new 1an reas@ their ears for hearing@ and &an" other different 1arts of the 9od". The" were so full of si&1le faith@ it was eas" for the& to 9e healed. When we as(ed how &an" of the& had a tuall" felt the 1ower of -od in the 1art of their 9od" that was si ( and 6;/W that the" were healed@ raised hands were seen all o<er the audien e. -od had not healed Hust one or two thousands and thousands had felt .is healing 1ower. The 'raGilian 1eo1le ha<e a tre&endous lo<e and desire to tou h "ou Aand re ei<e their healingC. There were ti&es when it was a little on the frightening side@ es1e iall" when "ou ha<e tens of thousands of 1eo1le out there all rea hing for "ou. *t one 1oint in the ser<i e@ we 9ound the de<il in the na&e of Jesus and o&&anded the foul tor&enting s1irits to o&e out of the 1eo1le. 'etween #,@,,, e0 ited e01e tant 1eo1le 1ra"ing in tongues@ our 9inding the de<il and asting out de&ons@ what ha11ened ne0t was ine<ita9le. *t the na&e of Jesus those de&ons ha<e to o&e out@ and "ou ne<er saw su h a dis1la" of de&oni a ti<it" in "our life. Dne de&on-1ossessed wo&an started running toward the stage (no (ing e<er"9od" down that a&e within ten feet of her. She would 1i ( 9ig &en u1 and throw the&. Se urit" Kui (l" re&o<ed the 1latfor& ste1s to (ee1 her fro& getting u1 on the eight foot high stage.


*fter ha<ing su h an e<iden e of the 1ower of -od in 'ele&@ and now in -oiania@ 4 <er" onfidentl" said@ =4n the na&e of Jesus@ "ou foul tor&enting de<il@ 4 o&&and "ou to o&e out of her7> That didn!t sto1 that de<il one single 9it7 4 re1eated it@ onl" this ti&e 4 was a little louder and a little &ore e&1hati 7 She (e1t right on o&ing@ throwing 1eo1le out of her wa". 4 &ust ha<e re1eated =4n the na&e of Jesus@ "ou foul tor&enting de<il@ 4 o&&and "ou to o&e out of her> at least fifteen ti&es@ 9ut she (e1t right on o&ing. She was getting su1er lose to the stage@ Hust as de<il-tor&ented as she e<er was. '" this ti&e@ &" heart was 9eating a little faster than nor&al@ and 4 re1eated the o&&and a little louder and a little &ore e&1hati . She (e1t right on o&ing7 4!& going to 9e real honest with "ou. *t a ti&e li(e this "ou an thin( of a lot of things in the twin(ling of an e"e@ and 1ro9a9l" the first thought the de<il would ha<e li(ed for &e to 9elie<e was@ =4s the na&e of Jesus reall" &ore 1owerful than the de<ilI> The se ond thought was@ =-et 9ehind %harles and let hi& 1rote t "ou@> 9ut 4 (new on e 4 ga<e u1 ontrol of the situation@ e<er"thing was lost@ so 4 stood &" ground@ e<en when she was now a9out two feet fro& where 4 was standing eight feet a9o<e her on the stage. 4 said@ =4n the na&e of Jesus@ S.)T )P7> So&eone s rea&ed at the side of the so er field@ and 4 loo(ed u1 and awa" fro& this wo&an@ and when 4 loo(ed 9a (@ there was no longer a de&on-1ossessed wo&an there. 4 wondered what had ha11ened to her and didn!t dis o<er the real answer until a9out a &onth later when 4 was going through so&e 1i tures of 'raGil. 4 saw a series of 1i tures 172

showing an o1ening in the rowd where this wo&an was throwing 1eo1le around. The final 1i ture showed this sa&e wo&an@ o&1letel" lothed and in her right &ind@ standing there with the greatest loo( of lo<e "ou ould e<er i&agine7 ;o wonder 4 didn!t re ogniGe her - the de&ons had finall" gi<en u1 and fled and she was o<ered with the 1ea e of -od. 4 loo(ed again and again. 4t was the sa&e dress@ the sa&e hairdo@ the sa&e e<er"thing e0 e1t an insane wo&an was now &ade whole 9" the 1ower of -od and the na&e of Jesus7 Man" deaf 1eo1le@ es1e iall" hildren@ were healed. Parents literall" =1assed> their hildren through the rowd to the healing tea& &e&9ers so the" ould 9e healed. 4t was 9eautiful to see the faith of the 'raGilian 1eo1le@ how the" lo<e -od and 9elie<e .i& for &ira les. 'ut the &ost &o<ing fa t is when the" want to tou h "ou@ the" don!t =see> "ou at all@ the" see Jesus li<ing inside of "ou7 3e1orts fro& the lo al %hristian leaders said the rowd was dou9le the siGe of an" other %hristian &eeting that had e<er 9een held in the it" of -oiania. The" added that it was the first &eeting the" had e<er seen that e0hi9ited su h great 1ower. The 1astors in the lo al hur hes also in<ited us to o&e 9a ( again@ 1ro&ising the" will fill the 1,,@,,, seat stadiu& to the to1 with e0 ited 'raGilian 1eo1le ne0t ti&e. We e0 itedl" went on to Sao Paulo in 1re1aration for the .ealing /01losion in %a&1inas. We were 1ra"ing that -od would do it again7 Sao Paulo@ the se ond largest it" 4n 'raGil@ has a 1o1ulation of a11ro0i&atel" si0teen &illion 1eo1le and tee&s with a ti<it".


The first night we went to a S1irit-filled 'a1tist hur h. This too( us into a totall" different era or ulture of 'raGil 9e ause these 1eo1le wore &a(e-u1 and earrings and dan ed 9efore the Lord during the 1raise and worshi1. The Sunda" 1rior to our <isit there@ the 1astor!s wife was reading to the ongregation fro& the 9oo( “+2W T2 +3#! T+3 SI%4” and a ri11led hild!s 9od" was straightened out as it was healed7 'e ause of this@ of ourse@ there was great Ho" and anti i1ation of our <isit there. The s1irit of the &eeting was a9solutel" in redi9le 9e ause "ou ould Hust literall" feel the 1ower of -od. *fter we s1o(e a while@ we had an e0tre&el" interesting word of (nowledge. We said@ =There is so&eone who has a 1ain in the (idne" area@ 9ut it is Hust a9out an in h or two awa" fro& the s1ine. 4t!s either so&eone who has 9een shot or so&eone who had a (nife wound. Who is itI> * &an who had 9een shot eight "ears 9efore i&&ediatel" lea1ed to his feet. .e had 9een in e0tre&e 1ain e<er sin e 9e ause of the 9ullet wound. The rowd was a&aGed at how we ould ha<e (nown this@ and so were we@ e0 e1t -od (nows e<er"thing. When we o&&anded the 1ain to o&e out and o&&anded all the s ar tissue@ the 9urned and destro"ed &us les@ ner<es@ liga&ents@ tendons and tissues to 9e restored in Jesus! na&e@ the &an was instantl" healed7 3eHoi ing too( o<er the entire hur h when the &an was totall" healed7 We had se<eral other words of (nowledge and we did our 9est to la" hands u1on all the si (. 4ndi<idual &inistr" was e0tre&el" diffi ult 9e ause e<er" hur h we <isited was 1a (ed wall to wall and the aisles totall" filled. .owe<er@ the tea&s &inistered after we 12,

left and &ira les@ signs@ and wonders followed e<er" trained 9elie<er. The ne0t night we went to the largest *sse&9l" of -od hur h in Sao Paulo. 4t is one of the &ost ornate 9uildings in whi h we ha<e e<er &inistered. Most of the 9uilding was done in &ar9le and was de orated with gold leaf roses. 4t had to 9e a hur h of "oung 1eo1le 9e ause it was ne essar" to li&9 two flights of stee1 stairs to rea h the san tuar". When we finall" rea hed the 1ul1it area@ we loo(ed u1 to dis o<er two high 9al onies a9o<e us. *nd e<er" orner of this &ost uniKue hur h was literall" running o<er with 1eo1le. 4t is i&1ossi9le for us in the )nited States to understand how the" 1a ( the 1eo1le into the hur hes until "ou a tuall" witness it. *11ro0i&atel" se<ent"-fi<e 1astors fro& other hur hes were also there. This 1arti ular *sse&9l" of -od %hur h has =&othered> a9out 7,, other hur hes whi h ha<e a o&9ined &e&9ershi1 of a11ro0i&atel" 1$,@,,,. 4t is esti&ated that there are thirteen &illion &e&9ers of the *sse&9lies of -od in 'raGil. %harles had 1ra"ed &onths 9efore when eight &illion &e&9ers had 9een re1orted. =-od@ let us train eight &illion &e&9ers of one deno&ination in one nation how to heal the si ( and how to &inister the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit7> %an "ou i&agine eight@ or thirteen &illion S1irit-filled 9elie<ers who not onl" were filled with -od!s 1ower@ 9ut (new how to dis1ense it@ atta (ing a nation of 14,@,,,@,,, 1eo1leI We all (now Jesus is o&ing 9a ( soon and we are seeing .is hur h 1re1are for .is arri<al7 .alleluHah7 *gain the &o<e of the S1irit in this hur h was a9solutel" in redi9le. While there was great e0 ite&ent and 121

great e&otion during all the &eetings@ we dis o<ered that &an" of the& do not s1ea( in tongues. 4n e<er" hur h a tre&endous nu&9er of 1eo1le re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. With su h rowds Ha&&ing the seats@ aisles@ stairs and 9al onies@ la"ing hands on the si ( was going to 9e a 1ro9le&. -od s1o(e and said that we were to wal( down through the rowd and la" hands on e<er"9od" we ould tou h. The healing tea&s that were with us surrounded us so those we ould not tou h@ the" ould. Just as we 9egan@ %harles li&9ed u1 on one of the 1ews. With all the 1eo1le standing@ he wal(ed u1 and down the 1ews and laid hands on e<er"9od". What a sight to see hi& rawling o<er 1ews7 4t was a night of great 1ower and glor" as 1eo1le were healed all o<er that hur h. When we as(ed how &an" had 9een healed@ at least 7,N to 7$N of the audien e raised their hands indi ating the" had 9een healed. Manoel Ferreira@ 1resident of the *sse&9l" of -od in 'raGil@ was the one who in<ited us to o&e to 'raGil. .e dro<e to Sao Paulo to 9e with us and there was great reHoi ing as he saw what -od did. The 1astors of the other hur hes were so e0 ited and insisted that we o&e 9a ( to Sao Paulo to the 1$,@,,, seat arena whi h the" sa" would 9e filled e<er" night if we would &inister there for three nights. There is a great s1iritual hunger in 'raGil. These 1eo1le want a li<ing Jesus. There is nothing 9lasR@ there is nothing half-hearted a9out their hunger for tea hing fro& the Word of -od@ The ne0t night we <isited Manoel Ferreira!s hur h hi %a&1inas. 'rother Ferreira not onl" 1astors a hur h 9ut he 122

is 1resident of one of the two 9ran hes of the *sse&9lies of -od in 'raGil. *gain the hur h was 1a (ed out wall to wall. The" had a 2, 0 2, foot tele<ision s reen outside the hur h on the 1ar(ing lot. The 1eo1le not onl" filled the 1ar(ing lot 9ut the" o<erflowed into the street wat hing the &assi<e s reen and what was ha11ening inside the hur h. There were nearl" as &an" 1eo1le outside as there were inside the hur h that night. The hunger is so great and the hur hes are too s&all. The 1raise and worshi1 here is loud and e0 iting and the 1eo1le reall" 1arti i1ate. We dis o<ered "ou do not la1 in so&e hur hes 9e ause the" 9elie<e when "ou la1 "ou 9ring in the de<ils. .owe<er@ in Pastor Ferreira!s hur h there was la11ing and loud reHoi ing as we 1raised and worshi1ed -od. 4t was another one of those tre&endous nights when &an"@ &an" 1eo1le re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. While we alled out a few to re ei<e healing through the word of (nowledge@ &ost of the healing was done as on e again we wal(ed through the audien e and o<er the to1s of the 1ews. The healing tea&s fro& the )nited States were sent outside to &inister to the &asses. The 'raGilian 1eo1le are so hungr" to see a li<ing Jesus that the" 9elie<e if "ou!ll Hust tou h the& the"!ll 9e healed. 'ut then that!s what the Word of -od sa"s@ isn!t itI =Those who 9elie<e shall la" hands on the si ( and the" shall re o<er.> The word had s1read all o<er 'raGil. When Pastor Manoel &et us in Sao Paulo he said@ =4 ha<e tra ed "ou fro& the &o&ent "ou arri<ed in 'raGil. The 1astors ha<e said@ JFou did not tell us to e01e t as &u h as we got.>


/<er" 1astor in e<er" it" had re1orted that the" had re ei<ed &u h &ore than the" had anti i1ated fro& our &eetings in their ities. Praise -od@ .e alwa"s gi<es e0 eedingl"@ a9undantl" o<er what we as( or thin(. When we arri<ed at our hotel in %a&1inas@ we were &et 9" news1a1er re1orters. The" were not %hristian and of ourse as(ed the usual Kuestions@ =.ow do "ou heal the si (I .ow do "ou (now the"!re healedI .ow long does it ta(e to heal so&eoneI> We said@ =:o an" of "ou ha<e a 9a ( 1ro9le&I> The a&era&an said@ =:o 4 e<er7 = Through the Portuguese inter1reter he e01lained@ =4 ha<e a 1ro9le& in &" u11er 9a ( and lower 9a (. 4 a& reall" hurting right now. %an -od heal &eI> Df ourse@ that was all we needed. We sat hi& down and grew out his legs as the two re1orters wat hed in a&aGe&ent. We stood hi& u1 and grew out his ar&s. T./ M*; W*S TDT*LLF ./*L/:7 -od is so good 9e ause .e alwa"s grants us e0 iting &ira les li(e that at Hust the right &o&ent to &a(e a great i&1a t on the 1ress7 4&agine - the e0 ellent news1a1er arti le re1orted that the 1hotogra1her was healed 9" the 1ower of -od as an instant witness to un9elie<ers and as a 1re<iew to all the &ira les that were to o&e in %a&1inas. The .ealing /01losion in %a&1inas was the onl" /01losion that was held inside of an auditoriu&. *s we entered the 9uilding@ we loo(ed at the thousands of 1eo1le standing Ha&&ed together on a on rete floor. The whole s ene re&inded us of a an of ?ienna sausages whi h are 1a (ed in su1er tight. 6nowing that it would 9e three or four hours 9efore the" would ha<e the o11ortunit" to sit@ the" stood there with tre&endous e01e tation on their fa es. 124

The seats in the 9lea hers were filled in luding the dugouts designed for the 1ress at the <er" to1 of the auditoriu&. /<er"where "ou loo(ed@ "ou saw a &ass of fa es. The auditoriu& offi ials esti&ated 9etween ten and twel<e thousand were inside the 9uilding while thousands &ore stood outside wat hing on the 9ig T? s reens. *s we wal(ed down into the arena to &inister to the <er" 9adl" ri11led 1eo1le@ we ould onl" go a short wa"s 9e ause of the &assi<e rowd 1a (ed one against another. Dne rather aged 9lind &an was 1ushed through the rowd until he stood in front of us. *s we laid our hands on hi&@ we o&&anded the s1irit of 9lindness to o&e out and his e"es to o1en. Suddenl" he loo(ed u1@ e0 ite&ent o9<iousl" 9uilding on his fa e@ wa<ed his hands and "elled@ =-loria :eus -loria :eus7 -loria :eus7 -loria Jesus7 -loria Jesus7> .e was wildl" e0 ited 9e ause on e he was 9lind 9ut now he ould see7 'e ause of the 1ress of the rowd@ it was i&1ossi9le for an inter1reter to 9e with us to e01lain e<er" 1ro9le& andMor situation as we &inistered and laid hands on 1eo1le. So when ri11led legs straightened out and se<eral 1eo1le got out of their wheel hairs@ we Hust 1raised -od for it and went on e01e ting another &ira le for the ne0t 1erson and the ne0t and the ne0t. The 9uilding was so Ha&&ed@ those in wheel hairs who were healed ouldn!t wal( far 9e ause there was no roo&7 'ut the healings were so o9<ious that great Ho" filled the entire 9uilding7 There see&s to 9e a tre&endous a&ount of deafness in 'raGil and -od reall" 9lessed with the healing of deaf ears. Dne little girl had ne<er heard a single solitar" sound a ording to her &other. *fter she was healed@ 4 tested her 12$

ears with <er" si&1le sounds 9e ause 4 didn!t (now enough Portuguese to test her in Portuguese. She re1eated all the sounds 9e ause she understood 1erfe tl". 'efore we had gone into the rowd to &inister@ we e01lained what we were going to do through an inter1reter. When we a11roa hed a 1erson@ we would sa"@ =Sil<er and gold ha<e we none@ 9ut su h as we ha<e@ we gi<e it to "ou@ and in the na&e of Jesus %hrist of ;aGareth rise u1 and wal(>. *nd then we would &otion for the& to rise. 4t!s diffi ult to des ri9e the e01ressions on 1eo1le!s fa es when the" suddenl" realiGe the" ha<e 9een healed. Dne rather aged &an was sitting in a hair with his wal(ing sti ( 9" his side. .e &ust ha<e thought@ =The" reall" &ean that7 The" reall" &ean that7> Suddenl"@ he rose u1 and was a&aGed that his feet held hi& u1. .e held his wal(ing sti ( high in the air and reHoi ed that he was no longer ri11led7 Dn and on and on and on went the &ira les. Sin e it was i&1ossi9le to &inister to the thousands of 1eo1le@ we 1ra"ed en &asse for the& and then we told the& as learl" as we ould@ =%he ( "our 9odies7> Sin e there was no wa" to deter&ine the healings in su h a large rowd@ through the inter1reter we told the&@ =4f "ou (now "ou!re healed and "our 9od" is 9etter@ "our 9od" an &o<e where it ouldn!t and the 1ain is gone@ raise "our hands and wa<e the& at Jesus7 = Well o<er half the rowd a11eared to 9e wa<ing their hands indi ating that the" had 9een healed. *gain the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit was a9solutel" 1heno&enal. 4t loo(ed li(e 1ossi9l" 2,N of the 1eo1le again raised their hands when we as(ed@ =.ow &an" of "ou do not s1ea( in tonguesI>


