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Capilano Honey Limited | AUSTRALIAN PACKAGING COVENANT action plan

Capilano is committed to operating sustainably and in an environmentally responsible way. The goals set as part of the APC and the work required to achieve them forms a integral part of the companys continuous improvement activities. Our customers and consumers recognise the importance of optimising packaging to achieve the best sustainable and environmentally friendly outcomes and Capilano is happy to commit resources to improving the outcomes.

Capilano !oney is the market leader of honey in Australia packing premium quality honey produced by Australian beekeepers. Our company heritage spans over "" years and generations of Australians have grown up with our trusted brand and quality honey.
Capilano !oney was founded by apiarist #.C. $Tim% &mith '() and his brother !.A. $(ert% &mith in *+", who began the business by packing and selling their Capilano brand of honey to grocery stores around (risbane -ueensland Australia.

The name .Capilano has a nostalgic connection. /t means .rushing water in the language of the native American /ndian tribe the &quamish who occupied the Capilano district near 0ancouver in Canada. /t was here that Tim &mith met his wife #ill while stationed in Canada as a 1AA2 flying instructor in 3orld 3ar //. /n *+"4 the business was known as Capilano Apiaries Pty 5imited. /nterstate e6pansion and development of e6port followed as the company prospered leading to the establishment of a packing plant and distribution centre at &t. 'arys near &ydney in *+47 followed by another in 'aryborough 0ictoria in *+89. /n *+8: the company became an unlisted public company and in *+89 changed its name to the !oney Corporation of Australia 5imited. /n *++" it adopted the name Capilano !oney 5imited in recognition of the wide appreciation of the Capilano trademark and brand throughout Australia and overseas. Capilano is now one of the largest honey packers in the world with a capacity to process and pack over 9" ::: tonnes of honey per year. Capilano is a (rand owner and has contracted and non;contracted beekeepers that supply the company. Capilanos turnover differs annually based on seasonal variation in honey production and the associated e6port markets engaged in however turnover is likely to be in the vicinity of <":;8: million. The honey volumes packed by Capilano also varies as described above and is likely to be around *: ::: tonnes. !oney is packed into bulk ,::kg drums and *"::kg pallecons or /(Cs and retail products such as plastic P)T =ars P)T bottles pails and !andipaks. Capilano manufacturers packaging $P)T bottles>=ars% internally and also purchases packaging to market its honey products.

(rands owned by the company are shown on the title page.


Capilano uses a wide range of packaging materials and formats to deliver honey to our consumers. These include?

Bottles & Jars

Closur es

Outer Packaing (shipper)

P)T =ars @ bottles !AP) (ottles

'etal closures !AP) Plastic 5ids

2ibre carton wrap 2ibre carton perforated

P) Pails

PP 2lip top lids with valve !AP) Twist @ &queeBe


2ibre carton tray @ 5AP)

shrink wrap P) Pail 5id

Capilano Honey Limited | AUSTRALIAN PACKAGING COVENANT action plan


Dr Ben McKee Deneral 'anager E Operations $ph% $)mail% $Address% :8 ,8*C 7C7C au PO (o6 ",* /nala -5A 9:88


The Capilano Covenant 'anagement Team is as follows?

Quality Manager

Operations Manager

Supply Chain Manager

Sales Direc tor


The schedule for review of packaging is as follows?


Review Timetable


Review Timetable

P)T =ars @ bottles !AP) (ottles P) Pails 2ibre carton wrap 2ibre carton perforated wrap

Gov. C:** Gov. C:** Gov. C:** Gov. C:** Gov. C:**

'etal closures !AP) Plastic 5ids PP 2lip top lids with valve !AP) Twist @ &queeBe

Gov. C:** Gov. C:** Gov. C:** Gov. C:**

2ibre carton tray @ 5AP) shrink wrap

Gov. C:**

P) Pail 5id

Gov. C:**

Capilano Honey Limited | AUSTRALIAN PACKAGING COVENANT action plan



Covenant performance goals and KP&s ctions !esponsi"ilit # Baseline data $arget or performance goal Goal 1. Design optimise packaging to achieve resource efficiency and reduce environmental impact without compromising product quality and safety KP& ' *. Hpdate GPA procedures to include review of &PDs as a Review Sustainable Packaging gated process in Product Guidelines (SPG) and integrate Aevelopment work. C . 1eview Completed for *::I of 1eview e6isting packaging packaging against &ustainable Packaging Duidelines. , . 'ar. C:*C #ane &mollet 5isa Dowans To be re;started from a Bero baseline Procedure updated documented @ implemented. Gov. C:** $imeline% milestones

/mplement new casepacking equipment to facilitate tray packing of retail products on

(en 'cJee 5isa Dowans

Gew Pro=ect

1eview Packaging 2ormats for reduced material usage and deliver designs

Gov. C:**

)quipment /nstalled @ product being both production lines packed for *::I of products 9 . Convert outer shipper packaging to tray format to optimise packaging utilising new casepacking equipment Aec. C:**

" .

