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Vietnam Carrier Ops

IMPORTANT: We recommend you print and read this file as it contains essential information about the WWII Carrier Ops program and aircraft
Than! you for purchasing and installing Vietnam Carrier Ops Vietnam Carrier Ops is an e"pansion pac! for Microsoft#s $light %&&' Microsoft#s $light (imulator %&&' M)(T be installed on you computer for Vietnam Carrier Ops to *or!

Topics in this ReadMe file: Aircraft information Ad+anced Animations Weapon ,ffects AI Traffic Ad+anced Info (cenery Information -ocating the Carrier Installing the (cenery Installing the (cenery Manually Pre.(a+ed $lights ArrestorCables /ArrCab0 ( 1uide Troubleshooting and (upport Troubleshooting ArrCab Credits

Aircraft Information
There are 2 ne* aircraft included *ith Vietnam Carrier Ops These aircraft can be flo*n any*here in your $light (imulator ,ach aircraft has opening doors or canopies3 some ha+e secondary e"ist or cargo doors accessed *ith the (4I$T 5 ,3 then pressing the number % at the top of the !eyboard To select them3 set the Aircraft Manufacturer to Abacus Vietnam Carrier Ops3 and then select the desired

model as listed belo* 6e sure to chec! the 7ariation list as *ell Many of these aircraft ha+e multiple +ersions A-4 Skyhawk A-6 Intruder A-7E Corsair II -4 !hantom -" Crusader

Ad#anced Animations
,ach aircraft in Vietnam Carrier Ops has ad+anced animation that includes a canopy that opens and closes The canopy is opened and closed using the (4I$T 5 , In other *ords3 hold do*n the (4I$T !ey3 and then tap the , !ey on the !eyboard and release 8ou *ill see the canopy open Most aircraft aboard an aircraft carrier ha+e *ings that fold up in order to sa+e room on the dec! of the carrier This allo*s more aircraft to be stored on the carrier itself In order to fold the *ings3 you ha+e set up a !ey.sto!e assignment in $light (im This can be done from the opening screen by clic!ing Settin$s3 then clic!ing the Assi$nments button (croll through the list of assignments all the *ay to the bottom 4ere you *ill see: %in$ fo&d'unfo&d (elect the line labeled 9Wing fold:unfold9 by clic!ing it once3 then clic! Chan$e Assi$nment button No* enter the !ey or combination of !eys you *ant to use to fold and unfold the *ings We recommend using S(I ) and One the Change Assignment Windo*3 press and hold the S(I ) !ey3 then tap the !ey and release all When the bo" reads S(I ) * 3 clic! O;3 and then O; again to set the ne* assignment

%eapon Effects
,ach of the Vietnam Carrier Ops planes is e<uipped *ith a custom set of *eapon effects These effects are tied to the $light (im=s smo!e system and are acti+ated by pressing the letter 9I9 on your !eyboard The *eapon effects are only +isual effects They *ill not cause damage to any other ob>ects in $light (im3 although they do ma!e a nice e"plosion *hen they hit 8ou cannot blo* yourself up3 shoot do*n other planes or destroy buildings or ships *ith them If you are interested3 you can ad>ust the Control Assignments in $light (im to ha+e the trigger on your >oystic! acti+ate the smo!e system This *ill allo* you to s<uee?e the trigger to fire the guns3 drop bombs or drop chaff

$rom the opening screen of $light (im3 clic! on Settin$s3 and then clic! the Assi$nments button (croll do*n and clic! on the line labeled Smoke System On'Off No* clic! the Chan$e Assi$nment button This *ill as! you for the ne* assignment At this time3 clic! the button on your >oystic! that you *ant to use to acti+ate the *eapons Chec! your entry on the screen and clic! O; 6y default3 the trigger /button @0 on your >oystic! is usually set to acti+ate the 6ra!e If you change the assignment3 the trigger *ill no longer acti+ate the bra!e A but *ill fire the guns for these planes These effects *ere created especially for use in Vietnam Carrier Ops by 1rant 6o+ee

