Case Study

Thinking your way to a better job.
Group 5 – Section D
12P205 – Karthik K Baradhwaj 12P206 – Kartik Maheshwari 12P207 – Kaushik Mukherjee 12P208 – Kawaljeet Singh 12P209 – Kumar Abhinav 12P210 – Love Kumar

. Good employment engagement activities by organization. Adequately recognized for the efforts put in. Having made several mistakes and facing hardships.  Job       Being part of a very helpful team led by a very cooperative manager.  Life     After pondering on these points. Being a part of a loving and caring family. yes. Given adequate opportunities for skill enhancement.Short list of things we are grateful for. Workplace which encouraged open communication. thereby developing survival skills. Opportunity to make onsite trips. Being imbibed with good values and culture. we do feel a little upbeat about our life and past jobs.

Do you think repeating this exercise for a week will make a long lasting difference in how you feel towards your job and life?  We have started with the exercise and the results will be out after the week. .

Hundred of E-Mails.Case Study Long hours. and no sleep: Does this sound like a Satisfying Job? .

but the characteristics of the job also play an important role in deciding satisfaction of the employee. Control Sense of Purpose. would be very satisfying but for some it would be a nightmare. we do feel that only certain individuals are attracted to these types of jobs. For some.     Each individual has a different expectation from his/her job. or is it the characteristics of the jobs themselves that are satisfying?  Job satisfaction is a result of a combination of various factors such as:     Colleagues Interaction with co-workers outside of work place. Variety. for these kind of jobs an affectively committed employee will be best suited. the prospect of working long hours. Jobs that provide Training. Even personality of an individual will play an important role in deciding his/her job satisfaction. Independence. networking etc. Also. .Do you think only certain individuals are attracted to these types of jobs. Summarizing.

. Psychological Empowerment. The feel good factor of having done the job to once best ability. The opportunity to network with people across the globe. Perceived organizational support.What characteristics of these jobs might contribute to increased levels of job satisfaction?      Sense of purpose.

citizenship behavior and turnover?     Better Job Performance. Lower Turnover. Better Citizenship Behavior. .How might satisfaction relate to job performance. Lower Workplace Deviance.

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