The" were e0 ited to (now the" too ould re ei<e the d"na&i 1ower of -od!s .ol" S1irit. When we &inistered we ouldn!t sto1 the& fro& s1ea(ing in tongues. 4t was so loud and so 1owerful that we 9elie<e e<en hundreds@ &a"9e thousands of 1eo1le were healed as the" were s1ea(ing in tongues. We ouldn!t Kuiet the& down7 The" ontinued for &ore than ten &inutes@ <er" loudl". Then we tried to get the& singing in tongues. *t first we were not su essful. *11arentl" the" don!t sing in tongues in 'raGil. With our 1ersisten e and 'o9 'ar(er singing o<er the &i ro1hone in tongues@ the" 9egan to har&oniGe together and went fro& s1ea(ing in tongues into singing in tonguesE li(e Paul said@ =4 1ra" with &" understanding and 4 1ra" with &" s1irit. 4 sing with &" understanding and 4 sing with &" s1irit.> That is when the 1ower of -od reall" 9ro(e7 We 9elie<e well o<er 1,,@,,, re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit in this short series of .ealing /01losions@ and there is no wa" to &easure the nu&9er who were sa<ed and healed@ 9ut great &ultitudes were tou hed. =*nd great &ultitudes followed .i&...> AMatthew 4B2$C. * 1art of our hearts was left in 'raGil. When we returned ho&e on Sunda"@ we were read" to go 9a ( on Monda". Fou annot stand in the glor" and 1ower of -od and feel .is &ight" 1resen e without so&ething ha11ening to "ou indi<iduall". We!re going to do all we an to satisf" the s1iritual need of those 9eautiful@ s1irituall" hungr" 1eo1le7


(y Frances We (new fro& the <er" start that Portland was going to 9e fa9ulous@ 9e ause we had the largest nu&9er at our 1astors! lun heon we had e<er had. The e0 ite&ent was tre&endous@ and we started 1+3 <ideo healing s hools to train healing tea&s for the .ealing /01losion. *nd what an e01losion it was7 We outgrew the 9allroo& at the hotel with healing tea&s and had to &o<e our Frida" &eeting to the %oliseu& where we anointed the healing tea&s after gi<ing the& =the harge>7 When the worshi1 started@ o<er a thousand 1eo1le a&e down on the floor to 1raise .i& in the dan e@ and e<er"one felt a tre&endous anti i1ation fro& the audien e. Man" 1eo1le were healed of an er as the" a&e down on the floor at the 9eginning of the ser<i e. We had the greatest nu&9er with an er we had e<er seen7 The news1a1er and T? o<erage re1orted ten thousand 1eo1le attended the &eeting@ and 4@$,, re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. What a re<i<al that 9rings7 *nd Hust as it ha11ened in 'raGil@ a &an Hu&1ed out of his wheel hair without an"one la"ing hands on hi&. There was hardl" roo& enough on the floor of the %oliseu& to hold those who a&e for the 9a1tis&. 4t was a night for the healing of s oliosis7 Man" 1eo1le a&e to the stage and re1orted their 9a (s straightened out and 1ain left as healing tea&s laid hands on the&. Multi1le s lerosis disa11eared@ and nu&erous 1eo1le a&e out of wheel hairs. Man" 1eo1le were healed of deafness. There were so &an" healings we ouldn!t (ee1 u1 with the&7 * 122

girl 9orn with lu9 feet was healed and the two feet 9e a&e the sa&e siGe instantl"7 4t!s ha11ening in *M/34%*7 Tune in to these testi&onies whi h resulted fro& the Portland@ Dregon .ealing /01losion@ =M" sister@ who is 'a1tist@ was one of "our trained tea& &e&9ers in Portland. The Sunda" after the /01losion found the entire hur h tal(ing a9out healing and had tea& &e&9ers &inistering in the ser<i e with a healing line. =Dne of &" usto&ers@ a &ainline 'a1tist t"1e organiGation@ witnessed one of their 1eo1le healed of a 9a ( 1ro9le&. This 1erson had 9een in 9ed for one "ear 9e ause of his inHur". 4t has the whole fa ilit" in a tiGG". =4 ha<e heard no deno&inational 9a ( sta99ing or negati<e re&ar(s fro& the e<angeli al asso iation or &e&9ers@ either o1enl" or Kuietl". 4n fa t@ 4 ha<e heard se<eral en ouraging re&ar(s a9out the thousands who a&e forward for the .ol" S1irit. =4 1ersonall" was &o<ed to tears &ore than on e that Frida" e<ening@ re ogniGing that Portland would ne<er 9e the sa&e7 Praise -od7> =Sin e "ou &ade us 1ro&ise to write and relate so&e of the e0 iting e<ents that too( 1la e at the /01losion@ 4 thought 4!d ho1 to it. =To sa" it was a life- hanging e<ent would 9e an understate&ent. =When the two of "ou and 'o9 and Joan 9egan to la" hands on us for the anointing@ all three of us loo(ed at ea h other and that huge %oliseu& and wondered what were we doing thereI Satan thought he would throw one last dart at us.


=When "ou AFran esC 1ut "our hand on &" head and as(ed for the anointing to 9e i&1arted@ it was li(e a 9olt of lightning went right down through &e and flooded &e with 1ea e and all &" dou9ts were gone. 4t was al&ost as strong as the first ti&e "ou laid hands on &e to re ei<e the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit 9a ( in the earl" 7,!s in Ta o&a@ Washington. With that e<ent@ -od totall" hanged &" life.> =Fou as(ed for re1orts and 4 do ha<e one. The se ond da" after 4 got ho&e fro& the Portland /01losion a friend alled to tell &e a9out her sister@ due for gall 9ladder surger". Well@ for the greater glor" of the Lord@ 4 dro<e to her house and did e0a tl" as we were taught and &ade a new friend and went ho&e. =Three da"s later her sister alled to sa" she would not need the surger". The 1oi"1 9lo (ing the du t was gone7 She had not told &e a9out the 1oi"1 - onl" that she had to ha<e gall 9ladder surger". =So@ as %harles did@ 4 s1o(e into her a new one fresh fro& -od!s warehouse7> =/n losed is &" he ( for L1@,,, that ta(es are of an 4D) that 4 &ade to -od at the onferen e. The Lord has done nu&erous &ira les finan iall" and 4 a& a fir& 9elie<er in in<esting in the (ingdo& as a de&onstration of &" trust in -od &" Father. Though 4 o&&itted to &a(e this offering in Portland@ 4 had to wait until 4 returned fro& .awaii to write the he (. The neat thing was that 9efore 4 ould get the he ( written@ -od had leared the wa" for an insuran e settle&ent that will 1a" &e &ore than L1#@,,, this wee(@ in s1ite of 1eo1le sa"ing ontrar". 4 ha<e hosen to trust -od and not wal( in fear or strife. 4!& 9elie<ing 1+,

though for an e<en greater return 9e ause of the season we are in. *s the Word sa"s@ Jthe desires of the righteous will 9e granted.> =*nother one of our &e&9ers had in<ited his fa&il" fro& Seattle to o&e to the .ealing /01losion. .is &other@ father@ grand&other and two sisters a&e. Saturda" after the J/01losion! the" went out for lun h at a restaurant near our ho&e. *s the" were finishing their &eal@ his grand&other had a stro(e. The" alled us and as(ed if the" ould 9ring her here for 1ra"ers. When the" a&e@ the left side of her fa e was droo1ing@ she had no ontrol of her tongue or &outh@ and ould not tal(@ she had &u h fear and onfusion. We 9ound Satan@ ast out the s1irit of death and stro(e and o&&anded@ Sin the na&e of Jesus@ a sound &ind and her 9od" to return to nor&al. Within twent" &inutes she was 9a ( to nor&al. .er fa e was 9a ( to nor&al@ the olor a&e 9a (@ she was a9le to tal( 1erfe tl" and all onfusion and fear was gone - no 1ro9le&s sin e. Than( "ou Lord7> =:uring a J1ro<e-&e! offering@ Fran es said that so&eone would re ei<e fro& the Lord on or 9efore Fe9ruar" 14@ 1+27. Dur need see&ed great and Fe9ruar" was our wedding anni<ersar". We re&e&9ered Fran es! words and as Fe9ruar" 14th a11roa hed@ we would en ourage one another with the ho1e of re ei<ing -od!s 1ro<ision. =We had gotten into a season of 1ra"er 9eginning at 4 a.&. and on one Fe9ruar" &orning as we were ending 1ra"er a9out # a.&. the door9ell rang. * friend was at the door. *s &" hus9and o1ened it@ this friend handed hi& an en<elo1e and said that the Lord had told her to o&e then 1+1

and gi<e it@ hugged hi&@ said she lo<ed us and turned and left. =When we o1ened the en<elo1e there was L1$,, ash and we were stunned - i&&ediatel" the J1ro<e &e! offering a&e to our &inds and we than(ed and 1raised -od for .is goodness and faithfulness. For us the ti&ing and the a&ount were &ira les. =Dther ti&es we had heard dates gi<en for 1eo1le to re ei<e 9lessings. This ti&e as Fran es s1o(e we got a hold of this date for us and 9" Fe9ruar" 14th we had used the L1$,, to &eet the needs for whi h we had 9een as(ing -od to 1ro<ide7> =These wee(s following the Portland .ealing /01losion ha<e 9een a ti&e for 1ra"erful onsideration of a trul" J&ountain to1! e01erien e. 4t indeed has hanged &" life. 4 want to 9ring "ou u1-to-date. =M" 9rother@ who 1u9lishes the ;orthwest 1a1er J%hristian )1date! attended the /01losion. .e told &e thisB =6ath" Ahis wifeC and 4 ha<e attended &an"@ &an" e<ents 9ut ne<er ha<e we felt so o&1letel" sure of the S1irit!s 1resen e in all that was said and done. We felt total 1ea e that the Lord was ha<ing .is own wa" at all ti&es. We were at ease right fro& the 9eginning. .e said that "ou ha<e taught the will of -od with the truth and 1ureness so often lost to greed. .e was i&1ressed 9" the Jordinariness! of %harles and Fran es .unter...!ser<ants of the Lord7 4f "ou ha<e an" dou9t a9out long distan e 1ra"er wor(ing@ "ou won!t ha<e when "ou finish this ne0t stor"B :uring the Portland .ealing /01losion in Jul"@ we learned of the a9du tion and 9rutal 9eating of a Seattle 1astor!s "oung daughter. She had 9een left un ons ious in a 1+2

drainage dit h with her head underwater. 4nitial re1orts lai&ed the hild was 9rain dead. 4&&ediatel" all fourteen hundred of the healing tea& trainees Hoined us in 9inding the de<il and s1ea(ing healing o<er the hild. :uring the .ealing /01losion@ a 1rogress re1ort rea hed the stage stating that she was still riti al@ 9ut her little 9ruised and 9attered 9od" was at least res1onding. We again 1ra"ed en &asse for her total healing. :oes =long distan e> 1ra"er wor(I Dh@ "es7 Jesus! 1ower is not li&ited 9" walls or distan e. 3ead this arti le fro& a re ent =lo al> news1a1er regarding her =&ira ulous> re o<er"B +2S'IT#! DIS%+#-G3S 3!!31S(6-G T2DD!3=:es ri9ing Theresa Johnson!s re o<er" as J&ira ulous! and June01e ted!@ do tors at Seattle!s %hildren!s Drtho1edi .os1ital agreed to dis harge the /llens9urg girl this afternoon. =* dis harge 1anel of ele<en health 1rofessionals re<iewed the toddler!s ase Thursda" afternoon and Jde ided she had re o<ered al&ost o&1letel" and is read" to go ho&e@! a ording to :ean For9es@ a hos1ital s1o(es&an. =The hild has 9een hos1italiGed sin e Jul" 3, after she was a9du ted and 9eaten near her /llens9urg ho&e. =Theresa!s s1ee h is not "et full" re o<ered and she will need to ontinue seeing a s1ee h thera1ist in /llens9urg. That@ howe<er@ is the onl" thera1" the "oung girl will need. =For9es said there is so&e on ern the hild!s <o al hords were da&aged during intu9ation. Dn two o asions a tu9e was inserted in Theresa!s throat to hel1 her 9reathe. 1+3

For9es said Theresa is s heduled to return to the hos1ital ne0t wee( to ha<e her throat he (ed.> 4n addition to the news1a1er o<erage@ the lo al tele<ision station &onitored the hild!s 1rogress. The an hor &an re1orted <er" 1lainl" that &an" 1eo1le had 9een 1ra"ing for her o&1lete re o<er". /<en the news &edia ga<e redit to the Lord. Praise -od7 Pra"er wor(s7 *nother &ira le7 =.alleluHah for the Portland .ealing /01losion7 The two-and-a-half da"s of training 1lus the Frida" night at the %oliseu& were the greatest in &" life. *nd 4!<e 9een around a long ti&e. M" 1rofession is that of a registered nurse and at si0t"-si0 "ears of age 4 a& now realiGing the full i&1a t of -od!s 1ur1ose for &e in the healing &inistr". =The realit" of -od also lies in another area. Df the se<eral olle tions that were ta(en throughout the wee( there were two that are re&ar(a9l" i&1ressed in &" s1irit and &ind. For the J1ro<e &e olle tion! 4 was going to 1ut in a 9ig L2,.,, 9ut the Lord had &e add another Gero and &a(e it L2,,.,,. =Then for the olle tion to re ei<e the greatest desire of our hearts@ 4 was 1re1ared to 1ut a 9ig L1,.,, in for a friend!s healing. 'ut the Lord had &e add another Gero and &a(e it L1,,.,,. '" Frida" noon 4 too( a 1ee( at &" he (9oo( 9alan e and there wasn!t enough to 1a" the hotel 9ill <ia he ( so 4 had to harge that@ a total ontradi tion of &" finan ial ons ien e. .owe<er@ 4 was at su h re&ar(a9le 1ea e@ a 1ea e 9e"ond e01laining or understanding@ that 4 fretted not. 4 9et "ou an guess wh".


