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R, doing final year MBA in SRI RAMANUJAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE , Dept of Management studies, My topic of the study is HR Practices in Lucas India Services ltd . Your response will be kept confidential. Kindly spare few minutes to fill up this questionnaire.

Name: _______________________ Gender: Age: a) Male a) Less than 25 b) Female b) Greater than 25 b) UG c) PG

Qualification: a) Up to HSC

1) How long you have been working in this company ? a) less than 3 years b) 3-5 years c)more than 5 years

2) How do you feel with the working environment ? a) excellent b) good c)neutral d)satisfactory e)not satisfactory

3) Satisfaction & Safety&Welfare [HS-HIGHLY SATISFIED, S-SATISFIED, N-NEUTRAL, D-DISSATISFIED, HD-HIGHLY DISSATISFIED ] Factors Level of satisfaction about your job. Appreciation or reward system. Bonus & incentives . Over all compensation package. Support from HR department. Intramural service facilities provided by the organization. Cleanliness maintained in the rest room. Lighting and ventilation facilities in the production unit. Parking facilities. First aid and ambulance facilities provided by the organisation. The decision given corresponding to your grievance. HS S N D HD

4) Motivation & Grievance handling: (5- STRONGLU AGREE, 4- AGREE, 3- NEUTRALl, 2- DISAGREE, 1- STRONGLY DISAGREEE) Factors Rate Reasonable periodical increase in salary. Job security in the company. Good relationship with co-workers. Effective promotional oppurtunities in the organization. Good safety measures adopted in the organization. Performance appraisal are helpful to get motivated. Support from the co-workers is helpful to get motivated. Company recoginize & acknowledge your work. Is the real basis of your problem identified. Positive & friendly approach during grievence handling. Do you feel that discussion & conferences given more importance than executive summary. Higher authority listening when your grievance is presented. 5) RECRUITMENT POLICY OF THE COMPANY a). Do you have a rehiring policy? A) Yes b).Do you have a job rotation policy? A) Yes B) No B) No

c). Does the company have a referral scheme? if yes , what is the referral amount ________ 6 ) Performance Appraisal a) What are the methods used for performance appraisal? Kindly put tick mark at appropriate column ? Ranking Paired Comparison Forced Distribution Confidential Report Essay Evaluation Critical Incident Checklists Graphic Rating Scale BARS Forced Choice Method MBO Field Review Technique Performance Test 360-Degree others if any ------------------------------------------------STUDY FACTORS (SA- STRONGLY AGREE, A AGREE, N NEUTRAL, DA DISAGREE, SDA STRONGLY DISAGREE) Factors Performance appraisal system is needed in organization. SA A NN DA SDA

Satisfied with the existing performance appraisal system. The performance appraisal helps to win co-operation and team work. The performance appraisal is helpful in reducing grievance among the employees & improving personnel skill. Training programmers are effective for individual and organization development. The performance ratings were done periodically. The performance rating is helpful for the management to provide employee counseling. Transfer, demotion, suspension and dismissal is based on performance appraisal. The desired target of the organization is achieved through the performance appraisal. Make employees realize that they are the most valuable asset of the organization. Keep providing them feedback on their performance.

7) LOAN POLICY: A,What are the loan facilities for the employees? a) Education loan d) Festival loan b) Marriage loan e) Vehicle loan c) Medical loan f) Any other B) No

B, Is there any conditions under which loan is given? A) Yes if yes Please specify the reason(s) ______________________ 8) LEAVE POLICY: 1. 2. 3. Casual leave Sick leave Privileged leave

9)TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT: A, Are training needs regularly assessed at your company? A) Yes B) No

If yes means a)Human resources b) By outside consultants c) By department heads Others if any ___________________

B, What type of training is being imparted for new recruitments in your organization? a) Technical training c) On the job training b) Management training d) Induction training e) Others

C, To whom training is given more often in your organization? a) Senior staff (Higher level managers) c) Work men b) Junior staff (Middle line managers) d) Others

D, What is the most important barrier to training and development programme in your organization? a)Time c) Lack of interest by the trainees b)Money d)Non availability of skilled trainer

E, The time duration given for a training period is? a)Sufficient c)To be shortened b)To be extended d)Manageable

Please give your valuable suggestions for the improvement and talent management of the organization & employee retention (1)__________________________________________________________________________ (2)__________________________________________________________________________ (3)__________________________________________________________________________

Thanking you for your kind cooperation