AI )raffic
AI traffic is a+ailable to those *ho are interested in seeing aircraft ta!e off and land on the )(( C7.B ,nterprise in $(%&&' The AI Traffic itself is a feature of $(%&&' and is acti+ated in one of t*o *ays: @0 $rom the opening screen3 clic! the Settin$s option Clic! the )raffic button on the follo*ing screen @0 $rom *ithin $light (im3 press the A+) !ey and open the Options , )raffic- menu

Clic! the Air&ine option3 then use the slider to determine the amount of AI Traffic you *ant to ha+e The higher the AI traffic setting3 the more AI traffic you *ill ha+e3 but you may also notice a drop in your frame.rate 8ou *ill *ant to e"periment to see ho* much AI Traffic you *ant

Ad#anced Info

Included *ith the scenery are B scenery files /61- files0 for AI traffic ,ach 61- file is for each of the Vietnam Carrier Ops planes Assuming e+erything is installed correctly3 there *ill be C of these aircraft 61- files acti+e by default A the A.B3 A.'3 a (o+iet T).D2 8ou can choose to acti+ate the other files /A.E3 $.' and $.F0 if you li!e3 but the planes *ill typically not be able to land on the dec! and *ill get *ai+ed off *hen more than % files are =acti+e= If you bro*se to the $light (im=s G(ceneryG7ietnamCOG(cenery folder3 you *ill see the follo*ing files: HH@ 7CO AB TN1 Traffic bgl HH% 7CO AE TN1 Traffic ba! HHC 7CO $' TN1 Traffic ba! HH' 7CO $F TN1 Traffic ba! HH2 7CO A' TN1 Traffic bgl HHB 7CO T)D2 TN1 Traffic bgl As you may !no*3 all scenery files ha+e to ha+e an e"tension of 61- for $light (im to load them The AE3 $' and $.F files abo+e ha+e an e"tension of 61I To acti+ate them you *ill need to rename the 61I e"tension to 61- To rename a file3 RI14T.clic! it one time and left.clic! rename from the pop. up menu3 then edit the file name If you *ant to deacti+ate one of the current planes3 you can change the 61- e"tension to 61I for e"ample Again3 $light (im *or!s best *ith % or less acti+ated More

than % and the planes *ill land3 but not stop on the dec! To do a true touch and go3 stic! *ith % or less of these 61- files Than!s for Robert A 6aum for his help *ith con+erting the Vietnam Carrier Ops aircraft to AI aircraft and for the AI traffic scenery files

Scenery Information
+ocatin$ the Carrier
Included *ith the Vietnam Carrier Ops is the )(( Constellation located off the Coast of 7ietnam in the (outh China (ea To access the scenery bases3 use the Create A $light from the $light (im=s opening screen and clic! the button labeled 9Change9 under (elected -ocation 8ou can also open the %or&d , .o )o Airport menu from *ithin the $light (im In the Airport Name bo"3 type in:

/SS Conste&&ation 0CV1642

8ou can enter the IJ of CV64 into the Airport IJ field also

Insta&&in$ the Scenery

The scenery is normally installed at the end of the installation If you do not recall setting up the scenery3 or the carrier is not a+ailable in $light (im3 you *ill need to run the Scenery Setup located in the (tart K Programs K Abacus (oft*are K 7ietnam Carrier Ops menu This program *ill automatically install the scenery into $(%&&' (imply follo* the instructions on screen to add the scenery

Installing the (cenery Manually

If the (cenery (etup fails or you are unable to install the scenery3 you can add the scenery to the $light (im manually by opening $light (im and using the (cenery -ibrary 4ere=s a to follo* if you ha+e to add the scenery manually: 1O)E3 On&y use these instructions if you are S/4E the scenery is 1O) in &i$ht Sim5 @ Ma!e sure you that you ha+e the Vietnam Carrier Ops aircraft by opening $( and changing the aircraft on the Create A $light screen (et the Aircraft Manufacturer to Abacus Vietnam Carrier Ops If so JO ha+e the aircraft3 proceed to step % /If you do NOT have the aircraft, then you have not installed Vietnam Carrier Ops correctly. Uninstall using the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel and re install Vietnam Carrier Ops to the main !light "im folder.# $rom the opening screen of the $light (im3 clic! (ettings option on the left $If !light "im automatically
%uts you into the sim, %ress &sca%e $&"C# and choose &nd !light, then enter the "ettings#

@ % C ' 2 B E F

Clic! the (cenery -ibrary button Clic! the Add button NOT&' If you see Vietnam Carrier Ops listed, the scenery IS installed and you should
cancel (ac) to !".