=When 4 arri<ed ho&e a9out 1 a.&. there were two alls on &" re order. * ler( in the 'an(ru1t " %ourt in %hi ago had left a &essage she had a he ( for &e and needed &" address <erified. The he ( was for o<er L22@,,, A"es@ twent"-two thousand dollarsC 1a"ing &e for 1a"rolls 4 had to 1a" that were not &" res1onsi9ilit". *s a reditor in a large 9an(ru1t " ase of se<eral "ears ago 4 had thrown all &" re ords awa" on the 9asis of total futilit". 'ut so&e le<er law"ers in the 9an(ru1t " ourt 1etitioned the Hudge to su9rogate &" lai& in front of the 43S and S&all 'usiness *d&inistration. The Hudge agreed and set a legal 1re edent7 The Husti e of our -od reigns.>


(y %harles and Frances Let!s go fro& the west oast to the entral 1art of the nation@ shall weI :on!t &iss a single .ealing /01losion@ 9e ause ea h one of the& has its own uniKue and different fla<or as "ou!<e alread" seen. The %le<eland .ealing /01losion started off with a 9ang. *s soon as we arri<ed@ we had to dash to a radio station for an e0 iting inter<iew 1rogra&. Fro& there we rushed 9a ( to a 1ress onferen e at the hotel. :uring our entire sta"@ we were o&1eting with the *nnual ;ational 3i9 'urn-Dut in downtown %le<eland@ Dhio@ ne0t to the %on<ention %enter. *ll of the fa&ous 9ar9e ue oo(s around the world 1resented their uniKue 9lend of 9ar9e ue sau es. *ll t"1es of 9ar9e ued foods were sold on the alread" Ha&&ed streets &a(ing trans1ortation diffi ult@ 9ut that didn!t sto1 -od and .is &ira les at the %le<eland %on<ention %enter on *ugust 14@ 1+27. The first night of our training sessions we &inistered to a fire&an who had a 9a ( 1ro9le& aused 9" a failing 9uilding ten "ears 1re<iousl" and he had suffered &u h 1ain e<er sin e. We did =the ne ( thing>@ =the leg thing>@ =the ar& thing> and =the 1el<i thing> - in other words we did =the total thing>. .e was totall" and o&1letel" healed. We had the o11ortunit" to share this &ira le on the =*.M. %le<eland> ;'% tele<ision tal( show 9right and earl" on Thursda" &orning. The gra ious host allowed us a11ro0i&atel" twel<e &inutes to tell the %le<eland audien e all a9out the .ealing /01losion. 1+#

/<er" Frida" fro& 12 noon to 1 1.&.@ a =Pra"er on the SKuare> is s1onsored 9" Pastor Ward Potts of the %hrist the 6ing Lutheran %hur h. .e had in<ited us to 9e guest s1ea(ers and little did we realiGe this was going to ha11en in the &iddle of %le<eland during a Frida" noon hour. :is&issing all the healing tea&s at noon@ we all wal(ed to the SKuare. %an "ou i&agine what downtown %le<eland thought as the" heard us all shout =Jesus> fi<e ti&es in a row at the to1 of our lungsI There is 1ower in the na&e of Jesus and it literall" resounded for 9lo (s around. So&e &e&9ers of our staff were on the fourteenth floor of the hotel with the windows shut and the" ould hear e<er"thing we said 9e ause the a ousti s were so fantasti . Then we as(ed the healing tea&s to turn first to the north@ then south@ then east and then west and we o&&anded Satan to let our 1eo1le go and allow the& in to the .ealing /01losion on Frida" night. What an e0 iting thing to see 1@4,, 1eo1le standing on a 1u9li sKuare at the noon rush hour lifting u1 Jesus7 The it" of %le<eland 1ro lai&ed *ugust 14@ 1+27 as the offi ial =.unter .ealing /01losion :a"> and we were 1resented a 9eautiful 1ro la&ation signed 9" the &a"or of the it". We were delighted when the oun il&an@ Aa 9orn again %hristianC@ 1resented it to us. .e announ ed the 1ro la&ation o<er the loud s1ea(ers and what a Ho" it was to see hi& fl" the 9anner of Jesus. .e also told the audien e that the &a"or of %le<eland is a 9orn-again %hristian. What a 9lessing to 9e in a it" where -od has tou hed the li<es of so&e of the to1 offi ials7 The e0 ite&ent as we wal(ed into the %on<ention %enter on Frida" night was Hust une01laina9le. We saw and felt the 1resen e and the 1ower of -od. 1+7

Faith was e01loding as the 1eo1le a&e to re ei<e fro& -od. Dne &an was 9eing dragged in as he hung on to the shoulders of two friends. .e was o9<iousl" d"ing of an er. When we &ade the all for 1eo1le with an er to o&e forward@ a11ro0i&atel" two hundred 1eo1le lined u1 to 9e healed. What an o11ortunit" for -od to show .is 1ower7 %harles saw the &an we had wat hed 9eing dragged in 9" his friends. .e i&&ediatel" ran o<er to this &an@ laid hands on hi& and said@ =Sil<er and gold ha<e 4 none@ 9ut su h as 4 ha<e 4 gi<e unto thee. 4n the na&e of Jesus %hrist of ;aGareth@ rise u1 and wal(@ and 3);7> The &an got u1@ gra99ed %harles! hand and 9egan to run as fast as the two of the& ould run@ down the enter of the %on<ention %enter and all the wa" 9a (. The s rea&ing rowd stood to their feet and 1raised -od for .is healing 1ower. %le<eland is o<er for our 1art. .owe<er@ the wor( for the healing tea&s has Hust 9egun. The" are going throughout the area o1erating in 1ower and &a(ing =Su1ernatural .ouse %alls> &inistering to the 1eo1le in their ho&es@ on the streets@ in the gro er" stores. * friend wrote a9out =wa<ering faith> and it will hel1 "ou7 =4 Hust returned fro& the %le<eland /01losion@ and 4 Hust ha<e to write this letter. The Lord has 9een s1ea(ing to &e all of this "ear. .e told &e to go to %le<eland@ and@ on 9lind faith@ 4 went. 4 lo<e the Lord with all &" heart@ and 4 ha<e gi<en &" life to .i& 9ut there ha<e 9een dou9ts as to whether .e would heal through &e. M" faith wa<ered. =When 4 got to %le<eland@ 4 realiGed 4 had forgotten &" he (9oo(. *t the first two offerings 4 1ut in L1,.,, ea h 1+2

ti&e. :uring the sessions 4 ould see all the dee1@ strong faith "ou ha<e for the Lord and the onfiden e "ou ha<e in .is healing 1ower through "ou. 4 was feeling so e&1t" inside@ and 4 (new it was 9e ause of &" wa<ering faith and the fa t that 4 should ha<e 9een 1utting &ore in the offering. 4 &ade u1 &" &ind to 1ut L$,.,, in the Thursda" afternoon offering. 4 felt 1rett" good. .owe<er@ when the ti&e a&e to listen to -od!s <oi e@ .e said to 1ut in L1,,.,,@ and 4 did. 4 thought to &"self@ J4 an!t 9elie<e 4!& doing this.! M" s1irit 9egan to lift as the afternoon and e<ening sessions went on. 4 (new the Lord had tested &" o9edien e. *t ea h session 4 1ut in what .e told &e. 4 an ne<er than( "ou enough for all the lessons "ou taught &e during the training sessions. Dn Frida" night@ in s1ite of &" wa<ering faith@ two 1ersons re ei<ed healings in their 9a (s and 9oth of the& also re ei<ed healings in their e"es. Three 1ersons were slain in the S1irit.> The 3o hester@ ;ew For( .ealing /01losion was different in fla<or than an" other one we!<e had to date. The &ost outstanding thing a9out the /01losion was the fingers that went out fro& it to <arious other regions. There was a grou1 fro& Wooster@ Massa husetts who had wat hed the <ideo ta1es and were now e0 itedl" 9elie<ing that -od would 9ring us to that area ne0t "ear. There were 1eo1le fro& %onne ti ut@ Long 4sland@ Penns"l<ania@ Florida@ Louisiana@ ;igeria@ Te0as@ %anada@ Lat<ia@ 'eliGe@ %alifornia and &an" other lo ations. /a h 1erson or healing tea& a&e with the <ision of ta(ing .ealing /01losions 9a ( to their own it" or ountr". * S1irit-filled &edi al do tor is ta(ing S1anish ta1es and 9oo(s to 'eliGe for a &edi al &issionar" tri1. We ga<e 9oo(s and ta1es to the ;igerian ou1le. The ou1le fro& 1++

Lat<ia are going to translate the 9oo( and <ideoMaudio into the Lat<ian language. Frida"@ the da" of the .ealing /01losion@ was also =Lend-*-.and :a"> in 3o hester. We had a 1ra"er &eeting at the Se<en Sister %ities 'ridge and a11ro0i&atel" 1@$,, 1eo1le attended. The &a"or had written a wel o&e to us@ 9ut the oun il&an went to the wrong lo ation so he didn!t get to deli<er it until the night &eeting@ 9ut we had a wonderful ti&e 1raising -od. We 1ra"ed o<er the entire it" as we alled the 1eo1le in fro& the north@ the south@ the east and the west. The .ol" S1irit s1o(e and told us to ta(e u1 an offering for the Lend-*-.and of 3o hester@ and their news1a1er re1orted the followingB =*&ong the &ore une01e ted e<ents during Lend-*.and :a"@ :e&o rat and %hroni le re1orter 'ar9ara 4saa s and 1hotogra1her 6aren Mit hell were o<ering the JPra"er in the SKuare! 1ortion of the 3o hester .ealing /01losion slated for the War Me&orial last night. %hur h offi ials set two e&1t" guitar ases out for Lend-*-.and donations@ and Mit hell and 4saa s ended u1 arr"ing a9out L7,, 9a ( to the news1a1er offi es in 1a1er 9ags.> 3o hester is o<er@ 9ut it will ne<er 9e forgotten 9e ause of the ri<ulets that will rea h around the world 9e ause of this one .ealing /01losion. :allas@ Te0as was another e0 ited turned-on it" for Jesus when we arri<ed for the :allas .ealing /01losion. The 1ra"er &eeting at noon at the 3eunion *rena 9rought forth tre&endous results as 1eo1le shared their desire to ta(e the healing &essage all o<er the world7 *s the tre&endous rowd gathered@ the" unasha&edl" lai&ed the entire it" of :allas for the (ingdo& of -od. *s we 2,,

fa ed the s("line of :allas and re1eated the Pledge of *llegian e@ the *&eri an flag fluttered 9rilliantl" in the s(". * :allas 9usiness&an led a 1ra"er for the it". The Pledge of *llegian e was es1e iall" &o<ing 9e ause of the international fla<or of the :allas .ealing /01losion. :r. .ong and *&" Sit fro& %hina@ who now 1astor in .ouston@ Te0as@ added an oriental tou h. 6nut Froh& and his wife fro& Sweden a&e with fi<e other 1eo1le@ deter&ined to ta(e the .ealing /01losions 9a ( to all the S andina<ian nations. Dthers a&e fro& the %o&an he 4ndian tri9e in D(laho&a@ fro& 'raGil@ fro& Peru... * "oung &an fro& /ngland said@ =This is what &" ountr" needs7> * wo&an fro& Me0i o said@ =:on!t forget a9out "our neigh9ors to the south7> 4t was interesting to see the Swedes@ the %hinese@ the /nglish@ the 'raGilians@ the 4ndians@ the Peru<ians@ the Me0i ans@ the ;igerians@ and &an" other nationalities 1ra"ing for ea h others! ountries. Then it was ti&e for the /01losion7 The s1irit of 1raise and worshi1 9ro(e out i&&ediatel" when the -reater Life /0alters 9rought the audien e to su h a high it see&ed as if the roof would o&e off of the 3eunion *rena. /<er"one sensed so&ething great was going to ha11en. The 1raise ontinued to res endo and no one wanted to sto1 9e ause the" felt so lose to Jesus. Dur four :allas grand hildren had the 9est ti&e of all7 The" thin( .ealing /01losions are the greatest e<er and all lo<e to heal the si ( We &ade a all for an er 1atients and o<er 2$, 1eo1le a&e down for hands to 9e laid on the&. 4t was a &o&ent of 1ower and faith as we 1ersonall" laid hands on all of 2,1

the&. 4n all of the .ealing /01losions@ we ha<e ne<er seen su h a 9urst of faith as was 1resent during the healing of an er. 4t was a s1e ial ti&e for all 1resent7 Then a&e the all for the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit7 The" 1oured out of the *rena seats to fill the floor and so &an" a&e that it loo(ed as though al&ost all the seats were e&1t". Peo1le are hungr"@ hungr"@ hungr" all o<er the world7 *nd the" re ei<ed7 When the healing tea&s were released to heal the si (@ the healings were tre&endous7 4 1ersonall" laid hands on all those who had o&e 9e ause the" wanted a 9a9" and 4 was still going strong after 4 had laid hands on &ore than 3,,7 There!s going to 9e a 9a9" 9oo& in :allas7 Finall"@ the last 1erson who had o&e to ha<e hands laid on the& was &inistered to7 The /01losion was o<er@ 9ut the &e&ories linger on and the wa<es that went out fro& :allas will resound around the world7 We (new fro& the &eetings &onths 9efore the 4ndiana1olis .ealing /01losion that it was going to 9e a winner7 Fro& the first =li<e> training session at the %on<ention %enter@ faith was at an all-ti&e high and so were the &ira les7 For 1eo1le who don!t 9elie<e healings last@ -ene Lill" sur1rised us with a <isit. Fou &a" re&e&9er he was healed si0teen "ears ago in Drlando@ Florida. .e is a 1i ture of health and ha11iness toda". 4f "ou ha<en!t read his stor" in the 9oo( “D21’T !IMIT G2D” "ou should7 .e was d"ing when he a&e to one of our ser<i es7 Fou!d ne<er (now it toda"@ 9e ause the de<il is a defeated foe and -ene is a 1erfe t e0a&1le of healings that last - and last P and last7


The s1e ial =Pastors! *nointing Ser<i e> on Thursda" e<ening was attended 9" 2#1 1astors and their wi<es. The" left an0ious to return to their hur hes to turn the& u1side down7 When the a tual night of the .ealing /01losion arri<ed@ the 1raise and worshi1 see&ed higher and sweeter than we ha<e e<er felt it 9efore. The Ho" of the Lord filled all the hearts as hundreds a&e down onto the floor to 1raise -od in the dan e7 Then a&e the all for sal<ation and the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit7 4t see&ed as though the entire arena literall" e&1tied down onto the floor. The hunger is the sa&e for the 1ower of -od regardless of whether we!re o<erseas or in the )nited States7 -od is &o<ing &ightil"7 The entire audien e was so read" for healing that it see&ed as if the .ol" S1irit was dire ting us not to tea h or an"thing - Hust release the healing tea&s. Within three &inutes after releasing the tea&s to start &inistering@ there was a line nearl" a 9lo ( long of 1eo1le wanting to testif" to their healing. The tea&s were so read"@ so 1re1ared@ so e0 ited@ it was one of the greatest nights we ha<e e<er seen. More 1eo1le got out of wheel hairs than in an" of the other entral states .ealing /01losions7 This is 9ut a little taste of what -od is 9eginning to do in the end-ti&es7


Chapter Fo"rteen DON#T S!ELL THE GARBAGE
by Frances /l Sal<ador and -uate&ala are two nations 1h"si all" lose to the 1ros1erous )nited States@ 9ut the 1o<ert" in &an" areas of those ountries is heartP9rea(ing7 *s we were going to the &eetings in -uate&ala %it"@ we went through the gar9age du&1s Awe too( a short utC and saw 1eo1le li<ing right in the &iddle of the du&1s. /a h ti&e a du&1 tru ( would o&e in@ the" would rush o<er to get the =fresh> gar9age. The 1eo1le were literall" fighting o<er who would drag off the 9ig sa (s of gar9age7 The" 9ro(e into the& and lawed for an"thing and e<er"thing that loo(ed li(e it &ight 9e edi9le. Dur hearts ried7 4 said@ =:on!t these 1eo1le get si ( fro& eating onta&inated foodI> The dri<er said@ =Fes@ and the" die right here in the du&17> We were al&ost 1h"si all" ill wat hing 1eo1le who were e stati a9out an"thing the" ould 1ut in their &ouths regardless of how onta&inated or rotten it &ight 9e7 -od s1o(e and said@ =This is the wa" so &an" of M" 1eo1le are7 The" are li<ing in the gar9age du&1 and eating the food of the world instead of sharing at the 9anKuet ta9le 4 ha<e 1re1ared for the&7> 4n a twin(ling of an e"e@ -od showed us that &u h of the world is li<ing in a s1iritual gar9age du&1@ feeding the&sel<es on the 1leasures of the world instead of on the ri hes that .e has 1lanned for us. *s we dro<e through that gar9age du&1 in -uate&ala@ 4 was re&inded of a s ri1ture 4 used &an"@ &an" "ears ago 2,4

when 4 was s1ea(ing to "outh grou1s. =4n a wealth" ho&e there are dishes &ade of gold and sil<er as well as so&e &ade fro& wood and la". The e01ensi<e dishes are used for guests@ and the hea1 ones are used in the (it hen or to 1ut gar9age in. 4f "ou sta" awa" fro& sin "ou will 9e li(e one of these dishes &ade of 1urest gold - the <er" 9est in the house - so that %hrist hi&self an use "ou for his highest 1ur1oses> A2 Ti&. 2B2,-21 TL'C. 'e ause these "oung 1eo1le got the gar9age out of their li<es@ hundreds and 1ossi9l" thousands of the& hose to 9e a =gold 1late> instead of a gar9age an7 -od has 1ro<ided an e<erlasting and eternal feast for us in whi h we an 1arta(e right now7 Too &u h of the %hristian world has sle1t for two thousand "ears sin e Jesus ga<e the -reat %o&&ission and told us to all 1rea h the gos1el@ ast out de<ils@ &inister the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit@ and heal the si (. *s we taught in -uate&ala@ 1eo1le who had ne<er feasted at the great ta9le of -od wat hed &ira les ha11en through their own hands. We saw 1eo1le dro11ing the arnal things of the world and running after the 9lessings of -od7 .undreds@ e<en thousands@ of 1eo1le saw a world of &il( and hone" o1ening 9efore their <er" e"es as the" &ade their de isions to 9e o9edient to Jesus and fulfill the -reat %o&&ission. Sin e all %entral *&eri an ountries are not trou9le free@ the first thing that greeted our rusade tea& in San Sal<ador was &a hine guns and 1oli e&en. .owe<er@ -od!s 1ower was not sto11ed fro& &o<ing in a tre&endous wa". )1on our arri<al Saturda" night@ we were dri<en to the ho&e of so&e 1eo1le who had ta(en the <ideo healing training. * little 9o" listened to us tal( for awhile and 2,$

