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1. Values/Mission.2 1.1. CCN Statement of Values........2 1.2. CCN Vision Statements..2 2. Ourselves..3 2.1. Who We Are..3 3. Work Philosophy..4 3.1. Service Commitment..4 4. Service..5 4.1. Core Services & Our Expertise.. 5 5. People...6 5.1. Key Management....6 6. Contact us.....7

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Mission/Value Statements
CCN is the firm of choice for clients committed to enhancing their organizations by nurturing their business processes. We are the architects of programs that build and secure the trust between our clients and their people. By continually analyzing our evolving markets, we provide practical advice that looks beyond the numbers in the world of Accounts & Finance. Our consultants guide our clients through the challenges confronting them today and prepare them for tomorrow

CCN Statement of Values

We are dedicated to total client satisfaction. We deliver excellence, superior quality and value in everything we do. To achieve higher standards of professionalism by proactively providing our clients with the

highest quality service within pre-specified time limits.

To constantly aim for higher specialisation and to assign appropriately skilled professionals to

meet all client specific requirements.

To build teamwork where all members are motivated to work together towards a common


CCN Vision Statement

We are the architect of responsive and creative solutions to our clients benefit, compensation

and human resources needs.

Our team combines technical excellence with a superior understanding of client needs and the

environment in which our clients operate.

We are committed to work in partnership with our clients that add value and consistently

exceed expectations.
Its a team to team approach, our team working with your team.

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Who We Are
We are a team of professionals with diverse areas of specialization including Accounts, payroll management, Legal Compliance, Internal control reviews, Corporate Strategies formulation, Tax Advisory, Financial Analysis, Market Analysis & Financial Management services. We at Corporate Catalyst Nepal focus on helping clients design and build tomorrow's organization. We provide real world solutions to complex business issues through Simplified techniques of Accounting process, Re-Engineering accounting system of an organization, Error free accounting report for decision making process, Business valuation studies, Recruitment of Accounting staffs, Assistance in business negotiations and project feasibility studies. Our philosophy has always been to develop and deliver solutions that not just meet but the business expectations of today's global marketplace. exceed

We focus on the essential of each task and provide pragmatic problem-solving advice as well as an innovative approach in delivering the desired outcomes to our clients. In rendering our services, we never lose sight of our values: client service, integrity, teamwork and excellence.

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Work Philosophy
Service commitment
The first step towards success is mastering knowledge. All our clients are continuously informed about their legal alternatives and the outcome of their decisions. Our approach is proactive. We are committed to our clients and their businesses by providing top quality legal advice and practical solutions tailored to the clients immediate and upcoming needs. We keep the confidentiality of all information arising from the client-attorney relationship and of our communication relating to the legal advice provided to our clients. Confidentiality and nondisclosure of information persists the termination of the relationship with our clients. In a highly competitive and fast changing business environment, we take the next step by establishing partnerships with our clients. We believe excellence is a journey, not a destination, and that each success is the starting point for a greater one.

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Core Service
Services we offer
CCN is a Management Consulting Firm which helps organizations to improve their performance beyond benchmark by nurturing their business processes. Services we offer are broadly classified into following categories:

1. Implementation of CCN system of Accounting

Is your accounting department providing you with the information you need to run your business? If not, then its time to replace your accounting system with CCN System of Accounting, a high quality team from CCN provides one stop Accounting solution and valuable insights into your companys financial performance and Instead of yearly financial statements, youll be receiving timely, comprehensive financial information by team of CCN that you can use to maximize profitability and make solid financial decisions.

2. Accounts Outsourcing & Financial Service

Many organizations find outsourcing their accounting and finance work to be a good strategic move. It may be a cost-effective way of evening out staffing demands. It is also a way to infuse your efforts with best practices and current applications. CCN accounting and financial support services team now perform the entire accounting function for the organization. In addition, the team members assist with budgeting and financial analysis, so all parties are confident about the information they receive and the financial decision making process. Our outsourced accounting professionals can provide your company a single source accounting department that is convenient and responsive. We will provide you with the team, the accounting system and the software you need to proactively run your business.

3. Re-engineering Accounting System of an organisation &

Accounting System improvement.
If youre looking for more value from your accounting current Accounting system, our professionals can provide improvement recommendations to your accounting and internal control processes and procedures. You can also rely on them to train your staff and support your organizations transition to a new accounting system.

4. Internal Audit & Other Assurance Services.

Internal auditing is a catalyst for improving an organization's governance, risk management and management controls by providing insight and recommendations based on analyses and assessments of data and business processes. With commitment to Page 5

integrity and accountability, internal auditing provides value to governing bodies and senior management as an objective source of independent advice. The professional member of CCN assists you in evaluating your all internal control system and reporting.

5. Recruitment of Accounting Professionals.

If you have the vacancy in the Accounts Department, even for just a few weeks, it could be devastating for your Business. Without proper Accounting, it doesnt take long for Payables, Receivables, Payrolls or Cash to become problem area. An Accountant from our interim and transitional management team can remedy this issue. Are you looking for Full time, Part time, Interim Accounts staff, or ongoing support on Contractual basis? Whatever your needs, the professionals on CCN accounting and financial support services team are ready to help.

6. Business Advisory & Management Consultancy

Management consultancy is about helping organisations to improve their performance. A good consultant helps you to fine-tune your business or organisation to measure success, improve efficiency, maximise performance and minimise risk. An effective service lets you know where you are, decide where you want to go, and work out how to get there. The services offered by CCN team include: Developing and implementing strategic plans Developing risk-measurement strategies, risk management plans and crisis handling Creating organisational awareness, for example when preparing for change Helping you to formulate and articulate your vision Developing strategies to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage Building performance indicators Costing of individual business processes

7. Legal and Secretarial Compliances.

One Stop solution for Incorporation of Company, Registrations of Firm, all sorts of Company law compliances, Incomes tax law compliances including TDS and VAT and Return filings.

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Key Management
1. Suraj Banjade- Partner
Chartered Accountant, Qualified from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, having Rich Experience in field of Accounts, Finance, Taxation, Costing, Legal compliance, internal audit, statutory audit, Project feasibility report and Business consultancy.

2. Binod Raj Singh- Partner

Chartered Accountant, Qualified from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, having Rich Experience in field of Accounting, Payroll, MIS, Internal control reviews, Legal compliance, Statutory Audit of various Domestic and Multinational companies. 1. Chartered Accountant (CA, ICAI) 2. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) 3. Master of Commerce (M.Com) 4. CS Executive- ICSI

3. Dipendra Raj Neupane- Partner

Chartered Accountant, Qualified from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, having Rich Experience in field of Accounts, Finance, Taxation, Legal compliance, internal audit, Statutory audit, Project feasibility report and Business consultancy.

4. Mukesh Adhikary- BDO

BBA degree holder, having rich experience in field of marketing and developing business strategies.

Contact us
Corporate Address 5th floor, E-Block, Baneshwor Plaza, New Baneshwor-10, Kathmandu Telephone +977-1-2239876/ 9851159596/ 9862839459/ 9841882295 Email

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