In the (elect (cenery Jirectory *indo*3 double.clic! the (C,N,R8 folder 8ou may need to scroll to the right to see it (ingle.clic! the LVietnamCO# folder 6e sure M)se The (cenery JirectlyN is chec!ed and clic! O; 8ou#ll return to the (cenery -ibrary *indo* Clic! O! In order for $(%&&' to recogni?e the ne* scenery3 you must Close $light (im and open it again $(%&&' *ill build a ne* database for the scenery *hile restarting

!re-Sa#ed &i$hts
Included *ith Vietnam Carrier Ops are a series of flights to help you get started <uic!ly 8ou=ll find each aircraft has flight starting at the Catapult ready to launch3 and lined up a fe* miles behind the carrier coming in for a landing To access these flights3 either choose Se&ect a &i$ht from the opening screen3 or open the &i$hts , Se&ect A &i$ht menu from *ithin $light (im Choose the category titled Abacus Vietnam Carrier Ops $rom there3 choose the desired flight in the list of a+ailable flights

Arrestor Cab&es 0ArrCab2

ArrestorCables /ArrCab0 is an ama?ing utility created by Richard 4ogen that uses the $()IPC J-- 6oth the $()IPC J-- and ArrCab are installed *ith Vietnam Carrier Ops ArrCab simulates an aircraft carrier#s

arrestor cables Ltrapping# system3 *hich *ill stop your aircraft on the dec! of the carrier ArrCab also allo*s any fi"ed.*ing3 tricycle gear aircraft to be launched from the aircraft carrier by simulating the catapult ArrCab *ill not launch tail.dragger aircraft from the catapult 8ou *ill *ant to start ArrCab before you open $light (im by double.clic!ing the ArrCab S6774 icon on the Jes!top This *ill open a *indo* that *ill tell you the status of $light (im and ArrCab Once ArrCab is open3 start $light (im 6e sure to lea+e ArrCab running Once $light (im is running3 ArrCab *ill Lfind# the connection to $light (im through the $()IPC J-- When you are on the carrier and in position to launch3 press (4I$T 5 $D Press the (4I$T !ey as if you are typing a capital letter3 then press $D 8ou must press both of these !eys at the same time /4old (hift3 then press $D3 then release both0 This *ill arm the catapult Once armed3 apply full throttle and release the par!ing bra!e and you#ll hear the catapult thro* you off the dec! To land3 you *ill not need to press any special !eys (imply come in for a regular landing and *hen the plane ma!es contact on the cables3 you hear the Lclun!# and come to a stop <uic!ly If you made a good landing but you do not come to a stop3 you#ll need to fly around for another attempt If your find you ha+e a conflict *ith the !eystro!es used by ArrCab3 you can access the ArrCab program *hile in $light (im by pressing A-T 5 TA6 This *ill s*itch you to the ArrCab program 4ere you can set ArrCab to use CTR- 5 (4I$T instead of >ust (4I$T for all !eystro!es $or ad+anced users3 you can also add the catapult launch and cable.trapping feature to any airport in $light (imO If you#d li!e to catapult launch off your fa+orite run*ay3 you can open Start , !ro$rams , Vietnam Carrier Ops , ArrCab , 8ake a Cab&e Catch 9one 0re:uires E;ce&2 This is a spreadsheet that allo*s you to enter ne* cable.catch ?ones /the catapult feature is based on the catch.?one location0 The spreadsheet re<uires ,"cel from Microsoft These ne* ?ones are stored in a file called ArrestorCab&es5dat3 *hich is located in the same folder as the ArrestorCables program 8ou can also edit the ArrestorCables dat file by opening it *ith Wordpad and simply adding ne* entries We recommend you +ie* the Start , !ro$rams , Vietnam Carrier Ops , ArrCab , ArrCab <ocumentation for more information on adding ne* cable.catch ?ones