finall" a&e to &e and as(ed@ =.ow o&e "ou ha<e an a ent now when "ou don!t ha<e it on the <ideoI> .e did not understand that the <ideos were all li1-s"n ed into the S1anish language 9" S1anish 1eo1le. We started off on Sunda" &orning at a %atholi hur h. When &ass was o&1leted@ the 1riest said@ =4 want "ou all to sta" 9e ause %harles and Fran es .unter are going to ha<e a Mira le Ser<i e.> *fter we s1o(e a9out what -od is doing toda"@ we &inistered the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit and ninet" 1er ent of the 1eo1le there a&e forward =*nd the" were all filled with the .ol" S1irit and 9egan to s1ea( with other tongues@ as the S1irit ga<e the& utteran e> A* ts 2B4C. The healing tea&s wor(ed with us and the healings were in redi9le. That e<ening we <isited an *sse&9l" of -od hur h and saw the sa&e re&ar(a9le things ha11en. * wo&an a&e forward who had 9een s heduled for surger" on two ru1tured dis s in her 9a (. .owe<er@ she de<elo1ed en e1halitis and as a result the" ould not o1erate. She re o<ered fro& the results of en e1halitis 9ut her 9a ( 1ro9le&s re&ained. She was in e0 ru iating 1ain and was arried to the stage &oaning and groaning. We laid hands on her@ o&&anded two new dis s to for& in her 9a ( and her legs grew out. *s we finished &inistering to her@ she Hu&1ed u1 and said@ =4!& healed@ 4 ould feel the dis s grow in and 4 don!t ha<e an" 1ain at all.> She then e01lained that she had also 9een suffering with se<ere ne ( 1ain - it had disa11eared also7 The se ond 1erson on the stage was a &an who saw this tre&endous healing. .e also had se<ere 9a ( 1ro9le&s and a disease whi h was ausing tre&endous 1ressure and 1ain 9ehind his e"es whi h would e<entuall" lead to 9lindness. .e was wearing 9ottle-thi ( glasses when he a&e u1 on 2,#

the stage and when we sat hi& down to grow out his legs@ that si&1le 1ro edure that does so &u h to release -od!s 1ower to ure 9a ( 1ro9le&s@ he was instantl" healed. .e stood u1 and said@ =See what "ou an do for &" e"es.> We laid hands on his e"es@ o&&anded that foul s1irit of infir&it" to o&e out in the na&e of Jesus@ the 9lood and fluid to flow nor&all" within the e"e stru tures@ and s1o(e healing and wholeness to 9oth e"es. When he fell under the 1ower of -od@ his glasses flew off. *s he stood u1@ he 1ointed at us and said@ =Fou are not a do tor 9ut 4 a&. Fou annot diagnose &e@ 9ut 4 an.> *nd he turned to the audien e and said@ =*s a 1h"si ian@ 4 a& telling "ou that 4 a& o&1letel" healed7> ;ot onl" did he re ei<e a re&ar(a9le 9a ( healing@ 9ut his e"es were 1erfe t. .e was 9eing for ed to retire fro& &edi al 1ra ti e@ 9ut now was restored in 9od" and soul7 The audien e rose to their feet in a standing o<ation. )n(nown to us@ he was a <er" fa&ous neurosurgeon who had o&e =to &erel" ins1e t and to see what we did>. When he saw the wo&an totall" healed on the stage in front of his own e"es@ it ga<e hi& faith to 9elie<e for his own healing. .e re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit that night@ attended our .ealing /01losion training sessions the ne0t da" and was on a healing tea& at the San Sal<ador .ealing /01losion. The first 1erson to who& the neurosurgeon &inistered was a "oung &an in a wheel hair who had 9een una9le to wal(. *s a result of what the do tor had learned a9out healing@ the "oung &an was totall" healed 9" the 1ower of -od and got u1 and wal(ed. Dne e<ening we had a Full -os1el 'usiness Men!s Fellowshi1 &eeting and while &an" 1eo1le were healed@ 2,7

1ro9a9l" the &ost dra&ati was a little girl who had an erous lu&1s all o<er her 9od". 4 laid hands on her and the lu&1s instantl" disa11eared. The Ho" on the fa e of the &other was indes ri9a9le as the little girl said into the &i ro1hone@ =Mother@ it doesn!t hurt an"&ore.> The rowds are the sa&e where<er we go - hungr" for the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit and the glorious e01ression on their fa es showed that the" were trul" re ei<ing what -od had for the&. The San Sal<ador .ealing /01losion saw hundreds of 1eo1le healed and re ei<ing the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. 4t was in redi9le to wat h these healing tea&s in a tion who had ne<er seen a .ealing /01losion@ nor had e<er &et us 9ut who learned the 1rin i1les of healing through the ?ideo .ealing S hools. Where<er we go the res1onse is the sa&e. Peo1le are turned on when the" see the su1ernatural 1ower of -od and realiGe that the" an do the sa&e things the&sel<es. Dur ne0t sto1 was -uate&ala@ and when we landed@ we went dire tl" to a &eeting of do tors in the hotel where we were sta"ing. The res1onse of the -uate&alan do tors was e0 iting. We as(ed a hiro1ra tor to e0a&ine a &an with 9a ( 1ro9le&s. .e said@ =4 an!t do it without a ta9le.> So we said@ =)se the floor.> .e laid the &an down on the floor and did his e0a&ination. 4t was e0 iting to see the do tors re ei<e infor&ation a9out the su1ernatural healing 1ower of -od@ and then to see hi& di<inel" healed in a se ond7 Dur ne0t sto1 was *ntigua@ the oldest it" in -uate&ala and the it" alled =the &ost %atholi in the world> Aninet"eight 1er ent of the 1eo1le are %atholi C.


4nterestingl"@ we were warned that if "ou &inister with the %atholi s in %entral *&eri a@ the Protestants won!t wor( with "ouE and if "ou &inister with the Protestants@ the %atholi s won!t &inister with "ou. 'ut -od!s .ol" S1irit an o<erride all of these things@ and did7 We attended a lun heon with so&e of the 1astors of *ntigua and the surrounding areas@ and then had a s&all 9ut <er" 1owerful .ealing /01losion in *ntigua. The hildren who re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit ried tears of 1ure Ho" - the" (new the" had re ei<ed the 1ower of -od in their li<es. Fro& the 9eginning of the first training session@ the &ira les of healing a&e forth. The highlight was the healing of a 1erson!s leg whi h lengthened a full four in hes. Polio had left its effe ts@ 9ut -od!s 1ower &ade the 1erson whole. * wo&an a&e forward who had 9een 9orn with two dis s &issing in her 9a (. * do tor e0a&ined her and onfir&ed the diagnosis - the dis s were &issing. *fter we laid hands on the wo&an and o&&anded new dis s to for&@ the sa&e do tor re-e0a&ined her and was <er" e0 ited to dis o<er the dis s were there - =la"ing on of hands> wor(ed7 *fter one of the training sessions@ we were 1ri<ileged to &eet the &other of the President of -uate&ala. To rea h her we had to 1ass through her tight se urit" s"ste& - &ore sawed-off shotguns. We as(ed her through her inter1reter@ =:o "ou need -od to heal "ou in an" wa"I> She said@ =Fes@ 4 ha<e a se1arated shoulder whi h was the result of an a ident.> We &inistered and she was totall" healed7 6nowing she was a %hristian@ %harles 9egan to tal( a9out the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit 9e ause we didn!t 2,+

(now whether or not she s1o(e in tongues. She said@ =4!d lo<e to re ei<e the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit7> So 4 &inistered. 4&&ediatel" she was s1ea(ing fluentl" in her hea<enl" language. 'efore we left this &ost gra ious lad"@ we laid hands on her and she fell under the 1ower of -od. *s we stood there@ the sa&e thought stru ( all of us@ =What would ha11en if the guards a&e in with those sawed-off shotguns and saw her on the floorI> Praise -od the" didn!t o&e in7 'ut what an e0 iting ti&e and what an honor to 9e a9le to &inister to su h a great wo&an7 Then a&e the two .ealing /01losions in -uate&ala %it"@ -uate&ala. Dne on Saturda" afternoon in one se tion of town and the se ond in another se tion a ross that s1rawling it". /a h was a du1li ate of the other. *s we sent the tea&s out to &inister healing@ 1eo1le 1o11ed u1 fro& wheel hairs li(e 1o1 orn7 So&e of the 1i tures of the e<ent were diffi ult to 9elie<e. Peo1le had dis arded their worn-out wheel hairs 9e ause the" had 9een healed when the tea&s laid hands on the&. Dne of the &ost interesting things we saw in -uate&ala was that the 1eo1le 9elie<ed us when we said the healing tea&s had the sa&e 1ower we did. We (new the &essage had gotten a ross when not a single 1erson as(ed us to la" hands on the&7 The" o9edientl" went to the healing tea&s 9e ause the" saw the results the" were o9taining. This is what -od is sa"ing in these end-ti&esB 4t!s the hour of the 9elie<er7 So rise and shine7


by Frances Januar" and Fe9ruar" were &onths of su1ernatural anointing and strength fro& -od. *s we refle t on the tri1@ we than( .i& for .is onstant su11l" of energ". We went to Taiwan as our first <isit to *sia for a .ealing /01losion. The <ideo ta1es had 9een li1-s"n ed into Mandarin and %antonese A%hineseC languages and the 9oo( “+ow to +eal the Sic,” had 9een translated and 1rinted in %hinese. Se<eral hundred Taiwanese had alread" o&1leted the 14 1M2 hour <ideo s hool and studied the 9oo(. The" were e0 ited a9out our arri<al to guide the& into their first great .ealing /01losion7 We dis o<ered the sa&e e0 ite&ent a9out learning to heal the si ( as in e<er" other nation. The training session was Ha&&ed to a1a it"@ with o<er 1@3$, 1eo1le ha<ing 9een trained to &inister in the great .ealing /01losion@ and their hunger and desire was uneKualed an"where. :uring the first session we &inistered the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit and hundreds a&e forward with a Geal for e<er"thing -od has. The hur h was so Ha&&ed@ we had 1eo1le on four le<els - the hur h le<el@ the se ond le<el@ the third and fourth floors. We had a9out thirt" trained healing tea& &e&9ers with us fro& the )nited States@ so the" s1read out o<er the floors@ and as we &inistered on the first and se ond floors@ the" &inistered on the other two. -rowing 211

out ar&s and legs wor(s in Taiwan Hust as &u h as in an" other 1la e in the world. The" treated us to so&e interesting foods li(e sKuid@ eel@ and o to1us@ 9ut we li(ed their s1irit 9etter7 The" are &o<ing ahead full s1eed to get &ore of our 9oo(s into the Mandarin language and are going at a ra1id 1a e to get the ta1es and 9oo(s into &ainland %hina where the" ha<e &an" o1enings. The s1irit in Taiwan is in redi9le 9e ause the" are deter&ined to 1rea h the gos1el around the world7 What a thrill to dri<e u1 to the Presidential 1ala e in Taiwan at the e0a t &o&ent reKuested - not one &inute 9efore@ or one &inute after - and 9e &et 9" a greeter and an ar&ed guard who sna11ed to attention when we ste11ed out of the ar door. Than(s to ;ora La&@ we had an in<itation to &eet with ?i e President Le Teng-hui@ and ha<e tea with hi&. *fter wal(ing down a red ar1et whi h see&ed to 9e ten &iles long@ we were ushered into the &eeting 1la e and gi<en a diagra& showing e0a tl" where we were to sit. *t the e0a t &o&ent@ ?i e President Le Teng-hui wal(ed in@ we all arose and then he in<ited us to sit down. We s1ent twent" delightful &inutes tal(ing a9out J/S)S7 .e is a 9orn-again 9elie<er@ and we 9elie<e -od is o1ening u1 &ainland %hina for our &inistr". *t the end of the ti&e@ he 1resented us with a gift@ and then the offi ial go<ern&ent 1hotogra1her too( our 1i ture with hi&. :own the long red ar1et again@ 1ast the ar&ed guards and into the li&ousine7 Fi<e da"s later the for&er 1resident died@ and Taiwan now has a 9orn-again %hristian for a President. .alleluHah7


The .ealing /01losion in Tai1ei@ Taiwan was e0 iting7 We had to ha<e two &eetings 9e ause of the res1onse of the 1eo1le7 4t was so thrilling to us to wat h the %hinese la" hands on the si (@ grow out ar&s and legs@ do the =TTT> e0a tl" the sa&e wa" we do it in *&eri a@ and ha<e the sa&e results7 Would "ou 9elie<e it is so&eti&es diffi ult for us to re&e&9er all the &ira les that ha11en on a tri1@ 9e ause there are so &an"I Dur *sian tour started with Taiwan@ and fro& there we went to Ja1an. Where onl" one 1er ent of the 1o1ulation is %hristian@ the hunger in Ja1an is in redi9le7 We 1ersonall" handarried the first twent" sets of Ja1anese <ideo healing ta1es with us. The" were not finished until one-thirt" the &orning 9efore we left. D<er two hundred 1astors and leaders had gathered together for our one-night sto1 in Ja1an@ and to sa" the" were e0 ited is 1utting it &ildl". Ja1an is going to see &ira les li(e the" ne<er drea&ed 9efore as a result of this one &eeting. A'" the wa"@ ha&9urgers were L12 ea h in To("o@ offee was L4.,, 1er u1@ and a hotel roo& ost us L2$,.,, 1lus ta0 for the one night7C The ou1le that 1i (ed us u1 filled their ar with si0 gallons of gas@ and two Kuarts of oil@ and the 9ill was L42.7$. When the" introdu ed us to the 1astors the" turned on the <ideo ta1es@ so the first words the 1astors heard us s1ea(ing to the& were in their nati<e language. Praise -od for &odern te hnolog"7 Through an inter1reter@ 4 as(ed the& if the" would reall" li(e to (now what the world sa"s a9out the Ja1anese. 4 then re1eated the Kuestion to &a(e sure the" reall" wanted to (now@ and then 4 said@ =The world sa"s that the 213

Ja1anese are the world!s 9est &ar(eting 1eo1le@ and on e the" get the &essage of Jesus@ it will s1read ra1idl" o<er the entire world@ and then Jesus will 9e 9a (7> The 1eo1le who& the world thin(s are so stoi laughed so hard the" al&ost fell off of their hairs7 *fter the one-night sto1 in Ja1an whi h told us the" are going to run with the end-ti&e &essage@ we went to .ong 6ong for one &eeting. We &et three &en fro& 4ndia on the 9ig 747@ and during the short tri1 fro& Ja1an to .ong 6ong@ the" got healed@ a e1ted Jesus@ and re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit7 The &an who was doing our <ideo ta1es for us was in the 9a ( of the 1lane &inistering sal<ation and healing as well7 Mira les follow where<er "ou go@ if "ou!ll Hust loo( for the&7 4n .ong 6ong the" said the" 9ad ne<er seen ar&s and legs grow out@ and it o&1letel" astounded the&7 So&e of the %hinese &en rawled on the floor to get 9etween the rowd to see the &ira les -od was doing7 The e01ressions on their fa es was so&ething to see7 * tre&endous hunger was reated in their hearts to learn how to heal the si (@ and <ideo s hools are s1reading all o<er that area. Fro& .ong 6ong we flew to Manila. We had &et a singing grou1 fro& Sweden in .ong 6ong and saw the& again in the air1ort. We as(ed the& to sing for us@ and the anointing of -od flowed through the air1ort as the" sang and a lad" sitting two seats down fro& &e who was reading a 9oo( on the o ult@ s rea&ed@ TJShut u17> The .ol" S1irit had so &o<ed on her she ouldn!t stand it@ and she finall" got u1 and ran as fast as she ould to get awa" fro& the 1resen e of -od7