/nvestigate opportunities to

5isa Dowans

Gew Pro=ect

/mprove recycled content where

2eb. C:*C

increase recycled content of P)T containers moulded on; site


Goal 2. Recycling the efficient collection and recycling of packaging KP& (a 1eview on;site recovery systems are in place and working effectively for recycling used packaging * .

Aemonstrate on;site recovery systems are in place

#ane &mollet

3aste 'anagement Control Procedure

1eview e6isting recovery systems @ opportunities to implement new systems to reduce landfill requirements.

2eb. C:*C

C .

1eview utilisation of e6isting systems

#ane &mollet

Gew Pro=ect /mprove waste diversion from land fill 'ar C:*C

Capilano Honey Limited | AUSTRALIAN PACKAGING COVENANT action plan , .

/dentify areas for improvement or implementation

#ane &mollet

Gew Pro=ect

Gew Procedures @ systems in place Audit compliance

Apr C:*C

9 . * .

)nsure adequate staff training

#ane &mollet

Gew Pro=ect

Conduct training &taff Operating Procedures in Place 1eview all products sold @ request artwork upgrade

'ay C:*C

KP& (" Product 1ecycling /nformation

Audit the adequacy of environmental labelling information on Capilano products and make improvements

#ane &mollet 5isa Dowans

Gew Pro=ect

#un. C:*C

KP& ) Aevelop @ implement a .(uy 1ecycled policy.

* .

3rite and implement Policy

#ane &mollet

Gew Policy

Compliance for all new products @ #un. C:*C tenders

5isa Dowans C .

KP& * 1eview Office compliance and abilities to access on;site recycling

1eview office utilisation and compliance to recovery systems

#ane &mollet

Gew Audit

/mprove compliance and reduce Aug. C:*, diversion to landfill of recyclable

recovery systems.


Goal 3. roduct stewardship a demonstrated commitment to product stewardship !y the supply chain and other signatories KP& + /mprove supplier partnerships and implement formal processes for working with others to improve design @ recycling of packaging * .

/nvestigate better .take;back relationships to improve packaging utilisation

5isa Dowans

Gew Audit

/dentify improvements and report on improvements achieved

#an. C:*C

C .

5isa Dowans /nclude in Tender contracts the

Gew /nitiative

Hpdate documentation for *::I of tender documents

#an. C:*C

management of packaging waste to ensure the best utilisation of recovery systems or collection or re;use KP& , /ncrease importance of APC principles * . /nclude in Tender and packaging approved supplier information @ questionnaires whether partners have suppliers implemented APC or similar so that better partnerships for sustainability and optimal packaging utilisation can be achieved using common goals * . Advise customers and suppliers of our (uy 1ecycled Policy and ask them if they are current signatories. 5isa Dowans Gew Pro=ect Hpdate documentation for *::I of tender documents /nclude in assessment of approved Aec. C:*C

KP& - 1eduction in the number of packaging items in litter

On;site /mprovements

#ane &mollet

Gew Pro=ect

/mprove diversion to landfill /ncrease on;site recycling capabilities )nsure adequate training of staff

#un. C:*C

Capilano Honey Limited | AUSTRALIAN PACKAGING COVENANT action plan

Audit compliance C . , . (etter 5abelling to increase recycling Consumers labelling #ane &mollet Gew 1eview @ audit education of Capilano consumers 1eview &PDs and implement opportunities appropriate 5isa Dowans #ane &mollet Gew Pro=ect /mprove Products @ re;design where #un. C:*C Gov. C:**

9 .

Gew equipment 1e;design current wrap carton of retail products and implement products with less material usage 5isa Dowans installed products for distribution with less materials (en 'cJee /mproved capability to pack retail Gov. C:**

Kours sincerely Capilano .one# /imited

Ar (en 'cJee Deneral 'anager ; Operations

Capilano Honey Limited | AUSTRALIAN PACKAGING COVENANT action plan