4ere is a guide to using Vietnam Carrier Ops This guide *ill assume you ha+e the program installed into $light (im and the scenery installed and *or!ing in $light (im @ Jouble.clic! the ArrCab S6774 icon on the Jes!top % Open $light (im either from the icon on your Jes!top or through the (tart K ProgramsP menu C $rom the main screen3 clic! the M(elect A $lightN option3 or open the $lights K (elect A $light menu ' Choose Vietnam Carrier Ops from the MChoose a CategoryN list 2 (elect the desired flight from the MChoose A $lightN list B Clic! O; E If you choose a Llaunching# situation3 you#ll be placed on the catapult Press (4I$T 5 $D to arm the Catapult If you choose a Llanding# situation3 you#ll be ready /or nearly ready0 to land No !eystro!es re<uired to land F Apply ta! flap setting D Apply full throttle @& Release the Par!ing 6ra!e /press period0

)roub&eshootin$ and Support

;eep posted to www5abacuspub5com for the latest info on Vietnam Carrier Ops including any updates that may be released 4ere you can access the $re<uently As!ed Questions /$AQs0 by clic!ing the Product (upport button in the lo*er left corner of the home page 6efore contacting technical support *ith a problem3 be sure you ha+e done the follo*ing: &R @R %R CR $ollo*ed the Install 1uide completely Read the ReadMe file completely 4a+e chec!ed the *ebsite for any updates 4a+e do*nloaded and installed any updates

When contacting technical support3 be sure to include the follo*ing information: 'R 2R BR ER FR DR 8our +ersion of Microsoft#s $light (imulator Operating (ystem /Windo* D23 DF3 M,3 %&&&3 IP /note and (er+ice Pac!s3 if any that are installed0 The e"act name of the product /Vietnam Carrier Ops0 Registration:(erial number /found on the registration card0 Report any and all error messages reported or report the problem you are ha+ing by pro+iding a If it is a +isual problem3 describe the screen *ith as much detail as you can

Please do not send attachments unless permission is granted ahead of time If screen.shots are re<uired3 please !eep them as small as possible /@&&;6 or less0 in SP1 format If your problem has not been addressed3 or if you *ould li!e to send any comments on Vietnam Carrier Ops3 send an e.mail to tech>abacuspub5com and our support team *ill respond as soon as possible

)roub&eshootin$ ArrestorCab&es 0ArrCab2

ArrCab is monitoring the $light (imulator en+ironment and *hen the conditions in $light (im are correct3 ArrCab >umps into actionO When the conditions are not met3 ArrCab *ill appear to be failing 4ere are a fe* tips to be sure the $( en+ironment is setup for using ArrCab Situation ?@3 +aunchin$ 8ou find your aircraft is not being launched off the dec!3 but rather it ta"is for*ard and drops off the end of the carrier Reason: The full throttle re<uirement *as not met The ArrCab re<uires about a DFT throttle setting in order to launch Anything less than DFT and it *on=t register a launch situation (olution: Recalibrate the throttle 8ou can test this theory by setting up the launch situation again /par!ing bra!e on3 (4I$T 5 $D to arm catapult0 No* disable the >oystic! using the Options K Controls menu With the >oystic! disabled3 press the $' !ey to set full throttle This *ill guarantee @&&T full throttle No* release the par!ing bra!e and you should launch Tips: When re.calibrating the throttle /using the Options K Controls K Calibrate Soystic! menu03 start *ith the throttle at &T or all the *ay do*n When as!ed to set the range of motion for the throttle don=t mo+e the throttle all the *ay up *hen as!ed to set the range of motion Only mo+e the throttle up about D& to D2T of the *ay This *ay $( *ill thin! your throttle is @&&T *hen your throttle D2T of the *ay up Mo+ing it up the rest of the *ay *ill still register @&&T