When we landed in the Phili11ines@ there was great e0 ite&ent where<er we went. While we were there@ -od ga<e us so&e interesting words@ one of whi h on erned the wa" the Phili11ines are going to ta(e the gos1el to e<er" reature in their nation 8)4%6LF7 D<er fift" .ealing /01losions had 9een held sin e we introdu ed the& a "ear 9efore to the Phili11ines@ and the &asses ha<e aught the <ision of healing the si (. Dne of the &ost interesting words -od said to us in the Phili11ines was@ =The tal( of the streets will 9e J/S)S7 4t will not 9e sin and the things of the world@ 9ut it will 9e Jesus7 =This is for e<er" nation in the world@ 9ut it de1ends on FD)7 This is the hour when %hristians are learning to tal( a9out Jesus freel" where<er the" go. What a &ind-9oggling thought@ 9ut what an e0 iting thing7 We told the *&eri an healing tea&s who had gone with us to the Phili11ines to wear their healing tea& ri99ons where<er the" went@ and the results were astonishing7 The first two who left the hotel with their ri99ons whi h 1roudl" announ ed =.unter .ealing Tea&> dis o<ered that the" weren!t two feet awa" when so&eone wal(ed u1 to the& and as(ed for healing@ and 9efore the" had ti&e to &inister healing@ a line for&ed with others hungr" for the healing tou h of Jesus7 The sa&e thing ha11ened to all the tea&s as the" wore their ri99ons in de1art&ent stores and restaurants. The" had lines for&ing where<er the" went. Trul" Jesus is 9e o&ing the tal( of the streets. The two .ealing /01losions were reall" olorful 9e ause for the first ti&e in the histor" of the Phili11ines@ the" had a t"1hoon in Januar". 'ut the u&9rellas went u1 and no one left@ and it didn!t da&1en an"one!s s1irit. The first healing was a 9lind 1erson7 21$

The Fili1inos are ontinuing with their .ealing /01losions@ and are seeing fa9ulous results7 The stories and 1i tures we re ei<e fro& those islands are thrilling 9e ause the" show that these 9eautiful 1eo1le ha<e reall" aught the <ision of the end-ti&e &inistr" of the 9od" of %hrist7 We flew ho&e fro& the Phili11ines for Hust a da"-anda-half 9efore we left for South *&eri a. Peo1le ha<e as(ed us how we (ee1 fro& ha<ing =Het lag> and we tell the& that we lea<e town 9efore the Het lag has ti&e to at h u1 with us7 Dur first sto1 in 'raGil was 'elo .oriGonte whi h started off su1er e0 iting with a $ 1.&. hur h ser<i e in a 9uilding under onstru tion. 4t was 1a (ed out wall-to-wall and -od was &o<ing in a tre&endous wa". Suddenl" a shower 1oured 9u (ets of water all o<er us. .owe<er it did not sto1 the &o<e of the .ol" S1irit. ;inet" 1er ent of the 1eo1le re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit and as we wal(ed through the audien e@ &an" 1eo1le were also healed. We laid hands on two le1ers. /<en the healing of le1ros" is 1ossi9le with -od7 4&&ediatel" following that ser<i e@ we went to another hur h for a se ond surge of the S1irit of -od. 4t is i&1ossi9le to list all of the &ira les that ha11ened at the .ealing /01losion there@ 9ut here are a few to let "ou (now -od was &o<ing7 * wo&an who hadn!t wal(ed for thirt"-two "ears a&e wal(ing u1 on the stage totall" healed. * &an who had o&e in a wheel hair with s1ond"lithiasis was healed as he wal(ed u1 on the stage. * little two-"ear-old girl who was a deaf &ute is now tal(ing and hearing as a result of a healing tea& &e&9er la"ing hands on her.


* deaf &an was healed when a healing tea& &inistered to hi&. * de&on-1ossessed wo&an ran through the audien e <iolentl" hitting 1eo1le. * 9elie<er ste11ed u1 and laid hands on her and the sho (ing loo( on the wo&an!s fa e was a&aGing. A*ll of this was re orded on <ideota1e.C 'ill9oards and signs were 1lastered e<er"where in 'raGil. The 1eo1le said@ =*s we go 9" "our 1i ture e<er" da"@ we la" hands on it and 1ra" for "ou.> We 9elie<e that a lot of the results we saw in South *&eri a was 9e ause of 1eo1le who were 1ra"ing for us. The lo<e there is a9solutel" in redi9le and the thing the" said the" lo<ed the &ost a9out us was the lo<e we ha<e for 1eo1le. Who ould hel1 9ut lo<e 1eo1le who ha<e su h a tre&endous -od-lo<e on the inside of the&7 This ontinent is o&ing ali<e 9e ause 1eo1le ha<e found that Jesus is ali<e and wants to li<e on the inside of the&@ wal(ing and tal(ing with and through the& e<er" da". Fro& 'raGil we went to %ordo9a@ *rgentina. The first &orning we were there@ the hotel &anager wel o&ed us to his hotel and a few &inutes later we led hi& into the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. .e said he was e&9arrassed to let us la" hands on hi& in the restaurant. We told hi& that we do this all the ti&e. .e (new one of his legs was an in h short@ so we &inistered to hi& and his leg grew out. .e ouldn!t 9elie<e what ha11ened. .e was healed7 Dne 1astor rode a 9us for twent" hours to &eet us in %ordo9a. .e went 9a ( ho&e arr"ing <ideo ta1es and 9oo(s to tea h his 1eo1le how to heal the si (. The" had announ ed that we would 9e &inistering to 1astors@ and their r" is the sa&e where<er we go. The" 9egged and 9egged@ =Please gi<e &e a set of <ideo ta1es and 9oo(s that 217

4 an ta(e to start this in &" town.> * 1astor was on the wa" to %hile 9e ause he (nows the hunger that is there. The .ealing /01losion in %ordo9a was another night of =i&1ossi9le> &ira les. There were a9out twent" thousand 1eo1le Ha&&ed into a 9uilding with no air- onditioning@ 9ut -od ne<er see&s to &ind. Thousands were listening outside the 9uilding. We ould hardl" get u1 to the stage 9e ause of the 1ress of 1eo1le. Their hungr" fa es said the" 9elie<ed that -od was going to heal the&7 4t see&s we hadn!t said 9ut Hust a few senten es when the 1ower of -od 9ro(e and 1eo1le 9egan 1assing wheel hairs o<er the to1 of the rowd. 4t was i&1ossi9le to &o<e@ so when 1eo1le were healed@ "ou ould tell 9" the s rea&s fro& the rowd. Pro9a9l" the &ost e0 iting thing a9out %ordo9a ha11ened when the healing tea&s went to wor( after we left the 9uilding. The &ira les were o<erwhel&ing. Dur 1ur1ose in going to foreign ountries is to tea h the& that the" an do it@ too. Man" re1orts a&e 9a ( to us of &ira ulous healings that too( 1la e through the healing tea&s. Then we went to 'uenos *ires where we had so&e of the &ost e0 iting e01erien es of our li<es7 Dur se ond hur h ser<i e in 'uenos *ires 9rought a 9ig sur1rise. The 9uilding was so totall" Ha&&ed with 1eo1le that it too( the& al&ost fifteen &inutes to get the two of us to the 1ul1it. 4t is hard for us in *&eri a to i&agine 1eo1le so hungr" for -od that the" will 1a ( out an un-air- onditioned hur h in one hundred degree weather and stand for four hours waiting for the ser<i e to start. Their hunger is so great there!s nothing the" want &ore than to Hust 9e where 1eo1le are tal(ing a9out Jesus and &ira les are ha11ening.


4n a hur h whi h would nor&all" hold two thousand 1eo1le@ nearl" four thousand were Ha&&ed. The 9od"guard assigned to &e &ust ha<e weighed a9out four hundred and fift" 1ounds. Without hi& 4 would ne<er ha<e gotten through the 1ressing &asses and it was eKuall" diffi ult for %harles. The grou1 of &en who too( us through the rowd a tuall" loo(ed li(e a foot9all tea& on the offensi<e as the" literall" 1ushed the rowds to one side. There were so &an" 1eo1le left outside@ we had to du1li ate the &eeting later in order to &inister to e<er"one. The 1ower of -od literall" e01loded in this 1arti ular hur h. The 1ul1it was on the se ond floor with an o1en area o<erloo(ing the first floor. The seats then went all the wa" fro& the se ond floor to the fifth floor in a <er" stee1 rise. The 1ower of -od 9ro(e and the .ol" S1irit 9egan to &o<e in an un9elie<a9le wa"7 4 loo(ed down to the 1eo1le on the lower floor who were in wheel hairs and 4 said in S1anish@ =Sil<er and gold ha<e 4 none@ 9ut su h as 4 ha<e gi<e 4 unto thee. 4n the na&e of Jesus %hrist of ;aGareth@ rise u1 and wal(.> D<er and o<er again@ 4 said@ =3e ei<e "our healing in the na&e of Jesus7 3e ei<e "our healing in the na&e of Jesus7 = The 1eo1le 9egan to o&e out of wheel hairs. We instru ted the healing tea&s to go to e<er" 1erson in a wheel hair@ &inister to the& and get the& out. The 1eo1le got u1 in al&ost a si&ultaneous arising7 Peo1le who had not wal(ed in "ears got u1 and 9egan to wal(. Dne old &an got u1 and was &o<ing <er" slowl". .e was o9<iousl" <er" ri11led. * few &inutes later@ 4 noti ed he was wal(ing a little faster. The third ti&e 4 saw hi&@ he was running 9a ( and forth.


* little girl who had a s1ina 9ifida had ne<er wal(ed. She also was healed and u1 wal(ing around. .alleluHah7 Two re1orters fro& #"ida #bundante 7a &agaGine whi h ir ulates through *rgentina and )rugua"C@ inter<iewed us on our se ond da" in *rgentina. Dne of the re1orters and their 1hotogra1her had 9een at our &eeting the 1re<ious e<ening. Dne of the& &entioned that she had a 1ro9le& with her s1ine. We agreed to &inister =TTT> Athe total thingC and i&&ediatel" 9egan with =the ne ( thing>. She e01lained she had a 1ro9le& fro& the to1 of her s1ine to the 9otto&@ es1e iall" in the hi1 area. When we started to do =the 1el<i thing>@ one hi1 was three Kuarters of an in h higher than the other. *s we o&&anded it to le<el u1@ the 1ain in her 9a ( totall" disa11eared. '" the ti&e we finished &inistering =the ar& thing> and =the leg thing>@ she was feeling great. Then 4 said@ =4 want "ou to 1ra ti e on "our friend.> We had 9een e01laining to the& the 1rin i1le of &ulti1l"ing the healing &essage 9" training others to &inister healing - we tea h so&e9od" else@ who tea hes so&e9od" else@ who tea hes so&e9od" else. We instru ted her to la" hands on the se ond girl!s legs whi h were a9out one in h differen e in length. 4&&ediatel" the short leg shot out. *&aGed@ she re1lied@ =4 did not 9elie<e it when it ha11ened to &e@ 9ut when 4 did it to &" friend@ then 4 9elie<ed.> Then we had the se ond "oung lad" stand u1 and dis o<ered her 1el<is was lower on one side. *s the other re1orter laid hands on her@ the hi1s e<ened u1 and she was totall" healed. The first re1orter said@ =4 9elie<e@ 4 9elie<e@ 4 9elie<e7> 22,

We told the se ond re1orter that it was now her turn to la" hands on their 1hotogra1her 9e ause we weren!t going to de1end u1on one 1erson (nowing how to &inister@ one =star> to do all the healing. We as(ed hi& if he had an"thing wrong with hi& and were sho (ed to dis o<er he had 9een in an a ident in 1+24 whi h had se<ered the tendons in his left leg. 'e ause gangrene had done so&e se<ere da&age@ he still suffered great 1ain while wal(ing. /<en to tou h it aused ele tri sho (s through hi&. What an o11ortunit" and a hallenge for our new =9a9"> healing tea& &e&9er who had ne<er laid hands on a single 1erson7 %harles ga<e the o&&ands in /nglish@ the" were translated into S1anish 9" one re1orter and then said a se ond ti&e in S1anish 9" the re1orter who was &inistering to the &an!s leg. *s the o&&ands were &ade@ the leg grew out. We s1o(e a reati<e &ira le for the tendons to 9e healed and then %harles as(ed the &an if he would li(e to ta(e the elasti sto (ing off his leg. .e was a9solutel" o<er o&e with Ho" as he dis o<ered there was no 1ain in his leg. .e said no9od" ould e<en tou h his leg and %harles had run his hand all the wa" down this &an!s leg and there was ;D P*4;7 .e s1ent the ne0t few &inutes Hu&1ing u1 and down on his leg 9e ause he ould not 9elie<e the &ira le that had ha11ened to hi&. This is &ulti1li ation7 /<er" 9elie<er needs to tea h so&e9od" else how to heal the si (7 We as(ed hi& if he had an" additional illness in his 9od". .e re1lied@ =;o@ 9ut &" &other does.> So we all laid hands on hi& and through the 1ra"er of agree&ent@ we s1o(e healing into her. We laid hands on his hands and


anointed hi& to go and la" hands on his &other for her healing. That night as we were riding down a 9u&1" street in a hot@ unair- onditioned &ini-siGe ta0i a9@ we a&e u1on a 9ig theatre loudl" 1ro lai&ing the &o<ie =F*T*L *TT3*%T4D;>7 The theatre was o9<iousl" not o1en@ 9e ause there was a line stret hing two or three 9lo (s in ea h dire tion with 1eo1le standing fi<e and si0 a ross. Dur hearts literall" ried out as we said@ =-od@ let there 9e o&e su h a hunger in the hearts of 1eo1le that the" will Tine u1 li(e that to hear a9out Jesus7> *ll 4 ould thin( of was the hur hes in *&eri a whi h ha<e so &an" e&1t" seats at e<er" ser<i e. The ta0i dri<er turned and said@ =That!s where "ou!re s1ea(ing tonight7 The"!re waiting to hear "ou tal( a9out Jesus7> We al&ost fell out of the ar and ra ed a ross the street to dis o<er the theatre was filled to a1a it" with standing roo& onl"7 We had to ha<e three 1igg"-9a ( ser<i es to &inister to the entire rowd in a theatre with no aironditioning and no windows. Praise the Lord@ the =Fatal *ttra tion> was &esus as 1eo1le died to self and were 9orn again 9" the S1irit of -od7 We were not 1re1ared at all for what ha11ened on the da" of the .ealing /01losion7 'efore we left for the &eeting@ we re ei<ed a all telling us that the stadiu& was alread" filled and the doors had 9een lo (ed. Peo1le were lined u1 for 9lo (s tr"ing to get into the ser<i e. Man" 9ad tra<eled twent" hours onl" to 9e turned awa" at the gate. When we wal(ed into the stadiu&@ our hearts ried as we realiGed how -od an use two 1eo1le who ha<e ne<er 9een to a se&inar" or had an" for&al training and "et are 222

Hust a<aila9le to the things of -od. The offi ials esti&ated there were o<er fift" thousand in the stands. /<er" seat was filled7 *s we wal(ed onto the field@ the rowd rose to their feet shouting =Jesus7 Jesus7 Jesus7> 4f "ou!<e ne<er heard that na&e said 9" fift" thousand 1eo1le in unison@ "ou ha<e &issed an e0 iting thrill. 4t does so&ething for "ou that "ou an!t des ri9e. *t least fort" thousand re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. When this &an" 1eo1le are in total agree&ent and in one a ord as the" 9egan to s1ea( in tongues@ there is an e01losion of 1ower. Peo1le were healed all o<er the audien e. The wa" the stands were 9uilt 1rohi9ited &an" 1eo1le fro& o&ing down onto the field. There were so&e twent" thousand on the field at the end of the &eeting@ 9ut the 1oli e finall" &ade the& sto1 9e ause of the 1ress of the rowd. We instru ted the healing tea&s to &inister where<er the" were. We would hear a shout@ =So&e9od" o<er here is out of a wheel hair7> Then there would 9e another shout fro& the other side of the stadiu&@ =So&e9od" o<er here is getting out of a wheel hair7> *s we stood under a 9eautiful &oon@ we saw the 1ower of -od surge through the 9elie<ers of *rgentina. There are so&e ti&es and so&e e<ents "ou an ne<er 1ut into words@ nor is there an" wa" "ou an e<er e01ress what "ou saw and felt. 4t is too o<erwhel&ing to atte&1t. To see ri11led 9odies healed all o<er an audien e at the sa&e ti&e 9e ause of so&e si&1le tea hing the 1eo1le ha<e re ei<ed is &ore than we an understand@ 9ut how we


1raise -od for what .e is doing around the world toda" as .e 1re1ares us for the return of Jesus7 Peo1le are so hungr" the" &et us where<er we went and the" had the (na ( of finding us where<er we were@ too7 *fter the 'uenos *ires .ealing /01losion@ an old tru ( loaded with 1ro9a9l" thirt" 1eo1le on the o1en 9ed a&e 9" the hotel to as( us to 1ersonall" la" hands on the&7 Where<er we go@ we are a9le to &inister to 1eo1le in &otels@ air1orts and hotel roo&s. Dne transfer 9etween 1lanes reKuired a fort"-fi<e &inute ar ride. 4nstead of ta(ing a a9@ a lo al 9usiness&an <olunteered to dri<e us in his o&forta9le ar. We dis o<ered his entire fa&il" was there and he reKuested that we &inister to all of the&. 3ight in the &iddle of the street andMor sitting on the ur9@ we did =the 1el<i thing>@ =the ne ( thing>@ et . until his whole fa&il" was healed. We dis o<ered during our tri1 that he didn!t ha<e the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit so %harles &inistered the 9a1tis& right in the &iddle of the 9us" 'uenos *ires air1ort. Fro& 'uenos *ires we went to Porto *legre@ 'raGil@ whi h was the site of another e0 iting .ealing /01losion. 'e ause of an airline stri(e@ it too( twel<e hours Ainstead of a short ho1C to rea h Porto *legre Atranslated &eans =.a11" Port>C. We were &et 9" a11ro0i&atel" thirt" lo al 1astors and wi<es who 1resented us with flowers and than(ed us 1rofusel" for o&ing. The" told us i&&ediatel" that the" e01e ted -od to do great things in their it". The &an at the front des( of the hotel wrote us a note telling us he had tinnitus in his ear. .e was sure if we laid hands on hi& that he would 9e healed.


