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5 Big Questions

In life unlike any other creature humans constantly ask the 5 big questions. Questions that are repeatedly asked in every culture, in every country, in every generation. 1. Who am I? ften throughout life !e fail to effectively ans!er this question. We spend our lives imitating others. We buy the latest fashions, !e imitate other peoples mannerisms !e cut and dye our hair in a manner that does not even suit us, so that in the end !e become another person. We no longer kno!, if !e ever did, !ho !e are. If you are constantly seeking validation from other people about !ho you are you !ill never be free from them. "heir opinion of you !ill be a noose around your neck that !ill stop you from ever really being you. #any of us are still !ounded by things that people said about us in primary school. Why is it that !e still live by our $ rd grade teachers opinion of us, either good or bad. nce you understand !ho you are you !ill be free of those !ounds. %. Where am I from? In order to understand !ho you are you need to understand !here you are from. &cience !ould have us believe that !e are accidents. 'ma(ing, improbable accidents, but accidents nonetheless. "he bible tells us that )od*s first statement is let us make humans in our image to rule. When )od finished making us )od the bible says )od sa! and it !as good, not +ust a part of it !as good but all of it. ,ou are made in the image of )od. "his is not a physical image but the !ord has connotation of a moral image. )od is a loving, compassionate, creative leader. ,ou !ere made in this image. ,ou !ere not an accident, you !ere intentionally and purposefully. ,ou are a product of heaven, higher than the angels, )od*s greatest creation. "his brings us to the $rd question. $. Why am I here? -nless !e truly understand this !e !ill go through school, get a +ob, marry kids, buy a house and die. .ife !ill be aimless and busy and likely your life !ill be !ith out effect. When )od created humans they !ere designed to lead. Then God said, Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground. /ot everyone can be the 0rime #inister but nobody can do everything. 1verybody has a gift. ' gift that they e2press like nobody else. When you discover, develop and begin to use your gift effectively others !ill naturally turn to you for leadership in that area. 1ach of us is unique and has a gift like no one else. ,ou not only have a responsibility but a right to be all you can be. ,ou !ere born to lead in the area of your gift. When you e2press that people !ill begin to look to you. ,ou don*t have to learn this gift. 3irds don*t need to learn to fly and fish don*t need to learn to s!im. "he tree is built into the seed. ,our gift is in you. ,our future is in you !aiting to be e2pressed. 'll you need to do is discover it and nurture it and then e2press it. 4ailure to do so is to fail the !orld. ,ou !ill be the one bit of the +igsa! that is missing. /o other bits can fit in that space to do the +ob. "he picture is not complete !ithout it. "he !orld is not complete !ithout your gift.

5. What 6an I do? 789 of us are living far belo! our human ability. What !e think is !onderful and ama(ing is likely no!here near !hat !e are capable of. 3ecoming all you !ere born to be begins !ith valuing yourself. ,ou value yourself !hen you see yourself in the light of 6hrist. ,ou need to accept 5 things to assist you to value you. '. ,ou !ere born to solve a problem. 1verything )od created !as created to perform a function. 1ven maggots !ere created to solve a problem. What makes you think that you !ouldn*t have a place and a purpose. 3. ,ou are )od*s response to a need that has been created. ,ou didn*t come to earth to be born, go to school, get a +ob, have kids, buy a house and die. ,ou !ere sent here for a purpose. 6. ,ou are the ans!er to a question that !ill be asked in your generation. ' need !ill arise in your generation that can best be ans!ered by you. :. ,ou are the fulfilment of one of )od*s desires. )od !anted to accomplish something that required you. )od !ants to touch lives in a unique !ay that only you can do. ,ou hate doing !hat you are doing because you don*t understand your purpose or you are not fulfilling your purpose. When you do !hat you are meant to be doing it*s like a bird flying, it*s a freeing, e2hilarating e2perience. It !ill energise you. 1. ,ou are necessary. "he !orld needs you. ,ou seek to become a person of value. ,our value is in your gift. ,ou have !ithin you the seed of greatness. ,ou are sitting on an e2plosion of talent. 4. ,ou need to develop your gift a. ,ou must refine and develop your gift by i. reading books on it ii. going to seminars on it iii. associating !ith others !ho are like you b. "hen serve it to the !orld by first giving it a!ay for free 0eople !ill eventually come to you . 5. Where am I going? "his question is the source of most frustration. #any of us are going fast to a place that they do not !ant to go to, to do stuff that you don*t !ant to do. "his life is but a blink in eternity. ,ou !ere destined for heaven. ,ou are a spiritual being locked for a time in a body. :on*t !aste your time on this +ourney getting off at stops that you are not destined for, that fall short of your calling. Inside you have the spirit that tells you that !hat you are doing is !hat you should or should not be doing. If you are not sure act in love.