Situation ?63 Armin$ the Cat Pressing (hift and $D is not gi+ing you the Catapult Armed message across the screen Reason A: ArrCab is not running Reason 6: The Par!ing 6ra!e is not set Reason C: (4I$T 5 $D not pressed correctly Reason J: 8ou are not near a cable.catch ?one (olution A: 6e sure you ha+e the ArrCab program running in the bac!ground There is an icon for the ArrCab on your des!top 6e sure you open this program and lea+e it running3 then open the $light (im o+er top of it (olution 6: The par!ing bra!e is set by pressing Control !ey and the Period !ey at the same time 4old the CTR- !ey do*n and then tap the period / 0 !ey3 then release the CTR- !ey When set3 you *ill recei+e a message saying 9PAR;IN1 6RA;, . Press Period / 0 to Release9 in the bottom right of the screen (olution C: (hift 5 $D is done correctly by pressing and holding the (4I$T !ey on the !eyboard3 then tapping the $D !ey at the +ery top of your !eyboard3 then releasing the (4I$T !ey 8ou cannot press (hift 5 $ 5 D A you need the !ey labeled $D (olution J: /Rarely usedO0 The ArrCab allo*s a launching situation by loo!ing at the cable.catch ?ones The )(( Constellation in Vietnam Carrier Ops has a cable catch ?one set up at the end 8ou can technically launch from any*here on the carrier dec! If the catch ?one has been edited or remo+ed3 you may not be able to launch If you feel this is the case3 *e recommend uninstalling3 then re.installing Vietnam Carrier Ops Situation ?A3 1earest Catch 9one not the /SS Conste&&ation 8ou start a flight from the )(( Constellation3 but the message at the top of the screen that lists the Nearest Cable Catch Uone is not the )(( Constellation Reason: The data file for ArrCab does not ha+e the )(( Constellation (olution A: The ArrCab has a data file called ArrCab dat This file holds the definition for the cable.catch ?ones and carrier names If you ha+e modified this file3 it is possible the carrier *ill not be a+ailable If you feel this is the case3 *e recommend uninstalling3 then re.installing Vietnam Carrier Ops (olution 6: 8ou ha+e installed another Abacus carrier.based program A$T,R installing Vietnam Carrier Ops Abacus has C titles that ha+e the ArrCab program and these are: $light Jec! III3 WWII Carrier Ops and 7ietnam Carrier Ops In order to ha+e e+erything set up correctly3 you *ill *ant to ha+e the 7ietnam Carrier Ops installed last If you ha+e already installed $light Jec! III or WWII Carrier Ops A$T,R Vietnam Carrier Ops3 *e recommend uninstalling3 then re.installing Vietnam Carrier Ops Situation ?A3 +andin$ The plane fails to stop *hen landing on the dec! Reason A: ArrCab is not running Reason 6: 6ad -anding

(olution A: 6e sure you ha+e the ArrCab program running in the bac!ground There is an icon for the ArrCab on your des!top 6e sure you open this program and lea+e it running3 then open the $light (im o+er top of it (olution 6: -and better V5W Ob+iously landing on a carrier is a difficult tas! (ometimes3 it may appear that you ha+e successfully hit the ?one but it did not stop the plane We suggest practicing *ith a slo*er aircraft3 e+en the default Cessna @E% or @F% *ill *or! A from there you can *or! your *ay up to a faster plane that is more comfortable for you and finally try the >ets included 8ou can land any fi"ed.*ing aircraft on the dec! e"cept tail draggers A e+en if it doesn=t ha+e a tail hoo!O

The aircraft and scenery in this pac!aged *ere created by some of the leading designers in the $light (im community A-4 Skyhawk3 Model3 panel and te"turing by Massimo Taccoli $light Jynamics by Jennis (eeley A-6 Intruder3 Model3 panel and te"turing by Rey -ope? $light Jynamics by Jennis (eeley A-7E Corsair II3 Model3 panel and te"turing by 1raham O"toby $light Jynamics by 1raham O"toby -4 !hantom3 Model3 panel and te"turing by 1raham O"toby $light Jynamics by 1raham O"toby -" Crusader3 6ase Model and panel by Rey -ope? $inished Model3 te"turing and panel *or! by Ja+e ,c!ert AI )raffic3 AI Traffic 6-1 files3 con+ersion of planes to AI and par!ing:ta"i*ays by Robert 6aum .rant =o#ee: Weapon ,ffect files and effect positioning for all aircraft Scott S&au$hter: 6o" graphics3 printed documentation and tester Adam (owe: Pro>ect Manager3 flights3 readme information and tester