4 laid hands on hi& first and o&&anded the s1irit of tinnitus to o&e out and the 9lood to flow nor&all". The sound was still there. %harles then did =the ne ( thing> and he was totall" and o&1letel" healed. .e was r"ing as we ran out the door to go to the .ealing /01losion with tears of than(sgi<ing for what -od had done. The &anager of the stadiu& said@ =4n the histor" of the stadiu&@ there ha<e ne<er 9een that &an" 1eo1le inside.> The esti&ated rowd was twent"-two thousand with &an" &ore on the outside wat hing <ia a <ideo s reen. .e also o&&ented that he had ne<er seen su h a 9eautiful orderl" rowd in his entire life. There were <er" few there who had 1re<iousl" re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit so when we ga<e the all@ the res1onse was o<erwhel&ing. The floor was alread" o<ered with 1eo1le so the" had to stand at their seats for the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. *t least ninet" 1er ent of the audien e was standing to re ei<e the 1ower of -od in their life. *fter %harles &inistered@ the" all 9egan to s1ea( in one a ord 1rodu ing a <er" loud 1ower-1a (ed sound. The &an" 1astors who 1arti i1ated all said the sa&e thing - the" had ne<er seen an"thing li(e this in their li<es. *fter the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit@ the 1ower of -od was so strong that 1eo1le would not sto1 1ra"ing in other tongues. The" ontinued as we instru ted the 1eo1le in the wheel hairs =to get u1 and wal( in the na&e of Jesus>. .ealing tea&s 9egan to &inister to the 1eo1le and &an" 1eo1le a&e out of their wheel hairs and started to wal(. 'efore long@ a deaf &ute had 9een healed and was now sa"ing@ =Ma&a>@ =Pa1a>@ ='a9"> and was hearing 1erfe tl". 22$

%rut hes were 1assed u1 onto the stage. Man" 9ra es a&e forward o<er the heads of the 1eo1le. * "oung girl was sKuealing with e0 ite&ent as she wal(ed for the first ti&e in her life. Man" hildren who had ne<er wal(ed were healed and wal(ing around the stadiu& that night. * "oung 9o" was running all o<er the 1la e while e<er"9od" around hi& reHoi ed. ;ot one 1erson &o<ed or left the auditoriu& until after we had left. The" weren!t going to &iss out on a thing7 The 1astors were Hu&1ing u1 and down with e0 ite&ent as the" wat hed -od &o<e through their ountr"&en. The" ried out to us@ =Please@ an we ha<e <ideosI Please@ an we ha<e <ideosI> Dur hearts were tou hed7 We!re sa"ing@ =-od@ s1ea( to the 1eo1le who read this. S1ea( to the 1eo1le who su11ort this &inistr". 3ea h their hearts as 1oignantl" as Fou ha<e rea hed ours.> Dur hearts are r"ing out to su11l" all of South *&eri a with all the" want and need@ With a sound of a &ight" rushing wind still in &" heart and in &" s1irit@ we were sitting in our hotel roo& after the fa9ulous .ealing /01losion in Porto *legre@ one of the &ost /uro1ean ities in South *&eri a. 4t was re1orted that the 1eo1le there would not 9e as res1onsi<e as the" are in other 1la es 9e ause the" are &ore *&eri aniGed and /uro1eaniGed. 4n all of our .ealing /01losions@ 4 do not re all e<er feeling the 1ower of -od as intense as we felt it that night@ nor the 1eo1le &ore res1onsi<e. So&eti&es in a land of 1lent" su h as in *&eri a@ we forget the whole world does not ha<e the gos1el as we ha<e it. These 1eo1le are r"ing for 9oo(s@ the" are r"ing for <ideota1es@ the" are r"ing for assette 1la"ers so the" an use these tools and learn a9out a li<ing &ira le-. wor(ing


Jesus and how .e an wor( through e<er" 9elie<er. The" are hungr"7 *t the 9rea(fast ta9le in Porto *legre@ the da" of our .ealing /01losion there@ the &an who had oordinated a ti<ities for us in *rgentina and )rugua"@ shared an e0 iting stor" that ha11ened during one of the <ideo training s hools. *n a&9assador in )rugua" had had the first Hoint of his little finger ut off when he was s&all. *fter wat hing the tea hing on reati<e &ira les at the <ideo s hool@ the tea&s &inistered to hi& and o&&anded the finger to grow 9a (. ;othing ha11ened that night@ 9ut fifteen da"s later@ a 1erfe t little finger had grown 9a (. Man" 1eo1le are dis ouraged and let dou9t and un9elief o&e in to destro" their faith when a &ira le doesn!t ha11en i&&ediatel". :on!t let that ha11en to "ou7 * <er" interesting stor" in<ol<ed a Lutheran 1astor!s son who was running the <ideo in a s hool in Porto *legre. .is father s&o(ed and so did he. Dne of the &en in the hur h said@ =.ow o&e he!s s&o(ingI -od doesn!t li(e that.> The other 1erson said@ =Well@ &an" 1astors in that deno&ination do s&o(e so we!re not going to sa" an"thing.> Then the" wat hed the hour of <ideo tea hing where we show the &ira le ser<i e. * "oung &an was hewing gu& and 4 too( the igarettes out of his 1o (et and the gu& out of his &outh so he ould re ei<e the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. When this Lutheran 1astor!s son saw this he 9egan to r". .e a&e u1 and ga<e his igarettes to the 1astor sa"ing@ =4!ll ne<er s&o(e again.> We ne<er (now what little thing we sa" or what little thing we do will influen e a whole deno&ination. 227

Dn to Monti<ideo... There are no large hur hes in )rugua". *s we understand@ %hristianit" 9asi all" got its start a11ro0i&atel" three "ears ago@ so the hur hes are <er" s&all and hold no &ore than two or three hundred at the &ost. 6nowing this we did not anti i1ate or e01e t as large a re e1tion as we re ei<ed in 'uenos *ires. The 1o1ulation of )rugua" is three &illion@ 1.3 &illion of whi h is in Monte<ideo. The lo al wor(ers had rented a stadiu& that would nor&all" hold a9out ten thousand 1eo1le in the stands. When we arri<ed@ we were told there was not an in h of s1a e left in the entire auditoriu& to stand. The" had to lo ( the doors one hour 9efore we had arri<ed - again shutting &an" 1eo1le outside. The head of the *sse&9l" of -od and the head of the %hur h of -od of )rugua" 9oth said the sa&e thing@ =;e<er in the histor" of )rugua" has there 9een a %hristian &eeting as large as this one.> The" esti&ated a11ro0i&atel" twent" thousand were there. Who (nows how &an" there would ha<e 9een had the" not had to lo ( the doors. While we were there@ a arni<al was also going on near9". /<en though the" drew tre&endous rowds@ it was nothing o&1ared with the %hristian e0 ite&ent in )rugua" 9e ause of the .ealing /01losion. *ll the oo1erating 1astors said@ =)rugua" will ne<er 9e the sa&e. 4 an!t 9elie<e what ha11ened during these &eetings7> The healing tea&s were 1ositioned in front of the stage near all the 1eo1le in wheel hairs. First we ga<e the o&&and@ =Sil<er and gold ha<e we none@ 9ut su h as we ha<e@ we gi<e unto "ou. 4n the na&e of Jesus %hrist of ;aGareth@ rise u1 and wal(.> Then we turned to the healing tea&s and said@ =-et the& out of the wheel hairs7> 222

There was an e01losion of 1ower we will re&e&9er as long as we li<e. *n eight-"ear--old girl in a wheel hair had ne<er wal(ed in her life. *fter 9eing &inistered to@ she was not wal(ing 1erfe tl"@ howe<er she was u1 and wal(ing and (new she was healed. The" 9rought her u1 on the stage and so&eone rea hed out to hel1 her. She sho<ed e<er"9od" awa" 9e ause she wanted to show e<er"one that she ould wal( 9" herself. Peo1le held u1 rut hes all o<er the great stadiu& 9e ause there was no wa" the" ould &a(e their wa" through the rowd. Fou ould see the rut hes wa<ing in the air and "ou ould see the 1eo1le wal(ing out of the wheel hairs in a great de&onstration of the un9elie<a9le 1ower of -od. South *&eri a has a re<i<al going on whi h we do not 9elie<e will sto1 until Jesus %hrist o&es 9a ( again. ;ow for our final e01losion on this tri1. 'rasilia is the a1ital of 'raGil. )ntil twent"-fi<e "ears ago@ 3io :e Janeiro was the a1ital. .owe<er it was e0tre&el" ineffi ient for the o1eration of go<ern&ent fa ilities so the go<ern&ent 9ought &illions of sKuare &eters of land. The 1ar( itself ontains four &illion sKuare &eters and was o1ened in 1+72. The" 9ought all of this land in the &iddle of a 1lains area. There was a9solutel" nothing there. The" alled in an ar hite t who designed the it" in the sha1e of an air1lane and it!s one of the &ost uniKue 1la es "ou!<e e<er seen. ;one of the streets ross ea h other. Where<er two streets &eet@ one goes under and one goes o<er. The" ha<e allowed a res and a res of land for 1ar(wa"s in 9etween 9uildings and freewa"s.


So&e of the offi ials of the go<ern&ent 1ro<ided a 9us for us to <isit the Senate and the .ouse of 3e1resentati<es whi h is a <er" unusual 9uilding. This is the &ost &odern it" in all of 'raGil and the &ost uniKue. The nose of the 1lane is the seat of the go<ern&ent 9uildings. 4n the o (1it of the 1lane whi h for&s 'rasilia!s 1ilot 1lan@ is lo ated the Ministries Mall@ ha<ing at the 9a (@ the PlaGa of Three 'ran hes. There are lo ated the seat of the /0e uti<e@ the Legislati<e and the Judi iar" 9ran hes of the Federal -o<ern&ent. There are ten tall re tangular sha1ed stru tures lined u1 side 9" side in the Mall. /a h is for a different 9ran h of the -o<ern&ent. 4t is without a dou9t the &ost effi ientl" 1lanned a1ital in the entire world. 4t!s the onl" 1la e in 'raGil where we had the feeling of not 9eing ra&1ed and 1ressed in and sKueeGed in on all sides 9e ause the" allowed suffi ient roo& for e<er"thing. 4t!s <er" uniKue 9e ause the" ha<e what the" all the ;orth Side and the South Side. *ll the hotels in the it" are 9uilt in one area either on the ;orth Side or on the South Side. 4t!s a du1li ation a ross the road. *ll of the s1orts fa ilities are in one lo ation. There is no other. *ll the Hudi ial 9uildings are together in one area. There is no other. The sho11ing enters are all in one area and there is no other area to sho1. 'rasffia has 9een 1lagued 9" a s1irit of religion@ the" told us@ e<er sin e it o1ened and there has 9een a tuall" <er" little &o<e of the S1irit there. .owe<er@ we had o<er two thousand trained wor(ers and the .ealing /01losion 9rought so&e in redi9le results. 4t was o<ered 9" the lo al tele<ision station who re orded &an" of the &ira les and tal(ed to &an" of the 1eo1le as soon as the &ira les ha11ened. 23,

Df all the ities we were in it was 1ro9a9l" the &ost diffi ult to get started 9e ause &an" of the hur hes here don!t e<en allow "ou to la1 in hur h. .owe<er@ after a9out twent" &inutes@ it was a&aGing what ha11ened to the audien e and when we released the healing tea&s@ the entire auditoriu& went a9solutel" wild. Peo1le got u1 out of wheel hairs and wheel hairs 1assed u1 to the stage o<er their heads. * girl who went 9a ( o<er to the auditoriu& the &orning after the .ealing /01losion told us@ =4 we1t 9e ause 4 ould not 9elie<e the rut hes and the 9ra es and the wal(ing sti (s and the wheel hairs that were left at the auditoriu&.> * silent witness of the 1ower of -od through 9elie<ers7


Chapter S%(teen WE HA1E A 2WA$3 WITH REPORTERS
by Frances .ere are two stories we are utterl" o&1elled to share with "ou@ 9e ause the" ha11ened to two news1a1er re1orters who a&e to our ser<i es total s(e1ti s@ 9ut for so&e reason or other@ hanged their &inds7 %and" ;ail was a "ni al@ hard as =nails> re1orter fro& a Mia&i news1a1er. .ow she got in<ol<ed with us is an interesting stor"@ and we!ll let her tell "ou e0a tl" how it ha11ened7 =4 had Hust hanged Ho9s@ 9ut after a few &onths@ 4 again 9e a&e dissatisfied. The 1oliti al arena was e0 iting@ 9ut it Hust wasn!t what 4 felt alled to do. Dne night 4 was wor(ing late in the offi e@ staring at thousands of Qero0 la9els. 4 was 9ored@ 9ored@ 9ored. 4 said@ J-od@ if "ou don!t do so&ething@ 4!& going to &a(e su h a &ess of &" life that 4!ll ne<er 9e a9le to fi0 it7! 4 felt li(e an idiot@ tal(ing to the air. *t age 31@ 4 was 1rett" sure that the de<il e0isted@ 9ut not -od. 4 left the offi e@ went 9" a 9ar and had a drin(@ and went ho&e. =Three da"s later@ 4 had to go &a(e a o1" of a 9usiness &eeting re1ort. Dur o1" &a hine was 9ro(en@ so 4 too( it to a 1rint sho1B their eKui1&ent was 9ro(en@ so 4 too( it to another sho1. The" were 9us"@ so 4 had to ta(e it to another 1la e7 There was a lad" there who was 1i (ing u1 a sta ( of fliersB she 9anded &e a 1a1er that was ad<ertising an e<angelisti &eeting with %harles and Fran es .unter. =4 too( the flier 9a ( to &" offi e and threw it on &" des(. M" 9oss a&e out@ saw it@ and said@ JFou!re not 232

going to that@ are "ouI Those %haris&ati s are in the o ult7! 4 didn!t (now what %haris&ati s were@ 9ut 4 was all for the o ult. 4 de ided to attend the &eeting@ 9ut for the 1ur1ose of writing an arti le for our news1a1er@ e01osing Jfaith healers.! The 1a1er had a s&all@ 9ut 1oliti all" 1owerful@ ir ulation. =*t 7B3, 1.&. on June 1st@ 4 roared u1 to the &eeting@ fli11ed the 9utt of a Hoint out of the ar window@ and swaggered inside. 4 was in a 9ad &ood@ and sat all the wa" in the 9a (@ 9" the door. 4 was used to hur h ser<i es where so&e9od" tin(led a 1iano and we all sang e<er" <erse of JJust *s 4 *&@! so when the dru&s and guitars ut loose and 1eo1le started dan ing in the aisles@ singing J.e is Jeho<ah! 4 (new this was not a nor&al grou17 =4 sat 1oised@ 1en in hand@ waiting for the /l&er -antr" stuff. Fran es .unter got u1 to 1rea h@ and 4 had ne<er seen an"9od" li(e her7 She &ade lai&s a9out Jesus that 4 ,new ouldn!t 9e true. Then she as(ed whoe<er didn!t ha<e the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit to raise their hand. Well@ 4 ertainl" didn!t want an"9od" to thin( 4 was one of these raGies@ so 4 1ut &" hand u1. 4 instantl" too( it down as ten 1eo1le said@ J4!ll go u1 there with "ou7! JDh@ no "ou won!t! 4 snarled. J-et awa" fro& &e7! =4 saw one tall@ 9lond teenage 9o" wal( in with rut hesB his left leg was <isi9l" ur<ed@ and shorter than his other leg. *ll of a sudden@ 4 saw a 9ig o&&otion u1 on the stage. The 9lond (id was running 9a ( and forth@ holding his rut hes o<er his head@ and 4 saw that his leg was 1erfe tl" straight7 *ha@ 4 thought@ * 3)''/3 L/-777 4 also saw %harles .unter 1ra" for a lad" who had 9een ha<ing u11er 9a ( 1ain. The" had her e0tend her ar&s out in front of her@ 1al&s together. The" 9egan to 1ra"@ and 4 saw one of her ar&s 9e o&e a9out fi<e in hes longer than 233

the other one. A4 was wat hing her shoulders@ and the" didn!t &o<e7C Fran es ran o<er and said@ J%harles@ "ou!<e ruined her7! /<er"9od" laughed@ and her ar&s 9e a&e eKual again. 4 was a9solutel" horrified7 Peo1le laughed for a wee( a9out the loo( on &" fa e. =4 was 9a ( the ne0t night@ still sitting in the 9a ( 9" the door. 4 li(ed the &usi . 4 li(ed %harles and Fran es .unter. What 4 didn!t li(e was the -od the" were tal(ing a9out7 4 was uneas"@ 9ut still (new that &" Satan was stronger than their ru ified Jew. =4 a&e 9a ( for the final ser<i e. 4 got real 9ra<e@ and &o<ed u1 se<eral rows. There was &ore &usi @ &ore testi&onies@ and &ore 1rea hing. 4 sat there and held a &ental on<ersation with &"selfB JWell@ it loo(s li(e the"!re for real. ;o@ the" an!t 9e. Well@ what a9out the 1eo1le that got healedI The"!re Hust 1lanted in the audien e. 4 don!t 9elie<e in healing. 4 won!t 9elie<e it until it ha11ens to &e@ and it won!t ha11en to &e 9e ause 4!& not getting near those 1eo1le7! 4 wrote it all off as &ass h"steria and &ental suggestion. 1 didn!t see an"thing@ 1 didn!t feel an"thing@ and I onl" trusted )e. =Fran es ga<e an altar all@ and nearl" e<er"9od" in the 1la e sta&1eded forward. 4 sat alone in the audien e. 4 loo(ed around in 9a ( of &e@ and was startled to see a loud filling the 9a ( of the auditoriu&. 4 thought the 1la e was on fire@ and started to get u1 and lea<e. %harles .unter 1ointed at the loud@ and said@ JLoo(7 The glor" loud of -od is in this 9uilding7! 4 heard so&eone sa"@ JWhereI 4 don!t see an"thing7! *s 4 wat hed the loud roll forward@ &" &outh fell a9out fort"-fi<e in hes@ and 4 sat 9a ( down. =When the ser<i e on luded@ 4 went out to the lo99" to write the arti le for the 1a1er. 4 was dee1 in thought when 4 loo(ed u1 to see the &inister who had s1onsored the 234

