The truth is this; to burn fat and keep it off, you need to build lean muscle wh ile burning

bodyfat. New muscle will raise your fat-burning efforts and ensure t hat what you do lose in fat stays off for the foreseeable future. Muscle weighs more than fat, so in burning fat and building new muscle, your sca les may give you the false impression that you aren’t losing much weight at all. In fact you could be losing considerable body fat over the course of your exerc ise Program, while making a steady gain in lean muscle at the same time, IF you stick to the rules laid out here. To get fat loss results you don’t need to exercise like someone possessed, 5 or more times a week. You just need to train smarter. An effective exercise program will not only leave you feeling stronger, but also looking and feeling fitter a nd leaner. You need to spend a little more time increasing your body’s metabolism (the rate at which it burns fuel), by focusing on resistance work – weights. You need to burn as many calories as possible, and since lean muscle is metabolically active , building muscle and maintaining it is extremely important. You need to work your whole body every time you exercise, using resistance that feels challenging. That doesn’t mean crippling yourself. It means pushing yourse lf a little harder than you’re used to. For some of you this will mean using dum bbells for the first time. Focus on total body movements like squats, lunges, pu sh ups and step ups. If in doubt as to what to do, ask for guidance at your local gym or hire someone like myself to create an effective program for you. Simply wandering around the gym, aimlessly moving from one machine to the next won’t necessarily be fat bur ning effective or time-efficient. You need a plan… An effective, well designed resistance program can cause your metabolism to step up a gear or two, and continue burning calories up to 24 hours after you put do wn your last weight! Remember; a program that delivers results doesn’t need to r un on for hours. Within 15 minutes you could work your whole body effectively wi th weights and reap the benefits of your actions for up to 48 hours afterwards. Now for the cardio part… Many of you still look to hours of cardio as the answer to your prayers – and of ten it isn’t. Mention cardio, and most people think of hours spent sweating on treadmills, bik es, rowing machines and cross trainers, trapped in the gym! It shouldn’t be like that, unless you simply love doing cardio. If you’re trying to lose weight (burn fat), you need to make sure that your card io sessions are effective. Don’t waste your time plodding along at one speed, be lieving that time spent doing the activity is more important than effort. If you really want to see a change in your body, you need to start upping the pa ce. It’s time to do ‘Interval’ work. By ‘interval’ I mean a variety of speeds. B y upping the speed or the effort in short bursts throughout your workout, your b ody will find it hard to adapt and calories will be burning like crazy! Here’s a little known fact for you; performing l only burn calories while you are exercising. will send your calorie burning into orbit, as der, and, like resistance work, will keep your cardio at one continual speed wil Interval work, on the other hand, your body has to work so much har calorie burning efforts sky high

for up to 48 hours afterwards! The results have to be seen to be believed… Doing intervals effectively 2-3 times a week will see you frying body fat in les s than 20 minutes at a time – guaranteed. First of all, understand that you will be working to different levels of intensity within this workout. 3 out of 10 = easy level of work, able to keep up a conversation, and feel like you are warming up 4 out of 10 = slightly higher pace, where you are starting to work harder but st ill not out of breath 8 out of 10 = working hard, having to concentrate and starting to feel breathles s and tired Try this workout for size and tell me that it doesn’t work… Warm Up: f intensity. Interval 1: level Recovery: el Interval 2: n 8/10 level Recovery: el Interval 3: n 8/10 level Recovery: el Cool down: 5 minutes 60 seconds 90 seconds 60 seconds 90 seconds 60 seconds 90 seconds 5 minutes on the machine of your choice, at a 3/10 level o Increase your pace / resistance level to an 8/10 Reduce the pace / resistance level to a 4/10 lev Increase your pace / resistance level again to a Reduce the pace / resistance level to a 4/10 lev Increase your pace / resistance level again to a Reduce the pace / resistance level to a 4/10 lev Slow things down to a 3/10 level of intensity.

Start with 3 intervals in the above fashion. As you feel fitter, start to increa se the number of intervals up to 6. This is just one of many highly effective ca rdio workouts that you can do to shift body fat fast. For 3 intervals you are looking at 17½ minutes, including warm up and cool down! Even for 6 intervals you are looking at no more than 25 minutes in total! How many of you have been guilty of 40 – 60 minutes labouring away with cardio i n the past? No more! With clients I tend to incorporate bodyweight circuits into their programs too, to mix things up and show people that they can exercise effectively without bein g tied to a gym machine. Bodyweight training works as another highly effective f orm of cardio, with the added bonus of some strength training too. The beauty of it is that it can be adjusted to everyone’s current level of fitness and physic al ability. To get the results that you want, you must strive to work hard and be consistent !