Service Information AE 485 S -- 17.11.

2006 New RoHS conform production series October 2006
1. Problem: Mic plug is not full compatible to the well known 6 pin Albrecht Standard. Replacement microphones connected to AE 485 S may produce permanent 1750 Hz tone call transmissions in FM. Cause: Pin 2 is connected to tone call switch 1750 Hz, where other microphones have PTT-RX contact. Behind front panel there is jumper resistor 0 Ohms, R 461, which is connected to tone call. Modification: If You do not need the tone call 1750 Hz (necessary only for certain german repeaters in the 10 m Band) , you may delete R 461, or more simple, disconnect PIN 2 from the replacement microphone 2. Problem: Too low FM modulation frequency response at low (bass) frequencies: If the FM modulation should sound too high , you can equalize the audio frequency response curve by increasing two capacitor values. C 702 (680 pF) to 820 pF and C 709 to 0.47-1µF on the additional FM board

Modification: it is more convenient to increase simply the values by adding parallel capacitors instead of replacing the indicated. C 709 can be increased by adding 0.47 to 1 µF parallel to existing C 709.

The photo shows how to add additional capacitors:

After modification please check the FM peak deviation and adjust at 1250 Hz modulation frequency to 2 to 2.5 kHz deviation, depending on the repeater networks you may use. Alan modifies all units shipped from end of November 2006. Please note that all Amateur radios are only shipped from our side with the 2829.7 MHz 10 m Amateur band. The jumper on the band selection subboard is in position CON 1. On the attached description (next page) you see the other jumper settings. For Amateur + 454 CH use, the jumper must be switched to CON 2 position.

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AE 485 S Conversion Board / Programmierplatine
MODE Only/ Nur 10m 10m + 454 CH Only/ Nur 454 CH Only/ Nur 40 CH CON1 yes/ ja CON2 yes/ ja CON3 yes/ ja CON4 yes / ja REMARKS / Bemerkungen Step FUNC enable /ein Amateurband-Start/ step FUNC enable (ein) Step FUNC enable/ ein Step FUNC disable/ aus

REMARKS / Bemerkungen: Black / schwarz Red / rot: Some countries may only allow CON 1 jumper (restricted to 10 m Amateur Band) Default setting AE 485 S for Amateur Radio in Germany/ entspricht Lieferzustand AE 485 S in Deutschland Setting for CB 40 channels only- not allowed for AE 485 S nur 454 CH Mode / nur 454 Kanalmode open / offen (Brücke nicht vorhanden bzw. entfernt) install mini jumper / Mini Steckbrücke eingesteckt

Green / grün: Blue/blau Yes/Ja:

Positions CON1 - CON3 only for licensed amateur radio operators allowed / CON 1 bis CON 3 nur für lizenzierte Funkamateure im Rahmen ihrer Lizenzbestimmungen erlaubt-

Mini Jumper Steckbrücke


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