&eeting@ :a<id Southwell. .e 9egan to as( &e what 4 was going to write@ what 4 thought a9out the .unters@ and what 4 thought a9out Jesus. 4 tried to get rid of hi&@ 9ut he Hust wouldn!t lea<e. =*ll of a sudden@ 4 9egan to feel real funn" - and loo(ed u1 to see %harles .unter wal(ing u1. ;ow@ 4!& not a ti&id or easil" frightened 1erson - 9ut as he got loser@ 4 9egan to a tuall" sha(e. .ere 4 was in a hotel lo99"@ with 1eo1le loo(ing at &e@ and when %harles laid his hand on &" shoulder@ 4 sort of 9ent o<er and "elled@ J;o7 :on!t tou h &e7! 4 was a&aGed that 4 was a ting this wa". %harles and Fran es (ind of 9a (ed u1 and stared at &e@ and ga<e 3e<erend Southwell a loo( that said@ JFou handle this one.! The" were late for a &eeting and left. =:a<id as(ed &e@ J:o "ou alwa"s sha(e li(e thatI! J;o.! J:o "ou li(e feeling that wa"I! J;o.! J:o "ou want to fi0 itI! 4 loo(ed at hi& and said@ JFou don!t understand. 4!& not fro& "our religious 9a (ground.! *nd 4 told hi& Hust what religious 9a (ground 4 was fro&. 4 e01e ted hi& to either run for the e0it or get u1 in disgust@ 9ut he didn!t. .e said@ J4!& going to 1ra" for "ou@ and -od is going to fi0 this.! 4 (now he 1ra"ed the sinner!s 1ra"er@ 9ut 4 don!t re&e&9er &u h else he said. =* shar1 1ain went through &" 9a ( when 4 stood u1. :a<id as(ed what the 1ro9le& was@ and 4 told hi&. JSit down@! he said@ J-od an fi0 that too.! 4 was s(e1ti al@ 9ut sat 9a ( down. :a<id held 9oth legs 9" the an(les@ and noti ed that one leg was nearl" an in h shorter than the other oneB 4 alread" (new that fro& the ortho1edi surgeon. .e 9egan to 1ra"B J4n Jesus! na&e@ 4 o&&and this 9a ( to 9e healed. 4 o&&and this leg to grow out to the orre t length@ and for the &us les and 9ones and tissues to 9e strengthened. 4n Jesus! na&e@ 4 o&&and all 1ain to 9e 23$

gone and "our 9od" to 9e 1erfe tl" healed. Than( "ou@ Jesus7! For the se ond ti&e that night@ &" &outh fell as 4 a tuall" felt )y leg growing7 4 stood u1 and 9ent o<er there was no 1ain7 =4 went out and sat in the ar and tore u1 &" notes. To to1 off the e<ening@ as 4 dro<e ho&e 4 ran out of gas and had to wal(.> ... 'ut her life was hanged7 So&eti&es what loo(s li(e the world!s dar(est situation an turn into one of the 9rightest7 Ja&estown@ ;ew For( loo(ed li(e the &ost dis&al &eeting we!d e<er had in our entire life. 'efore we left the hotel@ the T? re1orters were en ouraging e<er"one to sta" ho&e@ 9e ause the te&1erature was su9-Gero@ and the snows &ade tra<el diffi ult. The e<angelist alwa"s has to go@ whether or not an"one else is there@ so we donned our snow 9oots and 1lowed through a si0-foot &ound of snow to get to our rental ar whi h was al&ost hidden 9e ause the snow 1lows had reall" 1iled u1 so&e 9ig sta (s of dirt" =white stuff.> We dro<e down the sli11er" street to the old &o<ie theatre where our &eeting was to 9e held@ li&9ed o<er the snow &ounds again@ and got inside of the theatre. *t least@ we should sa"@ through the first doors of the old theatre. We had to wait for Kuite a while 9efore the" o1ened u1 the doors@ and there was no heat in the fo"er where we were standing@ so our 9odies were 9elow nor&al te&1erature when we finall" entered the 9uilding. 4t was no 9etter inside7 4 tried to find so&eone who wor(ed for the theatre to tell the& that the heat wasn!t on@ and when 4 finall" lo ated so&eone@ the" told us the sad


news that the furna e had 9ro(en and there would 9e no heat that afternoon. Still wearing our oats and 9oots@ we tried to set u1 our 9oo( ta9le@ 9ut the theatre had 9een 1ainted o&1letel" 9la (@ and in the entran e where our 9oo(s were to 9e sold@ there was one little fifteen-watt 9ul9 hanging down fro& an ele tri ord. We ouldn!t e<en see the olors on our 9oo(s it was so dar( and we!<e often wondered what 9oo(s the 1eo1le got7 4t would 9e a &ira le if the" got what the" as(ed for@ 9e ause we ould not read an" of the titles. Still shi<ering@ with our teeth hattering@ we went inside to loo( at the theatre. What a sho (7 What a da&1@ dis&al auditoriu& this was7 We!<e s1o(en in a lot of 1e uliar 1la es@ 9ut this was the worst7 The onl" light on the 9la (1ainted stage was again a little fifteen-watt 9ul9 whi h hung fro& the eiling7 The 1eo1le in the it" were ertainl" tele<ision oriented@ 9e ause the" listened to the news asters and sta"ed ho&e in dro<es. Finall"@ so&ewhere 9etween se<ent"-fi<e and one hundred 1eo1le showed u1 and sat there shi<ering. 4t!s reall" hard to get into 1raise and worshi1 when "our teeth are o&ing together in a sta ato 9eat 9e ause of the old@ 9ut we tried a few songs an"wa"7 :uring the wea( 1raise and worshi1@ 4 whis1ered to %harles@ =What are we doing hereI> 4 was sure 4 had &issed -od 9e ause 4 (new .e would ne<er send us to a 1la e li(e this7 Dne thing -od has taught us o<er the "ears is to gi<e e<er" ser<i e =e<er"thing we!<e got> regardless of the siGe of the rowd or the ir u&stan es@ and that!s Hust what we did@ e<en though we did dis&iss the ser<i e a little Kui (er than nor&al Hust 9e ause we didn!t want a 9un h of froGen or1ses out in the audien e. The" were all sitting there with 237

their oats 1ulled u1 tightl" around their ne (s@ 9ut 1eo1le who ha<e 1ro9le&s don!t need that (ind of are@ so we started la"ing hands on the si ( Kui (l". *fter we had laid hands on e<er"one there@ we 1a (ed our 9oo(s ra1idl" to ta(e 9a ( with us. We were the last ones to lea<e the theatre and as we waded through the 9la ( snow still 1iled waist high in front of the theatre@ we loo(ed at ea h other@ laughed and said@ =%an an"thing good e<er o&e out of Ja&estownI> *9out a "ear later 4 re ei<ed a o1" of a news1a1er fro& /rie@ Penns"l<ania@ whi h had one of the funniest stories 4!d e<er read@ and it was written 9" so&eone who was as(ing the sa&e Kuestion we did@ =What are we doing hereI> Let &e tell "ou their stor"@ Hust to 1ro<e that -od an ta(e an" &ess and &a(e a &ira le out of it. Ja ( -raGier was a news1a1er re1orter for the /rie@ Penns"l<ania :*4LF T4M/S. .e and his wife :e99ie had 9een tr"ing to ha<e a 9a9" for se<eral "ears@ 9ut with no su ess. The" had tried all the &edi al te hniKues@ and the arti le said that his wife e<en 9ought hi& o<ersiGed 9o0er shorts@ 9e ause that was su11osed to 9e hel1ful in ases li(e theirs. So&e friends =drug> the& to the &eeting@ and he wasn!t i&1ressed with an"thing he saw or heard. .is des ri1tion of &e was so h"steri al 4 won!t e<en tell "ou what he said@ 9ut he des ri9ed %harles as a =withered@ staid loo(ing@ aging 3e1u9li an7> That didn!t turn &e on@ 9ut ne<ertheless@ 4 ontinued reading the arti le7 This ou1le had ne<er 9een to a haris&ati ser<i e@ and of ourse were not 1re1ared for what was a9out to ha11en. *s 1eo1le a&e forward and li&9ed u1 so&e of the &ost 9ro(en-down stairs 4!<e e<er seen@ we 9egan la"ing hands on the& and the" 9egan failing under the 232

1ower7 To so&eone who has ne<er seen this@ it an 9e a tre&endous sho (7 4 re&e&9er what 4 thought when 4 went to a 6athr"n 6uhl&an ser<i e and saw this for the first ti&e. 4t al&ost 9lew &e awa" 9e ause it was 9e"ond &" a9ilit" to understand how she ould =do> it7 This ou1le was sitting out there with the sa&e thoughts. The" de ided the" were not going to go u1 onto that run-down@ gloo&"@ de1ressing stage Hust to fail down and get their lothes dirt"7 Their friends (e1t en ouraging the& sin e the" had dri<en so far to at least =tr"> it and see what ha11ened. The" de ided to o&e u1 onto the stage@ 9ut the" <owed that the" would not fall down7 The first one 4 a&e to was :e99ie and when 4 as(ed her what she wanted@ she 9egan to r" and said she wanted a 9a9"7 4 i&&ediatel" said@ =That!s &" s1e ialt". 4 ha<e the& in all olors - red@ 9la (@ white and "ellow.> .er hus9and i&&ediatel" 1ani (ed 9e ause he wanted to &a(e sure the" got the right olor7 The reason 4 said that is 9e ause -od has gi<en &e a <er" 1re ious anointing in this area and where<er we go@ there!s alwa"s a 9a9" 9oo& shortl" after that7 4 laid hands on her and said@ =Father@ "our Word sa"s that the wo&9 of "our hildren will ne<er 9e 9arren@ and that "ou ause the 9arren wo&an to 9e the Ho"ful &other of &an" hildren. 4 as( "ou to 1la e in this wo&9 a 9eautiful 9a9"@ 1erfe t@ whole and deli<ered within one "ear@ in the na&e of Jesus7> Then 4 said@ as 4 alwa"s do@ =*nd if it!s twins@ "ou ha<e to na&e the& %harles and Fran es7> Then 4 added@ =3e&e&9er e<er" good and 1erfe t gift o&es fro& -od7> :e99ie did Hust what 4 e01e ted her to do and what she ne<er e01e ted to do7 She fell out under the 1ower of -od7 %an "ou i&agine the sho ( of her hus9and when he saw 23+

her l"ing on the floorI 4 turned to hi& and said@ =What do "ou want Jesus to do for "ouI> .e later told &e he &entioned the fa t that he had so&e sort of arthritis of the hest@ so 4 laid hands on hi& and o&&anded the s1irit of arthritis to o&e out in the na&e of Jesus7 .e fell under the 1ower without a at her 9ehind hi&7 .e said the ne0t thing he re&e&9ered was loo(ing u1 at a 9la ( eiling with a tin" little 9ul9 hanging down. The" told us later that the" =wo99led> off the stage in a daGed ondition 9e ause the" had ne<er e01erien ed an"thing li(e that in their entire li<es7 The" went ho&e@ o&1letel" 9affled 9" the entire afternoon. .ow ould the" ha<e fallen down when Ja ( had 9ra ed hi&self against 9eing =1ushed> o<erI ;e<ertheless@ it had ha11ened@ so the" de ided to 1ra ti e at ho&e. .e got in front of the sofa@ too( the sa&e stan e he had ta(en at the theatre@ and said@ =-o ahead@ 1ush &e7 =:e99ie 1ushed with all her &ight@ and he still didn!t fall down. The" tried se<eral ti&es@ 9ut she ould ne<er &a(e hi& fall down. The" 9egan to wonder@ was there reall" so&ething to this su1ernatural 1ower of -odI -od!s Word ne<er returns <oid@ 9e ause on *1ril 22@ 1+2# a 9eautiful little 9o" na&ed 4an %hristian was 9orn. Ja ( shared the fa t that when he tells the stor" of how the" got 1regnant@ 1eo1le loo( at hi& and as( hi& if he reall" 9elie<es that -od had an"thing to do with it@ and he sa"s@ =4 (now the &ind an do strange things. %oin iden es an ha11en. 'ut@ though it was hard at first for &e to ad&it it@ "es@ 4 do 9elie<e that Fran es .unter and a di<ine 1ower hanneled through her did it7> The thing that thrilled &e so &u h was when 4 read the arti le@ it shared a9out how he was standing in the 9irthing


roo& holding the 9a9" in front of a 1i ture whi h had the ins ri1tion@ =-od!s -ift7> 4f the stor" ended right there@ it would 9e a fa9ulous stor"@ and it would ha<e &ade the tri1 to Ja&estown worthwhile@ 9ut it didn!t sto1 there7 M %all!s MagaGine 1i (ed u1 the stor" and 1rinted it in the D to9er@ 1+27 issue. Fro& that@ Good Morning 1ew 8or, the tele<ision show starring 3egis Phil9in whi h is wat hed 9" twel<e &illion <iewers as(ed us to 9e guests@ and we had a wonderful ti&e sharing Jesus on the 1rogra& with Ja ( and :e99ie. 'efore the 1rogra&@ howe<er@ the" 9oth re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit7 *s a result of all this@ Ja ( has 9een o&&issioned 9" one of the world!s largest 1u9lishers to write a 9oo( on legiti&ate faith healers7 The arti le in M %all!s a11eared in the o ult se tion@ and &an" %hristians were u1set@ 9ut if "ou ould read the &ail we ha<e re ei<ed@ it would thrill "our heart 9e ause it a&e fro& 1eo1le who would ha<e ne<er read the arti le if it had a11eared in a =religious> olu&n. Signs and wonders will alwa"s follow "ou if "ou!ll Hust 9e o9edient to -od and go where<er .e tells "ou to go. This is a &ira le that will ne<er end 9e ause e<en as we are drawing lose to finishing this 9oo(@ &ore &ira les are in the offing 9e ause we didn!t turn and run awa" fro& a &isera9le@ da&1@ dar(@ old@ dila1idated theatre 9uilding7 -od alwa"s has so&ething good in store and alwa"s has signs@ wonders and &ira les =u1 .is slee<e7>


Chapter Se&enteen CATCH THE 1ISION
by %harles Little did we realiGe that fro& <ideo ta1ing a little 'i9le S hool would o&e the tool -od is using to train hundreds of thousands@ soon hundreds of &illions@ of ordinar" 9elie<ers to do signs@ wonders@ and &ira les. We Hust read again the <ision -od ga<e to Fran es in 1+2, whi h is re orded in the first ha1ter of our 9oo(@ “+ow to +eal the Sic,”. -od had learl" s1o(en to our hearts on erning this end-ti&e &essage of &ira le e<angeliGation of the whole world. ;ow this <ision is 9eing fulfilled and i&1le&ented in e<er" ontinent@ e<er" nation of the entire world. -od showed Fran es ri<ulets of sil<er and gold running into all sorts of odd little 1la es. *s .e 9egan to re<eal its &eaning@ we wrote =The &ore we e0a&ined this di<ine <ision@ the &ore we 9egan to understand that -od was telling us to ta(e the total &essage of sal<ation and healing to the entire world 9" letting the &asses learn 9ow to o1erate in the su1ernatural and to heal the si (. =Then the 1i ture e01anded e<en &ore@ and we saw the <ideo s hools going into *LL the world - into the s&all 1la es were e<angelists ne<er go@ to tea h all the 1eo1le in the re&otest 1la es of the world how to la" hands on the si ( and heal the&. The students who learned fro& these <ideo ta1es would then go out and 1rea h the gos1el to the 1oor@ heal the 9ro(enhearted@ 1rea h deli<eran e to the a1ti<es and re o<ering of sight to the 9lind@ and set at li9ert" those who are 9ruised.> 242

*s -od de<elo1ed this end-generation training@ .e 9egan to ha<e us 1re1are it for use all o<er the world. To rea h the world with <ideo or audio ta1es and 9oo(s@ the" &ust 9e on<erted into the languages of the world. The first .ealing /01losion was held in Pitts9urgh@ Penns"l<ania on Jul" 4@ 1+2$@ and this 9egan a &o<e of -od throughout all the earth. There ha<e 9een at the ti&e of this writing s ores of .ealing /01losions whi h we ha<e ondu ted. 'ut in the Phili11ines alone@ there ha<e 9een &ore than that ondu ted 9" 1eo1le we ha<e trained@ and 9" 1eo1le the" ha<e trained@ and 9" 1eo1le those ha<e trained. Ma(ing dis i1les with <ideo training see&s strange 9ut the 1roof of it 9eing -od!s hosen tool is that it is wor(ing@ and it is 9eing ta(en all o<er the world su1ernaturall" and su1ernaturall" fast. 4n the late fall of 1+2$ -od said to 1ut it into the S1anish language and .e o1ened the great healing training in %olo&9ia@ South *&eri a. Then in Minnea1olis one Saturda" afternoon in a &otel roo&@ Fran es was tal(ing with leaders in the Phili11inesE 4 went to another 1hone and was tal(ing with so&e 1eo1le fro& 5aire@ *fri a@ a9out the Fren h language. *s soon as we o&1leted those alls@ 9oth e0 ited a9out what we saw -od e01anding in fulfill&ent of the <ision .e had gi<en us@ Fran es said@ =-od@ wh" did "ou hoose two su h old 1eo1le as we are to do this giant wor(I> -od!s re1l" was si&1l"@ ='e ause "ou are Jdu&9! enough to do what 4 tell "ou to do7> What -od was sa"ing is that we were alwa"s willing to 9e o9edient regardless of what our natural &inds &ight 9e thin(ing7 Sin e then the 9oo(s ha<e 9een translated and 1rinted Aor in the 1ro ess of 9eing o&1letedC and the <ideo ta1es translated and either li1-s"n ed or o<erdu99ed into languages so o<er 2,N of the 1o1ulation of the world an 243

ta(e the training in their nati<e languages. That!s o<er four 9illion of the earth!s 1o1ulation of fi<e 9illion souls7 That!s a re&ar(a9le &ira le and onl" -od ould ha<e a o&1lished that in su h a short ti&e. ;ow -od is i&1le&enting the distri9ution and training with these tools and the" are now in e<er" ontinent of the world and al&ost e<er" nation of the world. -od is o1ening &inistries into whi h the tools are 9eing i&1lanted. *s we sit and loo( at a world &a1@ our s1irits lea1 with e0 ite&ent and Ho" at the ra1id and e0tensi<e &o<e of -od in su h a short ti&e. Ta(e a loo( at the world &a1@ loo( at ea h ontinent@ then fo us on indi<idual nationsE then fo us on ities@ towns@ and <illagesE then loo( at the indi<iduals who are 9eing tou hed 9" Jesus@ and 9eing endued with -od!s .ol" S1irit 1ower and &ade into o&&on@ e<er"da"@ &ira le-wor(ing dis i1les in ea h s1ot on 1lanet earth and 9e astounded@ o<erwhel&ed and a&aGed with us. Then ta(e a &o&ent to onsider how <er" lose we are to the return of Jesus. We annot hel1 9ut feel a loseness to Jesus in wor(ing with .i& to rea h all the world and e<er" reature on earth with this great news. Jesus a&e to earth to sa<e the lost and left us with ertain 1ro&ises whi h .e s.o,e into e/istence and the" &ust o&e to 1ass 9efore .is <er" soon return. Para1hrased@ .is &essage for the final har<est of souls in 1re1aration for .is return for the %hur hB .e told us that the gos1el would 9e 1rea hed to e<er" reature on earth Afi<e 9illionC 9" ordinar" 9elie<ers doing signs and wonders so 1eo1le would 9elie<e and 9e sa<ed@ and when this is a o&1lished@ ./ W4LL 3/T)3;7 .alleluHah7 We see the :a" of Pente ost as a 1rotot"1e or &odel of the end-ti&e %hur h@ Hust as it was in the 9eginning of the %hur h. What ha11ened to the&@ we 9elie<e@ &ust ha11en 244

to the entire %hur h 9efore the return of Jesus. The" re ei<ed the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit to gi<e the& 1ower and &a(e li<ing li(e Jesus and doing .is wor(s li(e .e did 1ossi9le. =Then there a11eared to the& di<ided tongues@ as of fire@ and one sat u1on ea h of the&> A* ts 2B3C. We 9elie<e this was the 1urging@ 1urif"ing fire of the .ol" S1irit whi h 9urned the aid selfish@ fleshl"@ arnal nature into nothing 9ut dead ashes@ &a(ing a 1la e for Jesus to ta(e total ontrol of their li<es to li<e in and through the& in .is holiness and 1urit". Peter@ who lo<ed Jesus so &u h@ had Hust denied and ursed .i& 9e ause Peter thought &ore of his own life than he did that of Jesus. 'ut when the fire a&e down on hi&@ Peter!s old self-nature died and he ould trul" sa"@ li(e Paul@ that =4 ha<e 9een ru ified with %hristE it is no longer 4 who li<e@ 9ut %hrist li<es in &e...> A-alatians 2B2,C. Jesus de lared that we were to =Pursue 1ea e with all &en@ and holiness@ without whi h no one will see the Lord> A.e9rews 12B14C. =.us9ands@ lo<e "our wi<es@ Hust as %hrist also lo<ed the hur h and ga<e .i&self for it...that .e &ight 1resent it to .i&self a glorious hur h@ not ha<ing s1ot or wrin(le or an" su h thing@ 9ut that it should 9e hol" and without 9le&ish> A/1hesians $B2$ O 27C. Two things &ust ha11en 9efore the return of JesusB 1. The hur h &ust 9e a hol" hur h Athe 9a1tis& with fireC. 2. The gos1el &ust 9e 1rea hed to e<er" reature on earth 9" ordinar" 9elie<ers doing signs and wonders so the" will ha<e an o11ortunit" to 9elie<e in Jesus. What we ha<e <er" 9riefl" su&&ariGed in this 9oo( is Hust a dro1 of what is a tuall" ha11ening all o<er the world 24$

as .is great ar&" of 9elie<ers are learning that the" an o1erate dail" where<er the" li<e@ wor(@ 1la"@ or e0ist in the su1ernatural 1ower of -od Hust as the earl" %hur h dis i1les did in the ;ew Testa&ent. We 1ra" that as "ou read this 9oo( of %hroni les of this hour "ou will feel the enor&ous &o<e of -od that is ta(ing 1la e 9efore our e"es@ and will a elerate until Jesus! return. We M)ST at h this <ision and 9e o&e an a ti<e 1art so &u h that we 1ut this as the first order of i&1ortan e in our li<es. 4t is not so&ething that an wait. T./ T4M/ 4S ;DW7


by %harles Throughout this 9oo( we ha<e written of great healings and other su1ernatural &ira les. We ha<e &entioned o<er and o<er again the tre&endous &o<e of -od through the hundreds of thousands of 1eo1le o&ing to the .ealing /01losions and rusades 9eing sa<ed and re ei<ing the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit. We ha<e des ri9ed &an" 1eo1le getting out of wheel hairs 9e ause that 1erha1s is the &ost i&1ressi<e &ira le in a .ealing /01losion@ in a hur h ser<i e@ or in a sho11ing &all. Literall" hundreds of thousands@ 1erha1s &illions of &ira les other than wheel hairs 9eing e&1tied o ur through the hands of those dis i1les of toda" who ha<e learned how to dis1ense -od!s wonderful &ira lewor(ing 1ower to heal the si ( in the na&e of Jesus. Jesus said@ =...'ut "ou shall re ei<e 1ower when the .ol" S1irit has o&e u1on "ouE and FD) S.*LL '/ W4T;/SS/S...to the end of the earth> A* ts 1B2C. Peo1le who lo<ed -od and %hrist Jesus during the 1ast 2@,,, "ears &ust ha<e wanted to do &ira les for Jesus. The" Hust did not (now how. When "ou 1ra" re1eatedl" for healing &ira les and the" onl" ha11en on e in awhile@ there is not a onfiden e to ste1 forth and sa" this &ira le will ha11en. 'ut this has 9een 9e ause of the si&1le la ( of (nowledge of how to release -od!s .ol" S1irit 1ower to do the healings. Through this si&1le training tool -od has &ade this understanding o&&on1la e@ and hundreds of thousands are@ or soon will 9e@ doing &ira les dail" where<er the" go. 247

The great healing s hools and .ealing /01losions are si&1l" training grounds and laun hing 1ads to get all 9elie<ers onfident that the" an 1rea h the gos1el@ ast out de<ils@ &inister the 9a1tis& with the .ol" S1irit@ handle the 1owers of dar(ness@ and la" hands on the si ( and heal the& for the glor" of -od in %hrist Jesus to 9e Jesus! witnesses7 *s "ou ha<e li<ed through these &ight" &o<es of -od hroni led in this 9oo( of * ts of toda"@ see "ourself doing the sa&e things others are doing who ha<e learned how to release this &ight" 1ower of -od. Jesus &eant it when .e told all of .is 9elie<ers to 9e Hust li(e .i& and do the sa&e things .e did and e<en greater things. .ow Jesus &ust ha<e loo(ed forward during the 1ast 2@,,, "ears to seeing this &o<e of -od o&e into 9eing all o<er the world7 .ow <er" e0 ited .e &ust 9e right now to see this long awaited age o&e into 9eing7 *nd we are onl" seeing the ti1 of the i e9erg@ the <er" 9eginning of what .e is a9out to 1erfor& through .is host of &ira le-wor(ing 9elie<ers who ha<e aught .is <ision and o&&itted their li<es to do what .e wants done - 8)4%6LF7 *s "ou ha<e read these wonderful &ira les around the world done through the hands of ordinar" 9elie<ers li(e Peter@ Ja&es@ John@ Paul@ Mar"@ 'ill@ Susie and Fran( we 1ra" that "ou will see Jesus ali<e as ne<er 9efore. We 1ra" that "ou will see .is <er" 1ur1ose for gi<ing .is life so 1eo1le all o<er the world will 9elie<e in .i& and 9e sa<ed. We 1ra" that "ou will at h the <ision of .is end-ti&e wra1-u1 1lans to rea h all fi<e 9illion souls on earth toda" 9" .is 9lessed willing 9elie<ers ta(ing .is 1la e to do .is wor(s 9" .is &ira les. We 1ra" that e<er" 1erson who &eets .i& and gi<es his or her life totall" to .i& to 9e .is 9ond ser<ant will 242

9e o&e in realit" .is 9od"@ to 9e li(e .i& in hara ter@ in lo"alt" to .i&@ in willingness to forget the&sel<es and let .i& li<e in and through the& in utter a9andon&ent of desire for earthl" things or earthl" 1leasures. We 1ra" that ea h 9elie<er in Jesus will see learl" and realiGe learl" that Jesus is o&ing <er" soon and that we are to 9e .is hol" %hur h and to 9e the 1owerful@ e0 ited@ =deter&ined-to-win> ar&"@ doing e<en greater things than .e did while .e was on earth in a hu&an 9od" li(e ours. .e is <er" ali<e and <er" real and <er" 1ersonal to ea h of us@ so &u h so that when .e is Lord of all@ nothing else &atters on this earth e0 e1t to let .i& li<e freel" in ea h of us. Ti&e is short and we ha<e a lot of wor( "et to do 9efore .is return. When .e said to us@ =What "ou do@ "ou &ust do Kui (l">@ we heard .is <oi e and are 1ouring e<er" oun e of energ" and e<er" se ond of ti&e into a o&1lishing all .e wants done. .e alread" (nows the e0a t &o&ent .e will return@ and .e will 9e on ti&e@ and e<er"thing .e 1lans to a o&1lish .e will@ and .e will do it 1ri&aril" through .is 9elie<ers. We 1ra" that e<er" 1astor will at h the <ision Jesus had and realiGe and do their res1onsi9ilit" to eKui1 and &ature their 1eo1le for this great@ thrilling wor( of whi h we are 1ri<ileged to 9e a 1art@ to 9e the enter of@ to ha<e the res1onsi9ilit" for. We 1ra" that the fo us@ the 1ur1ose for e0isting@ the total reason for 9eing a hur h or a %hristian@ will 9e to rea h e<er" reature@ e<er" 1erson an"where we an with the gos1el of Jesus. *ll 1rogra&s of e<er" hur h &ust su11ort the 1ur1ose of our e0isten e - to win 1eo1le to &esus and to &a(e the& into &ira le-wor(ing dis i1les.


To 9e a Sunda" s hool tea her and not a soul-winner and not a dis i1le is 1ur1oseless. To 9e on the 9oard of /lders@ :ea ons or Trustees has no &eaning unless e<er" fun tion is a united 1ur1ose to do the wor(s of Jesus in order that so&e &a" (now .i&. /<er" "outh wor(er@ e<er" hildren!s wor(er@ e<er" adult wor(er &ust ha<e as their enter 1ur1ose to &a(e their 1eo1le@ "oung or old@ into ali<e witnessing dis i1les who will 1rodu e fruit for Jesus. *ll other 1ur1oses are fruitless@ "et ne essar"@ unless their 1ur1ose and fo us is on 1re1aring 1eo1le to do the wor(s of Jesus Kui (l". The <er" heart r" of -od and Jesus &ust 9e what is ha11ening on earth through 9elie<ers toda". The <er" heart r" of ea h of us 9elie<ers should 9e to &o<e with utter&ost sin erit" and haste to 1erfor& all Jesus assigned to us. The world is so <er" lost@ and we 9elie<e the" ha<e 9een 1re1ared 9" the .ol" S1irit to sear h for Jesus@ 9ut the" don!t (now where to find .i&. With great dis1at h we &ust 1rodu e hosts of &ira le-wor(ing dis i1les to rea h the& Kui (l". What the earl" dis i1les did@ we &ust hasten and enlarge and &o<e with greater 1ower than e<en the" did. -od said@ =For the earth will 9e filled with the (nowledge of the glor" of the Lord@ as the waters o<er the sea> A.a9a((u( 2B14C. That is what is ha11ening right now. This (nowledge of the glor" of -od is rising u1 in 1eo1le to glorif" -od 9" doing what Jesus o&&anded. When we see what .e has a o&1lished in Hust these short "ears whi h are the 9eginning of the end 9efore the return of Jesus@ we stand in awe of .is greatness and swiftness. When in a9out three wee(s we saw 1ossi9l" a Kuarter of a &illion 1eo1le re ei<e the 9a1tis& with the 2$,

.ol" S1irit and s1ea( in other tongues as the S1irit ga<e the utteran e@ we (now the earth is 9eing o<ered with .is glor" Kui (l". When we see tens or 1ossi9l" hundreds of thousands of ordinar" 9elie<ers at hing the <ision of Jesus to har<est the world for .is return@ we (now .e is o&ing soon. When we see great &ultitudes 9eing healed and not Hust one e<angelist doing the &inistering of healing@ 9ut Jesus! 9od" doing it li(e .e foretold@ we (now the earth is 9eing o<ered with the glor" of -od. %at h this <ision7 * lot of 1eo1le were aught u1 in the great &o<e of -od on *Gusa Street at the 9eginning of this entur". Most 1eo1le &issed it. This &ira le e<angeliGation 9" ordinar" 9elie<ers 9eing witnesses with 1ower where<er the" go dail" is the other end of *Gusa Street. So&e will get aught u1 in the &o<e of -od. So&e will not. Those who do will 9e li(e the &an who 9uilt his house on a ro ( and it stood through the stor&s. Those who &iss 9eing doers of .is Word will 9e li(e the &an who 9uilt his house on sand and it fell when the stor& a&e. We ha<e a hoi e7 Fou ha<e this hoi e7 4t won!t 9e long 9efore the return of Jesus and we &ust 9e o&e that great ar&" of witnesses to gather in this great har<est of souls 9efore Jesus arri<es7 What &ore an we sa" than =L/T!S -/T T./ JD' :D;/ FD3 J/S)S ;DW7>


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